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Walmart Stores, Inc.

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Bentonville
Address 702 S.W. 8th Street
Phone 479-273-4000

Walmart Stores, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2018

I purchased a fence charger back in dec 2016 and purchased a product care plan for 4 yrs which states covers everything with no hassles even the shipping since i know manufacturers are a pain to deal with when it comes to warranty issue. In jan 2018 the product failed and so i went to file a claim and the customer service people want me to deal with the manufacturer directly as they are responsible for the product during the warranty period so essentially i bought a 4 yr plan but since i am covered under manufacturer warranty for the first 2 yr walmart doesnot cover the first two. What a rip off. The website clearly states coverage starts beginning 1st day of product purchase.

  • Jan 2, 2018

My saving catcher account was hacked by someone and used almost all my balance from Saving catcher. I noticed when I was going to order photos from Walmart photo around 12/15. I could not get in because my user ID has been changed. I called saving catcher phone line on 12/20 and talked to one of rep 2 weeks ago. She said she will transfer my case to upper person and they will contact me. But I still have not received response yet. When my account was recovered by rep I checked my account. I saw someone name Elena Obolonnik, 308 Connor Blvd, Pesoto LLC UA26689, Bear, DE 19701 Phone (302) 365-5055 ordered coffee to someone who I don't even know. I checked my saving catcher gift card balance. My card was used by that person from 12/4 to 12/11 total is $214.64.

This is all transaction hacker used from my account below:

  • Dec 22, 2017

On December 14th I went to Walmart to buy a few things that I needed. I paid for four cucumbers. They were going to be my treat for the month. After I paid for everything and was loading the stuff into my buddy, the cashier lady did not turn the plastic bag pedestal, so I could see the bag of cucumbers. Not realizing it I left without them. I called Walmarts customer service. The custome service lady told me that I could not come in and get them, because I did not know the specific check out lane number I was in. Guess what? It's not printed anywhere on the receipt. I sent a message to Walmart corporate. Corporate response was "there will be no further response." I knew better than to shop at the great junk store, but I'd been doing for almost a year. I'm screwed out of $2.32. I guarantee I will spend the rest of my life talking people out of shopping at Walmart. I will provide regular monthly updates to the store in Griffin and to corporate offices. In addition I will hold Walmart responsible for replacing used postage stamps. Walmart stole 4 cucumbers from me.

  • Dec 20, 2017

George Trick and Adam Iaccio from Walmart 15151 Bethlehem Pike in Hatfied PA are worst managers around. George Trick and Adam Iaccio from Walmart 15151 Bethlehem Pike in Hatfied PA are rude, nasty and are serious need of some training, when it comes to treating customers with some respect. George Trick and Adam Iaccio from Walmart 15151 Bethlehem Pike in Hatfied PA give new meaning to scumballs. George Trick and Adam Iaccio from Walmart 15151 Bethlehem Pike in Hatfied PA refused to help and make you not want to shop there. This Wal-mart has gone down hill and I will never shop there.

  • Dec 18, 2017

I returned unopened, unused laptop for a refund. They opened, inspected, and issued me a refund to the credit card used, or so I though. They gave me a receipt that states "credit issued" and "refund", but a refund was never processed. I never received a refund, so I called the store and spoke to Kenya in accounting. She said she would look into it and call me back. She did call back and said she asked two other employees to investigate it. Hours went by and no call, so I called Kenya. She said she verified my return and verified that it was not credited to my account. She told me to drive to the store and she would take care of it for me. I asked how, "will you give me cash ?" (I don't trust them to give a credit refund), and she said whatever you want. I asked her why I never received a refund, but she would not give me an answer.

So I drove all the way to the store (not close to me), but Kenya never would come out of hiding, and I was not given any explanation. Instead, this young, black male, dressed in plain dark clothes approached me. He never introduced himself, did not tell me who he was, not his name, not what he did, he just asked if I returned an item. I said yes, and asked if he worked at the store. He said yes, but still would not introduce himself. Apparently he is very secretive and there is some lying going on in accounting and with this man, who later, when I asked, said his name was Tim, but would not give a last name. His story did not match up with Kenya's story, so someone there is lying. He said he would not give me the money owed me because, "it's a lot of money". Maybe he took it home that day the cash register was over by $1,387! I told him I would call their corporate office, he said go ahead. There is something illegal or wrong going on at this store. AVOID this store!

I'll NEVER GO TO THAT STORE AGAIN, and think twice about shopping at any Walmart.

Obviously, this store has some MAJOR PROBLEMS. PROBLEMS with managment, PROBLEMS with accounting, PROBLEMS with customer service, PROBLEMS with 'secretive' TIM in AP, and Personality PROBLEMS.


I've contacted their corporate office and they said they would investigate that store and figure out what they are doing.

  • Dec 14, 2017

Walmart sells Drano drain cleaning product which says on contaner prominently: CLEARS TOTAL BLOCKAGES GUARANTEED! OR IT'S FREE" It failed to clear the drain blockage, but Walmart manager says Walmart makes no guarantee. Neither container or sales area has any disclaimer or limitation of warranty whatsoever. Drano itself makes a lesser warranty. Walmart is trying to escape its warranties as a retailer under Ohio and federal law.

  • Nov 18, 2017

I purchased a cell phone from Walmart on 10/13/2017 along with the Walmart care plan insurance. My phone stopped working so I filed a claim with Walmart care plan insurance and received a shipping label to mail the phone to them. Their policy states 3 days for reinbersument. I shipped the phone on 11/02/2017 which cost me another $6.00. I was told by Walmart care plan rep that there would not be a charge to ship it! That was the 1st lie. After 3 days I hadn't received an update so I contacted them and they said I would receive an egift card within 25-72hrs. 2nd lie! I called back and was told they hadn't received the phone yet. This is 6 days into the process. I waited 2 days more and called back and was told that the phone was received but sent to the salvage department and it would take 5 more days. So of course I waited and still received an update. So I called back and was told it was proceed and I would receive payment within 24-48 hrs! Another lie! So again I called back and spoke with Nancy a manager who said that I would be receiving payment within 2 days! Yet again a LIE! So I called back 11/17/2017 and was told the phone was just processed and I would receive payment within 24-72hrs! By this point I'm fed up with the lies and another manager Olivia gets on the phone and says it was processed on 11/15/2017 and I would receive payment by 11/18/2017. I told her I have been given the same 24-72hr speech every time I have called and then she says well our systems have been down and there have been delays and my claim was one of them. So I asked her why they kept lying to me instead of just saying that from the beginning. She replied that they aren't suppose to give out that information. I guess it's better to lie to your customers! She said we really don't know when you will receive reinbersument! But don't forget they guarantee within 3 days reimbursement! Such a waste of time and money!!! I do not recommend anyone to purchase there care plan because you will be lied to constantly and you will never receive your money or product back!!!!!

  • Nov 17, 2017

Salida colorado walmart is throwing away food that could help the needy..

  • Nov 1, 2017

I purchased a Treadmill from Bestseller. They shipped me a broken treadmill. It was packaged really nicely and their was no damage to the box. I opened the box and the face of the treadmill was partially peeled off. Trying to return it has become a complete nightmare. They wont tell me where or how I can return it. They tell me I need to pay shipping for the return but prior to that they will need a video and pictures. So I sent video and pictures and received no response. Walmart is no help either, they seem to support this crap and keep directly me back to the people who robbed me.

TOMSHOO Portable Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill Machine with Emergency Stop Switch

Order #5261797-755606


  • Oct 26, 2017

I bought Medallion mixed nuts for a bargain price of $2.00. It seemed to good to be true and now i think I know why. After eating some I got diarrhea which is continuing. I see someone else here had a similar experience after eating these nuts.

  • Oct 25, 2017

I was approved for a Walmart Credit Card via Synchrony Bank (credit limit $300) over a year ago. With it, I subsequently made purchases in-store over time, paying the monthly bill on time every month. Several months ago, I was even approved for a $750 credit limit increase. Last month, however, I discovered that Walmart/Synchrony Bank lowered my Walmart Credit Card limit back to $300.

I contacted Walmart Corp. at the beginning of Oct. 2017 for an explanation, at which point they initiated a review of their own. Yesterday, I received a letter stating that the lower credit limit was due to adverse "key factors" on my credit report, and that my credit score will not "likely change significantly."

Wrong! When Walmart/Synchrony Bank sent the letter (dated Oct. 12, 2017), my credit score was already 50 points higher (and still climbing) then when I requested the initial explanation, and the acct had paid down to a $0 balance. It appears that Walmart/Synchrony Bsnk did not take any of this into consideration, because if they had, they would have discovered that I have a 630 credit score, and all my other revolving accts (6) have been paid down to $0. Instead, they relied on older informastion: from Sept. 7, 2017 according to the info detailed in the letter they sent.

Once the purchase of my house is complete, I'm going to cancel this acct as I believe it will be a detriment to my credit health moving forward.

  • Oct 24, 2017

i went to walmart website and purchase a computer chair for $266.00. the computer chair was sold by walmart and delivered by ups.

i was told that i would receive a 10% discount by using walmart on this order and any future order that i made with walmart.

i received my chase card statement and was charged $1.97 for an unknown reason, i call chase and had a hold put on my credit card, as i did not know what this charge was. i was also told that i would a charge each month of $9.97 for "smart shopper" which i had no idea what that was.

i called chase card and they gave me the telephone number to smart shopper, which i called a demanded they refund my $1.97 and cancell this unathorized deduction each month of $9.97, which they said they would. i received a e-mail to that effect.

i feel as a senior citizen, i should not have to deal with "rip offs" by anyone, let alone walmart!

  • Oct 16, 2017

I had $68.64 saved in the rewards program Now its gone I did not take it out

  • Sep 11, 2017

Walmart Product Care Plan is a Rip Off to it's consumers. They will act like they are going to help you then put you on hold so long they think that you will just give up on it. They need to be stopped immediately.

*When I called the telephone number on my Walmart Product Care Plan I spoke to a lady named Sylvia. She asked me for the Product Serial # and the name of it. She said it was a 60" Element TV and that it was covered. I told her the problem and she took all that down. She said it was covered under the warranty. She gave me a service request #: 105096591. She said she was putting me over to the claims processing department and for me to hold on until a representative answered me. I was on hold for over 20 minutes with them. But here's the kicker, while I was on hold I kept getting a call coming in from 1- (844) 601-9118 but at first I was afraid to answer it because I didn't want to miss speaking to the claims rep. After it beeped in about three times while I was on hold, I switched over to answer it and it was the same music that was playing when they had me on hold. After about 20 minutes on hold I hung up and dialed the number that kept beeping in on me. The automated message said, "you have reached Advance Triage Support Line, all Representative are busy. Please hold. I called the first number I called and spoke to Pat. Again I was transferred to a claims representative department and was put on hold again. I never got anyone to answer me on the claims side of the call. Needless to say I don't have time to waste on telephone calls that never gets me anywhere. My husband is very ill at the present time and I have to go the the rehab center to check on him. I feels that this company is just putting me thru a run-around and since they got our money for the product extended warranty they don't intend to keep their promise. Please help me with this, even if it means I won't get my husband's tv repaired but to shut this company down. I don't want any other person to be taken advantage of. Thanks in advance.*

  • Sep 4, 2017

i purchased a Vizeo TV from Walmart 1/17 worked fine until 7/17. Turned TV off one evening and the next day screen display was compromised..Afetre contacting Walmart's extended warranty Co. was informed I had to claim with mfg as it was still under Vizeo's warranty. Vizeo declined for the dreamed up decision that the TV had been dropped and screen was damaged..This same screen worked for over 7 months then suddenly quit.. I asked the extended warranty folks if I could transfer extende if I purchased another TV from Walmart. answer no transfer.. so in effect I no only got ripped off for the TV also the extended warranty that could not be used.. so pleas beware these folks are surely not on the up and up.

  • Aug 29, 2017

I was trying to order cases of dog food from, like I have in the past. When I tried ordering this time, I saw offers from HerbsPRo for $18.91 ea. I entered a question asking how many cans of dog food that was and never received a reply. I thought, surely that's case price. They would not be charging that price for one $3.00 can of dog food.

I ordered 3 cases to be sure I could get the free shipping. Several days later, I find a small box on my porch that contained three 12.5 oz cans of dog food. I opened a claim to make a return. I thought, surely, this is a mistake. It was not. I found all kinds of rules and charges if I chose to make a return. I was told Walmart would get back with me. They never did.

I called HerbsPro finally. I expected them to say, oh, we are sorry, there has been a mistake. They did not. They said I could mail the product back to them (at my expense) to get a refund. I can not find the return policy now, but there were several fees for making a return, including restocking fee and others.

I went back on to see if this item was still listed there after my complaints to walmart and HerbsPro. What I found is several vendors welling different Wellness dog foods at Hugely increased cost WAY beyond value. Eample:

Wellness Natural can Dog food, lamb and sweet potato 12.5 oz can for $18.91 per can. (value $3.00), sold and shipped by Bikesomewhere.

Wellness Core can dog food, grain free, adult, salmon, whitefish, herring, 12.5 oz can for $52.72 per can (value $3.00 per can)...sold and shipped by Direct Home Supplies.

I found many more similar items for sale here with outragious prices per can or per bag of dog food. If you return the item, they charge you fees to return the items, and you have to pay for shipping. I am getting ready to ship my item back right now. I do not know yet how much of my $56 I will get back. I can not afford that rip off. I am a single, older woman that has been laid off and I also don't want other people to get taken advantage of like I was by these vendors on

  • Aug 29, 2017

Bought a new cellphone at check out the cashier asked me if I would like the extended warranty plan for five dollars. She continued to explain with this plan I could bring the phone back if anything should happen to the phone. So I bought the plan. six months later phone dies and won't work. I take it back to walmart expecting to exchange it and find out that no I can't do that. I must contact the Company they hired to handle all the claims. So now I must pay to pack the telephone up wait for a shipping lable and either pay to have UPS pick it up or drop it off at one of the UPS locations. Three weeks later I finally get a refund check in the mail to which Walmart is now Charging me to cash the check.

  • Aug 29, 2017

I bought a visa gift card at Walmart near my home. I was going to be laid up from surgery and I wanted to be able to do some online shopping. Within the hour, someone 200 miles away, used the same gift card number at another Walmart. I called the "helpline" and was told they would send me a new card, gave me a case number and had me email my ID and a copy of the card. Fine, I wasn't feeling great, but it didn't kill me. I receive the new card, go to register it and find that it still has the fraud charge on it. I have to wait 10 days, just to get an answer. I would think for fraud that is clearly internal, would be taken care of more quickly. By the time I can use my care, if they decide, I hadn't used a transporter to go 4 hours away in an hour, to return my money, I will be up and around. Thanks for the headache Walmart.

  • Aug 21, 2017

In late 2005 i twisted my neck moving a heavy box towards me to put in our backstock bins of course i was by myself feeling a snapping sensation in my neck.i told my husband i thought i had hurt myself (pulled a muscle) because i did alot of lifting.when the pain did not go away after a couple days i made a dr appointment i w as scared to tell management because regardless what they say they are not easy to talk to and i was shy and had issues with drawing attention to myself so i went to the dr she ordered xrays mri nerve coduction and physical therapy this took some weeks the whole time i worked and waited for reasons unknown i was scsred to tell management because i was afraid i would get fired and it didnt have to do with the neck they could of found any reason well when i did tell them i got nothing no call to the office no investigation in store no questions of when or how nothing!now over time the injury did not by some miracle go away it jyst got worse i was told it was a lifting injury by the physical therapist .now it hurts worse than it ever did over the years the pain has kept me from sleeping now the claims management wants to know why i waited to report it has been along time and i have been seeing someone for it for a year trying to tell her walmart did not file accident report even though i asked multiple times*

  • Aug 8, 2017

i opened a case july 16 someone stole my savings catcher gift card out of my account. there has already been a case open. i was promised that someone would look into it and refund me my stolen gift card that was stolen from savings catcher account. its been long enough it should of never taken this long. I'm very upset i want my money. I spend a lot of money there. I'm just very upset about this and the fact it hasn't been resolved it's been 22 days. I have called 6 times and got the run around it should of never taken 22 days. I'm waiting patently this is ridiculous and uncalled for this should of been taken care of asap .i guess they thinks it's fine to let someone hack someone's account and steel there identify and money. what kind of company dose that. all I see is a bunch of empty promises all they seem to care about is money. well guess what I want money now

  • Aug 2, 2017

Went to walmart today. My mother and I was shopping. Went to go thru self check out . Had all of the items in a bag and paid for. went to go get ready to leave . A black guy approached two white women . he said go with me . we refused to go . After we asked y he talign about he is from loss prevention and we stole 2 00 worth of yogurt we still refused to go with him. he stood there for 20 minutes going thru the bags . he made us put 2 yogurts back and we told them they lostour service and they saud they didnt cared

  • Jul 31, 2017

I needed to get the mead primary journal for my daughter's first day of school which walmart advertised on their website for $1.08 with an original price of $1.47. Tried to order on line and it said the store did not have any in stock. Visited the Ellenwood, GA store to see if they did have it in stock and sure enough they had at least 500 on the floor. Tried to purchase it at the store and they rang up for $2.97. Tried to speak with their rude managers and they said they would not change the price. Tried to reach out to customer relations. First they hung up the phone. When I called back and spoke with someone, they said it would take a couple days to resolve. This is ridiculous!! I spend money at walmart all the time because it is convenient and this was very distasteful. I spent over $100 in school supplies this year and I will surely return their items to get a refund and take my business elsewhere.

Just look at the simple math. Advertised for $1.08. Original price was $1.47. The store is trying to sell it for $2.97. That is almost a 200% price increase because they see the item is in demand. If this is not a ripoff, what else could it be called. Theft by any other is still theft. Oh and get this, as soon as I got off the phone with customer relations they tried to say they did have it in stock and changed the price on line to match the $2.97 lie. I saved the advertising before they changed the price because I knew how deceptive they could be if caught false advertising. Honestly!!

  • Jul 29, 2017

I purchased 4 13" Douglas extra trac tires and 3 of 4 has separated and the 3rd did major damage to my car. This is a problem that the tires was mfg improperly. We need to get together and start a class action lawsuit.

  • Jul 24, 2017

I ordered a staple remover online from Wal-Mart's website on July 6, 2017 after two attempts by the veterinary hospital my dog had her surgery at failed to be able to properly remove all of my dog's staples. I'm an RN, so ordered the remover online to do it myself. On July 6 the staple had already been in too long! I received an email saying the staple remover would arrive by July 18, then July 21. Today's the 23rd, so I called customer service. Some foreigner answered the phone with "Hello?" Unbelievable. He would barely speak or understand English, and his responses were highly scripted. He insisted my order arrived on July 14, 2017 and it did not! I am furious! Now, two months post-op I am going to have to take my dog to another veterinarian and pay to have this staple, which I am sure is now highly enmeshed in scar tissue removed from her incision line, probably not only causing her pain, but also seeding more cancer cells with the removal! Meanwhile, AMI Ventures charged my credit card, and I am without the product!

  • Jul 5, 2017

There are three transactions that were not done by me. i get disability and do not go to stores . don't know how this happened for the card is in my possession. i made a purchase at ceasar's . the three money grams were not done by me.

  • Jun 26, 2017

As I see a complaint on here about similar complaint. I had similar experience as I took my car to WM for the "pit crew" oil change, when I was told "my battery was very low". Then 4-5 months later I go back and yet again told your battery lower then industry standard. This paticular day in saw a pile of batteries in pay center area. Now I have been working on cars for 30 years and know my car battery would have died in that gap of time between my next oil change. Now..I know prior to first visit if my headlights/ panels were not sim or any problem starting. I checked with a digital multimeter...huh what do know ?? 12.86 car not running 13.91 running with lights,ac,radio on indicated excellent current hmmm. 6 mo now my battery fine. Yeah, I get it WM ,lower price on oil change so they got to try sell you something not needed to make up for it! Why they tell you it takes hour or two to do oil change (usully 30 min) so you stay in store to shop.

  • Jun 21, 2017

I went shopping in walmart in februrary 2015 and from february 2015 through december 2016 my money was stolen from my debit card daily. I did a police report and walmartt emailed my credit union1 picture of me shopping in walmart february 2015 and my regular debit card was getting hacked eveyday and i receive SS and SSI. I'm disab;ed and over $6600 was stolen from my debit card and i was issued a new debit card and i found out that theydidnt close my account out ad $1252 was taken and money is being taken everyday and I talked to Lauren with my credit nion last week and she said that she will put some of my money back and nothing has been done .I believe $8000 has been stolen and i have bills an utility bills and children and household items needed and the CEO of my credit union Marshall Boutwell said that hes not replacing any of my my monry bck to my new debit card and i need a new debit card and new account number

  • Jun 14, 2017

On 10/3/2017 I purchased a Hisense 50' refurbished tv from Walmart online . I purchased a 3 year Walmart Product Care Plan (Asurion).

On 5/24/2017 I filed a claim with Asurion due to an issue with the power not working properly. Sometime it would not turn on or off either with the remote or manually. Asurion sent me a box with a prepaid UPS shipping label and packing instructions. I read and packed the TV as directed by Asurion. On 6/2/2017 Asurion recieved the package and I recieved a tracking notice from UPS. On 6/6/2017 I recieved an email from Asurion that they had begun diagnosing the issue with the TV. On 6/8/2017 I recieved another email stating that the tv repair should be done soon and I should recieve the repaired tv in 4 to 5 days.

Today 6/13/2017 about 2pm central time I recieved a call from Asurion stating that the TV had a beoken screen and that the broken screen wasn't covered under the Product Care Policy. I stated it wasn't broken when I shipped to you on 5/27 or 5/28.

You recieved it on 6/2/2017 why didn't you notice it then? I asked for a picture of the box thinking it was damaged in shipping and a UPS claim should be made. We don't have the box but the tech said the box was fine ! Ok then someone there damaged it because if it was shipped without the screen broken and UPS delivered it and you accepted it then it had to happen their and why 11 day after you recieved it and 2 email stating it was being diagnosed and repaired you failed to mention any damage and no pictures of the box. Between Asurion and Walmart corporate I sent nearly 3 hours on the phone with each group passing the buck and stating you had to contact the other group.

This whole situation is deplorable and a class action laws suit needs to be filed on Walmart /Asurion. I've read the other complaints and each time Walmart /Asurion skirts their responsibility and denies coverage by blaming the customer and takes no responsibility for thier mishaps denies customers the service they paid for and deserve .

  • May 30, 2017





I purchased 3 hp laptops from Walmart all within a year of each other. The first was an online sale. I opened it set it up and in less than 2 weeks, it went dead. i heard a pop like a light bulb when it goes out and the screen went totally black and the pc wouldn't turn on. Recuperating from a life threatening illness, I asked my daughter to return it to a Walmart store. She tried several and they each told her that because it's an online purchase they can not take it back in the store we would have to call online. We did. they said we couldn't send it back because we had no warranty even though it had died in 12 days. within the guidelines of 14 day.

Second hp laptop I bought, notebook. Three days later I had to take it back. I was hassled to no ends about returning it even though i had receipt and also a 2 year warranty. They said it was out of stock even though it was advertised as being in stock (false advertising) so I was forced to purchase another more expensive one. They gave me laptop but when i got home i discovered no receipt. i called out there and was told no problem keep the box if something happens. I did. they also forgot to transfer warranty from old laptop to new one. i was told, no problem

Third laptop lasted maybe 8 months, 1 month shy of the first one I bought online. Took it back and it was a nightmare. I was sent back and forth to three stores in two days. My friend who took me got upset. I had receipt but it was to the returned one and so was the warranty and because of this they refused. As my friend said, "It wasn't my fault they failed to do their jobs by not providing me with the correct receipt( they gave me the old one) or transfer warranty. Still this was met on deaf ears. Three laptops in one year from Walmart. Left me destitute emotionally, financially ad physically with all the exhaustive goose chases they sent me. Needing my laptop, I was forced to look elsewhere anywhere so i can work. I have to have a laptop or pc because I can't show a webdesign in my mind. But they didn't and don't care.

My online order i used credit card. My in store purchases, I used cash.

  • May 29, 2017

The simple fact never accept a walmart gift card when returing items to walmart if you have a receipt. The reason is they will not ever turn your gift card back into cash unless its less than $10. otherwise you are forced to by crap at walmart.

  • May 27, 2017

My wife and i purchased 2 nextbok tablets with the 2 year replacement. After a month mine would charge anymore. My wifes broke. I attempted to file 2 seperate claims and was talk down too as if i did something wrong. They sent 1 giftcard to cover one tablet. And sent 2 shipping labels. I sent both tablets in and only recieved 1 giftcard. And an email saying sorry for the incovience however we cannot process your claim at this time. Wtf. You took both of my tablets. What do you mean

  • May 27, 2017

One of my family members purchased a "Visa Gift Card" at Walmart, and then provided it as a gift to my daughter. After opening it (it was shrink-wrapped) and "registering" online, found that it had been used (i.e., charged) the same day it was purchased - at a store 100 miles away.

Now we wait up to 45 days for Walmart to figure it out. It appears that Walmart could have a serious hack. Or someone, perhaps en employee (or criminal), has figured out how to duplicate cards from an UNOPENED PACKAGE.

Either way, it seems ridiculous that Walmart will punish the consumer for a lack of Walmart's security and/or processes which could allow this to happen.

  • May 22, 2017

I bought tires for my 85 year old grandmother. 185/65r14 douglas x-tracII. I do not have the exact mileadge but she does in town driving to the grocery and church once a week. I dont think it is possible for her to drive more than 5000 miles a year. There are no problems with the tires of any kind except they are soft. It has been 8 months and the tires need to be replaced. My shop is next door to her house so it is easy to keep her car well maintained. Air pres. ect.. We are a racing family but grams dont drive over 40-45 miles per hour. Unless she is racing her little saturn on fri night or doing emergency brake 180's behind my back I have to say the tires are FLAT OUT JUNK. I dont expect a tire to actually reach the 45K mileadge but if it wont make it more than 8-9 months with a little old lady driving it to church. What would you say? About one month after the tires were installed she was out of town and she run over something. Tire barn installed one new tire with a 50k tread wear rating. I can not measure even ONE mm of wear on that tire. The three walmart tires have only two mm or less tread left. One tire doesn't have enough tread to measure. If there is a class action lawsuit please let me know.

  • May 15, 2017

When going to get new tires in this store. My family and I was treated rudely, refused service, and ripped off. When advising the assistant manager of the store he had the auto center sell me 2 tires n put them on. After leaving with 2 kids I end of on the side of the road. The workers had been negligent and busted my transmission lines and overheated motor from transmission not pulling. When contacting Walmart I was told that employees would be handled and my situation sent to claims. Been a week now and still no way of going and no Walmart helping. Some auto care!

  • Apr 27, 2017

I've been a loyal Walmart customer for many years. Following my divorce I applied for a Walmart credit card. I though it would be good to help rebuild the credit my ex devestated. I always pay my bill on time and Im careful not to carry a ballnce more than 50% of my available credit which can dramatically affect ones FICO score. After years of use my credit limit was eventually raised to $1700. Today, without any warning my credit card was declined. I followed up and discovered Synchrony bank runs Walmart card services and cut my limit back to $800! This made that card go over the 50% credit/debt ratio to over 90% and had a devasting overall affect on my overall credit/debt ratio & thus my credit store. They lured me in to buy almost everything from groceries to BBQ grills then kicked me in the crotch! Let me repeat... I've NEVER been late, always keep my bill down below 50% (usually below 25%) and spent THOUSANDS of dollars at Walmart in the proccess! Make no mistake, a large amount of the things I purchased at Walmart I would have bought elsewhere were in not for that card and credit limit. I even get my gas at Walmart. Synchrony bank says they are sending a letter explaining my credit score dropped but I found out when my card was declined! Now since that card's limit has been reduced its going into a spiral! My credit score decreased because my older son had an accident and nearly severed his hand, my younger son broke a tooth and had to have a root canal, fill and cap and I had a stroke! I've had medical bills out the wazoo! All in the past 45 days and that just happened to be the time Synchrony did a quarterly review on my account. My score went down because my credit usage increased... It's been a rough mounth. My credit to debt ratio was 53% so before I could pay it down next week, they lowered my limit thus turning a temporary bump in the road to a full on train wreck! I can't reach anyone at Walmart... They keep transferring back to Synchrony! They are the problem! I don't (never will) have a Synchrony card. I have a Wamart card. The bank coudn't care less if I never step foot in another Walmart. I get that... They are a bank... They make bad decissions, that's what they do! But I expect more customer loalty from Walmart.... Especially someone who spends as much $ there as I do!

  • Apr 24, 2017

Purchased RCA Maven Pro December 2015. In November 2016 the screen display began flickering erratically and would not hold a charge. In simple English, this 2yr Rpl Plan is a worthless plan for electronic purchases. Neither RCA or Walmart honors their warranty. Walmart calls it an "existing condition" because after you call 877-968-6391 first, like they tell you at purchase, they will send you to the manufacturer first if within the manufacturers warranty this case 1st year. Manufacturer, in this case RCA gives you the email run around for months, does nothing. So if the manufacturer does nothing, then Walmart says "its plan still does not cover existing condition". Why have you paid for this extra "plan"? So Walmart can have another revenue scheme to pad their pockets. Lets STOP buying bogus Walmart Warranty Plans Today.

  • Apr 22, 2017

I purchased a Laptop from Walmart on line. Had problems with the computer, called Walmart and was told that I had the computer more than 90 days. They refused to allow me to return the product. I had forgotten that I purchased a Warrenty from Asurion sold only by Walmart. I was cleaning my files and came across the paper work. I called Walmart on line and they gave me the number of Asurion. They confirmed I had a warrenty plan covered by Asurion. They mailed a box to return the laptop. It was very slow and would not connect to the Internet. They claimed that they repaired the problem. When I received the laptop it still would not connect to the internet. Thinking perhaps it was a cable problem or connection. I paid $60.00 to Comcast for the tech to come to my home and connect the computer to the system. The tech was unable to make a connection. I called Asurion and they requested I ship the computer back to them. I did and I received the computer back for the 2nd time and they claim, the computer had no issues. It still was unable to make a connection to the internet. I called Asurion and spoke with a very rude supervisor Natalie and she requested I mail back again. The people at UPS claims Walmart is famous for shipping products back and forth until the warrenty is exhausted. I will never again purchase a large item from Walmart or Sam's Club. We have 410 homes in my development and I am posting this on our website and I have told at least 20 people. Some of the people I spoke with tell me that Walmart / Asurion has never paid a claim.

  • Apr 19, 2017

Vickie Kilgore, [email protected],,, Please contact me through email or text only because this as well as job, phone, U.S.mail fraud, theft & physical assault has caused me loss of wages and harm.

LEGAL BRIEF TO ATTORNEY GENERAL PAUL Sheriff’s department, Nye County I need legal help over the purchase of a new battery from Wal*Mart that has to date, Thursday, February 9, 2017 cost me loss of wages of $133,200 (370 work days x 8 hours per day = 2960 payable work hours) x ($45 per hour = $133,200). This does not include the 6 tires that were ruined due to Wal*Mart automotive’s breach of their own written disclaimer stating they do not service your tires unless it is a billable item, meaning they weren’t to touch my tires unless a request to service my tires was written on the bill. They also put water in my oil and overfilled the transmission fluid! The bad battery also caused engine damage.

On March 16, 2016 at approximately 5:30 pm I took my 21’ Class C Chevy RV to Pahrump, NV, Wal*Mart automotive shop, #5101 to install a new battery. I had used Wal*Mart’s online tool to determine the battery with correct cold cranking amps and a One (1) year warranty as well as the specifications in the owner's manual for my RV. I showed the technician the Value power 78 battery I wanted installed. He made the comment that "their battery charger didn't work very good". I replied in a very polite voice, "you should ask your manager to open a new battery charger from the shelf". My attitude toward the technician and POS clerk was very positive. I thanked them for letting me park it in the back area of the automotive shop and install the battery in the morning. I visually inspected and checked all 6 of my tires that evening at 54-57 PSI and again the outside tires In the morning of March 17th. I checked the fluid levels, radiator, oil, steering, transmission which were all correct. I went in to buy 50/50 antifreeze/coolant, transmission fluid and oil to have on hand in the RV while they did the battery install.

After the battery installation, I drove around Pahrump to complete some errands before heading to Las Vegas to a professional job and to start work. There was a swaying motion I had never felt in the steering. I thought that the steering wheel needed to be tightened up which happened occasionally. I slowly drove it to an area of BLM land, left off Highway 160 onto Panorama Road. I noticed the right front tire was splitting and someone had cut a square chunk out of it. I parked and checked the air pressure to find every tire at 30-35 PSI. I also saw that they had BOLDLY printed on the receipt that the TECHNICIAN's AT WAL*MART HAD LOWERED EVERY TIRE TO 35 PSI without my permission.

My RV is a 10 ton vehicle, 35 PSI is appropriate for a mid-sized car or SUV, but not an RV. I only requested that the battery be installed as you can see on the service order and receipt. Changing the air pressure in my tires voided Wal*Mart’s own DISCLAIMER stating that: 1. WAL*MART DOES NOT CHECK THE CONDITION OF A CUSTOMER'S TIRES, UNLESS IT IS A “SERVICE” WRITTEN ON THE WORK ORDER & REQUESTED BY THE CUSTOMER (Tire Service is not written on the bill). 2. CUSTOMERS SHOULD ENSURE THE PROPER AIR PRESSURE, TREAD GROOVE SIZE & SURFACE ARE CORRECT & CRACK, CUT OR BULGE FREE. (exactly what I did the night before the battery install). Big O Tires had already put a good working used (less than 2 years old) tire on and I checked all 6 tires for correct and balanced air pressure. Of course, I also checked them myself after leaving Big O Tire and I routinely checked the air pressure, surface & tread every one or two days. The PSI lowered to 35 PSI caused damage to all 6 tires and alignment while driving it March 17 - March 28th when I was going to Las Vegas.

This could have caused a wreck if I ignored the unusual motion and tried to drive to Las Vegas, but the new battery did not hold a charge consistently and sometimes required a jumpstart, so I canceled my contract work plans until I could get legal action against Wal*Mart. A friend and her husband at Best Western RV park helped me jump the battery shortly after the battery purchase and can verify the dangerously low level to which the technicians at Wal*Mart deflated my tires and a square of 2”x 2” was cut out of the front left tire, yet I did not request any service to my tires on March 17th when the battery was purchased and installed. The battery I purchased was not properly charged and was not holding a charge. The lack of voltage was sporadic, so I had some diagnostics run to make sure it was not the “newly installed” (within 3 years) generator, solenoid, alternator, starter motor, or other components of the electrical system nor the refurbished radiator. I had a mechanic check those components in Salt Lake City before traveling to Pahrump.

I could not exchange the 3 year warranty Sears battery that was not functioning as it should since there was no Sears in Pahrump, so I had Scott McCain do routine diagnostic on the engine & electrical system to make sure it had not caused any damage to the electrical system. Scott McCain had done a tune up on the engine, replacing spark plugs Low battery voltage can cause the alternator (new as of 03/13/2013) to overheat, so I tried not to drive the RV.

On March 28, 2016 a digital voltmeter was used by Autozone to check the battery showing that it was only charged to slightly above 50%. A fully charged battery should read 12.65 volts. A reading of 12.45 volts equals about a 75% charge and is good enough for further testing. Anything less means the battery is low and needs to be charged. I was trying to get a “non-operable” placed on the RV through the DMV to show anyone wanting me to drive it that to avoid damage to the electrical system, I needed a new battery and the RV inspected by another auto repair shop to determine if they had damaged anything else on my RV, due to the tire pressure being lowered when not requested.

I refer to this type of damage with my tires as vandalism or criminal. There was other damage done since my engine warning light started illuminating for long periods of time when started unlike before Wal*Mart installed the new battery and the starter took longer to start the engine. I obtained the diagram of the engine, hoses, radiator, etc. to check them myself. I found a cut in one of the hoses that appeared to be from an exacto knife which I first tried to seal with tape and sealant. There was also a large amount of white smoke that came out of the exhaust pipes when started. I had the oil checked to find that they had added water to the oil.

I am single, self-supporting and needed to be employed at other locations as an instructional designer and have not been able to get there because of this. I had secured an appropriate place to park my RV at a person’s house in Las Vegas with a fenced/gated backlot who wanted to buy the RV. My RV has suffered damages from having to remain in Pahrump, NV where there are no jobs in my profes I have contacted several lawyers, local and state government agencies: the highway patrol (had to leave a message, but no return call), DMV, sheriff’s department, State of Nevada Attorney General’s office, Nye County District attorney, so that I will not incur unjust charges for (1) repair damages caused by the faulty battery, (2) malicious damage to my tires/alignment/electrical system & engine (3) loss of wages (4) or unjust fines/charges/parking penalties and (5) fines due to delinquent registration on my RV that I did not want to drive to get around as of March 27, 2016, when again the battery would not hold a charge or turn the motor over and had to be jump started frequently, thereafter.

I went into Wal*Mart again during the week of May 9th at approximately 6:45 p.m. since they close at 7:00 p.m. to request another battery on 1 year warranty. No one was at the inside POS system, so I asked someone in the hydraulic bay area if I could speak to the manager before closing. The technician agreed and said he would come in to find me at the cellphone department, but he did not follow through. When I went back over to the automotive shop the lights were off & no one was there. I needed a good charging battery to get to work. I had to reschedule my interview to the next week.

I submitted a written complaint to their corporate via the Wal*Mart website only concerning the faulty battery not the tires which I thought would be criminal vandalism. I received a text message from ASM Antonio offering me another new battery and a $25 gift card! I did not include in the written report to Wal*Mart corporate of the dangerously low level to which the technicians at Wal*Mart deflated my tires without my permission and the damage done to my tires, because I was advised to report that to the highway patrol, DMV and Attorney General’s office. While trying to complete the write up and verify any other damages. The written complaint to Wal*Mart did not cover the damages done to my tires and the cost of damage to the electrical system such as the alternator, starter, etc.. I went in person to get another battery showing Paul?, the outside manager the text from corporate. He snapped at me, “You submitted a complaint to their corporate office instead of him or other managers at this location, so they would not install a new battery or honor the $25 gift certificate sent from corporate!” I did go in after the March 17 battery install to try to deal with these people directly, but they closed the automotive shop and did not come out to the point of sale area to speak with me.

Considering that the dangerously low PSI could have caused a serious accident, cost of tires and loss of wages, his attitude was unwarranted, unethical and belligerent. There is no economical public transportation in Pahrump. I did not want to have to use my RV or a bike to get to any employment which is not comparable to at least $45/hour for which I came here to earn a living. I stated above, I needed to attend an orientation to start work at a solar dealership contract instructional designer job while interviewing for a full time job. Pahrump is a small community with limited jobs and the battery/tire(s)/resulting engine problems have prohibited me from getting to several job opportunities in another area where there is mass transportation.

This is robbing my obedience, tithes & offerings and keeps me from the plans/provisions God has for me to prosper me and depreciates my property by damaging my RV. I consider this vandalism by criminals. How do I get legal action against Wal*Mart automotive & tire store #5101?

  • Apr 4, 2017

On May 3, 2015 I bought an Orbit Three-Prt Digital Timer for $ 48.73. When I checked out in the Garden Department, the sales clerk offered me a $ 4.00/2 year warranty for the appliance. I accepted after she told me that all I had to do if the timer broke before 2 years was to return it to the store for a replacement. The timer stopped working on March 19, 2017. I returned it to WalMart on April 3, 2017 withe receipt and copy of the warranty. They refused to honor it and said it had to be returned in 90 days! Thus is their store policy regardless if I took a warranty out or not. This is not what was I told when I purchased the item. Wonder how many other customers have been duped.

  • Mar 24, 2017

I feel I was wrongly treated by Walmart in Perry Florida. I am a disabled senior citizen and because of that, I am in trouble and charged with felony shoplifiting. I can not walk without the use of an aid in which case the cart is my aid. I had been in there with my husband on Jan. 28th 2017 shopping and we had been in there about two hours and I was so tired and he wanted to go look at something in Health and Beauty and I felt I just couldn't make it over there so I told him I am going outside to smoke a cigarette and wait on him. Without thinking I took the cart outside the door and Sonya Rayborn got me for felony shoplifting and had me arrested. Sonya treated me so bad and she put a bruise on my arm. I wanted to pay for my things but she wouldn't let me. I have reported her several times to Walmart, the BBB, and the ADA and cant get anywhere. Walmart stands up for Walmart and said there is nothing on the tape where she put that bruise on my arm. Tapes can be edited and I asked for the tape and Walmart refused to give it to me.

  • Mar 11, 2017

I was given a card as a gift. I tried to use it at a store. It was declined. I called the number on the back. It asked for the card number and the 3 digit code on the back. My card has no 3 digit code on the back. There is no option on the phone to speak to a real person. When i could provide no 3 digit code i was diconnected. I went online and they said i could write a letter - which i did. Heard nothing back. Waste of $150!

  • Feb 17, 2017

I order a simple ottlite replacement bulb through Walmart that used this company and Walmart has free shipping . Waited two weeks for this and when it arrives it's too big for my readers lights. It came with no invoice, no phone number, or no instructions of how to send back if not please. Looked the phone number up on the Internet. The woman was very rude telling me it was my fault for ordering the wrong thing. She gave no name but wanted me to know it was my fault and that she had a college degree and was part ownership. She told me that there was a 15% Restocking fee. I asked what that was for as I have not even open the package? I must return this item on my expense accept the restocking fee and the lost of my money and get nothing in return. This company is desperate for money and know nothing of customers appreciation. This was not enclosed in the Walmart ordering form if it were- I clearly would not have ordered from them. I have never know this to be Walmart way of doing business which is way I trusted this company because they covered behind Walmart name.

  • Feb 14, 2017

I ordered a replacement cell phone battery on because they had the best price and I thought they were a reputable company. The email confirmation for my order from Walmart read in part, "Thanks for shopping with us."

I received the battery today. It does not work and is apparently dead.

I contacted's customer service department and was told that I had actually purchased the battery from a company called "eForCity" and that I needed to contact them!

Walmart is now contending that I was shopping with this company, eForCity, not with Walmart. If that is true then Walmart is admitting that their statement, "Thanks for shopping with us," is A BALD FACED LIE!!! Walmart is incredibly deceptive.

  • Feb 10, 2017

Walmart oil change no longer includes a lube service.they dont tell you this and did not lower service charge.when asked about it i was told they have closed lube bays.

  • Feb 8, 2017

Went here yesterday, Mon, Feb 6, for an oil inspection as well as to get the stering realigned. Those who 'helped' us were a team of mechanics, including Kim, Randy, James(the first 3 seemed to be in charge), Naomi and Austin. Austin was our mechanic and DID NOT DO HIS JOB right, because when we drove away from the mechanic's shop, we did not know it but we had the front/driver's tire balding.

You could see the "staples" in it. When we got to O'Reilly's down the road, a man who worked there said it was fixin to blow out and suggested we take it to Pritchard's Autmotive, also down the road on the other side, which is where we'll go nect time. We took it back to WM's auto center, where we waited an additional TWO HOURS cuz they told us "we're short on help".

As I predicted, they chargesd us double for not noticing something they have been trained to spot. We are not car people-that's why we took it to a mechanic's shop(duh!) They thought they were doing us a favor by lowering the price from $77 to $11, which didnt help. My mom last got this care serviced in May of last year, so it's been less than a year and they still wanted to charge us. I was bluntly told by Randy that " its your responsiblity to look at the car before you drive off-not ours" even though their policy is to alert the driver to any hazards before letting them drive off.

Needless to say, we will NOT go here again!! I suggest you do not recommend this place to anyone you care about. I hope someone gets FIRED over the shady deals we received yesterday, and if anyone who works there is reading this, YOU KNOW WHO I AM. I am doing this independently; no one put me up to it.

  • Feb 3, 2017

My son bought at Walmart a prepaid American express gift card in 11/17/ 2015 for the amount of $500 with the fee of $4.46 all paid cash. When he went back to walmart store was shock to know that there was 0 balance on card. He called the manager to report . The manager at that store said Walmart has nothing to do with the Amercian express card. The American express card check the card and said the card was never properly activated and loaded at the time of purchased . Then the manager fax all the receipts and information to the American express Prepaid Resolution Team and the reply was they are requesting more ducoments and that the receipt did not match. It went on and on sending more documents. Nothing was resolve. We made a lot of phone calls to the Walmart costumer sevice they keep saying we are working to resolve the issue. The manager of Walmart in Belleville was contacted and now she is saying the card was loaded . How does she know? So many phone calls we made to Walmart and they seems to avoid resolving this issue. It is not the first time this happen I read in your ripped off website about Walmart gift cards that this happen to other costumers too.Is anybody listening of Walmart people? I hope there is a law suit filed in this issue because it is so unfair. Please somebody help.

  • Jan 27, 2017

At one time Wal Mart cared about their employees. That was years ago. They lie. They manipulate. They use their employees and walk all over them. Take it from an employee with 18 years in! They are doing all they can to get rid of older employees that have benefits.

They have demoted all the full time employees with benefits (and no one else) which means a cut in pay rate in hopes that they will quit. They have taken the employees from jobs they have done well for years and given them jobs that would encourage the employee to quit.


  • Jan 23, 2017

I purchased Walmart gift card for my teenage granddaughters Christmans. On Christmans morning when she recieved it, she went to the sight to register it only to find the balance was $1.74 rather than the $50.00 I had purchased. Upon calling to file a claim we were told that it would take up to 10 days to be resolved.

A week later I recieved a replacement card in the mail but when I called to check the balance it was still $1.74 balance. iagain called the dispute department and was told that my granddaughter needed to e-mail her ID and the back of the original card before they could continue with the dispute. She did this while I was on the phone. The rep confirmed that it had been recieved.

I was told I would recieve a call on 01/06/2017 and be advised of the dispute status. I did not recieve a call and so again on 01/09/2017 I called to see what was going on. This time I was told again that this information would need to be sent, I informed the , using the term loosely, customer service rep that it had already been sent and that I had stayed on the phone with the original person to ensure that it was recieved. The Rep looked back into the notes and told me that yes she saw that it had been sent and recieved and that now they could complete the dispute. I was told this time I would get an e-mail with the details of the resolutuion. Shocker, I didn't get an e-mail either.

I again called and went through the same BS and was told that there was and extention on the time frame since we hadn't sent in the requested information. I again explained that it had been sent the 3rd of Januray and that I had recieved verbal confermation 2 times prior that it was there. Again after looking in the notes it was discovered that indeed they had the information and now the dispute could be completed. I was not given any promise of times, notifications etc. Just they would work on it and whenever it was done they would let me know. So here I am 2 months after the purchase and a month after

the orginal dispute was entered there is still a balance of $1.74 for my granddaughters Christmas and even after speaking to 2 supposed mnaagers and numerous regular customer service reps absolutely nothing has been accomplished except my wasting hours of my time trying to get this resolved. But as I have told every rep from this unethical orgianzaiton, they don't have to worry about resolving this, after all they got their money. If they had one iota of competence and ethical behavior this would have been resolved within the origianl 10 days I was told it would be.

  • Jan 21, 2017

I ordered a hot pink Bluetooth hoverboard for my daughter for Christmas and took several weeks to come. I got it the week before Christmas and on the box was a large label explaining the sold more than they could fulfill and to email [email protected] with tracking # and correct item they would ship out and the promise of a carrying case priced at 39.99 for free due to there error. I have emailed them 4 times with no response they have not sent correct item nor the case that was promised.

  • Jan 20, 2017

On 1/13/17: 1 was told claim was resolved" and the check was in the mail. Was told that a survey was pending. The survey was extensive and asked "if I would l would recommend this plan to my friend/family. I said yes.

1/19/17: I spoke to your department and was told that "my check was in the representatives hands." From which state will it be mailed" - hold on I will have to check. A survey was mentioned. I am certain is the survey where I am asked, "would you recommend this plan to family and friends?"


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