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Walmart Stores, Inc.

Country United States
State Arkansas
City Bentonville
Address 702 S.W. 8th Street
Phone 479-273-4000

Walmart Stores, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2017

I ordered a Monster High Password Journal from The website shows that AMI Ventures would be shipping the product. I paid for the order on my bank statement shows the debit as, as I never left the website. Five days later I get an email saying the product was shipped and it provided me with a tracking number. I enter the tracking number at USPS and it says there is no information or the number is invalid. Well it never came. After waiting 3 days from the date I was provided it would be delivered I called Walmart com they give me the number for AMI Ventures .

I told the representative that Walmart is responsible she says they are not. I told her I wanted a refund she said she would escalate the issue, but I should call AMI. I call the AMI rep places me on hold for 11 minutes and then disconnected the call. I go to Walmart store and the lady says I would be better off going to my bank. Are you serious why would you all debit my account for a company that you cannot or will not vouch for. This is totally ridiculas because my bank doesn't want to reverse it without all this information that Walmart cannot provide me with or will not provide me with. I I am out of $113.81. This is not fair why should the consumers take a loss. Walmart has more money than me.

  • Jan 19, 2017

This past Christmas, I saved my tips from work. I bought a $100. walmart visa prepaid card to include as one of my sons gifts. He enjoys shopping online, so I thought that would be nice. For my own gift, I was in dire need of a computer. Since I play games on the computer, I thought I would use about $500. of my tip money to buy a cheap gaming computer online. No, not the best of computers, but it is in our money limits. I still didn't go buy prepaids as of yet on christmas day, 2016...but had the money put aside.

As it turns out, my sons $100. prepaid walmart card was not working. The day after christmas I went to walmart and bought a $100. walmart prepaid card, using my computer money. I traded him the new one for the one not working. Thinking I would worry about it in a few days. In the meantime, i also purchased a $400. walmart add to the $100. My attempts at this gaming computer. The new card did not work for him. We were able to get it registered online (as well as the ones I set aside for me). Altho they were registered online with the website, they would not work anywheres.

It is now 1/18/ sons worked for a headset he purchased online. But not without a fight. I tried ordering my gaming computer, but the order would not take 2 credit cards. I put my cards within paypal so that I can have only 1 form of payment for the website i found to order this computer. The computer goes into order. Today I found out that the order was cancelled. Apparantley paypal cannot get the money out of them either.

Since I know I did not use these cards....I know the money is in there. However, I still cannot use these cards. Do NOT UNDER ANY circumstance.....purchase the walmart version of prepaid cards. make a hard mental note of it. It will lead to many tears. They basically ruined some serious christmas surprises I planned out. My son was able to use some of his....I am hoping he can still retrieve the rest of the money on what is left of his card. I, however, still have $500. lost to Walmart and have a hill to climb to either getting it working or attempts to retrieve the money. *Sigh

Personally, I don't think people should have to go thru this much turmoil. If they can't make something that works......don't put them out there.

  • Jan 17, 2017 - Gift Card Issues. Do Not Risk Buying your cards from Walmart.

I purchased 3 Mastercard gift cards from 2 of my gift recipients went to use them they were declined.

We called Vanilla Mastercard and they said the cards were not activated and we needed to go back to Walmart to have them activate the cards. Well Walmart will NOT do anything for me. I keep getting the Sorry nothing we can do for you from everyone we try to talk to (my local store, corporate, .com customer service, even twitter). I am now out 50.00 for the cards and 3.44 for the "activation fee".

It's very simple to see that the cards were never used so we aren't trying to scam for a free gift card, I just want to have what I paid for. I would STRONGLY recommend going anywhere else and getting gift cards but NOT at Walmart/ because if you have a problem they will do NOTHING to help.

Do Not Risk Buying your cards from Walmart.They will NOT help you!

  • Jan 3, 2017

Provided cash to Walmart for money gram order $265. I realized I had provided incorrect amount and asked if I could cash it and get another one for correct amount. The employee checked with supervisor on how to proceed. She then filled in walmart on the pay to order space. She ran the money order through the certegy services they use. Certegy would not honor money order. They also requested private personal information such as ss# in addition to DL which I provided. I did not feel comfortable providing this and believe this is a violation of my rights to privacy. They would not proceed if I did not provide SS#. I now have a worthless money order I can't use since walmart is the payable party and have had my right to privacy violated and suspect I did not have to legally disclose my SS#.

  • Dec 29, 2016

They will send you a letter and check from Wal-Mart, ask you to deposit it, then go to internet to get assignments. To send money 2 different places. 2nd assignment You get to go evaluate a store and keep what you buy

  • Dec 26, 2016

Walmart gift card was invalid and Walmart would not rectify the situation but referred me to Green Dot Bank. Green Dot Bank won't give you a number to talk to a live person. When you try to maneuver through the automated prompting it asks you questions for a card holder, not gift cards so the situation is still not handled.

  • Dec 16, 2016

I received this survey assignment form Wal-Mart Survey Grouip. And along with a Check for $2084.99.. i am invited to join survey research group. then there wanting me to deposit/redeem the check at my Bank immediately and i will receive this package. and the funds will be available to you immediately or in 24hrs. eveything is texting only, no voice contact. no e mails, no address to send too. only a name , Research Manager Andy Moore. then they want me to deduct $300.00 for my services and then test there money Mart service by send the remander of the money to there MoneyGram so they say to study their sevice so i can give them a opinoin how the service was level ,then text the phone number they give you. they will text a name and city and state. Transfer charges $34.00, final transfer amount $1700.00. And you are expected to perform the shooping without alerting the attention of emplyees or other customers.

  • Dec 15, 2016

I received a letter from Walmart INC telling me I was selected to participate in a paid Quality Control Program as a Consumer Service Evaluator and must keep my identity and assignments confidential . Then it ask for you to go online to activate your check which was for 1,8

  • Dec 14, 2016

I purchased a Snapper SP80 lawnmower in Feb of 2014 and a 3 year extended warranty from WalMart. When it failed under the extended warranty I went to the store I purchased it at. I was then informed that the extended warranty was through Asurion (sigh). I asked the cashier at the point of sale what to do if to broke down she said, "just bring it back".

Contacted Asurion that day to file the claim (their site says they will repair or refund your money within 3 days). Two days later after calling 3 times I was told to take the lawn mower 60 miles from me for service. Fightig on the phone with them another 3 days got me a repair shop 10 miles from my home. Took the mower to the shop on Friday December 2 and left it with the nice people there.

Two weeks later and a half dozen phone calls later I was told that the 3 day repair warranty does not include push lawn mowers (sigh) I have asked them how long of a time frame to repair my mower that has not even been looked at in two weeks. I asked if it would be a week a month or 6 months, with no answer from them.

  • Dec 2, 2016

I drove three hours to the nearest Walmart on Black Friday to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 that was listed as being on sale for $139. The store told me I could only get that price online. I went three hours back home and tried to order it online. They put the order through, then cancelled. I tried 12 more times to order the phone over the next three days and it was cancelled each time. I could not locate a number to call anyone to try to find out why. The email they sent to me just said "Your order has been cancelled, please check to make sure your address, credit card information and phone number are correct". By the time I got the phone number it was Monday. I called when I had a chance (I am a teacher and can't make phone calls when students are in the room) and it was about 3:30pm pst before I got through to someone. He told me he saw what the problem was, to wait 30 minutes and go in and order it again. I waited the 30 minutes and when I went to order it, there were no more at the sale price! I have been calling for the last three days trying to get some solution and was finally told this am that they won't honor the sale price even though it was their system that would not allow me to order it. NEVER shopping with Walmart again. I am also returning the $400 computer I bought....this is just plain wrong.

  • Dec 2, 2016

I'd like to know how WalMart can be allowed to damage vehicles in their auto center and then take no responsibility for it. I'm being told I can't view the cameras they are using to say my car was not damaged while in their possession, although there was clearly damage to my car that was not there upon dropping it off. They also put the wrong viscosity oil in, and displayed general ineptitude.

Original correspondence below. I was told today they are denying any liability when I called to follow up although they assured me that they would call me . '

To whom it may concern:

On Friday, November 4th, at approximately 10:30a, I left my vehicle at the WalMart tire and lube on Damonte Ranch in Reno for a full synthetic oil change.

When I left my vehicle the front left fender and front bumper were undamaged.

When I was given the car back at approximately 11:15a, there was a large dent in the front drivers side fender, which also caused the front bumper to not seat correctly.

As soon as I noticed it, I immediately asked to speak with the manager, Gonzalo Ramirez. He looked at the vehicle, took pictures of the damage and assured me he would get back to me later today.

This afternoon I received a call from Bobby at WalMart who identified himself as the assistant manager. He informed me he reviewed video, and didn't see anything occur, but was quick to note he would not share the video with me when I requested.

The damage occurred while my car was in possession of WalMart employees. The damage was simply not there when it went in, and clearly was when it came out.

Please make prompt efforts to pay for the damages caused by the employee(s).

I was informed by Walmart management that a report was the only next available action. Please accept this as my statement of events accordingly.

  • Nov 28, 2016

I purchased a Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum during Black Friday thru Walmart online store. I received a purchase confirmation within minutes after the purchase as well as an email telling me that the item would be ready for pickup at the store within the same day. The item was not available at the store when I went to pickup it up the following day. So I contacted customer service today (11/26) and chatted with attendant Maria M. She assured everything was ok with my purchase and that my item would be ready for pickup today Saturday (11/26). As a surprise I received an email from Walmart saying that my purchase was cancelled. I once again contacted Walmart thru online chat and attendant Jose T told me that the item was cancelled because it was out of stock. I replied that this was unacceptable practice and that Walmart has sold me an item and delivered my item to another customer or to someone else. He offered me to buy a totally different item at a higher price as a compensation for their 'mistake'. I rejected the offer. he than proceeded as to offer me a 10% discount on any purchase at Walmart. I told him that this was once again unacceptable and the the discount I had on my item was at 35%. I even mentioned that a VERY similar item is being offered at the online store and I would be more than pleased to buy the similar item at the same price I had purchased the original price. After waiting for almost an hour, attendant Jose came back with no solution and with a rather automatic answer as to say that the item was 'unfortunately' out of stock. I did not settle for such answer. He than proceeded to forward our chat to supervisor Karen who had the same automatic answer as attendant Jose. She only added that it was not Walmart's fault because the item was being sold by a partner! What? I didn't by the item from any partner. I bought the item from Walmart! I have been escalated to attendant Whittley P. But no luck and the problem persists. This is clear consumer violation as well as false advertising as I understand. Stay away from Walmart. Whittley P. refused to give a viable solution to the case. She also refused to offer a solution to the case.

  • Nov 28, 2016

In the summer of 2013, I purchased and had installed an EverStart Maxx 59, five-year warranty car battery from a north Dallas suburb Wal-Mart Supercenter. On the morning of Saturday, July 25, 2015, this battery failed. Later that morning, I had the same battery brand and model number replaced at no service charge, from your Supercenter (store #: 2883, located at 8801 Ohio Drive; Plano, TX 75024). On Thanksgiving afternoon (November 24, 2016), this 16-month-old battery failed while visiting family in Lewisville, Texas. A family member drove me to the Wal-Mart Supercenter store #217, located at 801 West Main Street, Lewisville, Texas 75067.

Rightfully, the auto center for this store closed at 12 pm on Thanksgiving. We then called store #5092, located at 190 East Round Grove Road, Lewisville, Texas 75067, but their auto center was also already closed.

So as to not remain stranded any longer, I purchased a new battery from a local Auto Zone. It was clear that the battery had exploded, as expressed to me by the technician who installed my current battery upon removal of the defective battery from its protective steel housing; this was evidenced by large, obvious cracks on both of the positive terminal, from which battery acid had poured out, coating and corroding the terminal to point of the battery’s complete malfunction.

On the morning of Friday, November 25, 2016, I brought this damaged battery back to the Plano, Texas Supercenter (#2883), and incurred a tall, older white man - an auto shop employee whose name I did not take note of, but whom I believe to be a manager by the vest he was wearing. Upon explaining the details of what I have denoted in the previous paragraph, I was treated with blatant skepticism, condescension, and disregard in the following ways:

upon the employee processing battery history for my vehicle in this shop, he claimed that my depreciation rebate was $33.58 plus tax, stating: “we didn’t charge you for this battery in 2015” along with the non-descript insult: “had you brought this back to me yesterday, I could have taken care of it.” What does such a statement mean, and why would 24-hours make a difference relative to service, policy, nor anything pertaining to this defective battery with such a short lifespan? The undertones of his comeback wreaked of condescension, resembling: “…how dare you go outside of Wal-Mart for your battery needs?!” I fully understand that when the battery was replaced in July 2015, the original battery had lasted 40% of its warranty; and I understand that I was not charged a pro-rata amount for its replacement. However, the replacement battery should also be covered for five years and yet it lasted only 27% of that time, so why should the warranty for the replacement battery – which was defective to a far worse degree than the original – be charged on a pro-rata basis dated all the way back to the purchase date of the original battery? While I was not ever seeking a free battery, I did expect appropriate depreciation compensation for a defective battery that lived only 27% of its warrantied life. As I type this letter, only two days have passed since having a third battery installed in my vehicle over the course of a three-and-a-half year duration. That is ridiculous! The employee continued with inattentive disregard, as if to shut me up with platitudes of irrelevance, stating: “It’s a really good warranty, you won’t find anything better.”

the employee told me further that he does not normally issue refunds on damaged batteries, only defective ones, and that the battery did not explode; he stated “something” penetrated the industrial plastic battery. This is highly unlikely, as such damage would have been the result of a severe blow directly to the terminal, and the only people who ever touch anything under the hood of my vehicle are ASE Certified mechanics at a local Firestone who perform routine maintenance on it, none of which has entailed battery servicing of any kind since having this defective batter installed 16 months ago. My logical defense was met with an attitude of apathy and shoulder shrugging;

very irritated and flustered, I unnecessarily explained that I tried two separate Wal-Mart auto centers while out-of-town, both of which were closed Thanksgiving afternoon; the employee just furrowed his face in disbelief and stated: “I didn’t have anything to do with that…we were open all day!” The facts of my claim that the automotive shops were closed are easily verifiable. Despite my insistence, the employee remained staunch that he could not, and would not, do anything more.

In disbelief, I left with only the following receipts in hand, not realizing until I arrived home that none of these are pertinent to my visit that included my leaving the exploded battery with the shop employee (11/25/16); and, no reimbursement for the battery’s core return was paid to me.

  • Nov 21, 2016

This company then wanted me to withdrawal all money's keep 350.00 for myself. After doing so I was informed to go to for myfirst survey assignment number 1. From there I would be given Iinstructions as to what to do. The same goes for step two. This is clearly a scam and something should be done about it as soon as possible. Thank you

  • Nov 12, 2016

On September 27, 2016, my Walmart Savings Catcher account was hacked. How do I know this? I received an order confirmation from Walmart to the e-mail address I use for Savings Catcher. I knew there was something wrong because I didn't place an order. When I looked at the order details and the method of payment, I knew something was very wrong. I signed into my Savings Catcher account and saw $0.00 available. I had $104 in my account before this happened. Someone hacked my account, redeemed the money, and then made a $95.93 purchase through a Walmart marketplace store.

I filed a fraud report with the Savings Catcher Fraud Investigation Team and was told how I could re-send the remaining $13.85 to an e-card and then go to my local Walmart and have them issue a gift card. I did this before the hacker spent the rest of my money.

I still have not received any information back from Walmart about when I would receive my money back. I have sent a lot of information including a copy of the order, the shipment confirmation, the UPS delivery confirmation showing who signed for the package, a screenshot of the foreign website associated with the phone number given for the order, and the requested TC#s for some of the purchases along with my name that is on the account.

It is not my problem that there is a lack of security with Savings Catcher; it is Walmart's problem. I want my money back and I would love to sue Walmart for the emotional stress that has been caused by me not knowing what else may be done with my information that the hacker now has and the fact that I had saved all year to buy groceries for my holiday baking and meals. Now what I had is gone and Walmart won't take responsibility.

When is Walmart going to be made responsible for their lack of online security?

  • Nov 2, 2016

Returned 15 some dollars of things and its been 7 business days. now wells fargo has over drafted my account because walmart failed to refund me and because wells fargo is wells fargo

  • Oct 20, 2016

I call the corporate that had the assistant manager call me and said that person never said that. Just a warning to use some other Walmart for Tires. There saying I’m a liar not their man.

I’m writing about a purchase I made at the Walmart™ in Elverson, PA.

I’ve. Always had a good experience at that store till this purchase

I stop to check on prices of tires at a person at the tire department stated if you buy four you get one free. I stop back a few days later to make a purchase and after that I was charged for four tires.

I call the corporate that had the assistant manager call me and said that person never said that.

Just a warning to use some other Walmart for Tires. There saying I’m a liar not their man.

  • Oct 18, 2016

Three days ago I received a check from Walmart inc, in the letter it told me to activate the the then deposit into my bank account, withdrawal $350. 00. Then the next day I am to withdraw money for my next two assignments and send this money to Atlanta Georgia to a Cornelius valley which I did, copy, scan and faxed my work to the numbers and e-mail to the addresses it told me to and on the last assignment to withdraw $170.00 to buy something for me as my bonus which I did. And now my bank told me that the check I deposited into my account has bounced and now I have to pay it back. Please someone help me what can I do about this help.

  • Oct 17, 2016

In April of 2016 I purchased a set of Douglas Tires from Walmart. I was on a budget and choose the Douglas tire because I read they were made by GoodYear. I commute back and forth to work 35 miles each way most of which is interstate. Upon my first commute to work I felt my car vibrating at speeds exceeding 60 mph getting progressively worse as speed increase. Upon my first chance I return to the same Walmart to have tires rebalanced. I have lifetime balance so no charge. Thinking this cured my problem I returned to work q few days later. Again I experienced vibrating from what seemed unbalanced tires. In addition the tires began to hum at lower speeds sounding as if I were on truck mud tires. The noise became more noticable and pronounced as I continued.

I once again returned to the same walmart to again complain about the inablity to properly balance my tires after 3 attempts. I asked about a refund or swapping to different tires but management refused to acknowledge any problems with the tires and laid blame on different components of my car. I asked them to take the tires back based on the fact they seemed defective. Again management denied the tires are defective and further stated they have never received complaints on any Douglas tire. I pointed out that WalMart's own website had several complaints and negative reviews of Douglas with simular issues such as mine along with numerious other complaints. I think Walmart knows these tires are inferior but choose to continue to sell these tearable tires. I also feel the tires can become dangerious and provide a hazzard to motorest.

  • Oct 15, 2016

I tried to log into my savings catcher account and kept getting the message that there was no account with my email adress. So I called Walmart. The first 5 people I talked to refused to look into the matter. They just stated there was no such email address. So I was transfered to someone in Savings Catcher. She told me there was indeed an account and all of my funds were still there. However, she couldn't change anything so she transferred me to someone at I talked to three different people, including a supervisor, who refused to do more than say that there was no account in the system.

I finally talked to Stephen in Savings Catcher who told me that the email address on my account had changed. I told him I didn't change it. He changed it back. And low and behold my balance was now 0. It had been $292.94. Now that savings is gone. Steven said that they would investigate it and return the funds that were stolen. That has yet to happen. So apparently the funds were stolen while I was on the phone with Walmart. And now they refuse to honor that.

  • Oct 13, 2016

I order a computer through Walmart from computer came and did not work. try to work through Walmart was told that I have to go to marketplace because It was their item. Try to get intouch with them no way to get intouch, all email, phone numbers and information about the company is unuseable. all ya can do is buy from them. the return address or tec. person to help. and the support web site is off line so to the cusumer service site. no way to get help of any kind.

here is some of their inform.

For customer service requests, please send an email to [email protected]

. If you have any questions regarding your product or accessories, please contact us via email or by telephone. We want you to be happy with your purchase and will do everything we can to make it right! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your order you may return for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

  • Oct 6, 2016

Was treated unfair because a employee stated to me that I do not need a riding cart because I do not have a wheelchair, cain or walker. I have been disable for several years, and I was so hurt when she approached me. This matter need to be addressed.

  • Sep 14, 2016

I live in a rural area where i do not have access to any stores and the nearest store is over an hour away in a different province, so my best choice is to shop and order online the things I need every month. I have been shopping online at since January 2016, and my first complaint with Walmart was that they charged me 3 times for the same item, and keep my credit card information when I asked them not to save this information.

Now for the 3nd time they have again charged me twice for the same item, as well they saved my credit card information online. I called their office to complain and again just get the run around it won't happen again.

I'm sorry, I no loner feel confident in and feel they are committing fraud and taking advantage of honest shoppers.

  • Sep 5, 2016

This issue raises an extraordinary interest that compels me to direct to your attention immediately. The absence of any articulated response suggests a holding principle to not remedy the issue. Any silence only rubber-stamps the issue and deeply supports the principle. As with any public servant quality services from professional employees are expected and vital. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service. However, in some instances an employee can abuse their position of employment or authority.

The purpose of this letter is concerning eyeglasses that were issued by the WalMart Vision Center located at 3301 Tower Road, Aurora, CO 80011. I am a service-connected veteran that was fee basis by the Choice Card Program for eyeglasses by the Department Of Veterans Affairs. My eye examination was conducted Mayfield Vision. I took the prescription to Walmart to finalize the process. The glasses were ordered and I was informed to come in to pick them up. I tried the glasses on in the store and could not see any distance clearly. The Walmart vision employee was immediately informed about the issue. Teresa the vision supervisor told I was told to “put them on when you first get out of bed and wear them. If they do not work give me a call Tuesday.” The glasses were worn several times during the next day and I still could not see at a distance. I called Teresa on Tuesday and was told to bring the glasses back. I told her that I could not bring them back during the weekdays therefore, it would have to be the weekend. I took the glasses back on Saturday in hope of WalMart Vision to correct the issue. I set down with Teresa and gave her the necessary information to see at my chart in the computer data base. Within one minute she told me that I needed to go back to the eye doctor and have them rewrite the prescription. Also, to come back and see her when the transaction has been completed. There is a moral order in our society that has been established by business owners and that is to take care of their customers. When there is a failure it moves a customer to think differently. This issue raises an extraordinary interest that compels me to direct your attention. The troubling aspect of this entire matter is it that you employees were fully aware of the issue from the beginning. They chose selectively to ignore the issue for profit instead of rendering professional service to a veteran.

  • Aug 31, 2016

Almost fell for this. Wanted me to activate a check and then go to different stores, like The Gap, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart and basically be a "secret shopper".

  • Aug 30, 2016

I have been using the pharmacy at the Wal-Mart in Chicago at 2848 N. Broadway since the one farther north on Broadway, which had parking and was much closer to where I lived, closed earlier this year, and my prescription was transferred to this one. I was not thrilled because it was much more inconvenient, being in a very congested neighborhood with little street parking, but after my first visit, I was informed that they validate parking in the attached garage, making it somewhat more convenient since I could drive there and just park instaed of circling around and around (and around) to find a parking spot. I was even more happy to find out that the parking was free with the validation. Over the past several months, I have continued to park, grab my prescription, get the parking validated, and leave without having to pay more to park while I ran in and out.

However, on August 8, this changed. I parked, went in, got the prescription, went to the service desk and got the parking validated, returned to my car (all within about 10 minutes), and when I got to the gate and put in card, the machine said I owed $4.00. Clearly that was a mistake as it has been free every time for the past several months. I did not want to have to back up, re-park, and go back in since I was in a hurry, so I hit the help button and explained the situation to the woman who answered. She was very rude and said that the charge was accurate and I had to pay it in order to get out of the garage. I continued to insist that this was wrong, and she became ruder and ruder. Frustrated, I disconnected the call and decided to pay it to get out of the garage and fight with Wal-Mart later since they clearly incorrectly validated the parking.

I did not want to pay with a credit card because that garage is fairly unmonitored and the machine looked somewhat battered, and with all the stories about credit card skimmers in the news, I was wary about sticking my card into this disreputable looking machine. Fortunately, I had a $5 bill from the change from the presrciption, so I put that in and waited for the change. Well, the gate went up and the machine spit out the receipt, but no change came. After about 30 seconds or so, another slip of paper popped out of the receipt slot. I grabbed that one and it said "Change Shortage $1.00" with no indication of what to do to get the change. I hit the help button again and fortunately got a different person. However, he was no help either and only gave me a phone number to call to get it figured out. Furious, I left and when I got home, I called them number.

The person who answered was just as clueless as the guy who answered the help button. He took my name and address and said he would "get it taken care of." That was three weeks ago and as of the mail delivery this afternoon, I have not received anything. No letter explaining the situation or giving more instructions, and certainly no check. It has been three weeks, which is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for $1.00 in change. I emailed Standard Parking and they sent an email back saying the "issue is resolved." I don't know what "resolved" or "get it taken care of" mean to Standard Parking, but clearly it does not mean actually giving change that is due.

I realize that $4.00 is not all that much money, especially given what a rip off parking is in Chicago in general, but I was only in the store for about 10 minutes, and it doubled the cost of the prescription. Imagine going to Best Buy, getting a home entertainment system, and then when you try to leave you get ambushed with a demand to pay the exact same amount as you just spent on the system in order to be able to leave. This is the same principle. On top of that, withholding change is an even bigger scam than parking itself already is. That is another 25% markup on the cost of the parking. Given that it is only $1.00, how many people are going to be motivated to pursue getting the change? That could be 100 or so people a day going in and out of that lot, 365 days a year, resulting in hundreds of thousands of unearned dollars over the course of the year, on top of the outrageous prices they charge for parking throughout the city. Someone needs to stand up. When it is time to refill the prescription, I will be transferring it elsewhere, to a non-Wal-Mart pharmacy, and I will do my best not to park in a Standard Parking garage again.

  • Aug 19, 2016

I received a letter and a check for 1,600 in the mail addressed to me. It came with instructions to take 350 dollars and keep as a payment to myself for the work that was supposed to be done. It said take 1000 dollars to western union and send it off to a man in Greece. It said that western union would try to talk me out of not sending it, but go ahead and send it it's ok. With the remaining money use it at walmart, home depo, or lowes. I deposited the check into my account and it cleared. I took the funds out of my account. Two months later the police shows up at my door for a warrant for my arrest. They said I was being charged with fraud and theft of property. I am going to court about this and they are trying to offer me jail time when I didn't know that it was a scam.

  • Aug 15, 2016

I received a check in the mail from Walmart inc stating that I will be a secret shopper for there corporation in to log in to the website to activate the check before I deposit the check in my account, well it turns out it was a bogus check.why would some one do something like that an how did they get all my information.

  • Jun 30, 2016

This is a joke. Walmart keeps 2 people on checkout lanes one at tobacco lane and one for express checkout lane. Walmart keeps the self checkout lanes always open because it's harder for people to buy in bulk and want people to do their own checkout. They have 15 lanes at this Walmart location in Atlanta, GA AND only 2 checkout people. I'm literally writing this as I wait in line. I fee sorry for those who are employed at Walmart because they are way over worked and ALWAYS understaffed. This is what America has come to and what a shame.

  • Jun 23, 2016

I live in Canada and am on the email list for Walmart. I have tried 3 times to order merchandise on line from the Walmart web site. Only to run into the 'you have to order from, this is we only deliver to the United States. I called head office here in Canada only to be told there is no difference between Ok I try (just for fun right!!!). Guess what. Only available in USA. Say What. Please tell me I am not the only person to run into this joke for a website.

  • Jun 22, 2016

A letter came from Walmart, but envelope had no heading and pistage was from Spain. Inside envelope was a check for almost $3000.00 and was giving me a job as a consumer Service Evaluator. I was to deposit check into my account, pull out all but 500.00 in cash and then complete two different tasks, write quality report, and email that with receipts.

  • Jun 20, 2016

Was sent a letter that stated that I was choosen to participate in a paid Quality Control Program, a check was included in the letter. Needed to activate the check which seemed odd and should have raised red flags. but did that and deposited it into checking. Waited 3 days to clear, when it did I withdraw to the money less $350. Did the assignment sent money through money gram the rest went to eval Costco. Next day check was returned to bank and now out $1500.

  • Jun 15, 2016

Received an Acceptance Letter with Wal Mart Logo inviting me to participate in a secret shopper position. It provided a user number along with a password. You were required to register and enroll the check. I waited 5 days to verify the check cleared, the bank processed the amount because i had the funds(which did not mean the check cleared). I assumed it did and received my 2 assignments 1 go to a Wal Mart 2 visit Western Union and send money. I sent in my receipts to email provided. When i reviewed my bank account the check was no good and the Western Union amount of $1,400 was picked up. I was unable to get my money back and no one answered my emails.

  • May 27, 2016

Since I sent this letter to Walmart Corporate on 05-08-2016 and have not received a response, I thought it might be time to post this to some of the complaint sites in an attempt to make those people who frequent Walmart aware of what I consider a major problem with this company. I'm aware that there are people out there who love the Walmart experience and that there are those who are not particularly happy with this experience. This started with a major search engine in which I put Walmart in as the search term. was the first "hit" that came up in which I proceeded to use their search engine to look up a particular item, printed the web page displayed with the price, checked to determine if this item was available at one of the two Walmarts available in my area, then proceeded to go to this Walmart with the printed and was denied the price the item was stated to sell at. Once I had returned home, I initiated a chat with one of their customer representatives and was informed that there are actually two Walmarts. There is no where on the Walmart site to send correspondence via email or any other "instant messaging", so I sent the letter below directly to Corporate Headquarters. Since I have waited at least 10 business days and have not received a response, I thought it might be time to post this letter sent to Walmart to hopefully make other people aware of what I consider a deceptive practice. By the way, I did locate the item on Amazon, have ordered it, received it, and got a comparable item for less money.

To Whom It May Concern,

On 05-08-2016, I attempted to purchase a Tripod for my video camera. I searched several websites (including Walmart's) and found a unit manufactured by Targus for $18.00. The description states this unit is a 58” (maximum extension) model number TGT-BK58T. I checked store availability and located this unit at the Millington TN location. When I went to purchase this unit, it was rung up at $28.00. I had printed the website page showing the unit at $18.00. I was then informed by the CSM that printed pages were not acceptable and that the CSM could not honor the $18.00 price. The unit was left at the store. The page I referenced can be located at this URL:

Your Price Match Policy states the following:

We're committed to providing low prices every day, on everything. So if you find a lower price from an online retailer on an identical, in-stock product, or the item purchased from is now listed at a lower price, tell us and we'll match it*.

How to match a price to another online retailer*:

Prior to placing your order, contact Customer Care or call us at 1.800.966.6546. We will verify the item eligibility by reviewing the online retailer, their current price, and by confirming the item is in stock has the final decision for matching an online price

How to match a Walmart in-store price to a or other retailer's online price:

Request the price match right at the register while shopping in-store

The Store Manager has the final decision for matching an online price

Refer to the Price Match Policy on Walmart Policies and Guidelines for additional details

The following are guidelines and limitations:

The item must be currently in-stock at the online retailer's website and on at the time of the price match request

The item must be sold and fulfilled by online retailers* listed below or by

We reserve the right to verify the price of the identical, in-stock item at the online retailer's website (i.e., size, model, quantity, brand, color)

We will limit quantities to one-per-customer, per item, per day**

Since this price was stated on your website, I don't understand why you could not honor it. The CSM did not check the website although I could have provided the information required to locate this item on your website.

I was also asked if this was the “Internet” price. I don't see why this would make a difference. If I would have ordered this item at then had the item shipped to the Millington location, I'm pretty sure that your website would have instructed me to pick up the item in question at the Millington location since there was one already there.

A timely response would be appreciated in this matter. Two of our grand kids will be graduating from their schools next week and I will require the tripod then. Also, I do some volunteer work at the Tipton County Veteran's Service Center located in Munford TN. I record the monthly meetings there once per month and would like this tripod for this purpose also.

Yours for a Better World,

Frank Nelson

P.S- I just completed a chat with a gentleman named Anthony E. The conversation was copied and pasted from the chat window and appears below:

Anthony E.: Thanks for chatting with! I’m Anthony E. and I’ll be assisting you today.

Anthony E.: Hey Frank! How may I assist you?

Frank Nelson: Good afternoon Anthony. I hope all finds you well.

Frank Nelson: I have written a letter to Corporate about a problem I am having with the Walmart in Millington Tn. I have not sent the letter yet. I was hoping I could resolve this conflict with you first.

Anthony E.: With a bit of a cold, but I'm fine, thank you for wondering.

Anthony E.: Okay, please provide a brief explanation.

Frank Nelson: Sorry to hear about your cold. Not good.

Frank Nelson: I can copy and paste the letter to this chat window if you prefer. It's a little over one page.

Anthony E.: If you would be able to provide a brief explanation it would be better.

Anthony E.: Since the chat has a limit to how many characters can be inputed.

Frank Nelson: I'll paste the main part since I have already written it. I assume a 140 character limit?

Anthony E.: I have not counted them, but that would be normal.

Frank Nelson: On 05-08-2016, I attempted to purchase a Tripod for my video camera. I searched several websites (including Walmart's) and found a unit manufactured by Targus for $18.00. The description states this unit is a 58” (maximum extension) model number TGT-BK58T. I checked store availability and located this unit at the Millington TN location. When I went to purchase this unit, it was rung up at $28.00. I had printed the website page showing the unit at $18.00. I was then informed by the CSM that printed pages were not acceptable and that the CSM could not honor the $18.00 price. The unit was left at the store. The page I referenced can be located at this URL:

Anthony E.: Okay, I understand your point of view on this matter Frank. And I'm truly sorry about ths.

Anthony E.: This*

Frank Nelson: That's OK. It's Sunday afternoon. They're pretty busy.

Anthony E.: In this case, store prices and the online prices can always differ, since the inventory is not the same, causing these diferrences in the price.

Anthony E.: I'm very sorry about this, however, since and Walmart Stores, are two different branches from the Walmart Family, we would be unable to make the store accept our price.

Frank Nelson: I was asked if this was the Internet price. I could have ordered the item through and had the item shipped to the store, but I'm sure the website would have instructed me that the item was already available at the location in question.

Anthony E.: Well, since it is available online, you can very well order it and have it shipped, either to your home with the cost of shipping, or to the store with no shipping charge.

Anthony E.: The only downside would be having to wait for the delivery to occur.

Anthony E.: Which can be from 5 to 10 business days once shipped.

Anthony E.: Like I said, the store and online inventories are different, so the store having it in stock, does not prevent you from ordering online.

Frank Nelson: I understand that. I don't understand why they would want to ship the item to this store since this item is already in stock. Seems like it would be a waste of time and resources.

Anthony E.: I understand that, but the fact is that the Targus 58" Camera and Camcorder Tripod, TGT-BK58T that is available at $18, is not located in the store, but in one of our fulfillment centers.

Anthony E.: Which is what causes the difference in price.

Anthony E.: The store is allowed to price match, but at the end, it's up to the store's management.

Frank Nelson: OK. So I will need to order this unit from the Fulfillment Center?

Anthony E.: If you wish to confirm it at the 18$, then yes.

Frank Nelson: Got it. Thanks.

Anthony E.: Like I said, the only downside, if you wish to look at it that way, is having to wait for the delivery.

Anthony E.: No problem.

Anthony E.: Are there any other questions I can help you with today?

Anthony E.: Also, just as a heads up, I want to let you know that you may receive a brief survey at your email address about my service. It would really help me out if you were to fill it out for me.

Frank Nelson: No. That's it. Thanks for your time. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Anthony E.: No problem, and I appreciate that! I hope I was able to assist you as you expected.

Anthony E.: Thank you for contacting, I’m going to disconnect now. Have a great day!

Anthony E. has disconnected.

It seems your stores are not capable of matching your own pricing from your website although you claim that pricing will be matched from other on line retailers. I would recommend listing the store pricing along with your Internet pricing on your website in order to eliminate any confusion in the future. I made the trip to Walmart for the above item, but also for several additional items. It's almost a bait and switch. I realize that we're only talking about $10.00 difference. But again, when I purchased last week, (2) Visio 48” LED TVs, a BlackWeb computer sound system, a Dell Inspiron 20 All-In-One computer, The various cables to connect everything, a ChromeCast, a Canon Pixma MG 2922 printer, (2) digital TV antennas, and various other items to upgrade our house, I checked the pricing for these items from several retailers and found Walmart's pricing to be the least expensive.

  • May 21, 2016

I had a flat tire in Spartanburg, SC, in June. I went to Walmart, they sold me a treaded snow tire and installed it on my Florida tagged truck.

I drove the interstate home for several miles and the truck swerved all over the lanes. I pulled off the road at an exit to have a mechanic check my truck. That is when I was told it had a snow tire on the back. I had to purchase another new tire.

  • May 20, 2016

Walmart policy says they will match any price then try to check out oh every thing but milk Try to get chicken from cooked department waited a long time asked deli can you get nope I'm making cookies aggravated customer

  • May 19, 2016

My Car has been serviced by Wal-Mart since 2013. I purchased my car in 2013 from CarMax. I have all the inspections and paper advising that my car was in great condition when my car was purchased. My last car service was 1/2016 and on 2/7/2016 my car stop on the highway 95. I have a 2011 Chevy Impala and it always warns me when my car needs to be service since it is a newer car. My car was towed by Sky Towing on 2/8/2016 to Thrift Auto in Yulee, Florida. On 2/10/2016, my mechanic JD Thrift calls and asked me who serviced my car’s oil changes. I advised to home Wal-Mart serviced my car since 2013. JD Thrift advised to me that there are several issues with the car that was caused by the services done at Wal-Mart.

After getting an estimate costs, I called and spoke to Donald at the local Wal-Mat that has been servicing my car. Donald advised to me to fax over everything and he will submit to claims. About two days later I received a call from your claims department and Jeremy Rasmussen advised to me that Wal-Mart was not responible to any damages on my car since the car was not repaired at the time. Jeremy Rasmussen from your claims department didn’t even investigate the issue. He just advised since the repair wasn’t done and the mechanic has not repaired the care yet Wal-Mart is not responsible. From then till now, I have reported to the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General, and the Department of Consumer Services. I get my car repaired and paid for most of the damages myself. I had to use my tax refund, my bonus from work, and I had to get a personal loan just to pay for most the damages on my car.

Since my car is being repaired and I had to come up with the funds myself! I have been asking for rides to and from work from family and friends. I have to ask family and friends for rides to take my son to and from school as well.

After the mechanic, JD Thrift, repaired the damages in my car he advised that he has fluid samples from my car that I may want to get tested and that indeed the person with services my oil changes caused the damages to my car. I reached out the Donald at the Yulee Wal-Mart and he provided me with the claims number and fax where I can resubmit the claim. I faxed over to Jeremy Rasmussen the total costs in repairs and every receipts serviced by Wal-Mart on 4/11/2016. I still have not heard from Jeremy Rasmussen or no one from Wal-Mart!

I am writing to you as a concern formal shopper. I don’t understand how no one seem to call me about this issue in one of your stores. This is NOT a way to handle your customers. If you feel that there is nothing you can do about this, then I will be preceding this to the press, social media, news and a lawsuit against Wal-Mart to get this resolved. Everyone Wal-Mart shopper should know about how issues are being handled and see if the issued are being resolved or not being resolved by the corporation. This is why businesses have insurance!"

I have proof from my mechanic that someone in the auto center provided the wrong service to my car and caused a major damages that caused me out of $3800. Wal-mart should be responsible for the damages, caused by an employee, on my car. As of 5/13/2016, I still have not heard from anyone.

I will be calling the legal aid, asap!

  • May 17, 2016

I notice what a thought was a overcharge on my walmart grocery recipts. I'm sure many people don't check revipts. At times the ink is so light you can't read them. Walmart neighborhood markets on Shaw and Willow list their whole fresh cabbage at .74 cents. No where does it state each or pound. Units price is in ounces. So what is it. Pound or each. I have been asking sales clerks to fix the sign for 4 month now. Last week I ask a manager. She said it was sold by each. Many other clerks have said the same thing. They are WRONG. It sold at .74 cents a pound. Store clerks dont know the cortect price, hows the customer going to know the correct price. They got me twice before I catch on. How bout you ?

  • May 16, 2016

I received a letter today in the mail from "walmart inc". I am always filling out applications and responding to ads so i didn't really think anything suspicious about receiving the check with the instructions to be a secret shopper. I did research on the account number, routing number, bank name etc. All checked out as being legit. Then i noticed the "madrid, spain" and "correos" stamped on the front of the envelope. Weird that "walmart inc" would send me a check postmarked from madrid when the address on the check was 702 8th street bentonville, arkansas 72716. So i googled the address, and sure enough.

I have been a victim of this in the past so i am usually very leary of checks i get in the mail. Let me tell you people, these checks look absolutely real!! they have the heat stamps on the back, the water marks, micro prints the whole bag. So here i am, filling out another scam report so someone else doesn't fall victim to this scam. Sadly, many will because if i had never googled the address on the check i never would have stumbled upon this website. The last scam i read about that was like this was in 2013 so fair warning they are at it again! i'm in tennessee so at least i know that it's here. Thanks for reading and be sure to spread the word!

  • May 16, 2016

I received a letter today in the mail from "walmart inc". I am always filling out applications and responding to ads so i didn't really think anything suspicious about receiving the check with the instructions to be a secret shopper. I did research on the account number, routing number, bank name etc. All checked out as being legit. Then i noticed the "madrid, spain" and "correos" stamped on the front of the envelope. Weird that "walmart inc" would send me a check postmarked from madrid when the address on the check was 702 8th street bentonville, arkansas 72716. So i googled the address, and sure enough.

I have been a victim of this in the past so i am usually very leary of checks i get in the mail. Let me tell you people, these checks look absolutely real!! they have the heat stamps on the back, the water marks, micro prints the whole bag. So here i am, filling out another scam report so someone else doesn't fall victim to this scam. Sadly, many will because if i had never googled the address on the check i never would have stumbled upon this website. The last scam i read about that was like this was in 2013 so fair warning they are at it again! i'm in tennessee so at least i know that it's here. Thanks for reading and be sure to spread the word!

  • May 6, 2016

I purchased a computer, cord and monitor online from Walmart and received a confirmation on the order.

When I recieved the shipping confirmation, they had canceled the monitor stating, "The item listed below was canceled due to a system error that kept us from processing the the order. We have just fixed the issue, so please feel free to place your order again."

When I went back to the Walmart site to reorder the same monitor, the price had been raised from the original $89.99 that was confirmed to $110.00.

This is not the first time Walmart has done this to my family. The first time, we reordered the item. This time I refuse to deal with them.

Have others had this problem with Walmart?

  • May 2, 2016

Bought a Vizio 39" TV, brought it home and the screen is smashed. Tried to return it the following day and was told that the serial numbers don't match. The customer service rep was very rude and even insinuated that I must have broken the original TV and swapped it out. I have NEVER or will I EVER do such a thing! Called Vizio to see what they could do and they informed me that they do not replace broken television sets -- it is the seller's (Walmart) responsibility to refund the customer. I'm stuck with a broken TV and I'm out $275! Absolutely obsurd. Walmart just lost a loyal customer!

  • Apr 4, 2016

Bought a prepaid credit card with int and pay a few few small online purchases after one use where are there it is not even written on the cover of the prepaid credit card that you will be charged $5 after one use which means I was out $5 and was not informed when I called I Got Shuffled around from person to person and then when I reach you I need to talk to they would not talk to me because supposedly they had technical difficulties they don't care about their customers and they don't let you know about the charges that you will be facing also $3 every time you want to use your money you have to upload total scam

  • Apr 2, 2016

On June 19, 2015, I bought a Samsung S3 phone at Walmart store 2701 S Interstate 35, Round Rock, TX 78664 . I met with a Family Mobile Specialist named Samantha, whose card I still have, who sold me the phone and Family Mobile Service. I am disabled an needed a RELIABLE phone service. While speaking with Samantha before purchase, I asked her if the phone participated in the Texas program for the disabled /low income called Lifeline Texas. She said definitely yes, and so I purchased the phone with Family Mobile Service .

Since that day I have not had reliable phone service. Issues Samantha did not activate my phone properly; weeks went by as I tried to struggle with customer service in the store and on the phone to Family Moblle; my phone was delayed almost 2 weeks just being activated. At that time Family Mobile led me to believe that any issues I continued to have were software updates needed on their end, so I did not return my phone to Walmart. Family mobile does not participate in the program which I did not find out until I applied and as rejected because they are not part of it; (therefore Samantha , the vendor rep in the store made deliberate misleading , fraudulent statement to induce a purchase), My calls to her were never returned; I had to repeatedly go to Walmart to find out what was wrong with my phone, an excruciating task at best as managers and help are exteremely hard to find and try to dodge a customer with a problem; average time at Walmart 1 ½ -2 hrs each visit; This is at store # 475. I have been there 5 times trying to sort out what has been wrong with my phone since I purchased it. Each time no one has been able to solve the issues and we must call and wait on hold for extremely long periods of time only to get no resolution to the issues below. The manager Jose is unhelpful, and threatened to not to help me at all if I took action about this issue.

I repeatedly called Family Mobile reporting dropped called, phone not ringing, complete unintelligibility of calls. I spent dozens of hours reporting these issues to Family Mobile and going through all their “trouble shooting” of software only to have no improvement in my phone. I have had an open trouble ticket with Family Mobile since last year, which no one ever followed up on and it was causing me so much anxiety I had to stop calling for help. My doctors, clients, friends, family including the State of Texas have not been able to reach me regarding appointments, which has impacted my health, income and well being; I am not being reimbursed for the dozens of hours spent trying to “repair” the issues, playing phone tech for Family Mobile; Finally, I said enough, and demanded they replace my brand new phone. I sent it to the distribution center at a cost of $ 28.00 to me as no shipping was offered. I photcopied the back of the inside of the phone to make sure I had the identifying IMEI number.

Two weeks later I got a box (dropped off at the office where I live, which I was unaware of because no tag was ever put on my door notifying me it was back, causing a 9 day delay in receipt). There were no directions or information sent back with the replacement phone. I could see different IMEI numbers and the phone was very worn on the charge portal. I charged the phone and it immediately began to overheat. I took it to the Battery Store where they told me my battery was fine the phone was defective and was a fire hazard. I called Samsung and they told me this phone went out of warranty in 2014, a year before I bought my phone. I bought a brand new phone, and was given an old phone as replacement, that was also defective. I got back a phone with no back on it, and no note with directions or information, except an envelope with a box tag saying “defective”. I called Family Mobile who said I was sent a “refurbished” phone and then started the whole “let’s see if we can fix it over the phone run around”. The charger for the phone was obviously not working, it would fall out of the insertion point.

I returned AGAIN, today March 15, 2016 with all my paperwork, shipping tickets, receipts, tracking numbers, proof of purchase, etc. Once AGAIN I had to chase down the manager, Jose, whose attitude throughout was to be as unhelpful as possible and drop the issue in the lap of a brand new associate who had no clue how to resolve customer service issues. I made him keep the manager in the loop, understand that all my paperwork was in order. I also made them call Samsung as my phone should have had at least a one year manufacturer warranty on it. Samsung initially had not been able to find the IMEI number, finally did, then told them the WARRANTY WAS UP IN 2014 THE YEAR BEFORE I BOUGHT IT. (That is exactly what Samsung had told me when I had called them. They too, were very uncooperative and unhelpful). Finally, after multiple associates getting the run around, Samsung said they would honor the warranty if I had proof of purchase. The only issue was that Family Mobile did not repair my phone, they gave me another old, used phone with a different IMEI number on it, so now I am obliged to return my phone AGAIN to Family Mobile and try to get a proof of exchange for my original phone. Then I have to try to send that phone to Samsung to get one that will still have the manufacturer warranty on it. Walmart has taken no responsibility for the incredible amount of time I have had to spend to fix their mistakes and frauds even though they began from day one of purchase when my phone was not ported over correctly for 2 weeks.

Family Mobile has not worked in good faith either, even though through this excruciating experience I have paid my phone bill. If this had happened anywhere else the phone would have been replaced and the the run around and inconvenience of time, money, stress and frustration would have rightfully been Walmarts, as from the start the phone was sold to me under fraudulent circumstances. The fact that I have gone almost a year without reliable phone service and what that has cost me financially as a self employed person has been ignored. The fact I am disabled and rely on phone service has been ignored. The Walmart manager Jose is the worst manager I have ever encountered. During the course of this he made it apparent from the beginning, before even investigating what was going on, that I would not be getting a replacement phone from Walmart. Finallly, March 15, 2016 I went to a different store # 3569. I had to explain all of the above again to this manager Becca. I gave her copies of all the paperwork. She was very helpful and said she would follow up, which she did. Family Mobile basically gave her the same runaround, saying someone would call me. Some one some time will call me……………….

Walmart has made in impossible for me to send this information into them as they limit how many words they will accept about their shoddy service. I cannot believe the terrible customer service I have received from both Walmart and Family Mobile.

  • Mar 29, 2016

My bill has always been $28.79 and for the past 2 months they've been texting me saying I owe $0.39 I've had my phone turned on to you guys for several months I don't understand why all the sudden my bill has went up I feel I should not have to pay thank you. Kenneth Witt

  • Mar 24, 2016

On the night of February 16, 2016, I was in Walmart and went to get a container of half and half and the handle on the case gave me a shock. They can see me in the video touching it and then shaking my hand.

I finally on March 23, 2016 was able to speak with a manager at Claims management and he said because I'm the only one to report this and they haven't had any repairs done to this case, Walmart is not negligent.

I have lost a great deal of the use of my left hand and Walmart just doesn't care.

  • Mar 12, 2016

On 3/09/2016 I purchased a laptop on and used Paypal as my method of payment. When I got to the store I noticed they picked the wrong laptop and quickly went to customer service to return the laptop. They told me that since I used Paypal as my payment method that the only way to refund my money was by swiping my debit/credit card. Keep in mind that when I used Paypal, I used my bank account to fund it. I did as the CSR said and swiped my credit card, was then advised it would take 3-5 business days to process. The following day I received a call from the card issuer (Chase), and was advised that they were rejecting the credit(refund) because the card was not used initially to make the purchase. I immediately went to the store and spoke to the Store Manager, and she told me that at the "Store Level", they cannot refund to Paypal and I would need to contact When I called they told me that in order to refund to Paypal, I would need to ship the laptop to them, completely disregarding the fact that I no longer have the laptop in my possession. At this point I am going in circles, going to the store and then back to the phone to call Where it stands right now, the local store has the laptop, my refund is being sent back to the store from my credit card company, and nobody knows how or when I will get a refund. A refund mind you, in the amount of $338.14.

  • Mar 11, 2016

On March 3rd I took advantage of a 1 day sale through TopCashBack to get a rebate on some Tide Laundry detergent which totalled $5.70. I placed my order online and set in-store pickup with my husband as an authorized user to pick up the laundry detergent at the Lapalco store in Marrero, LA. The store REFUSED to honor him for pickup despite having the order confirmation email and his ID as stated is required. They also refused to cancel the order and issue a refund!

After he delt with them for around an hour and came home empty handed, I contacted the Walmart customer service through their online chat. The rep said she would put in for a refund on the order. I noticed during the process that I received an email stating the item had been picked up. When I inquired about it the rep said it was necessary to mark it as such to issue the refund. I thought it was odd, but let it go, thanked her for the help, and ended the chat. [continued below]....

  • Mar 7, 2016

Purchased a Walmart debit card. , cannot register it, Paid for a card i cannot use. tried on internet and phone cannot physically talk to anyone. When trying to register it says the numbers on the front of the card does'nt match.

Walmart central city ky 42330

  • Mar 2, 2016

I came do know walmart's free shipping is a scam! If you end up buying more to get over 50.00 for free shipping walmart will send an item or two, light in weight and low in cost, but anymore bigger and costlier it will be weeks and weeks until you get it. I proved it too. I had someone in the same house as me buy shelving the same shelves for 22.00 but paid the 4.97 shipping charge, and he got the shelves in 8 days. I also bought the same shelves a couple weeks before he did and I bought over 50.00 worth off stuff and still have not gotten the shelves "and walmart shows online they are still in stock" the only thing walmart sent was a cheap box of tissues. The shelves I got under free shipping are coming from the same place coming to the same address where the other shelve with paid shipping got here in 8 days. All Walmart has done is created a shipping label "11 days ago", however, they have sent nothing to the shipper just created a shipping label.

I'm over three weeks now and walmart has still not sent the shelves to the shipper, the same shelves that came here under paid shipping in 8 days. If you want something from walmart and don't want to wait weeks or more than a month pay for shipping because if you put it under free shipping they will not ship for a long time just take your money and collect interest off your money until they actually ship it. Walmart makes millions and millions off the interest of your money as long as they have your money and still have their item and have not sent it "It's a walmart greedy scam" there is never enough for walmart whether they are robbing their employees or customers, they are the meaning of GREED. WALMARTS FREE SHIPPING IS A SCAM!!!


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