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Walmart Stores, Inc.

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Bentonville
Address 702 S.W. 8th Street
Phone 479-273-4000

Walmart Stores, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 23, 2016

I was terminated for excessive breaks in 6' 2" 250 pounds your bladder can only hold one litre at a time a person needs one litre of water each 50 pounds I asked about grievance pay and transfer to Colville WA I was written up 2 hours later told I was working slows the past month my brother has just passed I was also called to jury duty this period While everyone was in training I worked frozen grocery deli produce at old location Half of employees terminated had white hair Told I was slow I had 60ailes to work in 6hours that's 5 mins each aisle plus go backs stocking assisting customers I told them WalMart groceries delivered 3days later Former employer turnaround was 12 hours I was limited to 2functions on telzon there are over 20 I was forced out of grocery and raises taken away Former employer gave me promotion over 110 employees last time I checked liqour aisle 110 outs Just found out statue of limitations ca wrongful termination is to years class action here we come Gleicher vs WalMart they have violated state federal and company laws please join me in this fight thank you

  • Jan 11, 2016

I was in shopping on the 23rd of Dec. I have been looking at faux fireplace tv stands and just so happen the one I wanted had been priced at the wrong price by someone that must have done the signing. Well I went to find someone to help me and take my soon to be purchase to the front of the store the store employee said that they needed to get a manager because of the price I said ok but I want to buy this one for this price. Waited about 5 minutes and then an assistant manager came up Jose and laughed at me and said he is not selling me this item well I told him that I wanted to speak to his boss another assistant manager came and she was ruder than this guy pulled the sign down but I already got photos she said I could call whoever I wanted I would not be leaving with this item. So I called the customer number and they took down all the info and stated within 3 business days well that time frame passed I called Back to see what is going on and the rep stated someone at the store just closed out the lead without follow up so they reopened it and said I would have a call back about this still nothing called again and told them I wanted the name of either a distract or regional manager they could not provide me with this info but assured me a call back Monday will be another 3 days I will call back if no one calls.

  • Jan 5, 2016

I herewith certify that the ordered card on Oct 19th 2015 ($50 Walmart Gift Card never arrived to me and hence I never used this card.

I ordered 3 cards about the same time, when the other 2 cards arrived and this one did not, I called the 800-966-6546 immediately. A representative said "a card will be reissued and resent. I will receive an email confirmation in a few days," which never happened.

Then I called 800-966-6546 again and said the card seemed lost in the mail and I need to send an ID theft form and the card can be reissued" which I did as asked, the said reissued card never arrived.

Then weeks later I called again, my call was transferred and silenced.

Then I called 800-537-5503 gift card department and was told to go to local store for help, so I went to Walmart at Manville, NJ, nobody there was willing to help.

I was completely frustrated by this point – 2-3 months passed, no email or call with any meaningful solution from so far. The customer service appears helpless.

Please reissue my $50 gift card, OR refund my money.

  • Jan 4, 2016

So I received a couple "dirt devil" products among my christmas gifts. Having had bad experience with their products in the past, and knowing that walmart is supposed to have a "hassle-free" return policy, I decided to go ahead and return them for in-store credit, since there were some items I needed to pick up from the store anyway.

Bad idea, I usually stay away from this walmart, and walmart in general because of all the beggars, bellringers, hustlers, and overall bad experiences. I got my ticket from the front door lady, and headed to the "service" desk, and joined the extended line for service.

After about a 20 minute or so wait in line, I encountered "Kyle", who with a chuckle, said, "are those dirt devil products? because we dont take dirt devil products back without a receipt". I asked if he was for real, and he said that it was a manufacturers policy, and they also dont take bissel, and a couple other name brands back. I said that that it was a shame that they dont have a notice telling you this before you buy the crappy products, and that I would never purchase dirt devil again. I then went to my car.

Before leaving, I decided to call another local walmart, in hamburg, to see what they had to say. The lady that answered there said she had never heard such a thing, and that i could bring my items back there. Insulted, I then called 1 800 WAL MART, and after a wait, was told by the csr that answered that she had never heard of such a thing either!

I quickly made my way past the apparent drug deal going bad at the front door, and approached the service desk again, and got in the long line. After another 20 minute or so wait, I got Kyle again and told him what I had found out. His sidekick, the other cashier, then began telling me that it was manufacturer's policy and more or less made it sound like everybody should know this.

Insulted again, the csr at 800 walmart, told me should would get a member of management to come up. I watched as walmarts phone continually rang but went unanswered, then someone with the name "devan" came up, but then quickly walked away. Another employee came up with some keys, opened some registers but walked away as well. By this time the csr on the phone said she would just send a message higher up, and that I should hear something withing 3 business days. I decided leave the store, and go ahead and do my shopping somewhere else.

On the 3rd business day, I recieved a voicemail from a "Jason Doss", who left no direct number to reach him back. Upon calling the number back, which was a general store number, someone answered who acted like she had never heard the name before, but then asked me to hold. After another extremely long hold, I decided to disconnect.

I have decided to just cut my losses, donate the crappy products to goodwill, and inform my friends and family members to watch "The high cost of low prices", and stay away from walmart.

  • Dec 14, 2015

I needed some photo paper for an office project at home, Walmart had the lowest price, so when I went to check out, I saw that the Delivery Time would be an acceptable Wednesday (I ordered it on Dec. 6, a SUNDAY), so I paid an ADDITIONAL shipping fee of $4.97 in order to get it early, so IMAGINE my surprise when I received my email confirmation stating that it would not be delivered until THURSDAY, Dec 10. That was a surprise, but still okay. I could live with that. THEN, on when Thursday got here, I checked the tracking, and discovered that the Fed Ex tracking stated that it would not be delivered until MONDAY. THAT was totally unacceptable. NOW I find out that it is NOT to be delivered on MONDAY, but on TUESDAY, which is BEYOND unacceptable, but OUTRAGEOUS, since they have shipped it via the POST OFFICE, which everyone knows is BEYOND SLOW. I am OUTRAGED over this, since this has not only RUINED my plans for the project, but is 4 days LATE from the ORIGINALLY promised delivery date!

Lesson learned, #1, In my opinion, even though Walmart might SEEM to have the lowest prices, it is NOT worth it if you need it in a hurry, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! #2, In my opinion, Walmart DOES NOT CARE about your feelings or how much of a need or hurry you are in! #3, Don't try to save money...If you need it AND ALSO pay EXTRA for shipping, IN MY OPINION, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  • Nov 30, 2015

Basically I was sent a check from Walmart located in Bentonville Arkansas for 1991.15. Put it in my account and because they weren't paid by whatever bank they issued this through, my account became negative 1991.15. Check was denied twice

  • Nov 25, 2015

I went to the local Taos store to find a particular item, it was not in stock so I ordered it on line from to be sent to my local store for pick up. I received my text message and email that it was in and ready for pick up. I went to the store and waited about 10 minutes for an "Associate" to help me. He went into the back to get the item, after 20 minutes he still had not emerged from the back, I asked another "Associate" to check on him in the "black hole". I waited another 15 minutes and she never came back. I asked a third "Associate" to check on the two in the back, after waiting another 20 minutes she came back and said they couldn't fine the package. I waited another 15 minutes...after one hour and 10 minutes of waiting they still couldn't find he package. I

then drove 80 miles round trip to another Walmart, purchased the item and was very satisfied. I called to ask for a refund, they said they don't give refunds that their computer only generates an email to the store and they issue the credit. I never received an email or phone call. I went back to my local store, and inquired from the manager on duty about the refund. She said they don't issue credits on purchases on line, especially since I used my credit card. I came home and again called They said their computer doesn't have a button to issue credits but they would contact the store and I should hear something in about two weeks.

I've waited the two weeks and again called to find out what's going on. I was then told again that they do not issue credits, that I need to go to the store, pick up the item, and take it to the service desk in the store, and get a refund. I tried to explain that they can't locate the item and I have checked back several times to see if they found it and they cannot locate the package, even though it is in their computer. explained there was no other way to obtain a credit. Their policy states that if the item is not picked up in the allotted time, the item would be cancelled and a credit issued, but this has not been done. I ordered the item approx. November 3 and after several attempts cannot get this resolved. Order number is 5731595167311.

  • Nov 24, 2015

Wal-Mart product protection plan is ripping people off. According to the plan there is no hidden fees if consumer has to use it to fix a product for any reason, even drops and spills. This plan can be purchased at time of product purchase and covers your product for 2yrs simply file a claim and product will be replaced,fixed,or gift card for purchase amount is sent. This is a lie.... I purchased a Samsung galaxy s3 for $349 on 5/3/14 along with 2yr replacement plan in amount of $79. Unfortunately my phone was accidentally damaged and I needed to take advantage of the plan I purchased.

To my surprise that hassle free no hidden fees plan has not lived up to their claims because in order to use that plan I must pay an additional $50 before they will replace my product. I have went over every word the plan claims and it clearly states no more fees if a claim must be made. So not only have they made claims they can't keep, they are charging people again to use a protection plan they have already paid for.

Completely pissed at the claim they make but don't deliver on. To charge me $79 for plan and expect $50 just to use that plan is ridiculous. To make matters worse Samsung galaxy s3 can currently be purchased from them for $99. Wal-Mart needs to take care of the consumers they have taken advantage of by making false claims.

  • Nov 14, 2015

I bought two items from Wal-Mart, one was a 42" Sanyo LED tv and the other was Treadmill. Neither product lived up to it's expectations. The Treadmill had issues with it's motor and burned out LITERALLY and the LED TV picture randomly went out without warning.

Do I have a warranty on both products? Yes. But here's the thing... Wal-Mart will only pay but so much money to fix the repairs or they'll just give you a "Refund". Which is the whole problem in the first place. You're not getting any money back, oh no, you're getting an "E" Card. Not the hard earned money you've spent for the product, you get an "E" Card. Which is a unfancy term for gift card. Can you get cash back on this "E" Card? No. Can you pay off your credit cards with this "E" card? No. You stuck spending your "E" Card at... yes, Walmart.

God forbid if you purchased these items with cash or credit like i did you'd be stuck paying these items off with a crappy "E" Card to show for it.

  • Nov 13, 2015

On October 15 I ordered two mini refrigerators. They were delivered to me by Fed Ex both damaged they were clearly damaged by the out side of the box! Once i strained and pull each one out the black one had ex steamed damage in the front door near the knob. And a long sctraches across the top. The other one a blue frig the top corner crushed. My frig us out so I had to start it up so I would have food. Just using the freezer compartment melted my little food I had. I can not afford to be ripped off and scammed by this huge company.

It took lots of strain on my body. I filed a report with paypal. They seem to think it was a just not as described. No it's damaged. They need to come a replace both of them, and they can give me a gift card for all of my troubles or credit back my account without the return of them. I need replacements there if they want them back. PayPal thinks I'm going to pay to ship back the damaged goods. No I am not! I need help with these two companies who do nit care about their customers just the money!

  • Nov 2, 2015

Fraudulous company practice, selling products online that does not exist or available online in their store. They will process your credit card then they will send you an email a few hours later telling you that they do not have the product in stock but they already charged me on my credit card a few hours before. This is what i call plain and simple fraud when someone is selling & advertizing products online that they know they don't have. They also asked me in their email that they sent to me that i could wait 28 days on the back-order and if they don't get the product by that time, then they will reimburse my money, meaning that they can put my money with probably many other victims like myself who got caught in that kind of scim, of course all these moneys must be put in their bank account with interests on top.

Thanks for listening and hopefully this company will get caught eventually with their fraudulous company practices.

  • Oct 24, 2015

Oct 3 2015 walmart store 00741 @2:40-4:18 pm was supposed to do a basic oil change on my 2006 ford e 350 diesel van..this van takes 15 qts of 15-40 rotella oil. It took them 1hr 38 min to do this.I payed for the job started out of the parking lot it sputtered due to being on down the road it died 2 times got started drove to my road died again in my neighbors lower drive. Changed clothes got under it oil was comming from the filter Took video of it looked at dip stick empty. Called walnart they c ame out looked at it took pics told Me to take it to the dealer. They paid the tow bill. After inspection the oil filter was inproperly installed To make a long story short it was costing them thousands to fix this.they wanted to put a used engine in it to get this in working order like mine would cost them 35000.00 Now thats more than my van is worth to them they want to total it and pay it off .they would not rent me a van to work now this has been 3 wks now today the 23 of oct. Tn says they dont havevto repair it if it cost more than the book on your car or truck So walmart and all other bussiness can do this. Guess what we really cant do a d**n thing about it. Also the lawywrs in america wont go to court against them. This has to stop that van is how i support my famiily And even the ceo of walmart wont return calls or emails. Is there a lawyer that has BALLS to fight this company We need a high class action law suite. America stop dealing with these low life companys like walmart.I have that was the last straw. Also did you know that all corporate walmart employees will not change thier oil at walmart. Hope their is someone that will help us. I now gave to buy anothwr van.

  • Oct 21, 2015

They took money off my card an say they don't have recorded of it but it's on my bank statement

They took my money but saying they have no record but my bank statement say they received my money

  • Oct 16, 2015

On 10-9-15 i recieved a check for $1898.00 from walmart and an "acceptence letter" giving me instructions on what to do with the check. the letter said to deposit the check keep $350 and using the rest for the assignments generated on the website. i went to the website and did with the money as told to and now 6 days later my bank account is short the amount of the check. 1 of my assignments was to send a western union of $916 to a man in spain and the other was a walmart to walmart for $480.00 to a man in georia. the money was recieved by both parties and now i have to pay the bank back the full amount of the check and so far no one can/will do anything about it. I called walmart and they told me it was a fraudulent check cause they dont issue checks and they are not cintracted thru that compnay or any secret shopper companies for that matter.

  • Oct 15, 2015

A few months ago I purchased a prepaid cell phone account with Wal-Mart. Their cell service is thru T-Mobile.

I moved to Northern North Daokta where their cell service is not available.

I have been in N.Dakota for a few weeks and my employer requires me to have a cell phone, I called Wal-Marts Family Mobile service to request an unlock code so I could use the phone I purchased at a Wal-Mart store in an other state and they will not give me an unlock code because my account in now inactive.

Do Not Buy or subscribe to Wal-Marts Family Mobile cell phone service.

I was very unhappy with their service too.

The service included unlimited calling and unlimited high speed data until I reached 3 GB of data then the data was at a reduced speed.

When I reached 3GB of data for the month the speed was lowered to between 2 and 3 KB making it almost impossable to use. It took for ever to access the internet using my cell phone at such low speeds.

The reduced speed was slower than old land line dial up speeds.

Don't waste your money buying Wal Marts pre-paid cell phone service.

  • Oct 12, 2015

Never again will I bring my car there to service... went there to replace my battery.. and they didn't put my battery cover or my bolt to retain my battery back and I fight with them and they denied ever taking it off.... I know it was there I checked it before going there to see if I wanted to do it myself and decided to bring it to them instead... they threatened me to kick me out and press charges when I didn't accept their lies.

  • Oct 10, 2015

It has been about a year and 8 month since I originally got the Walmart product care plan for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7 inch.

Since February of this year, I have sent this tablet out 3 seperate times because it does not hold a charge. The first time it took me about a month to send it back.

This is due to my busy schedule. The 2nd time same thing. The device still would not power on.

The 3rd time was around September 21st. What i noticed this time was that the repair center only had the tablet 10 minutes.

This 3rd time I attached a note stating I preferred a credit, due to the idea I have sent it in so many times. They ignored my request.

I received notification when it arrived, and when a new label was generated heading back to me. I opened it thinking 3rd time has to be a charm.

There is no way this device is still non functioning. Low and behold the same issue still occured.

Just to be 100% sure I went to buy a new charger. The same white flashing screen continued.

I called immediately when I noticed this same disfunctional tablet. I was told a supervisor would call in 48 hours.

Here we are a week and a half later and I have received NO call. On October 6th I received an email stating my claim was in progress?

Odd thing was I never opened a new claim yet. Instead of returning my call, they took it upon themselves and opened a claim without my consent.

I called this evening to ask why they opened this claim without my knowledge? It was obvious the CSR was reading off a script. He could care less.

He told me to attach a letter when the new label arrived. I told him I did this already, and he had no comment.

At this point it appears to me Walmart product care plan is trying to be sure they do not have to issue me a $200 credit.My care plan is expired in 100 days.

I have invested alot of money in this care plans to be treated this way. After all Walmart is only concerned about the ALmighty $.

I recommend buying electronics somewhere else. This place is all about the money. After this experience I will NEVER buy another Walmart product care plan.

  • Oct 8, 2015

My husband, a United States Marine, is stationed in Maryland and just had a knee surgery yesterday. I could not fly there to help him because we have to save all funds to pay for the car repairs Wal-Mart caused. I paid for a $60.00 oil change and now have over $2000 in auto repair costs.

Immediate attention is appreciated. My family is enduring hardship due to Wal-Mart’s negligence. I do not want anyone else to go through what we are going through. Wal-Mart should either hire qualified mechanics or close there service department.

On September 16, 2015 I took my 2012 Ford Explorer to the Wal-Mart at 11210 Potranco Road San Antonio, TX for an oil change. (Order Number: 48570000729)A few hours after leaving the store I began having problems with the vehicle. It began to shake, then the check engine light came on. At approximately 5:30 I called to the auto department and spoke with assistant manager Robert who asked me to take the vehicle back so they could check it. I was told "someone really did a number on your car and he had never seen these codes" by Robert when he looked at the car. He did notice my filter was not properly installed and screwed properly so he replaced that. After he and another employee looked at the car they couldn't read codes so they asked me to return on the 17th to get further assistance.

I requested to start a formal complaint so a manager, Maria came to assist. She took some general information and assured me that when I returned I would get a rental and my car would be sent to a local shop to be fixed. However, on the 17th when I returned to the store the manager Angel first suggested that my battery needed to be replaced and he would install for 1/2 price "for my inconvenience". Installing the battery made no difference to the state of my car. I was not provided a rental but was told to drive the car home until I was contacted with a claim number. This left me with no transportation. I then waited hours with no contact. Then, after calling Angel myself, I finally got a reference number and a phone number to Wal-Mart's insurance company. However, I was never able to speak with anyone at CMI. Even after leaving countless messages.

So, I called Angel back. He instructed me to take my car to Pro Tech Auto as he spoke with the owner, Charles, who would fix my car. "A quick fix" he said. After 5 hours my car was not fixed and I was asked to return when a part was in. I returned 2 days later to learn that the part would not fix the problem and I should take the car the local Ford dealer as it was too new to be having the issues it had. Meanwhile, I had no working car. So, after several days my husband filed a formal complaint through Walmart’s corporate office and I got a call from Manager John Sanchez who listened to my concerns and arranged a rental car. Sandra Ponce picked me up from my house, ironically in a Ford Explorer just like mine! She was surprised at the issues I was having and commented that even though she works at WalMart she takes her car to the dealer for oil changes. I had the rental from 9/23 to 10/6. My vehicle is still not fixed today ( 10/7) however, John Sánchez (manager at Wal-Mart) was ignoring my calls and cell phone messages.

I finally tracked him down by calling the store’s main number and having him paged. I spoke to him 10/6 in the afternoon and he indicated it was out of his hands. Yet for 2 weeks he assured me my car would be fixed and even had a rental car arranged for me. He was unwilling to renew rental agreement. His suggestion was, "Call Blake at CMI". When he knows as well as I do Blake does not answers his calls and takes at least 2 days to return a call if he does at all. As I share my story with people I am shocked at the number of people who have had a similar incident with the Walmart Service department. My car was not in the condition it is in now when I took it in for the oil change. Isaac Miller at Red McCombs ford clearly explained that the issue stemmed from a contaminated oil filter. (Which Wal-Mart installed).

Desired Resolution:

My vehicle is currently at the Red McCombs Ford dealership and the Wal-Mart insurance (CMI)is not taking responsibility for the repairs. I paid $60.00 for an oil change and now have over $2000 of auto repairs. I want my car fixed.

  • Sep 22, 2015

I recieved a check in the mail from walmart inc.,in the amount of 1,895.65 dollars i was instructed to activate the check online then put it in my bank account afterwards,then i was suppose to withdraw my payment of 350.00 then withdraw the balance for secret shopping and evaluate what happens in the stores that particpated the gap,pizza hut,walmart,western union!!!! your cooperation to help me with this matter will be greatly appreciated!!! yvonne chicago,illinois

  • Sep 17, 2015

I received a call that I won $100 Walmart card.I needed to give $4.95 and then try their service for 30 days.Cancel before 30 days and no payment will be withdrawn.

My walmart card never came but $24.95 was taken out of bank

  • Sep 16, 2015

I received a letter that states "survey assignments" as a secondary job with a check enclosed The letter had websites on how to activate the check and get job assignments and that I could cash my check.

  • Sep 12, 2015

Recently i bought 4 douglas tires from Walmart after a month one of the tires started slowly deflating.i go back to Walmart, with them telling me i have a puncture in the side of tire.ok i buy a new tire,One month later the same thing happens again,only this time its not one tire but two tires.mind you these are pin holes. So now im really concern;So i stared looking up reviews on Walmart and this particularly Douglas tire.Some of the reviews state that there is a manufacture defect.Walmart is trying to tell me that some one is punching a little tiny pin hole in the sidewall of my tire. Bottom line i have reason to believe that walmart are selling defaulting tires,i thank that Walmart should replace my tires,But most importantly i thank that someone from Walmart should take this matter seriously. The thought of someone on the expressway and tire blowing out is a very horrendous thought!!!

  • Aug 20, 2015

I bought a bag of Daylily Bulbs from Walmart. When I opened the bag a few weeks later it didn't have the 3 bulbs in it. I suffered I back injury and it took about a month to try to exchange it or get a store credit. I didn't have the receipt. The customer service employees said no to either because one of them said they didn't know how long I had them.

What??? The Bag even says there's a one year guarantee that they will grow!

As I was leaving I mentioned it to a checker in the gardening dept who recognized me at a regular customer.

She called her supervisor who said to write on the package to give me the store credit per her. I let the checker know that I needed to come back because I needed to get home and rest my hip. (I was even using an electric cart).

This morning was about 3 weeks later (due to back issues) and when I tried customer service again it wouldn't pull this product up since the bulbs have mostly been cleared out for winter. She asked a more experienced customer service rep who gave me real attitude. She tried to tell me that I must have bought it somewhere else. I should her what the dept wrote on it and she claimed they probably recognized the brand and didn't know their products well enough. I told her I was positve and could go get one in a different color blum. She said "No, that won't you us any good!" And brushed me off.

I have never been given more grief by a customer service dept over something so simple. It's like the second women didn't want to be helpful along with being condescending about the gardening dept employees.

My advise is do not buy their bulbs or seeds it is not worth the grief if something goes wrong.

  • Aug 7, 2015

I was shopping at Panorama city Walmart on March/21/2015. I wanted a 48 Fl oz bottle of Mr. clean that was on upper shelf. When I grabbed the bottle it bursted over and went all over my clothes and my Iphone (in my hand). The cap wasn't screwed on. I searched for an employee in that Dept.(didn't find one.) Found a female employee who got someone to clean up the mess.

I noticed my Iphone wasn't working.I notified a manager who gave me a claims report to fill out. She asked me if I knew the employees name. I told her no. However she was working the female dressing rooms. She replied I know who she is. A few days later I get a call from Claims Management telling me that, they represent Walmart. I told the claims rep.(Kelly Price) the entiire story and she said "I will contact you tomorrow". Well, 3 days go by. I called and left a message on her answering machine The recording on her machine said "she was away from her desk. Leave her a message and she call right back".

Folks, if you are frustrated by the lack of customer service these days welcome to my world.I used to work at Bxxxxxxx Exxxxxxx. I used to have so many customers come to the store on the days I was working that, I got a raise because the store totals reported more sales on the days I worked. Anyways, I found myself calling and leaving messages on Kelly Price's voicemail.(my so-called claims rep. at CLAIMS MANAGEMENT.) After a week she calls me and says that Walmart looked at the video log for that day and they didnt see me in the store. Furthermore; for that reason they are dropping my claim($300 for my used Iphone.I was really upset. I then faxed a copy my sales receipt to Kelly Price. Undoubtedly now they couldnt question the validity of my claim. Wrong!!!! I get a letter from the v.p. of the company, stating my caseis dropped because Walmart was exercising their right.

With no other explanation, or investigation. Walmart is full of s**t and Claims Management has its nose so far up Walmarts a*s that they should call their company management of morons.this story is far from over.

  • Aug 1, 2015

Have never noticed but Walmart is charging 3 different taxes on the people of arkansas tax1 tax2 tax10 why is this happening and how are we supposed to live charged 3 taxes and wages go nowhere

  • Jul 31, 2015

I did a lot of survey's I put in the work, I received a check for my work, I read all the information and did everything they asked me to do, I put the check in my bank account and withdrew the money and shop like they told me to do but for some reason the check was returned and now my account is overdraft because the check did not clear and I'm stuck with the fees now, I have to pay the bank back because the check was no good. I'm very upset because I don't have money like that to spend, I hope you can help me get my money or please try to straighten This out I would really appreciate it, Yours truly Laura Raleigh North Carolina


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