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Spectrum Reviews

  • Mar 21, 2022

First off they suck you into a cheap deal then year after year they continue to add another 10 bucks to your bill...instead of giving loyal customers who have been with them and paid them i better deal they commit extorsion. On top of this Spectrum wouldnt refund or credit money they owed me for misleading services.. redirected me to 6 different workers to finally tell me I can not get my money back for services I was promised and never received.

They charge you 20 extra bucks a month to supposedly get much higher speed up to 400mbps instead I had no change. It stayed at 200 for 2 months 205 at the highest never nay higher. The internet waway..they do it because for some of us there was no other option they take advantage of it. Who ever owns this business is a greedy scum bag. Extorsion is sneaky.

Do not support this business if you can control it and if you have to have it get the lowest rate because it makes no difference your getting ripped off. Any business that continues to increase your price year after year and not what you agreed to even if there is vague information in the fine printof promotional discount they will charge you whenever they want how much they want. Its a scam.

Big con dishonest company. Ignorance!s just as slow exactly the same and I asked to cancel and get my money back and they were incompetent and rude. There job is to provide honest services and not rip people off. There job is to keep customers not lose them for something that was their fault and inaccurate.

All they had to do was respectfully credit the money I spent for a service I did not receive instead they chose to be ignorant and unprofessional. I guess they do not care about keeping customers/ Big con company that has no respect and intelligence. They will lose many customers very soon.

  • Dec 21, 2021 reviews

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  • Nov 22, 2021

I was Not aware of that Spectrum lost a lawsuit and was found guilty. Spectrum is ripping off Millions of good hard working americans. wake up America USA is heading to self destruction. Charter Spectrum to pay record $174 million fine and give huge refunds to New York customers as Prince I have learned most companyies In USA are all ripoff artist. its so sad all they think about money . what do the do with all there Profit that they have ripp of dont want to know because you will not believe .

Even your own Bible tells us America is doomed . Job 9:24 The earth is given into the hand of the wicked: he covereth the faces of the judges thereof; if not, where, and who is he? Obadiah 1:4 Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, (They eagle is USA )and though thou set thy nest among the stars,(NSA) thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD. America Is the wicked one who has mudered millions of immocent,People in other countryies how sad

  • Oct 4, 2021

I had switched my cell phone carrier from Spectrum to Verizon on September 23. Despite this, I received a bill for a full month's service ($90/line) through October 15! When I called to complain that I should be biled a partial month, I was told that Spectrum bills ahead for the full month! I will try to dispute this with my credit card company, but I doubt I will prevail. Glad to be rid of Spectrum!

  • Sep 6, 2021

This company advertises that they are the best phone company. What they do not tell you is that if the local authorities want your WiFi codes or tap into your phone Spectrum will allow them to do what ever they want. For example The only people who know your WiFi codes is you and your provider.In my case that would be Spectrum. On August 26th 2021. I had a break in .Criminal mischief was done to my house.

I found out that the WiFi was out and there was a gap in the camera feed. From 12:30pm until 4:30 Pm .Some one with knowledge of the codes had to shut that down. Spectrum not only allows the Sheriff to tap my phones but they also gave the Sheriff officials my WiFi codes. They are also allowing the Dirty official to cyberstalk me. When I try to file an online complaint to the State Attorney ,right in front of the submit box was a bunch of numbers and letters blocking the submit box.

Obviously done by the Sheriff officials. Why block it if you are niot doing anything wrong? I had an appointment with ADT for the tech to put my siren back on .Someone called the branch manager to cancel my appiontment . Probably the dirty officials. My question is How did the dirty sheriff official know that I had an appointment with the tech if I made it by phone? They will have to answer that to the Judge.

  • Aug 22, 2021

My wife and I were offered (by a sales person that came to our home) a FREE 30 day trial by Spectrum for their NEW Apple TV device(s) for our TV and Internet needs. We will call this person "Tom". Tom, told us, that if we wnt with this deal, they were offering, it included a FREE 30 day trial with NO COST to us. My wife and I accepted the deal, and he started to hook up the Apple TV Device to our TV.

This man was very nice and did his best to get it done for us, but it took HOURS (well into the night) to get their main office to get their act together to get it all done for us. After he was done, we started using the sevice. Within a couple of days, the wife and I changed our minds and returned ALL of the electronics back to our nearest Spectrum location.

We got ALL the return receipts from that location, went the UPS office (just 2 doors down from them) and sent it all back to Spectrum (got UPS's) receiptss well and went home. The next month, we received a BILL from Spectrum for $300.00 for a months worth of service AND 2 apple devices (Receivers.) We called them, explained what happened AND that we had all the receipts from them to prove the return for the 30 DAY FREE TRIAL OFFER.

They told us to come to the office and show them the receipts and the bill would be cleared up. We did just that. They thanked us, apologized for the confusion and then said we were good to go. NOT SO!! 2 weeks later we received another bill bit this time with a LATE PAYMENT added to the total.

NOW, I AM MAD. The wife and I called every number they gave us to clear it up, nothing worked, still received bills with even MORE late fee charges. We THEN found out that they had sent it to a collections agency for deinquency of payment. NOW, it has been added to my credit score AND they told me that the Apple receiver that Tom opened to get the TV service could NOT be returned because once opened Apple will NOT refund it. (Tom NEVER told us this.)

We called Tom, spoke to HIS manager AND have went through lengthy phone calls looking to clear this up and even sent the receipts TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY VIA EMAIL and STILL we have this problem and receiving letters to pay the collections bill.

  • Sep 22, 2020

In Upstate New York, Spectrum (formerly Time Warner Cable) has a monopoly on cable internet. This is one of the worst companies in America. They have an F on the Better Business Bureau and have gotten fined hundreds of millions of dollars by New York for continually breaking their promises.

Recently, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, I upgraded to 1 gbps internet with Spectrum, as I have literally no alternatives in my area and need the service for work.

Spectrum already charges double for this service over market rate ($160 / month, opposed to a market rate of about $80 / month).

In addition, they have a $199 "installation fee" for this service. When I called, they told me that they would have to make upgrades to the cable running from the telephone poll to my house to accomodate the service.

When the technician actually came, however, he looked at my modem (which I own myself), and confirmed it could handle 1 gbps internet. I asked him if he would indicate no installation actually took place, and he said he would.

Despite this, Spectrum refuses to remove the fee. They also refuse to even describe what the fee entails. On the phone, they merely repeat "the charge is justified" over and over and over again.

So they charge customers nearly 200 dollars to "install" a service that is already double the cost of the market rate of said service, and then do nothing to install the service or even describe to customers why the service exists in the first place.

This is truly the worst company in America, and it earns its reputation each and every day.

I would encourage everyone to call their cities and Spectrum competitors to request their services in their area, so that people who have no alternative can finally get rid of this atrocious, toxic burden to our communities.

  • Aug 11, 2020

I've only had the service for a couple months now, but I've had several issues with the phone. Every time I call to speak to someone I have to wait between 19 and 24 minutes, the recorded hold time tells me. The person I speak with can't help me with my problem. They can barely speak clearly, or enunciate in a way you can understand them. You cannot go into a spectrum store to have the problem addressed. The spectrum stores are only for Internet and cable TV issues.

The sales pitch is unlimited data, which turns out to be 20 gigs of high speed data, and then the claim is that the speed is reduced. The reduce speed is unusable, you can't bring up websites it is incredibly slow. It was my mistake for not doing the research about this company in advance. There are much better service providers out there. The costs are comparable but the speed and customer service is far better than what you'll receive from Spectrum.

  • Jul 25, 2020

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  • Feb 25, 2020

HORRIBLE COMPANY!!! They have been charging my business for "Business Wifi" for almost 7 years!! We had no idea there was even a Spectrum wifi router in our building. They decided to increase the cost of their wifi on our last bill and when we noticed what the increase was for, I called them to have it removed from our account.

I was then told by a supervisor that we couldn't receive even ONE months credit for a service we have NEVER used and didn't even sign up for!! When you're a monopoly, you could care less about customer service or satisfaction. If I treated my clients like this, I would go out of business!! Great job Spectrum, hope you go bankrupt!

  • Jan 23, 2020

I just reviewed my credit report today intending on trying to clean up and raise my credit score. When I see a derogatory mark from 11 Charter Communications/Spectrum TV from 2017. I've lived at my current residence since 2015 and the bill for cable/direct tv has only been in my name since 2018.

So, it couldn't possibly be owed by me. Cable and all of these services are such a total rip off where they give you discounts to join, then the fee escalates greatly over time & services are interupted by the "unknown". If you try to call customer service plan on spending hours on the phone being transferred and repeatedly providing the current situation with people outside of the country with heavy accents.

  • Nov 22, 2019

You do not want to get involved with this company. You cannot get away from this company when you want to. Spectrum took over Time Warner and then methodically began raising pricing. The worst part is that when you had enough and want to get out, it becomes an extremely difficult and expensive task.

All customer service people have a script they use to keep you from changing or if that does not work then you continue to receive invoices for services you cancelled. Spectrum will continue to bill you for their sevices until you return their equipment. They will charge you for your total services even though the rent for the equipment may only be $10 per month. They will not tell you this.

The worst part of Spectrum is that new customers can get much, much lower rates than longstanding customers. That's right, if you have been with Spectrum for a long time, you are paying more than new customers, and I am talking a lot more.

The final 2x4 up your rectum is you can't get a hold of them. It took me hours on hold to reach a customer service rep and then after finally getting thru, the rep transferred me to another department where I was put on hold for another 30 minutes. The ultimate insult, I lost connection and had to start over!!


  • Nov 11, 2019

I have been living in Maine for about 9 years. When i first moved here i requested Spectrum ( I think they where Time Warner at the time) to install service for internet and TV. I was told it was not available in my area despite my being inundated with flyers almost daily.

I have tried on a regular basis to get service and am told the same thing every time, "no service available in your area but don't give up it will be available soon". About 6 months ago Spectrum finally agreed to do a site survey which really got my hopes up.

A few days after the survey i was told they would install the services i required at a cost of some $16.000.00 yes you read that correctly sixteen thousand dollars. My reply was i just want internet and TV, i don't want to buy the company! Guess it's their way of telling me to stop bothering them ?

  • Oct 17, 2019

On 10/12/19 I called Spectrum to cancel my internet service because I have had at least 9 outages (lasting between 2-6 hours each) and was told the will not prorate the bill and I will be billed though 11/4/19. I work from home and these consistent outages make it difficult to perform my work duties. For most of the 9 outages I have called them to report as such.

They usually set up and appointment to have a tech come out but most times shortly after the appointment is scheduled I get a call from dispatch telling me they are aware of it and there is no need for an appointment (and so they cancel it). It on one occasion actually make it out here and he ran new cable from the home to their box but sadly it did not resolve the outage).

Since, as mentioned, I do work from home I cannot have any gaps in service, so I have WOW! Internet come out on 10/11/19 and install their service. They are refusing to prorate my final bill even though I am only leaving due to THEIR constant outages.

  • Oct 10, 2019

Scummy company. I had a 12 month contract which I completed. I ended my service due to excessively high bill increases. My monthly billing cycle started on the 21st, I canceled on the 23rd and they're charging me the entire month. Refusing to prorate that month's bill.

No other company has ever done this to me. Incredible.

  • Oct 6, 2019

Been part of Spectrum for a while, however about February of this year I noticed that I was being charged for an Adult Movie package at 29.99 a month. I called and was told that it was ordered through the house, but I have everything locked with a Pin that I only know. And I have had this blocked since before it was Spectrum.

I am 78 years old, Porn is not something I watch. My visiting Nurse saw this on the bill which made her laugh They could not link it to any of the boxes I have in the house, and the family that watches TV are all elderly and do not watch porn.

I was given a refund on a "mastercard" of 96.29, which is amost 150 less then I was charged. This makes no sense, they cannot tell me when or how it was authorized. I have the boxes locked with a pin to purchase anything. They cannot trace it to any box, so how do they know if I asked for this.

They cannot even tell me if the channel was accessed. Again I have been a loyal customer for years, and only want money back for something that I did not authorize or allow, and something I would never have requested.

This is not the first time that I have had this happen, and in the past, Sprectrum/time warner has always taken care of me. I just want this returned since there is no pinpoint that this was me but this was not authorized.

  • Oct 4, 2019

I cancelled the internet service, returned the equipment, and then tried to cancel the auto pay, but my account had been made inactive and I could not cancel the auto pay. I called and talked to a person and told them numerous times to not deduct anything automatically and to cancel the auto pay. I asked to have my account re-activated so that I could make sure the auto pay was cancelled, but they said they could not do that.

They went ahead and deduted the auto pay amount that I specifically told them not to deduct, because my service had been cancelled. They refused to do anything about it, and they may still deduct the auto pay next month even though I don't have service. I can't stop them, because I have no access to my account to stop the auto pay.

  • Sep 17, 2019

I singed on with them last July2019 and haven’t been paid for anything. It’s now September 18th. I was told they don’t have the money and they are working on it. Was also told a check was mailed out last week. Haven’t received it yet...they blamed it on the post off.

I never would have signed on if it would take this long to be paid. They put me in financial hardship because I had to cover all expenses, pay workers and personal bill over this period. Was expecting to be paid 30 days from the time work was submitted. I’m another victim. If they end up Paying I will update this

  • Sep 6, 2019

The condo I live in as of July 1, 2019 has a service agreement with Spectrum for a bronze service.

I paid for the month of July and didn't have too. When I went to their (spectrum)place it was confirmed by 2 employees that yes I did not need to pay the bill. I was told to call a number, given a card and sent out the door. I called and the rep took all my information. Confirmed again it was July 1. Gave me a ticket number and told me that I would get my refund 7 to 10 business days later.

After business day 11 I called and spoke with a rep. He said he didn't need the ticket number. He reported that I was misinformed and that I was not entitled to any refund. He insisted that they did not start services until Aug 1. I told him that was not true and after a while asked for a supervisor. A woman who identified herself as the supervisor told me the same load of crap.

I confirmed with the HOA that it was July and they owe me my 84.00 back

  • Aug 22, 2019

I purchased internet services from Spectrum since current provider doubled their charge. That was Feb.25th. I specifically asked if they had the proper line connections in my neighborhood so I could self install and save the service fee. Lie or lack of training, I don't know but I had to now pay for installation because they did not have the proper exchange relays. Took a week to get them out. 1 day after install doesn't work. Have had out 4 technicians and a line burial crew, that had to be time off work to meet with them.

The third technician spent at least 10 minutes patting himself on the back as he was the"fixer" when other techs fell short. Yeah, next day same issue. So I decide to learn more about what they connect and I found the problem....Water in the line.... I diagnose it for them.

Of course the last tech on checks the line to the ground connector from the pole, which actually spit out water, but not the line the 2nd tech installed.

I have tried to get customer service and have spent over 3 hours on the phone, spoken with 12 indivividuals and still I am waiting. The 11th rep, an escalation specialist in customer service, actually laughed when I told him about this and responded that I might have to take more time off since they were so busy with new customers and back to school and I had to wait for Saturday and then only under a "all day window" meaning I have to be ready all day or wait until the following week. This is rediculous and everyone needs to avoid this company. The very second my contract is up, I will cancell this and continue to advise others to avoid.

Out well over a grand in time taken to let them be incompetent. If others are getting rteated like this, I smell class action. If so, hit me up, I have every outage and every service called logged for deposition.

  • Jul 29, 2019

I bought Spectrum's MLB package to watch the Houston Astros in San Marcos Texas. Whenever spectrum says they are on the MLB network I go and get "blacked out in your area" I know this is not true for road games and don't think its true for home games.

When I called Spectrum they denied its their fault and also said no to giving me a refund and cancelling the service. I think they are incompetant and might just be thieves.

  • Jul 28, 2019

I spoke to a representative at Spectrum July 5, 2019 and he convinced me to switch to their mobile service. I was told that I could not use my existing Iphone 8 Plus, and that I would have to get a new one. He told me that I could take my existing phone to the closest Spectrum location and they would cut a check to my previous carrier AT&T for the amount I owed( Which is $269) .

I took my phone to the location on July 18th and I was told that was not the process and that I would have to send my phone off to a third party site and they would give me an amount for my phone. That is NOT what the agen told me. I asked for them to pull the call and have a member of management to call me. I left for vacation on that same day.

On Saturday 20th, I received a call from Ron that works with Spectrum and he said he's a resolutions specialist. He left a message that it was the last day to return my phone and if I wanted to do that I needed to do it that day. I was a bit confused as to why he said that. I tried to call him back and find out what he meant and I informed him I was on vacation and in a remote location I could not return anything that day.

We finally spoke on July 26 and he told me he had a transcipt of the call. He confirmed the phone rep did tell me to take to the spectrum store and I'd get my money for my existing phone. He confirmed the agent told me I had to get a new Iphone 8 plus that I couldn't use my existing one. The phone rep told me the Iphone x was just two dollars a month more so I went with that. Ron confirmed that he heard me say I really didn't want to change out my phone because it was new.

Ron told me, I was stuck with my phone since I missed the 14 days. They'd give me a $50 credit for my trouble on my cable bill. I verbally stated that was not acceptable. I checked on Spectrums website and i could of used my phone. I did not have to buy a new one. I did not find this out until I returned from vacation. I'm out $900 because the agent wasn't familiar enough with the service he was offering and Spectrum does not want to own the mistake. I will happily return the Iphone X and use my existing Iphone *

  • Jun 21, 2019

My experience with Spectrum Mobile's cellphone service started with being shipped a defective cellphone and their attempt to charge an $80 "restocking fee" to get a new one!

They waived the charge, but act like I should be grateful for a REFURBISHED phone...while charged for a NEW phone...and ALSO charged for the defective device--I'm being double charged!

PLUS they disconnected the service I already PAID FOR on top of everything!

  • May 14, 2019

I was told when i rent a modem support to be free, and my monthly bill would be $19.99 including taxes. Recevied my monthly bill and it is $30.71. When called Spectum i was told i recevied the wrong information and there was nothing they would do.

I ask them about a bundle on my bill that i did not order, i was told i needed to up grade since i been with time warner. the misstate was there problem for telling me the wrong information. but refuse to correct it.this is not right. taking adventage of customers. I will return Spectum modem/ router.

  • May 13, 2019

Spectrum TV,Voice and Internet promised $20 discount on monthly bill to customers buying Spectrum Mobile phone and they lied. They without reason or notification increased my monthly service by $30 for the same crap plus I have daily interruptions. ($142 to $172)

Reading all the reviews online about them, I have realized they lie to thousands of customers as well. Additionally for the Spectrum Mobile I was charged $58 for monthly mobile service, $12 for insurance, $179 for the mobile plus the sim memory card $12 totalling $261.

The cell phone didn't work property and I returned it to get it fix it and send it back but thye cancelled my service and kept my phone plus didn't return the money. I contacted them and they refused to give me the $261 but, not unless I contacted NY attorney general Leticia James and they were ordered to return my the money.

Spectrum is a fraud and scam because the service is not reliable, I have daily interruptions on the cable and internet. I f you have a problem with them contact the attorney general in your state and they will fix all your problems.

  • Mar 19, 2019

Where to start on this nightmare? I signed up with Spectrum Movile going from Verizon and porting my number over for the New Samsung Galaxy S10+ model. I have had nothing but dropped calls and total data loss while on calls lasting 2-4min max.

I feel as if they are draging this out to go past the 30 day window for return. I have contacted customer support numerous times, contacted tech support numerous times, told that they would open an rma ticket to get me a new device with nothing ever coming of it.

Every time I call back to see where the process was at was told no one opened a ticket and this happened 3-4 times and finally I just gave up and let them know I would have to return the defective device and was told that I would be charged a restock fee. Huh? For services that do not work?

So far I have been charged not only for the cost of the inital transaction and shipping but also for unlimited month which also I was never able to use. This is unacceptable. I am now thinking of ending all of my services with Spectrum. This has left a sour taste in my mouth.

  • Jan 5, 2019

I have been overpaying for well over 2 years for basic cable, phone, and slow internet service. My family and friends are paying 99.00 a month and they have the same service plus movies channels and DVR. I'm paying 180.00 a month.

They told me they could get me that deal if I discontinue service for 3 months and start as a new customer. I have had TWC since the 80's and this horrible. There are no other options in my area. Now I don't have local news channel 4 or Wgn because a dispute they are in with Tribune.

I can no longer pay this price, which is higher than my utilities. But I need at least local channels and phone. They advertise phone, internet, and tv for 99.00. How can I get this price? It is a feasible amount I can pay.

  • Dec 10, 2018

This company is not only scamming people but they are outright putting people at risk for deadly fires. We have been trying to get this company to give us proper working internet for the entire 7 years that we have lived in this location. They just make up all kinds of excuses but never really fix the problem. They say that they will refund us for our troubles after they fix it but then they never fix it. After several times of techs coming out to our place and just blaming the problem on our devices, a bad router, etc. all kinds of different excuses, we finally made them send an advanced tech out here who looked in the actual electrical room and found the problem. He said that it was a very dangerous electrical problem and that it was RGE's responsibility to fix it. We called the electrical company who then said, No it is Spectrum who put this faulty wiring in there and they have to fix it. Of course, Spectrum said, no it's RGE, sending us in a ridiculous loop.

Then we had an actual electrician look at the issue and he said that Spectrum is notorious for scamming people this way. He said that they deliberately put the wiring in the wrong place so that people will just keep calling Spectrum and upping their internet speed which makes them more money. We, of course, had been doing this until we were sick of paying for 400 speed and getting only 40, if we had internet AT ALL. They just kept saying that their internet was just so darn fast that most people's devices can't handle it. So therefore, they were holding up their end of the bargain because the internet speed was coming into the building properly even though it was never actualy making it to the actual devices to allow them to run. This was the case with brand new xbox ones, smart tvs, very nice laptops that are 5g capable, etc etc and even our phones. All of these devices were working just fine at other people's houses but when we tried to use them here, where we were actually paying so much more for much faster internet, it didn't work at all. Now, today, the electrician just looked all of it over and said that the problem was even bigger and more dangerous than they even thought, possibly effecting the entire town. So we will see. Regardless, Spectrum has been the most crooked fraudulant scammers I have ever dealt with and they should be in jail. BUYER BEWARE, not only will you not get what you pay for, they might just burn down your whole building and possibly the whole town.

  • Dec 3, 2018

I use auto pay, payment was taken out twice for Nov. 2018. This left account short. Called when bank showed pending, was assured it would not be taken out, it was. Even when it was pending the account is short this amount for available funds. I feel I should be compensated more than just reimbersment for the charge. The bell cannot be unrung!

  • Nov 30, 2018

They never send me a paper for them about my bills going up. am very upset want some done about Spectrum doing this to lot of people. please do some with the cable

  • Nov 12, 2018

I returned the cable boxes, closed out my account, got my receipt and walked out. DONE... or so you would think.

A week later I started getting calls saying to call them back right away about my account.

I called and was told I was being charged for a cable box that was not returned unless I could provide proof that I had returned it.

After MUCH to do I found the receipt that showed I had retruned the box so they said the issue must be with their computers and so I would not be charged. To make a long story short, because they have a computer problem they wanted to charge me $300 for a box I returned but was not entered into their system correctly. WHAT A RIP OFF! YOU MAKE A MISTAKE AND WANT TO CHARGE ME FOR IT! If I had not saved the receipt it would have cost me $300.

If you do any business with Spectrum be sure to save everything forever. They are either TRULY incompetent or looking to make money by charging for equipment that you return by claiming it was not returned. I know this is a common problem with most companies, but this is the first time it has happened to me. If EVERYBODY chose one company (such as SPECTRUM) to boycot and did not use them under any circumstances then this problem would go away. If a company learned that if they made a mistake they would end up out of business and NEVER be given a second chance then they might consider doing business another way.

I will never use Spectrum again. Others are probably just as bad but again this happened to me so this is my form of retribution.

They should go out of their way to verify that it was not their fault before stepping up to accuse someone and then trying to charge them.

Remember they are out to get you so hold on to your receipts FOREVER.

  • Nov 8, 2018

I went online to pay my bill 10/22/2018 of 150.00. Had 185.00 remaining balance due to be paid by 11/23/2018 and I was canceling their service. Only gave spectrum permission to take the money out that day. They held the money that same day.

When I looked again, Spectrum tried to take money out again 10/29/2018 and 11/01/2018 to deduct money from my account that I did not authorize. I was charged 30.00 and 25.00 on returned check fees, plus the 150.00 that I thought it said they took on the 23rd.

When i called spectrum and complained about the overdrafts I was told 2 different stories: the first, that my bank did not authorize the release of the funds until the 1st, and they never got the money in the first place and the second story, that they wait until at least a week before they take the money.

Spoke with a Supervisor who angrily told me that I should have never gave them my bank info, and should have also read my contract.

Ok. Called my bank and was told that they never hold money on bills, and that spectrum went in several different times attempting to take the money out from the 29th to the 1st.

Disputed with my bank and the funds were returned. Spectrum has now charged me a total of 576.00 for 2 months of service due to me disputing their sheisty actions: 335.xx cents for Oct/Nov, but where did the additional 241 come from? I'm month to month, no contract, and one months bill is 185.00.

Today is 11/08. Lol. I will pay 150.00 if indeed they never got it, as they claimed (but my bank statements prove other wise) plus the prorated price, but that's all these cretins are getting from me. Buyer, beware.

  • Oct 24, 2018

So on the 22nd of Oct we had a appointment with Spectrum cable to hook up our cable and internet service, it is now the 25th and it has been the worst ordeal we have ever exsperianced in any customer service situation,

So bad was this situation that we have returned to the cable company we were replacing and trust me as bad as they were they are miles ahead of Spectrum, anyone reading this should cancell as soon as they can

Specturm has no clue whats going on in the field, we had 4 different techs come out and they had no clue what was going on, the customer service operators who are in another country from what i could tell are like robots, they also had no clue what was going on. and so here we are the 25th and we are without cable,


We had to cancel this company for no service and for not holding to their service contract.

They disconnected our old service and left us hanging in a endless customer service NIGHT MARE.

  • Oct 15, 2018

Constant and ever increasing pricing. Now requiring A cable box for every tv with 30 days or less notice. Must self install and very confusing for many. If you go in person to pay your bill, return equipment,exchange equipment or pick up the now required box (not free at about $7.00l each per tv) at their Brooksville FL location be prepared for 1-2 hour waits or more, disorganized chaos and then get a customer service rep with an attitude And would be unemployed by many others. Now told service calls will no longer be no charge. Spectrum is a monopoly in this area and taking advantage of it.

  • Oct 3, 2018

When Spectrum purchased Time Warner I kept getting a letter in mail from Spectrum stating save $10 to switch to Spectrum, reading the fine details, year two would increase by $10, year 3 would be what ever going rate is. I just hit year 2 and price went up $20. I called and spoke to 5 people. All said I am getting the correct rate. If anyone has a copy of the letter to prove me right or wrong would be appreciated

  • Jul 19, 2018


  • Jul 15, 2018

Spectrum contacted me offering phone, internet and TV. I told them I was under contract to Dish. They told me that they would buy out that contract up to $500. I was to submit final bill from Dish to them with the contact buyout that I paid circled. I submitted that bill to them by email and was told I would receive a check in 2 to 4 weeks. I called and no one could put me in touch with the buyout rep was told to fax it which I did this was the end of January. Still no response called unable to be told where things were. Then received message that they could not read document.Resubmitted received response that it was in process. Two weeks passed called again unable to check with buyout would put in a tag. Then received email that things were taking longer because of number of buyouts but I would receive my check. Still no check 6months later

  • Jul 11, 2018

Multiple Issues

replaced tv box with hd box now no caller id on screen

replaced modem, now spped tests and modem log show slower speeds - yesterday 128nbps now 80 mbps

got a call from spectrum saying we're supposed to have 200 mbps connection speed - we'll get a postcard telling us how to upgrade. so why throttle back our speeds ?

  • Jul 4, 2018

Ordered cable service with an agreement to pay my ETF with Direct TV, sent in proper information after being told they could not read what I sent in a e-mail. Its been a month and have heard nothing from company and when I called 2 times was told that a ticket was made to have a response from the place that handles the etfs, I got nothing at all from the company. I don't think they will pay until you spend at least the amount of the etf before they will respond. Still waiting.

  • May 27, 2018

DO NOT get Spectrum as your tv provider. I have been having problems with my tv for more than 5 months...have tv, don’t have tv. Have tv, don’t have tv. Calling them every other week to come fix it. And I still have the SAME problem!! Today I was supposed to have gotten a call from a "supervisor”, never got the call. Called them AGAIN (2nd time today), after waiting 1:30h for their call and was informed by a customer service representative called Alison, that after we talk to them and they send a technician to your house, they have NO more contact with those people. They don’t have records, nothing!!! How can Spectrum work on their customers service if they don’t even know if the problem was fixed or not?? They don’t even know if the technician came to your house or not!! I’m shopping for another tv provider right now. DONT GET SPECTRUM. Please if you would, share my post in your page so more people will know the truth about Spectrum. Thanks.

  • May 15, 2018

When I signed up I requested to be on spectrum internet assist program for low income households. I was lied to from jump and told I couldn't get that plan until my eligibility could be verified so they said they were setting up a regular account until I was verified then it would switch over to the income based plan. Well I fought with then for 3 months because I kept getting bills for full price then when they shut me off in month 4 with a 180 dollar balance I was furious. I called and spoke with a upper lever supervisor only to be told I wasn't eligible for the income based plan because that's for new customers only that didn't have an existing account. When I explained that I didn't have an existing account when services were set up he said that didn't matter and the plan couldn't be switched period. I argued with them for 3 more days while without service and I had to pay 150 dollars to get it restored. But then I stumbled on a little bit of luck when I went onto the website and reported their activity and their intentions. Well let me tell you all of the sudden I was top priority for spectrum to do something because I got a call from a vice president from his personal cell phone on a Saturday the day after I made the fcc report. It seems whenever a fcc report is made they get almost instantaneous notification and it must mean something big because their attitude turns around real quick and all the sudden they want to work whatever issues you have out and quick. So my advice to anyone experiencing a problem with an isp or cable provider is to go to fcc and file a complaint. Well it turns out that at first they tried to bully me saying they had a recording of my initial order phone call and I didn't request such a thing but I told the vice president that's that was fine that I wanted him to email me a copy of the recording so I could review it and send it to fcc. He said he wasn't able to provide that due to company policy and so I knew he was lying and just trying to bully me. So I told him that I would go back on fcc and update my report and let them know that spectrum said there was a recording of the call for them to review. He said that he just wanted to get me taken care of and not to worry about that, so I now confirmed he was lying and that he didn't want me telling the fcc about the recording because he would probably have to produce it. Anyway I told him I wanted my account backdated to the start and the correct amount to be charged against the 150 I was forced into paying so my bills should have been about 60 dollars (15 per month) but instead I had a bill for 180 of which they made me pay 150 of and still showed a 30 dollar balance due so I had him take the correct amount of 60 from the 150 I paid which left me a credit of 90 but I told them I wanted a refund if the 90 not a credit and I wanted the 30 dollar balance removed plus I wanted to be comped 2 months of service for the hassle of all of this. He said he would see what he could do and get back to me well two days went by and nothing so I went back to fcc and update my complaint saying everything I just said here and now the company is ignoring me again and wouldn't you know about two hours later I get a call from the VP stating he would do everything I asked and when would I be home? When I asked why he said he would have someone run me out a refund check for the 90 dollars. I told him I wouldn't be home for about two hours and he said OK. When I got home there was an envelope taped to my door with a check inside. Amazing. They did everything I asked for but only due to the fcc being involved. So I say anybody if you have a similar issue take it up with the fcc it'll get results. I'm not sure how much trouble or power the fcc can put upon them but trust me they're scared of the fcc. And getting a call from an out of state VP on a Saturday and them buckling to my demands only proves it. Good luck. Grant

  • May 1, 2018

Spectrum has been repeatedly sued for failing to provide the services they are billing for. They did this to me repeatedly and when I finally got fed up and cancelled my services they continued to try and bill me for 3 more months after the fact. Now they are calling trying to collect for those 3 months and the last phone caller threatened to come to my home and "physically collect." This is very concerning giving the fact that I was also sexually harassed by one of their techinicians. This company is reprehensible. It is astonishing that they continue to get sued for the same issues and still continue to perpetrate the same fraud and crimes over and over and over again. Something needs to be done.

  • Apr 24, 2018

I went online to see who offers internet to my area. Spectrum website said they don't, but to call to find out when services may be avaiable. I called Spectrum. The girl I talked to said service was available and someone would be coming between 8 - 12 on Monday to set service up. She told me the price and sent a confirmation email.

Monday comes, I called to verify someone was coming. I have always had issues with cable companies. I was on hold for 15 minutes before the sales rep transferred me to another department. After 5 minutes with the other department, she said Charter doesn't offer serivce in my area, but Time Warner does (all part of Spectrum). She transferred me to Time Warner. The lady at Time Warner told me they do not offer service to my area.

BE WARNED! Never cancel your current phone/internet/cable services until AFTER the new one is set up. If you call Spectrum, they WILL lie to you!

  • Apr 23, 2018

Hello I was called by a sales rep for a free trial of TV and Internet and that All I had to do to confirm this and use the downloadable app was sign in and I would try it for free, .Now I did try to get said free trial and it didn't work and to my amazement I was sent a bill for the sumscription of this trial package which I could not try and explained that to the sales rep and he also agreed that It maybe cause I wasn't using there equipment and that I wan't going to be billed for any,. but Here I am explaning this trap cause I was not only billed but not given any refund other then they claiming I was lying and I did try and excepted that offer, I was very upset with the person calling me a lier and then I call there supervisor which in turn only offered me credit for my troubles, is this some kind of get me money scam or what cause I didn't get a refund even though I called ahead before they were going to take my online payment which is directly from my Chase Banking Visa Depit card. I agrued with them online and by phone but only offered and credit for taking my money and ripping me off.

  • Apr 21, 2018

After being a customer for 18 years they are trying to increase prices well above there ongoing advertised prices of TV Service, Internet Service.

  • Mar 10, 2018

Im homeless and have been homeless since 2016 so there is no way i have cable. i dont even have a tv for all that matters

  • Mar 10, 2018



  • Feb 24, 2018

Spectrum defrauded me repeatedly for internet, cable & phone. They charged me for services not rendered repeatedly and now they are harassing me for payment on a bill for billing me after I cancelled services. They are thieves and fraudsters and clearly the class actions they have had filed against them mean nothing because they continue to try and screw people. This needs to stop.

  • Feb 22, 2018


  • Feb 21, 2018

Spectrum charges $20 for a declined credit card transaction. I'm baffled. They're the first business in my 42 years of doing business where I've seen such a thing. I'm honestly aghast, and can hardly believe this. Someone pinch me, please, is this what corporate America has become? It costs them nothing, denoting the differences between a returned check, vs a declined credit or debit card payment.

On my account details page they call it a returned payment fee, but itemized elsewhere they call it a declined payment, declined being the correct terminology. This has happened to me on two occasions, two months in a row. Upon calling in the first time, after an hour of convincing them it was a ripoff, they removed the charge. On the second month, they said it was impossible.

I keep thinking I am missing something? Has this happened to anyone else? They insist this is their policy, for all declined payments, so if my credit card provider flags my account and prevents the card from being used, all circumstance comletely beyond my control, then I have to pay for that? Well, that is what it seems.

It is my view, SPECTRUM is ripping people off, and I have it all on tape. I asked every imaginable question to make sure it wasn't some sort of a glitch or that I wasn't understaning incorrectly. They are also claiming on tape, that the credit card provider has given them a reason code 521, which is non sufficient funds. In my experience in accepting credit cards in the past, they will sometimes give reason codes, but never did I see an NSF. Did I blink and the industry changed overnight like this? Is SPECTRUM giving me proper information? Are they really charging people for simply having their credit and debit cards declined? Someone please tell me I'm wrong.


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