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Yelp Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 140 New Montgomery St.

Yelp Inc. Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2017

Yelp promised our business RESULTS with harassing phone calls over months. Finally we gave in and tried it out! Over five or six months we got ZERO from them in business, but they got over 600 dollars from us!!!

It is impossible to stop them, month after month, from charging their monthly fraud fee from our business acct!!!....And worse, there is no way to remove your card from their platform. DO NOT USE YELP!!! It is a scam. They even have a "revenue generator" graph, implying that (x) dollars are going to roll into your company. I discovered today the owner is a drug addict!!!!... I just want them to stop charging. On June 26th, five days before the scheduled payment I wrote them the only way you can, thru their customer support, notifying them they were no longer authorized from that moment forward, to take one more nickel red cent from our biz account.... I warned them what I would do if they did..... Well they did today, another 65 bucks!!!!! I AM DONE!!!!! I will sue them in small claims court....for the whole six hundred plus punitive for the grief I will now go thru cancelling all our Biz cards that we use for many legitimate businesses and will now have to reset all those accts. Its the only way at our bank to get this fraud scheme to stop!!!!!!!

What a scam!!!!!!

  • Jun 16, 2017

Yelp is after your money. They keep what they want in business reviews and delete what seems to them not legit. They state that they have a software that filter automatically all reviews. What you see is that you post something, stays there a couple of days before getting purged or kept.

An internal leak from a previous employee says, many times they flag a business for any potential good review where the set the filter very high on compromising the good reports but not the deceptive ones.

You spend thousands of dollars in advertising, in return you do not get much benefits. They try to hook the public to their site by any mean so they can control business advertising.

Our service business spent over $5000 on yearly advertising with yelp, when we decide to redirect the fund to another channels, our business boomed.

  • Jun 6, 2017

I am a small business owner in Dover, Florida, we have been in business for over 20 years. We at Budy's Roofing have been corresponding and calling YELP since August, 2016 to speak with the representaives and proper department regarding the negative review on YELP and addressing them placing our good reviews at the bottom and stating NOT RECOMMENDED. We have followed all of their advice: respond to the review, e-mail feedback HQ, call customer service (which we have done several times) and offer too show them proof that this is a false report and that we have never had a contract or done work for this person.

The most shocking thing about this is that while time they have sales representatives calling me to advertise; each time I express that we do not appreciate their extorsion tactics to get us to advertise! and each time that blame it on the computer and assure us this is not true. For a year now they have called me repeatedly and everytime I mention that they are allowing false reviews and suppressing good reviews as NOT RECOMMENDED they deny it and ask again.

I had a customer actually call me and complain because they took the time to submit a good review and when they realized they were not recommended they were inferiated. I told him to file a complaint against YELP since we have had no luck getting answers. I recently found that they have nearly 3000 complaints filed with the FTC 1466 filed with the BBB.

Thhis is a horrible Company and I am very concerned when a Company like this is allowed to continue to be in Business and thrive by harming the creditbility of others.

  • May 18, 2017

Never do business with Yelp on any level. They will take your credit card, and charge you every month forever without ever telling you about it.

I've never seen another company operate this way. They literally have no billing statements as a matter of policy. You'll need to log in and navigate your way to some billing page to find out how much they are taking.

Oh, and for all the money they fleeced us for, we got no value whatsoever in return. So yeah. It's Yelp.

  • Apr 27, 2017

Yelp Is the lowest form of advertising on the internet today the


  • Apr 17, 2017

Yelp as a company is what's wrong with our beautiful country. Companys like yelp are constantly and relentlessly calling and harrassing new business owners to advertise on their behalf so they can turn your dream into being able to provide for your family into their personal piggy bank. To make a long story short yelp aggressively called me at least 5 times a week for 6months promising to advertise on my behalf which can result in me getting a lot of actual paying customers showing up to the doors of my business But instead after 15days of advertisement i recieved a bill from yelp stating i owed them $1200 based on clicks to my business ad even though i was told i was going to be billed in 30days and that i it would not exceed more than $200 a month. Mind you i made it very clear to them that i did not want to sign anything that will turn me into their personal slave and i ony made nearly $200 through thier ad. Within the 15days. I have called up there to complain but the managers were very hostile and combative although they were courteous and professional during the 6months of pursuing my business. Please do not allow or even give this company a chance to kill your American Dream. Yelp Business is a Bad Business filled with lazy people do not give them your bank information they will turn your bank account into their own personal piggy bank. Google has been more than fair to my business.

  • Feb 7, 2017

I believe that I have been scammed by Yelp. I spoke with Yelp agent Eric Vidal last November 2016 and I signed up for a 30 day trial at Yelp for them to advertise my company's services. Eric Vidal proceeded to give me a high pressure sales pitch which I resisted and I only would consent to a 30 day free trial with one special condition.

Special Condition:I was assured by the Yelp representative Eric Vidal that I would NOT be charged any fees unless I wanted to continue after the free 30 day trial. I specifically requested Eric Vidal to call me before the 30 day trial had ended and ask me if I wanted to continue. Eric Vidal stated he would and that he would make sure that I was not charged anything unless I wanted to move forward with services.

That phone call never happened! I was not called back by Mr. Vidal and this weekend I was charged $300 by Yelp. I had assumed that my advertising campaign had ended because I never received a call back from Yelp agent Eric Vidal. That was my big mistake!!

Today, I called Yelp customer service phone number and gave the above details to Rachel in the Yelp finance department. I explained that I had never authorized any funds to be charged to my card. I asked for a refund.

Rachel was not sympathetic at all and basically told me I am out the $300 and that there is nothing that I can do about it. I probably would have let the whole thing drop but Rachel's cold hard attitude and unfriendly demeanor pushed me to take action. I was very upset and told Rachel that if she did not do anything to help me in this case that I was going to file a case with the Better Business Bureau, FTC and rip off report. Rachel's attitude was basicially "go ahead sir". Then she hung up on me.

I tried once more to call Yelp and work out this problem. This time I spoke with Kristin. She was much nicer and she said that the sales person should not have promised to call me back before the 30 day free trial ended. But Kristin (Cristin?) also did not offer any refund of charges.

I have never dealt with a more unscrupulous and sneaky and deceptive company in my life.

Also, please let it be known that I did not receive even 1 phone call and I did not receive even 1 new client from Yelp and I was billed a total of $394. Yelp whole purpose and existence is to bring you more business, more clients, more money to your service or company. Yelp did not deliver even one client to me. Shame on Yelp! I read some of the other rip off reports in here where some folks lost thousands of dollars. I feel very sorry for those folks. l only lost hundreds of dollars. I plan to follow up with my bank regarding Yelp.

I hope this rip off report will save someone the grief and pain and financial loss that I suffered at the hands of the Yelp. I believe I have been scammed by Yelp.

  • Feb 6, 2017

Thgis company is a rip off. They contact you with a $1200 off on their awesome internet promotion. Then once they rope you in to a contract charge you for "hits", none of which in my case ever led to one phone call on contact. After over $4000 in charges and much complaining they finally got out of their contract. Do not belielve them,. They are liars and their product is bogus.

  • Aug 27, 2016

Yelp inc should be named fraud inc, i am disspointed to report that yelp inc has charged my companies credit account with a fradualent unauthorized amount of $3,000. Originally the agreement that i had with yelp was for $700, not 3,000. I was promised to have my company featured on the first pages of yelp not the seventh page. I am completely disgusted with yelp for its false promises and unethical business practices. Nonetheless, i will be filing a lawsuit against yelp for fradulent charges on my credit card that i did not authorized. Furthermore, i will not be utilizing yelp in the future.

  • Aug 20, 2016

I hired Yelp to advertise my company J & B Hauling. I've gotten 5 great reviews 1 bad review. Yelp has intentionally put good reviews under not recommended essentially hiding them and leaving up the only bad review making us a 1 star company. Yelp also has put my company at like number 17 and,20 on the list even though I pay them to advertise for J & B Hauling. In most cases even putting us under concrete cleaners etc when we do junk removal Hauling and heavy dirt rock concrete removal unacceptable Bottom line yelp is costing me huge sums of money and jobs as of today 8-19-2017 activity shows 73 views 7 leads, bad number for someone your paying to supposedly advertise for you and get you work. Yelp displays my company as a 1 star business.. J&B Hauling has had over 105 excellent reviews on Angier List as well as an A+ BBB rating due to our excellent customer service and our willingness to help our customers save money with their haul offs.

This looks fishy on yelps part our pricing cannot be even close o being matched.2 weeks ago we did a job for 175. that our competitor bid for 500. We are most likely the fairest most honest company in Las Vegas we strive for excellent customer satisfaction and happiness as well as saving our customers money

  • Jul 21, 2016

Ok I got duped in to this.. Not proud about it. But I want to save all of my fellow business owners the trouble. I did the advertising though the year contract and I can say that the impact was very minimal. As in not at all. I guess I'm writing this because I need to vent... After the year contract I said to my self, well that wasn't worth it I'm going to cancel. Come to find out there is a 30 day cancelation period. That means no matter what they'll get another full payment out of you and then the base fee and prorated costs for the next month. Basically it's going to be the same cost as the early termination fee. I should have canceled months ago!! Bottom line it's not worth it and if you have already signed up just pay the early termination fee a just do good business and your Yelp profile will be great.

  • Jul 19, 2016

Yelp contacted and solicited advertising with them, stating that they would direct potential customers who were searching on yelp for luxury travel services to call our business phone or direct them to click on our website link on Yelp. The saleperson was very convincing that these customers were far more likly to purchase travel because they used Yelp to vet our business. The representive explained the cost per call and click through and extimated ampoximately $50 a month in chagres would be expected.

The following month we got charged over $700.00 for phone calls they said they transfered to our company. Our company uses a ShoreTel phone system records every call,incoming and outgoing permently and there was zero calls from Yelp. Furthermore, our receptionist asks every person that calls our business how they found us, for business purposes. We only have three phone receptionists and they are very good at what they do and none of them ever received a call from any person that found us on Yelp.

I called and discussed this with the rep and canceled our ad, but still got charged and additional $1,035.00.

We then contacted American Express to stop any further charges and asked them to refute the charges. We provided concrete proop of the ripoff by send our Shoretel report, and Google Anylitic's.

American Express refuted the charges for us, but Yelp sent the contract we signed and a list of call that we suppossedly forwarded to our company to them and then American Experss let their charge go through. We repeated this process two times, and each time Yelp sent the same information back to American Express.

My conclusion is that American Express believes Yelp, even though we have rock solid proop we did not get the calls or clicks we were charged for.

Be warned, Yelp is a scam of the worse kind, supposedly a compny that should help consumers, but is an outragious fraud.

  • Jul 16, 2016

MooDo Not, just as others have said, Advertise with Yelp! They say anything to get you to sign up then you never get any response! They also block you from making changes to your own free listing on Yelp! They charged my account without my permission after they assured me multiple times that they would not! I have received numerous calls from sales people who mentioned they saw I was advertising on Yelp and wanted to see if I would try advertising with their company, or use their company for SEO.. this proves that Yelp doesn’t monitor clicks and make certain I only pay for people searching for and interested in using my service as they claimed! !! Total b/s company! I never got to approve my ad before they published it they have random pictures on it instead of my logo they never sent me a bill to pay within 30 days, charged my bank day 1! listed me in areas that my company does not service was told I could receive help with account (sales person) lie! I get no response or answer! (all things they lied about) (too many to list!) I finally spoke with a manager (only after I said I wanted to cancel), he said “absolutely, we will get these changes made to your account” (5 things that were wrong, including my service area) “we want you to be happy with the service you are receiving. ” which point I asked him what changes would he be making (before getting off the phone, wanted to make sure he understood) He couldn’t name ONE SINGLE Thing we had discussed! he wasn’t even listening! I thought I had heard him talking in the background (why I asked him to repeat items back to me) RUN! this guy is the ” Stupid Visor ” he’s the guy training these Scam Artist Demons! DO NOT Advertise with this shady company! They charged me $375 and I only received 16 sales calls about my website, not one call from one potential customer! also competitors are not monitored and are probably clicking your ad! I have now have had all of my five star reviews removed THANKS YELP!

  • May 21, 2016

This company purports to help small businesses, but they really make business MUCH WORSE. Their sales staff are BS artists who promise the world but really just lie. They block positive reviews about your business but post lots of bad ones, which are suspect at best.

Question: why would anyone with a brain pay lots of money for advertising to a company that is going to screw you with bad reviews? That would be insanity. Everyone needs to band together and tell these extortionists to go to hell.

  • Apr 25, 2016

Amazing and shocking Yelp is committing extortion I agree with this post they are purposely deleting positive reviews of businesses that DO NOT PAY. There is a restaurant in my home town that is local and everyone loves it, I won't say the name. I checked them out on Yelp just to verify if all this was true, sure enough their rating is low and in my opinion it is because they don't pay Yelp money.

Here's the giveaways: the negative reviews are all EXTREMELY negative like 1 or 2 stars from bitter crazy people who just want to complain in many cases about something profoundly f**cking stupid. "The food was nasty with greasy gravy" "the waitress gave me attitude" "they made me late to my appointment" (this is why South Park makes fun of you Yelpers lol how is YOU running late the RESTAURANT'S FAULT!!). This is a well-loved restaurant that all the locals attend regularly and I know for a fact that some of them positively review it so you can't tell me that Yelp isn't hand picking these complaints.

Next giveaway: the positive reviews were literally almost all 5 star reviews, like literally 97% of them. But the thing is that there was sooooo few. It's as if Yelp took dozens and dozens of 5 star reviews and straight up DELETED them, then posted all the reviews from the big baby customers who had something, ANYTHING, negative to say. Of course I have no proof of any of this but it just doesn't add up in my mind this is one of the best mom and pop restaurants around and their Yelp rating stinks but I know they don't advertise, so they probably turned down Yelp when asked to list with them. MAKES PERFECT SENSE YELP IS A SCAM!!

  • Mar 14, 2016

My girlfriend and I left very appropriate, but unfavorable ads, for The Pacific at Mission Bay (a Pacific Living Properties property). Within two days those ads were removed from Yelp. This was coincidentally immediatly after I discussed the Yelp ad with the property management. In spite of the fact that my review exposed truths about this property which PLP would gladly pay to have burried, Yelp proudly advertizes that "There’s no amount of money a business can pay to manipulate their reviews or rating and Yelp doesn’t skew things in favor of advertisers or against businesses that don’t". I have every confidence that this is exactly what happened and I strongly suspect that this is not the first time for this property. The yelp ads for The Pacific at Mission Bay posted after 2/16/2016 have all suspiciously been expunged - they were all critical of The Pacific at Mission Bay.

  • Sep 19, 2015

We have a bad review that Yelp continues to leave up even though it is in violation of their policies. This person used quite a bit of foul language which Yelp claims in its guide lines as not acceptable, so why are they not removing it.

We have also noticedd the same tactics as everyone else that they leave bad reviews but either won't post the good reviews or they take down the good reviews shortly after they are posted so the bad ones constantly go to the top.

  • Aug 28, 2015

YELP removes good reviews unless you advertise with them.

I Contacted “YELP “to discuss a fake bad review about my company “FYI” The only way to get a live person is calling their advertising department. “They do not respond back any other way”.

Anyway I have one negative review about my company put on line by a non-existing customer most likely a competitor, I tried to get a number to YELP customer service the only number and only get an answer machine to leave a message and a rep will get back. “NEVER HAPPENS” So I called their Sales department number, a rep was available right away. I asked why you can’t get through to customer service, he ask why so I told him about the negative review posted and I questioned why 4 good reviews were not posted, and only the bad fake review was. I was given a lame answer about algorithms and was told to flag the review and that it would be reviewed by YELP and they would Email me back to with a decision. He then tried to then sell me advertisement, I told him to call me back a week later. BTW no response from their customer service at all.

He called me back a week later, I told him I got no response and I again Questioned why 4 good reviews were dropped, again was given the same lame answer and state don’t worry about bad reviews no one pays attention to them anyway and proceeded to try and get me to advertise with them again, he emailed me some information and still pushed the advertisement, I told him it seemed a little suspicious they filtered out 4 good reviews and allows a fake one to stay?

He stated this was not the case, but after doing extensive research on line, I came up with numerous other Companies stating the same issue, Even the BBB has YELP down as a non-accredited company and the reviews all state the same issue. If you advertise with them the Good reviews are posted, if you don’t or stop advertising with them the God reviews are dropped, yet the bad ones stay.

Scary how a major search engine is allowed to operate in this manor



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