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Yelp Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 140 New Montgomery St.

Yelp Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2021

1. I was called to enter in a trial advertisement contract with Yelp. They offered a fixed rate program for, I thought , 4 months.

2. On September 4, 2020, the trial period was over and an email was sent to me the program ended. after i had paid them $220 a

3. Within a few days later I was contacted by Yelp salesman Jeffery Babiarz, about scheduling a phone conference. We set up a phone conference for Sept 14, 2020, I was not available, so the appointment was canceled.

4. Either that day, or a few days later, Jeffery was able to get me on the phone with the offer of showing me their "web portal". I went on the site he suggested, and at his direction, I went to the pages he told me to go and clicked on the tabs he told me to click on. At no time, did he ever tell me that I was unknowingly, signing back up for the upgraded service that had recently ended. And he never mentioned his directions would triple my advertising commitment.......he straight up conned me

5. I did not notice this "upgrade" on my October bill that was about $850, but I noticed the $930 on my November bill .

6. I called Jeffery on November 17, 2020, when I noticed the issue. He claimed ignorance that he directed me to upgrade myself and quickly connected me to Yelp accounting. I then talked to Jose Masso, and he refused to credit the difference between what I had been paying and the current charge. And he refused to acknowledge that I had been conned by his salesman. After we could not reach an agreement, I cancelled their service and instructed Jose that I would dispute their charges.

7. I have disputed this charge with my credit card company and Yelp has challenged my dispute

8. I contacted Yelp's customer service department and explained how I was ripped off, and they reponded that they will continue to fight my dispute.

9. I noticed 2 other complaints on this site within the last 6 months that report the same scam. If anyone else has experienced this scam, we can file a class action lawsuit.

Feel free to contact me 805-541-2719

  • Dec 11, 2020

Yelp the not who they are that are scram and something has to be done about this company

they tell you one thing and them lie to you and charge and arm and leg they need to be stop right now they are rip off peolpe all the time now this is what happen to me they told me that i will be billed tell after 4 of month and then they took money from my account and over draft and told that i could do first of every month it has after the 4 of every month they lie to me and told that they work with me and told ok and was not.ok

  • Dec 3, 2020




  • Nov 5, 2020

Do you have Zero Moral Compass? Post a review on Yelp! Use a fake review. Be a chicken sh*t coward. Allow China, Russia, Iran or God knows who built this site .... let them win. Tear America apart from the inside out! This site is not about free speech. It's about hurting someone like a coward. You can't compete so you tear down a highly rated company with your fake review. The U.S. Government allows this? How stupid has our country become to allow this fake crap all over the internet.

Yes - you can post that the President is a ________ whatever you want to say.

What does this mean? It means nothing on the Yelp site can be trusted. It's a meaningless useless site. Go f*ck yourself Yelp.

  • Jul 31, 2020

Used yelp back in 2017 with mixed results. Several months ago, a young lady started calling from yelp, to re-start with them. After several weeks, she gave up. Then a young man called me. We agreed to a one week, seven day, temp. trial. After a month I received a huge $540 bill. I'm livid!

After spending several hours on hold and numerous e-mails, the finally send me an e-mail back saying "Too bad, YOU didn't cancel ". What the heck? No one said ANYTHING about ME having to cancel. As for my "page". It was never set up. After a month, I got a total of SIX actual "leads" at $90 each. So, be very careful about "upgrading" your yelp page.

  • May 14, 2020

Yelp allows people with conflicts of interest with the business to write good reviews to counteract bad reviews. But my bad review gets deleted. You can't complain about the race of the employee but black people sure can say WHITE if they are complaining about white people!

Yelp is protecting some bad businesses by deleting my review of the bad experience that I have experienced. It's just not fair! I was truthful in posting my review.

  • Mar 9, 2020

YELP is not the place to advertise your business. You can advertise if you want to lose your money. They do not have any way to measure your ads. They will not tell you where your leads are from. There is no way to contact your leads. There is zero lead generation.

Your ad statistics will say 12 Leads clicked through to your website or visited your profile page. It will say "A 20-year-old clicked through to your Website." "A 40-year-old clicked through to your website." Although they have specifics of the age of the User, they will not give you details as to which Zipcode they clicked from.

Their cost per lead is too expensive. And if you do not cancel your ad when you want to, they will keep charging your card. I kept getting charged. I had to call in to cancel, even though I had given specific instructions to my Account Executive to run the ad for only 5 days. I got charged for a whole month. Then I had to pay the money. When I brought up the issue, then after a lot of complaining they finally agreed to a portion refund, just because I made a lot of noise.

In reality, they offer no refunds. They will offer you a $150 or $300 Credit which is not really anything because there is nothing beneficial that is going to come from it. Advertising with YELP is like throwing money down the toilet, which is my opinion.

  • Jan 30, 2020

Yelp is asking for money for an advertising campaign they ran for my boyfriend's business. We had no knowledge of this campaign and did not authorized it in any way, shape, or form. They claim they spoke to me on my phone number on a certain day but going back to my call log on my cell phone for that day there were only two calls and neither one was from Yelp.

I have spoken with them and have gotten no where. They said they would "review" the recorded conversation and get back to me. They also said they would email the agreement paperwork that was supposedly ok'd by us, but they never did, because we never ok'd anything, and no one ever got back to us.

Now they are sending threatening emails to ruin our credit!

  • Jan 29, 2020

YELP is the biggest joke ever! Try and have people leave you positive reviews and they supress them. However, anyone can write a negative review and those appear. But wait! Pay them monthly and the positive reviews will appear.

They are the biggest scam and something needs to be done. We should fiel a class-action lawsuit against them.

  • Jan 20, 2020

I am reporting YELP ADVERTISING>. A scam and bunch of crooks that work as a third party.. thye do not work for YELP>> most likely.. MF SCAM ARTISTS>>

  • Dec 19, 2019

Yelp Gave me 350 Dollars to try yelp advertizing Tom Parker Yelps Salesman then said I could cancel anytime and would credit me for any leads that didnt develope and when I cancelled they would End The Emails that I owe them 331 Dollars and will turn me over to collection I DONT OWE THEM ANY MONEY I cancelled in 30 Days

  • Nov 17, 2019

I contacted Yelp and signed up for a free listing. I was soon contacted by a salesman offering a free trial and trying to get me to sign up for their "paid" advertising. I explained that I could not afford this at this time because I was just starting out but would be interested at a later date once I got things going more.

I told the salesman that I didnt even want the free trial because I did not want a bill the following month for something that was supposed to be free and did not send me any work. The salesman assured me that I would love my free trial so much and that Yelp would send me so many calls that I would be contacting him when the trial was over wanting to sign up for the paid advertising and thanking him for talking me into trying it.

After an hour of telling the salesman no and him basically calling me stupid because I did not want the free trial, I finally gave in and said I would try the free trial. I explained that I just got my phone number hooked up and would easily be able to tell how many phone calls that would be sent to me because I hadnt had any calls yet.

In my three week "free" trial, I received 2 phone calls and 3 quote requests and all of them were from different cities than I am even in so as soon as the customer found out I wasnt even in their city our contact was over with no business being produced. With all this being said, my credit card was billed 3 days before the end of the month (end of free trial) for approximately $535.00.

I immediatley contacted Yelp to argue this charge and make sure my "free" trial was cancelled. I have contacted Yelp through phone calls, emails and a messenger conversation. I can not get anyone to help me and have requested calls back from supervisors and/or management each time.

No one will call me back. Even though my acount is cancelled my bill still keeps going up. Now a month later, my bill is over $1000.00 for that 3 week "free"trial and the Yelp Financial department is calling and emailing me for past due payment due. Funny thing is the financial department cant do anything with billing and transfers me to customer service just like the customer service transfers me to others also.

I was told yesterday that there is no such thing as a free trial and there is nothing listed on my account showing anything like this. Its is a joke and really frustrating. All that has to be done is go back and listen to my phone call to confirm everything I state is the truth but no one will do that even though they have confirmed this recording of over an hour exists.

I can assure you that I will NEVER use Yelp for anything and want everyone to be warned that this is how they treat their customers.

  • Oct 27, 2019

Yelp can hurt your business by taking your good honest reviews away from you and blaming it on the system they have build.

I ran boat charter company and for past week 4 out of 5 revies were taking away without explanation. I spend money on promoting my business and this what they do with me.

  • Oct 22, 2019

I was called by someone selling service by YELP. To which I agreed to try a small sample. I soon thereafter suffered a severe eye injury that left me blind. I tried canceling the service many times but they would not help me. I have been trying to get a blindness advocacy group to help out. YELP TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE DISABLED! Do not use their services. They charge me many hundreds of dollars for a service that I could not use and they showed no compassion or willingness to help.

  • Oct 3, 2019



  • Sep 24, 2019

Jeremy Stoppleman is a scamming pig. He has been sued by his board members for fraud. He is being investigated by the fed! He has countless lawsuits against him and his slimy ripoff company yelp!

Yelp pretends to be helping consumers but instead are nothing but an internet racket! They bury positive posts and high rank bad ones to try extort people to pay them to make the bad ones look better! Jeremy is a greasy slimy pig! you can tell by just looking at his creeper face! He needs thrown in jail now!

  • Sep 16, 2019

Dont fall for the free trial, to get the free trial you have to give them a credit card, after its over they will charge you every month for supposed leads. They have billed me for over $800 for "leads" Calls or clicks to my web site.

Not one person has contacted me since the free trial. I canceled after the free trial was over so they got me for $284 (which I got nothing in return for), but they just keep hitting my card with $300 every month now and I have to dispute it every month, the cc card finally got tired of it and blocked them.

  • Sep 6, 2019

THE SALESMAN, SAM KRAMER, [email protected] 646. 604-7260 X26091, LIED REGARDING THE CHARGES IN ORDER TO GAIN HIS COMMISSION. WHEN CONFRONTED ABOUT OUR CONVERSATION, HE STATED THAT WE KNEW ABOUT THE CHARGES. WE ARE REAL ESTATE CONSULTANTS WHO IDENTIFY CLIENTS FROM THE MARKETPLACE, NOT YELP. charged me $250.00 for "impressions" and "clicks" for one (1) day. We never received any "clicks" or "impressions". We were told that the charges were firm and we would be charged until the account was canceled. We canceled the account and asked for a statement for the one (1) day. The statement showed weowed $250.00 for impressions and clicks.

  • Jun 19, 2019

I was contacted by a Yelp salesperson with a new promotion Yelp was presenting. They tell you they will give you $300 in promotional ads and you can even limit it to $15.00 per day for your "budget". They tell you that you can cancel at any time and only be charged for the number of "clicks" on your advertising. The first day I received none.

When I told them I was not getting any clicks and didn't think I needed the advertising the number of clicks jumped to 56 almost immediately!!! I cancelled my account on the 3rd day. I cancelled my credit card after reviewing the scams this company has and the complaints about their billing. When I called to ask the amount billed for the 3 days they refused to give it to me and stated I needed to wait until the billing date of the first of next month.

The ad is still showing even though I have a letter stating my account was cancelled. This company has a reputation of boosting "clicks" to drive up the bill and they can't give you any information on where the "clicks" came from. In my area there wouldn't be 56 clicks in a 2 hour period in the middle of the night!!

I have turned this company over to the Federal Trades Commission for their underhanded practices of selling bogus ads and clicks!!

  • May 29, 2019

We fired an employee for cause and he posted a flase negative review on us on Yelp. I reported it and Yelp would not remove it. It was so obviously fake too.

  • May 9, 2019

Channel 4 news Los Angeles did a story on YELP the online review company due to all the complaints lodged against them for their unscrupulous methodical posting methods of reviews. Negative reviews are posted in a conspicuous place on the page, whereas positive reviews are often HIDDEN from the review page where they cannot be seen or found.

If you really look and are computer savy, you will eventually find a barely visible "not recommended" link that you have to click before you can see the hidden positive reviews come up. What would Yelp's motive be in selectively displaying vs. hiding reviews, you ask? MONEY! Yelp later contacts the business owners by phone offering to improve their ratings "FOR A FEE." Sounds like an alleged crime of blackmail to me!

  • Apr 24, 2019

yelp is a company that is based on business searches online to find a company as a consumer to complete a task,job,eat at a restuarant places to go.

Yelp has the businesses that pay them money come up first in their search leaves companies out or puts them in based off the 5 star program. Yelp also takes false reports from consumers without validation and in the end puts a bad reputation for literally someone that remarks i will ruin this company on every web site i can. after following dispute to remove yelp said that they will stand behind the consumer and will not remove it. this is slander and hurts companies because of one persons not even opinion just mad because they had some solicitation made by phone. yelp,... get over it and help eliminate false reviews.


  • Feb 5, 2019

Be careful if this scam. Yelp offers a $300 credit toward their services as a trial but in a few days that money will be used. Then they charge your credit card hundreds of dollars for the balance of the month services. But it is all fake. There was no one clicking on the links in the ad.

I received no leads at all and had to dispute Yelp's charges and close my credit card account.

Now I am noticing 5 star reviews from my clients on Yelp but a few days later they disappear. I can only guess this is Yelp's revenge for cancelling my account.

  • Jan 21, 2019

YELP reviews are NOT VALID! They ONLY leave good reviews online from companies that advertise with them. I had 6 different 5 stars reviews posted to my account and Non of them stayed on my business page after I refused to advertise with them!

They ONLY allow 5 star reviews to remain on pages when the BUSINESS PAYS them money. I have experienced this first hand and have also talked to other people who have experienced their UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES! DO NOT USE YELP FOR REVIEWS! THEY ARE FAKE!

  • Jan 11, 2019

Our company Okey DoKey Locksmith Houston was working with Yelp since 2017 and we used to pay around 350$ every month for advertisment with them. During the first year we got many reviews from authentic customers and most of them was accepted by Yelp and we built a great reputation and was able to service their customers.

After a year our website got some good ranking online when looking for keywords like locksmith, lock rekey, key replacement and more and was actually better then Yelp itself and then the problem started.

Every week Yelp remove reviews from our page in the attempt to harm our reputation and our rating and from around 60 reviews we got only 25 left, so we decided to disconnect from them and use other more beneficial advertising channels.

From the day we disconnect and stop the payment Yelp started to remove the last 25 review about 1 a day until we left with no valid review. They also tried to call and convince us to pay again, explaining that we should not ask customers for reviews and all kind of weird other practices they have.

Making customers happy and asking for reviews is integral part of our work, reputation building, return customers and seo plan and Yelp is just holding a monopoly and engaging in anti-competitive practices to try and put our ranking down.

I suggest other company to never pay anything for yelp, because one day if you will pass them in the search, they will take your reviews down and you will ends up throuwing your money away.

  • Jan 6, 2019

A Yelp representative called me in November 2018 to convince me to try them in advertising my business for one month. Their sales script is very misleading. She did not tell me about the pay-per-click charges incurred anytime someone simply clicks on my ad. She did not tell me I have ZERO control over the outcome when someone clicks on my ad. She said if I was not satisfied, I could cancel my ad after one month and not incur any additional charges. This was an outright lie!

I was charged $187 for the TRIAL month and only received ONE customer call. I called and cancelled my ad on December 17th. They demonstrated NO concern over my disappointment with the results.

The sales rep did not tell me charges are made in arrears after a cancellation! Therefore, I was charged an additional $214 to cover December 1 to December 17th. I realized absolutely NO benefit from this $214 charge!


  • Jan 2, 2019

Yelp is for people to review their experiences with businesses and also dining, anything. People are attacking, harassing, & calling me names. I have called, but nothing,I have posted, & nothing. Yelp removes reviews from people who had experiences with businesses, but they let people curse and harass, Yelp leaves it on the site

  • Jan 1, 2019

On December 11th 2018 - I called and spoke with Yelp Employee Mercedes.

I apologized to Mrs. Mercedes about my chase visa card expiring and that I wanted to send in a check for the balance.

I also attempted to explain to Mercedes that I needed to see proof of all of the IP addresses and user strings of the Yelp PPC devices that formed the basis of the December $559.98 current invoice.

She became a bit defensive and annoyed by my request.

I explained to her my agreement with Yelp employee Mrs. Preeti, and asked her to look at my website, and go over our terms of service at

Mrs. Preeti reviewed and subsequently clicked on "I accept" from Yelp IP address user string preserved under record no. 97631.

Mrs. Mercedes told me I needed to take this all up with Yelp Inc. Corporate and terminated our conversation.

Yelp deletes all the reviews on Yelps business page on my business.

I get annoyed and reposted them: << HERE

I wont be paying Yelp to buy back my reviews.

In the mean time, I found another technician in NY that had the same issue occur.

His video is priceless.


  • Dec 31, 2018

Yelp are a bunch of lying scumbags.Thier lies began immediately When i 1st sogned up our agreement do not go in bank til end of month. Yelp went in without my knowledge within 3 days overdrawing my account then saying you misunderstood the reason to wait i told them no funds,in acct Yelp ssid we will wait til last day so you can,make and put money in account 1st lie the Bad,business practices. im referring to reviews. Yelp enjoys making businesses look bad online How Take reviews mostly good ones and move them to not reccomended basically deleting them in a sense. This last yr our campaigne 500. per mo ok we had 31 reviews up all 5stars except very 1st one a 1 star ok yelp took fown like 21 reviews within 3 days dropping J&B Hauling from a 5 star to a 4 star without any bad reviews the simply dropped 21 reviews and left up 9 5 stars and 1 1 star dropping us to a 4 star with out any new bad reviews and after we notified we werent going to pay more money pwr mo due to all the charges we get without calls such as hangups calls bad numbers you cant call back spam and yelp users click your site or maps yea right we come to you we haul junk with trucks bobcats etc Yelp are Ripoffs they will turn a 5 star business in to a lower rating for no reason other rhan to make you look bad and lose money do not pay yelp to rip you off or make your company look bad RIPOFF CROOKS after 2 yrs of paying theae scymbags i dropped from 5 star to 4 stsr after 2 yrs of business and veing a 5 stsr my entire 2nd yr of advertising hen they Yelp took down my reviews BAD BUSINESS. UNSCRUPULOUS CROOKED RIPOFF SCUMBAGS

  • Nov 3, 2018

Rep unbeknown to me, signed me up for a more expensive program instead of the 15 day trial. Next think I knew my checking account was under due to their $156 charge, $90 set up and other crap. I will NEVER do business with them again. Called customer service and they said I checked the "Terms and Conditions" box (which I probably did while on the phone with the Rep. I took his word instead of reading the 5 pages of fine print).

Fraudulent business practice and deceptive marketing calls. Their customer service rep was just as rude as can be.

  • Oct 24, 2018

Yelp offers local exposure to companies seeking to market their services locally. The miseading part is the rep won't tell when you ad another location you promotion changes slightly from $300 free ads to $300 in bonus ads. RIPOFF.

It is not clear until you call what is going on. I am not impressed. Michella was the reps name.... I am going to take the free ad promo by default I want to see what happens.. If the campaign works I will update my report .

Unless you are a restaurant or pizza delivery be wary of these people. Yelp are as slipery in sales as they come. I appreciate up front and clear cut promotions. Smoke and mirrors don't make for good business.

  • Oct 23, 2018

We're reaching out to let you know that our moderators removed your review of Philadelphia Antenna Company because it wasn't clear that your review described your firsthand experience as a customer of Philadelphia Antenna Company.

We typically remove reviews that don't focus on the reviewer's firsthand experiences as a customer of the business (such as secondhand experiences, observations from the perspective of a non-customer, or complaints about the business's practices or politics). To learn more, check out our Content Guidelines (

Removed Content:

It seems that you can not trust Yelp either.

From: Michael

Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2018 12:30 PM

To: yelp

Subject: RE: Message from Yelp HQ [ 7421472 ]

I was just wondering why I did not hear back from you? Are you planning on adding my comments back? Thanks

From: Michael Ellenbogen

Sent: Monday, September 10, 2018 6:54 PM

To: yelp

Subject: RE: Message from Yelp HQ [ 7421472 ]

It sounds to me that you folks don't really care about things and are probably paid to remove this. I will send this to the media unlike you put my comments back.

This company made multiple meetings and did not make the commitments. They gave me different prices and changed them. They claimed they knew what the issues are and never came back to fix the issue. That was after I had complained to advisor or something likely that. I have emails to prove they even lie.

  • Jul 30, 2018

We feel that we have been taken advantage of with Bait and switch ethics, false advertising and poor customer service. We tried to resolve this.

We are a small business in St. Augustine Florida. Yelp and it's representatives had been calling us and emailing us in an attempt to gain our business for advertising on their online page.

We did not want to advertise with them due to the high cost. They continued to contact us, each time with a lower price. We decided to give them a try sometime in early June. We were told one price over the phone by the account rep, but were charged 3-4 times more than the price we were told. We did not read the contract in it's entirety and we were taken advantage off. We simply asked them for a refund of our money due to the false advertising and they refused.

  • Jul 5, 2018

In 3 months could not verify even 1 person contacting us to make a purchase.

Promised me 2 sales a month. Nothing absolutely NOTHING!

Not a call, email, nothing. And wouldn't even consider refunding us.

  • Jun 30, 2018

I own a successful business and wanted to advertise on yelp since they wont stop harassing me and keep on calling me. I paid for three months. and when I finally got tired of no calls just 1 and paid close to $400.00 a month I stopped paying. This is when things got UGLY. YELP.COM keeps calling harassing you to keep paying them for bull**** algorithms which take away the positive feedback. and they don't want the customer to go to yelp to leave reviews, they want them to find you organically like wtf . what are reviews for ???? Just do yourself a favor STAY FAR AWAY from yelp and their BS. if you really want to advertise do it by every door direct on USPS or a local paper. yelp is just garbage. I learned the hard way stay far away from all of them

  • Jun 23, 2018

We reviewed Roi Edery/Tal Dream Design and were sued and he walked away in the middle of the work. We yelped him and he deleated it! Beware of those who have all 5's. They could be a scam like Roi Edery is!

  • Jun 6, 2018

If they really want to do right business and and proper reviews they should ask the reviewer to identify themselves. my experience with yelp is they welcome more bad reviews than good review and they do not verify purchase or services. they will call you and try to advertise with them and promise to take the bad review out. I find this is a totally rip off.

  • May 26, 2018

These two companies are SCAMS. Recent reports of many, many companies paying marketing groups to utilize different IP addresses to file 4 and 5 star reports. Both are in serious trouble for not reporting rapes at resorts in Mexico and South America, or failure to report food poisoning in restaurants. Many restaurants and other merchants pray on tourists around special events such as the Olympics by hiring these marketing groups to file false favorable reports. Do your Google research. I had two restaurants in my home town both had a 4-star rating: Double Front Chicken and Kobe Seafood & Steak. Both were horrible. Bad food, poor service, expensive for what you got etc. I was so pissed and when i tried to file a report i was told does not meet our standards. They wouldn't provide what standards i didn't meet? I have a couple friends who work in marketing and they said Yelp and Trip Advisor are the worst. If they have a high ranking business advertisers will pay more money to advertise on their page. So guess what, they don't allow low ratings on highly ranking businesses. And, when you acknowledge that a lot of these companies have false reporting, you have a rating service that is fraudulent. Sort of like TrustPilot where you can have any negative review removed..

  • May 10, 2018

The website yelp engages in fake paid reviews. I've tried to expose a law office in seattle, WA for fraud and rules violation without any luck. Whenever i would post a review, for some reason my review would not get posted or my account gets closed. On yelp, the lawyer in question has only 5 star reviews without any negative comments or reviews. I am positive the lawyer is paying yelp to post post her fake and positive reviews so she can continue to rip off the public. Yelp needs to get out of the buiness of bias reviews. Yelp has no credability!

  • Mar 21, 2018

As a concumer I have placed reviews on the Yelp site of buisneeses I have done business with. Each time I place a review YELP deletes the review of the buisness. I contacted the buisnesses I placed a review on and informed them of what Yelp was doing. I was informed by several businesses that YELP pushes their advertising (per click) on businesses and it seems that when the business does not use Yelp advertising service that Yelp deletes legitimate reviews ona business Yelp deletes them.

I was not asked by the business to post a review, I do not work or associate with the company I post reviews on. My freinds have experienced the same thing regarding Yelp posted reviews. In my opinion I don't believe that YELP can be a reliable source of reviews on a business.

  • Feb 3, 2018

I want to take this time to WARN business who may not be aware of the danger of CLAIMING your business on the service of Yelp or known as Do NOT REGISTER OR CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS ON THIS SITE! STAY AWAY!

Most marketing tells you to register your businesses on such services as Google or Yelp for exposure because they rank high on searchs and make your business more viewable. Google is fair by allowing both positive and negative reviews to be put onto your business. We all know that you will have customers that wil be happy and others that will not. That is part of doing business. HOWEVER claiming your business on YELP is NOT good for your business and here is why.

Last year I had NO reviews on yelp. Most of my customers prefer to leave reviews on Google. I did have one customer that was not happy. Due to no fault of my own. He left a FAKE review of my service on YELP. I contacted yelp and of course yelp said there was nothing they could do the FIRST time I contacted them. Since then the same customer has left 2 other reviews that you can tell by its content is OBVIOUSLY the same person using a different alias. The 2 other reviews are not even NAMES of ANY clients I have helped in the past or have currently.

To try and offset the bad reviews. i asked SEVERAL of my clients who are ESTABLISHED yelpers..meaning they have had accounts with yelp for a long period of time and have left many reviews, if they would leave one on YELP instead of GOOGLE. I did not follow up on it intially UNTIL one of clients contacted me saying they didn't understand what was going on with YELP because EVERY TIME they left a review for me WITHIN days the review was REMOVED. I asked them if this had happened before. the client said no. I then followed up with the other 2 clients. I asked them if they had left reviews. They said yes and YELP had removed their GOOD reviews.

I then contacted YELP on their website where it stated if you were a business with a issue this was the contact information to use. I explained to the customer service agent who answered the phone what the issue was and received a VERY shocking answer. THE YELP CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT STATED": "For a FEE of $1500 DOLLARS we can remove the bad ratings!"

I could not believe that I was being BRIBED BY YELP to have bad fake reviews removed. When I said to the agent you do realize that you are blackmailing me to take off the ratings. The agent stated "SIR I do this all day long. It is the policy of YELP that we charge to remove the bad ratings AND I can tell you now that NO MATTER how many people try to leave a GOOD rating on your business...YELP will remove them! THE ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF THEM IS TO PAY US"

The conversation with the YELP customer service was on speaker phone so it just wasn't myself who heard was also my staff in the office as well.

I was shocked! SO I would like to WARN other businesss to STAY AWAY FROM YELP. YELP.COM is a rip off! DO NOT CLAIM OR POST YOUR BUSINESS ON YELP.COM IF you do a search of businesses that have had this problem on the internet you will FIND TONS of companies who are complaining about the same issue with YELP.


  • Jan 16, 2018

I discovered that YELP is shadow banning mine ond other peoples review. usually conservatives. My reviews are visible when I login in , but do not show up when everyone else logins in. Yelp reviews are fraudulent. they pick and choose which ones to post and which ones are shadow banned.

  • Jan 11, 2018

Signed up for ad with 20 miles of service area. Charged max each moth for clicks outside the 20 mile radius. Allways received same answer from suppor "you don't understand how it works"

Almost $1200 and not one click with in the 20 mile radius

  • Jan 9, 2018

Yelp hid 12 four and 5 star reviews, they told me there "super software" elimantes unwanted reviews, what it did was eliminate FREEDOM OF SPEECH from people that had great or bad experences at our hobby store Shadow Hobbies below is just one review they hid. Some snot nosed kid tryed to say it was good not to post the reviews. Stay away from YELP its a waste of money

  • Dec 7, 2017

Yelp took off all my reviews except the bad ones and only had 2 bad ones they took off 10 good ones because in did not pay them to advertise

  • Nov 8, 2017

My experience was totally bad.

I did not receive any return on investment after months of billing!

After contacting them to attempt to cancel immediately, they would not allow me to cancel immediately. Sarah-Jo Adamson, the Account Executive, who had been so persistent in the beginning, would not even entertain my early cancellation. I ended up speaking to Michael Hicks who refused to make any compromises with me to satisfy me.

I was billed twice after I notified them I wanted to cancel.

I would not recommend anyone taking the risk with a Yelp campaign! It cost me considerably and I terribly regret signing up with them!

I would advise most businesses not to do it! Save your hard earned money!

  • Sep 27, 2017

Ever since i claimed my business name on yelp they kept calling me to advertize with them and due to my business budgeting i decided not to advertize with them which was very expensive ,we sell about 2000 cars annualy and often some customers they leave us possitive and sometimes negative reviews which is understanble and despite all our effors sometimes we have a few unhappy customers like all other businesses.

What yelp is doing to us since we are not advertizing with them, any person places a possitive review gets taken down after couple hours and if there is any negative review sticks to the report, our internet team files a report with yelp to remove the fake review down and while they say they are reviewing the content and will get back to us which is about three or four days, the review is still on line and continues hurting our reputation and making us loose business, after few days they email and say they are keeping the review.

i am looking to find a great attorney to challenge yelp and i am asking bunch of business owners to split the costs and file a lawsuit against yelp.

  • Sep 23, 2017

Yelp has been surpressing good reviews from our profile on yelp and posting bad reviews. Yelp is depriving our business, Factory Direct, Indianapolis, IN from positive reviews being shown to the general public. The motivation is from Yelp make a profit, and they have been asking Factory Direct to pay them money to advertise and show our good reviews.

We have tried calling yelp and trying to contact CEO: Jeremy Stoppelman, CFO: Charles C. Baker, COO: Joseph R. Nachman with no answer. We have also received reviews that have been placed on Yelp that are not true. Yelp has also placed reviews on our business that were not recommended and now 2 years later they are listed as recommended.

We wishes to have our company Factory Direct, removed from Yelp's listing pages and website. If our listing is not removed, we will consider a law suite against Yelp, Inc.

140 New Montgomery Street 9th Floor San Francisco, California 94105.

Thank you for the opportunity and we hope that potential customers view our ratings from reputable sources such as the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, Google and Yellow Pages.

Thank you,

Factory Direct

  • Aug 22, 2017

On 7/18/2017 Yelp allowed a completely false and fraudulent posting to be posted online on their Yelp site.

This incident never occurred. This person (Doris H.) from San Carlos CA never received any services from us, whatsoever. She has never even received an estimate from us. As a matter of fact, this Doris H. has never stepped foot in our establishement, yet Yelp allowed her to call Mike the owner an a*****e, inconsiderate, a narcissistic and a sociopath.

After researching Yelp's posting policies this posting violates so many of Yelp's policies that can be found under: When should I report a review" yet Yelp allowed this person to post this slanderous and defamatory review that never occurred without ever calling us to see if this were even true or not before posting it. We know that they have our number because they call constantly trying to get us to join their rediculious service.

Yelp needs to screen their reviews more carefully. They are slandering a 43 year old business that to date has never had complaint one lodged against it and they did zero fact checking.

When I called Yelp in order to have this fraudulent posting removed they told me that it was a process, that we the victims, would have to go through before they will even consider it.

Yelp sited numerous steps we would have to take in order to even try to get this removed. We are the victims and Yelp is forcing us to take time off of work in order to remove something so fraudulent and false.

Yelp allowed a fraudulent and egregious posting to be placed online defaming our businessl, calling the owner a sociopath and an a*****e without ever having service one done to any of her vehicles, not even an estimate.

Sadly, this review was brought to our attention Saturday 8/19/2017 by a customer who was recommending a friend to the shop and he noticed it and contacted us immediately. This is the reason that it took us a month to find this.

This person is not a customer and has never been. Yelp should be held accountable for allowing some deranged person that has never received any services from us to post such untruthful and unsubstianted garbage. They allowed this deranged person to post slanderous lies against the shop and the owner without ever verifying this or even noticing us in order to get the shop's input.

  • Aug 10, 2017

I signed up with Yelp, to "Claim My Business." Thought it would be a good idea, to try and, in part, help bring interest to my business, locally.

There was also a FREE $300 credit, to help promote my business. Cool. I figured that would help generate interest in my new business.

Some months later, not only did it not generate any new business or leads, I'm getting BILLED for $200! No prior notice that my $300 credit was used, and that I would be billed, just bam! Hit with about $200 bill! And for a small start up, $200 is a lot!

I contacted them, to have it canceled, and they INSISTED that they get to keep their money, due to their BFS TOS, but admitted that they didn't send out any notice that the FREE trial would end, and that I'd be billed. This was last month!

This month, after sending them a full capped and bolded email to cancel, they are STILL insisting that I need to pay them almost another $100, after I canceled, saying it's pro-rated! If I got no notice prior to suddenly having almost $200 taken out of my Pay Pal account, I would not have known that this was ongoing! I am NOT paying this additional EXTORITION money, when I was never even informed the FREE TRIAL ended!


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