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Spectrum Reviews

  • Jan 29, 2018

I recorded three different agents at spectrum admit to "pushing" arris software into my modem. Then they pushed the blame on arris. Arris vehemently deny it and furthermore state that i don't even own an arris modem!

My modem was developed by motorola and was pre-arris buyout of the motorola line of the particular model modem.

Finally, without having received any service whatsoever (and only receiving damaged hardware), they arrogantly send 5 bills with dissimilar amounts and now threaten to turn the issue over to collections despite the fact that I submitted a complaint within a day or two of their antics at hacking, tampering, then bricking my modem (ADMITTEDLY!). We have no checks and balances against monopoly control....FCC was reflexive in the spectrum decision to drop the issue. That's all it took to make it disappear.

  • Jan 22, 2018

It seems this is related to Spectrum, but i am a current customer of Specrum and am not in collections. Spectrum has no idea where this is coming from. I tried to call the number to contact the collection agency Enhanced Recovery Company but cannot get through to anyone. I am trying to buy a house and need this removed from my CR. I have filed a dispute.

  • Jan 18, 2018

I have been trying to get my due date changed since they were TWC in 2015, because I am on a fixed income. When it was finally, changed now they are saying am a month behind, which I beg to differ If I am behind it because of their unwillingness to help me.

  • Jan 12, 2018

I was with direct TV which was a good Cable company but they couldn't offer me Internet. Me and my wife decided to move to Spectrum cause we saw a good deal and that they would pay our termination fee so we did. Once we moved they asked me to provide a bill with the termination fee showing and my name on it and I did. They say email and fax which I did. They approved it. Weeks later notice never got my check, so I called and she said this was there fault and they will send. More weeks go by call again and they swear someone will call me and Nada. Called again told me to email this email and nada, wife calls cause at my last wit's end and nada. Call again and they swear up and down they will have someone call us and nada. Spectrum Cable TV is a Scam, Spectrum TV is a Fraudulent Fraud , Steal and Thieves. Spectrum TV will not pay your previous Termination Fee. Do not Sign Up with Spectrum TV if you have a Termination Fee, They will not pay it off. Almost 10 months later and nada. Made the biggest mistake signing up with them and the TV signal sucks too and I pay 200 Month as well have all channels, Beware Spectrum Cable TV do not sign up with Spectrum TV. You will be So Happy You Did Not. Michael & Rania L Ownersavings

  • Dec 29, 2017

Beware before you sign up for services with this company. They will blantantly lie to you about the services you will receive. They will tell you that you will get services you can't even use until months later! WHAT?!!!!...I was told I would be receiving services for about $100 per month and I wouldnt be billed untll the following month. To my surprise I just so happened to go online to get the customer service number because my internet keeps cutting off, only to find I have been billed 2 months for a service I haven't even had for 26 full days...WHAT?!!!!!! Then when I call the rep to inquire about why I have a $312 bill for a service that isn't even working properly, I'm told...Oh yeah we pre-bill you, but that is NOT what your sales rep informed me of before I had services installed!!!! And to add insult to injury the only compensation they can offer for their mistake is that I still have to pay for my 2 month bill , ang that this is a coaching opportunity.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!!.....WTH happened to customer service? This company obviously does not give a flying crap about their customer's satsifaction, they are just trying to collect as much money as they can, regardless of their customer's needs or concerns regarding their business practices. So I advise BEWARE!!!! BEWARE!!! BEWARE!!! You may do better with a ROKU stick....I can guarantee it will not be as much frustration involved, or as much money!!!!!!!!

  • Dec 27, 2017

I am noramlly suppsed to only pay $157.96 per month for my cable and internet, When spectrum took over that is what they raised my packagae to, It used to be only $124.97 per month through brighthouse but I was okay with this because it wasnt too much of a difference and they let me have the larger DVR.


I have been driving myself crazy the past six or more months trying to figure out why I am always behind on my cable bill and why it is always sitting at $388. I found out today(the seventh time they have harrassed me while I am working TODAY alone) when they called me and told me I am pending a shut off if I dont give them 162 dollars immediatly. I gave them $50 on friday which was 12-22-17 and made an arrangement on a recorded phone call saying I would pay another $75 or more the following friday on 12-29-17. I did this so I wouldnt get this call threatening to shut my house off and the spokesperson on the phone said that would be just fine.

Now the date is only 12-26-17 and when they called and threatened to shut me off, They said that my monthly bill is $211.92 . They are charging me for equipment that was given to me by brighthous eand was NEVER meant to charged for. They are charging me $3.50 per DTA cable box(I have two of them and they are supposed to be FREE)They are over charging me $8 too much for starz and Starz only charges $10.99(I had to remove it) They are charging me random fees that dont make any sense and they are charging my cable and internet with an additional $30 each month and it has been increasing each month.

They have nearly monopolized the coverage network in my county and they hold long time customers hostage with price gouging and inaapropriate customer care and pricing. I have been with this companty since it was roadrunner and time warner, 20 plus years and this is how they treat long time loyal customers.

This new company that took over is nothing but con artists, Liars and thieves who know that their customers dont have much of a choice but to accept the outlandish and borderline insulsting customer care and pricing that they force upon you.

  • Nov 18, 2017

I paid them on da 24of oct then they submited da check two more tyme and than they submitted again on da 3 of Nov and it was paid so now they won't to turn my cable talking bout they can't find da payment and now they won't me to pay them again this month

  • Nov 3, 2017

I scheduled a payment on their web-site. I recieved an email stating payment was scheduled. Whe the money wasn't taken out of our account two days after scheduled it, I went to their web-site. Noting showed so I thought maybe I did something wrong. I made the payment to be taken out ASAP. The following day they shared our account twice.

I called them to let them know what happedened. The first man I spoke with put me on hold, after 10 mins of waiting, I hung up and called back. Spoke with a different person, he said he would be in a ticket for a refund of the scend payment, and it would take 3-5 days to get our money. We waited a week and nothng. I called aain, spoke with someone different, they lookedd up the ticket and said nothing has been done, so he would put in another ticket requesting it to be processed ASAP. He said it would take 3-5 days. He also said he would request tht they call us ASAP.

I then file a complaint with the BBB. Later that day I went back to their web-site an noticed where they recieved the two payments plus the request for a refund which said deciined. I showed it to my husband and he gave very mad. He called Spectrum to cancel our account. The lady he spoke with said we would recieve all our money back minus the installation charge, as we were canceling with-in 30 days. She shedule a apointment to have someone come pick up their equipment on Nov 2.

Later that night Jennifer (for a Spectrum but a different location) called about our BBB complaint. She said she would have someone for local management call us with-in 24 hrs. The follow day a lady called and spoke with my husband. My husband request a refund on the installation charge also. He told her with did recieve a refund on the over payment. She told him she would do what she could and she would get back with him.

The following Day (Oct 30) their was a knock on our door. My husband answered the door. The man said nothing so my husband asked him who he was. The man said he was from Spectrum and was in the area so he decided to pick up their eqipment. My husband made a nt so nice comment about the company being srewed up that we were told the equipment would be picked up on Nov 2. The man said he would come back, my husband told him a few times to come in but the man wouldn't, so he shut the door.

Later that day the lady (form local managment) called. She sid they were picked up the equipment on Nov 7th. This company is really screwed up. Today I called the first lady back and she said to let her see want she could do. Then I get a bill today charging us for the equiment, plus partial month fees. This company isn't getting any more money from us. And we will do what-ever it takes to get our money back. If you living in Jacksonville, NC their is free TV. We bought a digital antenna for our digital TV and we get 22 local stations. If you don't have a digital TV you need a digtal converter box along with an antenna.

  • Nov 1, 2017

I have had issues with pixilation on the one television that gets a picture (the others have error messages) and my "high speed" internet is laughable, it's slower than aol dial up was in the 90's! The customer service is equally appalling. I have spent more time on hold than watching my pixilating tv in the last several months. Yet I pay for services that I don't receive as they do not work a majority of the time! The supervisors don't return phone calls and there are so many different departments, one never knows what the other is doing! Put notes in the computer please, how hard is that?!?! After being on hold yesterday and speaking to a SUPERVISOR, who told me he didn't want me to be further inconvenienced and to disregard the message regarding a 9-12 appointment, 3 trucks showed up in front of my house as I needed to leave for work! INFURIATING, since I had planned to be home UNTIL the SUPERVISOR told me not to be!

They outsource customer service to India and they read a script but can't actually help. I hang up and call back until I get an American service rep, they still read the script but I can understand them. The techs have no idea what they are doing. The one guy that got my tv and internet to work for a few months left the company. I have frontier coming out November 2nd because I can't imagine anything being worse than Spectrum! I have called to recieve a credit for my MONTHS of poor service and HOURS of my time being on hold and meeting with techs (8 techs so far) and was credited $20.00 after a 47 minute phone call!

  • Oct 24, 2017

A salesman called my home offering streaming tv for just 10 dollars more a month..but when i got my bill it was 40 more. I called to complain because the streaming tv buffered alot when netflix work fine..i tried to switch back but they said the couldnt give me that plan back, because that was time warners old plan. they said they would review the tape from the sales call. more than a week later still nothing.

  • Sep 23, 2017

I just made a lengthy post, or at least attempted to and it hasn't been published yet to your Facebook feed. I originally got Internet service for $49.99 per month. One day a sales person called me and promised me that if I upgraded to cable television that I could cancel at any time, "risk free", and go back to my original $49.99 per month bill. Sure enough, after I canceled the cable television my bill is higher now $59.99 After complaining to customer service, they insured me that my bill would be lowered back to the original $49.99 and they gave me a $20 credit for my troubles. Now my bill is still $59.99 and when I called customer service, I spoke to a supervisor who informed me that the previous two customer service representatives and sales people were either lying or incompetent. This is gross. Spectrum needs to honor the promises that it's employees make. I want my Bill to go back to what was promised to me... Twice. This is upsetting and I will not renew once my service is over. I have also told all my friends and coworkers about the story. I'm not asking for much, just that our agreement be honored. I'm going to send this story to several websites that publish information about companies that utilize deceiving and dishonest business practices.

  • Sep 22, 2017

When I initial joined spectrum I was quoted twice a price via the internet. I called to schedule an appointment and everything seemed to be running smoothly. Installation was quick, technician was great and the salesman o had dealt with was great as well. So initially overall great experience, until the bill came and it was significantly more monthly and installation cost was slaightly higher. Called spectrum and after numerous calls, being bounced around, sent from manager to manager, I was pretty much told there was nothing they would or could do to help. Ok, things happen, I understand so I asked to cancel service and asked where I could drop off the modem. Only there was a catch, they wouldn’t give me a refund of the installation. As this is unacceptable I hoped on linked in and started messaging every high ranking employee I could find. Eventually I apparently annoyed them enough they were able to Give me a credit for the installation fee. At this point they wore me out so I finally settled with them keeping the service for only $10 more than they quoted me initially a month before taxes/fees/etc. Now 8 months later I question adding tv. Again quoted way cheaper online only to call and find out they can’t mstch the price which I have in writing via email. Didn’t feel like arguing so I’ll just go to direct tv only sticking with spectrum out of necessity as options are limited. Spectrum, get your act together and integrate systems. There shouldn’t be disconnects between phone and email service reps. Also, You should be able to see an entire customers profile from any sale or customer service end point. If you need help setting up databases and KYC processes/governance feel free to reach out, I could have this fixed in a few months.

  • Sep 22, 2017

Since Spectrum bought out TWC, our internet service has become progressively worse with intermittent outages and failure to sustain any level of continuity. This became a problem at the beginning of September, 2017.

Despite the claims both online and on the phone of one hour service, it took a couple of days before we could schedule an appointment. A new router and modem were installed. Within a half hour of the tech's departure we called in again for service as the issue of intermittent service continued and speeds of less than 10mbs were being received, where previous to this we had good sustainability in the 60-70mbs on a conxistent level. It was also reported to the tech that our phone service was going out as well. The Spectrum customer service tech told us that there had been a power outage in the area a few days before I called and was going to pass the information to the local techs but of course did not do anything of the kind. We had a second service call on 9/7/17. the outcome was the same and within 15 min. of the second call, the same problem occurred.

Our third call for service the next day to Spectrum generated an answer of "I can see that your service tech did not call in and set up the router." Then, after a few seconds we were assured that now everything was going to be all right. We were far from all right.

On our fourth call to Spectrum, the channel was changed on the modem. This did not work either, contrary to the assurances by the tech.

The fifth call garnered another visit by a tech who claimed to be on "escalated" service tech. He told us that the techs at Spectrum should have never set the modem up for one channel. This modem will seek out the best channel and switch autopmaticaly. By this time, we had started graph tracking through Ookla, so we could show him that our service would not hold a consistent signal and what had happened just in the last couple of hours before his arrival. He just said "ok" but assured us he had fixed the problem. He also told us that from now on we would be going through him for any further problems, but would not give us a card with contact information. All we had to do was call in for service and ask for him by name. Our issue was not resolved.

Call number six to Spectrum came with the revelation that our equipment wasn't working because we were a Time Warner Cable customer and not with Specturm, and now we had to renegotiate our bill, despite the fact that we have been paying Spectrum for the last year and there was never any mention of this in our monthly bill, nor online when I made the monthly payment. Ofcourse, after two hours of negotiation on the phone with a "specialist" my bill went up and swervice was now less than 10mbs of service. Now I was paying for 60mbs of service instead of 50mbs. with nothing to show for it. I was also told at that time that the "specialist" that had come out to the house was not a supervisor, who would have had a card with his telephone number on it so we could contact him directly, which leads to the question of who was it that actually came into our home?

On call number seven, I was now told that I didn't havve WIFI service at all and this would cost an additional fee despite the fact that all of my previous bills had charges for WIFI. So again, more charges no rectification of the virtually non existent service.

Call number eight: The Spectrum tech finally saw the problem we were having by doing a speed test from their location and verified that we do have a problem. She told me that she was calling for a supervisor and a tech who would be at my home to get to the bottom of the problem the next day.

On 9/20/17, there was not a supervisor with the tech that appeared at our door. There never was the promised escalation and our service dept. was never even notified about a supervisor request. At this point, we did not allow the tech into our house to check a brand new modem and router.

Call number nine: This time i demanded to speak with a manager and refused to give the technician who tried in every way to refuse. After a ten minute wait I was connected to a manager to try and explain the problems. After being put on hold two more times (one to reboot his computer that somehow stopped working) and another to file what he called an expedited ticket i was given a reference number. When I asked how and when I would be contacted he was very vague and guessed within 24 hrs. Needless to say, it has passed 24 hrs. and I have heard absolutely nothing.

The other issues with Spectrum is their payment website. It was down for 5 days where it would not allow one to pay their bill. I checked in daily with chat and was told it would only take a "couple of hours". Once chat person even wanted me to give me credit card number to him in the unsecured chat room! This took another three telephone calls to Soecturm where they wanted to charge me for the priviliege of paying my bill with a live operator. When I complained that it was their website that was down, the fee should be waived. The response was they would do a "one time" fee waiver. When I asked if the site went down again (which is a very high probability) would I be charged again, the answer was yes. After all of this I asked for a billing manager and told him that I did not trust Spectrum at all, and did not feel comfortable giving my card number to a live person. Finally after an argumentl, i was transferred to an automated line where I could enter my information. This option has to be fought for as it does not appear in their 15min. prescreen in their automated call menu.

Spectrum will not give credits for my weeks of virtual no service, nor do they seem to want to correct the problem that I am paying for. Every call results in more charges and less service and their claims of one hour service is a total sham. Being a disabled person, I am at their mercy, as there is no one else in the area that we can use for this fraudulent service. I hope that something can somehow be done about this travesty.

  • Sep 7, 2017

Hilarious conversation today.

I called to cancel my Time Warner Cable (Spectrum) service as I'm able to get WOW! TV + Internet at 10 times the download and 20 times the upload at a lower rate on promotion. When I explained why I was switching the service, the rep advised me the following,

"I would be careful Mr. Reel, too much internet speed can burn out your processors."

Unethical, and downright fraudulent.

  • Sep 5, 2017

When I signed up for service I was given the price of 149.00 a bundle for phone, tv and internet. Each month after paying the initial bill for 149 two months in a row the increase started in the Other column of the billing. I was charged for "surcharges" for equipment rental increases with no upgrade in my equipment. Now 6 months bill has risen to 172.00 for other. I called and they gave me no reason for these stupid increases. .Guess they have a blank check to keep on increasing. Have to shop around when you get cheated

  • Sep 2, 2017

I have had nothing but frustration from Chater Spectrum Business after closing my account back in January 2017. I called to request a box to return one modem in and received it a few days later. I received two padded envelopes for some reason instead of a box. I took one of the large padded envelopes, put the modem and power cord inside, and dropped it in the mail per the instructions. It was an ERS Equipment Recovery Services pre-paid envelope.

Now, ever since that month in January, I get a bill for unreturned equipment. I've called multiple times and the rep tells me they will take care of it and they never do. I recently found out I had a credit of $31 on my account and they are refusing to give it to me as they said I never returned their equipment.

Customers beware, make sure you take photos of the bag and tracking # they give you. Do not just drop it in the mail like I did. I feel so stupid now because I don't have the tracking #. Charter told me they do not keep a file of the tracking #s they send out with the bags, but if they show unreceived equipment on their end, then the customer gets the bill. Period.

So, here I am, over 8 months later getting bills for a piece of equipment I returned and not getting my account credit. Needless to say, I'm pissed. Multiple calls to Charter doesn't help. I told them that the post office lost the parcel or it is in some warehouse somewhere and didn't get logged in. They basically said, too bad, we aren't giving you your money back and you owe us for the equipment.

This isn't right to blame the customer and refuse owed refunds because their system messed up or the post office lost it. They have officially lost a long time customer all due to a $40 modem that they said they could not just issue a credit for on good faith.

It was my fault I didn't note the tracking # on the bag. It was a mistake I will Never do again. At least it wasn't a DVR or something that got lost in the mail or in their warehouse because Charter apparently doesn't give a crap about keeping customers or even giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  • Aug 22, 2017

The service is so Poor that it should be illegal. Consumer protection has to kick in or something has to be done. Help US! Someone help us! This, kind of service should be banned for public access. This is borderline illegal on so many levels. You cannot treat people this way and get away with it.

I have tried to resolve the problem with my account several times. Your agents have been rude, absolutely not knowledgeable, not knowing how to trouble shoot, making me do the same thing three other agents made me do even after I told them I have done that very thing several times, and in the end, the problem has never been resolved.

Placing me on hold for an hour because I requested to speak to someone else because the rep was rude and insolent, asked to speak to a supervisor and eventually hanging up on me on all occasions. This is absolutely unacceptable and extremely poor service. I hate your company at this point, I am appalled beyond belief, and totally disgusted. Your cable service does not work. You cannot fix it. You cannot listen to me explain the problem and you cannot cancel my service upon request. And You hang up on me when I want answers, not once by one agent, but 5 TIMES by five agents. This is not a probleme you have, it is a plague of incompetance. Your service failed the moment I switched from the old program I had with Time Warner.

Who knows your hiring process over there but ist is TERRIBLE! Terrible/ Diverting the problem and hanging up when I require a solution and not total unprofessionalism.

They talk over me, do not listen to my issues, I would like to terminate this account. They were unable to even terminate my account upon request. Horrible! Horrible.

I want to cancel so bad I went down to your offices at the Jetport in Souther Portland with your modem and cable box in a TRASH BAG fully enraged and forgot you close on Sunday. That is how offended I am. This is disgusting. I want this account gone, canceled and I never want to deal with your horrible service again ever.

Would anyone stay with a cable company whose agents insult you? No really, they insulted me, really. You cannot make this level of poor customer service up. Listen to your phone calls and I get you would fire everyone if you are honest people, get a real QA in there and if you are an honest bunch which I doubt you are because truthfully Honest people cannot allow this type of behavior to happen. If you are looking for a cable company, and live in Maine, Stay away from Spectrum Cable if you can. The governement gives these people a License to Run a Monopoly and we public are paying the price

  • Aug 22, 2017

Spectrum took over my timer warner service 3 months ago and now nearny doubled my bill. What? Yes...You read correctly. I've called numerous times in a repeaded attempt to resovle this issue ...And have received nothing but rudeness /w/ snide pompous attitudes- truth! me being asort of proactive approach human, i try again and agin and ask to speak with a supervisor and get nowhere to the point of being livid by the gull of these crooks. They kept laughing @ me and condescending to me saying package this and package that and full of bs, i stated time and again, : "please... I don't need and packages ,additional services etc" To cut thru their bs sales rhetoric) and "can somone please help me and explain why my internet bill went from $60 a month to a whopping $111.00?"

That's nearly double folks!. Now granted, 300mb When i did get it /w/ time-warner is fast... However, it's my only thing in life... I dont have cable, no hbo or premium movie stations nothing...Just internet. I need it fast. All i got was "well we can give you a slowert service to decrese your bill" i repeadely said... I dont want slower serice, i dont want cable tv or a digital phone" omg. All i could asertain was "well you were under a "promotion" thats why your internet was that much" i countered..." it's 1 thing to raise my bill $5 -$10 dollars but nearly double it" ...Really?"

----[my current situation in life]----

Since 2012 i've been disabled with rsd and spinal stenosis. In addition, i had two brain tumor surgeries which rendered me in a wheelchair for quite some time. It's extremely painful and quite humbling to say the least...My little life now. That being said, i'm on a very tight budget for i'm merely on disability and occationally work from home fixing mac computers. I only have a cellphone -no landline. I only have high-speed internet-no cable tv. In addition to fast internet i have netflix. Hence needing the veryfast internet speed and even then i occationally "buffer"

Please help me outscam...You're my only hope

  • Aug 4, 2017

I called two weeks before moving to a new address to verify that they service the address. I was told that they had an account on file for the home and that services would be available. When I called to transfer services, I was told that the address was not serviceable and they would have to run about 2000ft of cable to actually service the address. After looking at multiple sites, including, that stated Spectrum services the exact address, the rep scheduled a survey to see what would be needed and if they could, they would run the lines after calling to verify. At that time, we scheduled the in-home setup appointment with a tech ten days out.

The day before I received the appointment reminder, but still had not heard back regarding the survey. I called and was told multiple times that everything was good to go and that the lines were run, so the tech would be all set for the appointment. When the tech arrived the next day, he could not find the line to the house and noted that it was still 2000ft up the road. After viewing the survey, he stated that it was improperly filled out and that the tech just put "no physical lines needed to the house" on the form. The tech put in for another survey to have construction run the lines and scheduled the next install date two months out.

I put in a request to reschedule the install date and they called the next day and set the date for two weeks out. I then received a call a few days later from their Construction department stating that to run the lines I would need to pay them $11,135 to run the 2,500ft of aerial cable and 168ft of underground cable. After talking with the manager of the department they said they were not responsible for the things said by the other departments and I had two options to pay or to not have service.

I filed an FCC complaint and was contacted by some of the higher up management. They said they were not responsible for their errors, but would run some additional surveys to see if there was a way that they could lower the cost or have neighbors agree to sign up which would lower the cost. I received no further contact from management after that and just received the same quote following the same survey they did the first time. In their official response to the FCC a month later they simply stated that my "concerns were forwarded to the appropriate team for review. A new site survey was completed to determine the serviceability of {my address}. A representative contacted {me} and advised him of the customer contribution necessary for the construction project to begin."

  • Jul 25, 2017

While with TWC I had the minimum amount of TV and 200mps internet service for $70 monthly, no pay stations, no DVR, no sports stations, the very basic of services.

Since Spectrum took over my bill has increased to $106.88 monthly for the same exact service. No upgrade no additional services added. What's worse is they want me to upgrade to the 300mps and the same basic TV service for $99 which will last for 12 months. Then I would expect my service to go up to approx. $140 per month.

My service is only 7 TV stations and I need the internet speed for my home business. I've discussed this with Spectrum and they have no answer. I'm stuck and I hate Spectrum, they are a greedy consumer company and If I am needed to tell my story to any attorney on any class action law suit please contact me I'm sick of getting ripped off by big corporation like Spectrum.

  • Jul 20, 2017

My elderly, disabled and deaf mother has a landline phone for the hearing impaired, She had phone and cable tv service with Brighthouse for several years with no major problems until Spectrum took over, then her bill was hiked up so she switched to Frontier for their low introductory pricing. After a week Frontier failed to provide her with an answering service or caller id and only a few tv stations, so she switched back to Spectrum. After about 12 hours of wasted time calling trying to get Frontier disconnected and Spectrum reconnected, after another week, Spectrum has failed to provide her with any phone service at all. The tech that came out left without connecting her phone because she had decided to drop cable tv so his excuse was that that change wasnt on his work order so he said he couldnt do anything at all. Not only does she not have phone service but she has to get a new number due to Frontier's policy of hoarding and keeping the number for a verbal agreement not even an official written contract as she never signed anything. So Im thinking disability lawsuit maybe? How any company that is so incompetent can manage to have so many complaints and lawsuits against it has managed to take over nationwide is beyond my comprehension.

  • Jul 6, 2017

I have had Charter as my internet provider for over 5 years. The service has been terrible. However, I am paying for the fastest service they offer in my area, 60 MBPS. I have had Charter service technicians to my home numerous times to try and resolve the issue. The normally say its the router or its the modem. I have replaced routers and modems without any gains in service. The last technician came to my home in May 2017. He made a call to Charter and advised the issue was resolved. He said that Charter has had my service capped at 20 MBPS for the past 5 years. I advised I have been paying for the highest internet speed of 60 MBPs. He advised I would need to contact Charter to see if they could adjust my billing since I had been over charged for 5 years. I contacted Charter who advised they could provide a one time $10 credit to my next months bill. Wow! A whole $10 when they have been charging me 3 times what they have provided for 5 years. I filed a complaint through the BBB. I received a call from someone from Charter who advised since I did not notify them that they had me capped at 20 MBPs they could not do anything about it. I explained I can not see their system and know what they have me capped at. He laughed and said he would consider giving me a one time credit of $4.99. The moral of the story is that you can steal from your customers and the customer has to tell Charter they are stealing. Once you notify Charter they are stealing they can correct the problem. However, they don't have to pay you back for anything they stole from you prior to you making Charter aware of their theft. Crazy, I know.

Charter if you are reading this, you can review the recorded call logs to see what abuse your company is providing to your customers. I hope someone actually cares and looks into this because Charter has their customers capped at lower internet speeds than what they are charging their customers. When customers wake up and quit replacing routers and modums and finally see that Charter has their service capped there will be a class action law suit. Oh and by the way, I received an email from the BBB stating my complaint had been resolved. Really? One call from Charter with someone telling me I am in the wrong and should just bend over smile is resolution? Charter you are a monopoly in my area. But, not for long : ).

  • Jun 13, 2017

Time Warner was my internet and phone provider for years. I had a bundled pack (just internet and home phone) that started out at $49.00 and then went up to about $60.00 (no long distance service for phone). Then Spectrum took over this spring. Now my bill is $98.00 and I am being charged twice for internet services. On the detailed bill it states "Bundled Services" (this would be internet and phone) - charges $62.00. Then on top of that there is another charge of $30.00 for internet only. I have talked to at least four customer service reps and each one gives me a different story about why I am being double charged for internet. One of them told the charges listed under "internet" was actually taxes. One rep told me I could cancel my existing service and then sign up again and get a package of internet and phone for $49.99 a month if I signed up for a 2 year contract. When I asked her what the final charge would be after taxes and fees she told $92.00. WTH? $42.00 for taxes and fees! I hope some brave soul sues this company and puts them out of business. They are nothing but thieves.

  • Jun 9, 2017

Cable bill went up $20, called to ask why. Told Time Warner "deal" was no longer available. Spectrum plan would give me a new modem, faster internet - only changes mentioned. New Spectrum plan was $5 less than TWC same plan without the "deal" so I should change over. Made sense, so I did. Next day, phone didn't work and far less TV channels available; many my favorites. I called back; told to have the plan I had before it would cost me another $25. $40 more than my TWC bill. They apologized I wasn't told about the Channels but I couldn't go back to my old plan. They also told me I didn't need a new modem but they could see one was mailed out and I needed to return it. The fact my phone didn't work was a coincidence. Bait and switch plan to move me to Spectrum then have to pay more. Plus the inconvenience of having to return their modem or getting charged for that too.

  • May 30, 2017

Spectrum TV has an on-demand service. One of their channels listed is Here TV. A representative told me that I have to pay an extra $10.00 a month to get it. I am already paying $10.00 a month to get it, but I must go through You Tube on a computer only. Why should I pay twice for the sme service just because I'd like to watdh it on another device? There should have been some kind of link or phone call to Here Media to confirm it.

  • May 20, 2017

The representative lied to me, I have less cable service, the internet is slower and the phone sometimes I will get my voice messages the next day. This is a rip-off and something needs to be done about it.

This is a complaint that Spectrum is over charging customers more for less. I was told that I would have the same service that I had with Bright House Networks, the representative lied. I have less channels, my internet is slower and sometimes there is a delay in getting my voice mails from my phone. There representative do not want to hear what the customer has to say when you call to complain. When I had Bright House I did not encounter any problems and if I did Bright House would fix the situation.

  • May 20, 2017

I enter into Brighthouse contract for $99 per month after which it increased to $200 per month without notification. I contacted Brighthouse to cancel but they stated that I am in a contract. I filed a bbb complaint and Brighthouse responded Yes they charged me without notification and the employee will be retrained, and my balance is $0. Then $624 was submitted by a collection agency (credit protect association). I attempted to file a complaint but when I pressed the file a complaint button the hone automatically hangs up. I contacted Brighthouse and they said I owed the $624 which were not the service charge agreement.

  • May 16, 2017

On may 11, 2017 spectrum withdrew 172.31 from my checking acct when I contacted them they said they received it from me at my home on may 9,2017 I wasn't even home

  • May 16, 2017


After dealing with a modem that would slow down, error out and reset for over a year they FINALLY replace the modem that had been bad. I had begged them to replace it for months when they would come out and the other day after they were out for the third time in a week they replaced the modem - and viola - getting the 300MB download speed advertised and paid for. I had been accustomed to only getting a little over 100MB plus all the dropouts when it would reset.

I have printouts where in the course of a few hours it would get over 8.4 MILLION unrecoverable errors on the 16 download channels. Then the counter would reset to zero after it rebooted itself and within hours have sometimes millions of more uncorrectbles and at best several hundred thousand.

They didn't want to make any adjustment for this - though they lied saying they would credit $25 for my inconvenience - never mind the months of modem rental fees for a busted modem they refused to replace and the slow speeds and disconnects.

And don't even want to go into the cable boxes rebooting all the time and Whole House DVR not working on boxes without a reboot and HBO on demand and Showtime on demand giving error codes on a regular basis for days on end no matter how many times rebooted.

Now, let's talk about OUTRIGHT THEFT regarding the Intelligent Home. They first tried to add on an additional month to the contract end date. Once they had to concede that they were wrong on that date it gets even more outrageous.

I am out of contract on the 27th of this month. So I wanted to disconnect on the 27th or 28th whatever the first date that would fulfill the contract. However, I am not allowed to return the Touchpad control or the dedicated Netgear router for the (un)Intelligent Home because they must send someone out to make sure it is properly disconnected.

Now the touch pad is simply plugged into an electrical outlet and the router is plugged into an electric outlet and connected to their internet modem/router via cat 5 cable. But, they have to send someone out to do this...

However, they can't send someone out on the 27th or 28th. They can do it on the 25th in which case I will be billed $10 Early Termination Fee OR they can come out on the 31st and bill me for the service through the 31st for even more money. They need to be sued and sued real good. I am hunting for an attorney starting tomorrow.

I could generate pages of instances they should be sued for.

  • May 5, 2017

Spectrum is the worst cable company I have yet to NOT enjoy! I lose the picture, the sound goes off, or the picture is frozen. Time Warner Cable was the best I ever had, never had problems with them until Spectrum swapped over! I have been a cable customer for over 9 years and I'm thinking of switching to satellite that is available here in Florence, KY...

  • May 4, 2017

I received a letter for special pricing on internet, cable and phone service. I contacted Spectrum cable service and was quoted a price to upgrade my internet and to keep my TV and phone service the same, I accepted. 2 months later I called and inquired about my bill and was rold that I was not eligible for the special pricing. Again I was told that I would receive the special pricing but that I would need a new box. I agreed. The box was sent I connected the box and called Spectrum to connect it and my TV was dis-connected and so was my phone.

I spoke to 5 different associates and was hung up on 2x. I spent 3 hours on the phone with them, finally asked for a supervisor who did get my TV activated but I could not be connected with the same channels that I had previously. WHY ?? I asked, because it's a different service provider. I asked to be connected to my old service and was told I could not be switched back. 3 hours and 6 associates later and I have to re-program my TV. And still not at the price I was quoted.

I just want cable, phone amd internet with the channels I watch. Nothing more and nothing less. Time Warner Cable has been ripping cutomers off for years and now they changed the name to Spectrum and are continuing with the same old habits of rippimg customers off !!

  • Apr 11, 2017

Well, very simple to describe as all the others have done as well. Spectrum bought out Bfrighthouse networks. Brighthouse was ok and good at customer service and friendly at billing. Well, Spectrum is horrible. Told the public and me as a customer that my services and bill would not change on the buy out and takeover. That I am sure helped with the approval of the regulagtion agencies on their buyout. THEN immediately, they shot my bill from a total of $85 per month, to $120 per month, a 50% increase. Crooks in behavior. The billing department is composed of abusive people who whack on the customer if the customer starts objecting to things. Trick, lie, cheat, abuse, then abuse more from illegal billing. Do not use this cable company. Xfinity is not the best on the planet, but it is better. Avoid dish as well.

  • Mar 31, 2017

My internet is not working since last night. I cant get thru to this incompetent company. Never in my life have I got a busy signal to a business that deals with cable or internet. I'm using up all my data on my At&t service because I'm paying for no service!! This is outrageous I'm furious can someone please tell me who else provides internet in Orlando 32835 zip.

  • Mar 17, 2017

I swithed over my services to Verizon after being with TWC for a few years, I have contacted them multiple times about their slow and faulty internet service, I have given them many chances but was just fed up with their service so I finally switched over to Verizon on Nov 1, 2016. Spectrum continued charging me until December 28, 2016 even if I had called to have it disconnected and ported over to Verizon. They now claim that I never called because their notes say that I only called on November 23rd. I had called them earlier to cancel it and to get the address for the place where I could return their equipment. Now they are charging me more than $100 because their representative failed to put down on her notes.

I had called them again last month because the put me in collections, the girl I spoke to said that they are pulling it out and that I don't owe them anything anymore becasue I had returned the equipment. A week ago I had some harrassing phone calls from another collection agency for the same amount.

they have slow and faulty phone and internet service, they claim that it's fast enough but it is not, on top of that they will charge you a lot of fees and made up charges once you try to get out. STAY AWAY from spectrum

  • Mar 16, 2017


As the commercial goes, it's a brand new day. Well, it's a brand new company and it gets worse & worse each time!

I have been w/ this cable co. service provider for over 25 yrs. throughout all the buyouts from Adelphia (no problems then) to Time Warner Cable (nothing but problems!) turned Spectrum (the worst one ever!)

CUSTOMERS, BEWARE OF YOUR MONTHLY BILL! I have always paid my bill on time, often months in advance. Mine would often increase for no reason, as I never changed my cable & internet service at all.

The BIG trouble started last Dec. when my monthly bill increased yet another approx. $20 mo. for no apparent reason so I called to inquire. The TWC rep said he would adjust it back to the normal monthly rate. However, this set the BALL OF DESTRUCTION rolling in motion! I'd like to think it was due to sheer stupidity rather than vicious retaliation, but TWC disconnected ALL 8 OF MY TV'S during the Christmas holiday season! (I am a senior citizen.) This led to NUMEROUS apptmts. for their TWC turned Spectrum field reps to come out to "fix the problem."

Their definition of fixing the problem was to REFUSE TO RESTORE MY SERVICE UNLESS I AGREED TO PAY EVEN MORE MONEY (approx. $40 mo.) This meant turning in all my TWC boxes for Spectrum boxes. Of course, each apptmt. they would not have enough boxes or enough remotes, or the right type, or would re-schedule the dates/times due to delays on other apptmts. TOTAL MORONS! The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing down there and there is an obvious lack of training taking place for employees!

I finally had to resort to filing complaints with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION as I discovered this is the only way you can GET THEIR ATTENTION and GET THEM TO RESPOND TO YOU!

After MONTHS (this has gone on for 4 months now and counting) I finally got someone to adjust my rate close to the original rate I was paying w/ TWC in Nov. I was also promised 2 mo. free service as per my BBB complaint resolution demand but later they DENIED agreeing to that (as I said, the right hand....) Their employees come & go like a revolving door and they love to pass the buck from one dept. to the next. TOTAL INSANITY.

In a separate incident at another location, my disabled daughter happened to be leaving the property when a Spectrum field rep insisted she "let him in the property" claiming he needed access. Since we had no apptmt. scheduled, she refused to allow him access to the locked, gated property. HE THREATENED TO CALL THE POLICE ON HER!

I filed another BBB complaint asking for 1 mo. free service there (alot less than they'd pay as restitution in a lawsuit.) Once again, they refused, claiming it is "under investigation." Yeah, right.

Spectrum sends massive telemarketing flyers out to catch new customers advertising service @ $29.99 mo. each service or $89.97 mo. when bundled (TV/internet/voice) and free DVR, but they PUNISH their "longtime loyal customers" with price gauges @ nearly double the price!

WHY DO THEY DO THIS? BECAUSE THEY CAN! They have a monopoly on cable since they are the ONLY CABLE PROVIDER in the area. This is why they have lost nearly all of their customers who have gone to satellite providers.

I AM AMAZED A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT HAS NOT BEEN FILED AGAINST THEM for disconnecting customers service in order to force them to switch to Spectrum at an increased rate, as this surely must be against the law!!!

  • Feb 21, 2017

I was a customer of Time Warner and called Spectrum about their packages to compare. Was told that if I changed to their lines I would have every station that I currently had for a price of 106 dollars and some change. Also told that after switching lines I could not go back to Time Warner packaging. When I took my boxes over to Time Warner/Spectrum to return my current boxes and receive the new, that there was no such package and that my bill woul be $170 and some change and recalling Spectrum would do no good. Hooked up my new boxes and found that the package that they told me 6 to 8 times would be the same as the Time Warner Package I had, was not even close.

Called the Spectrum people back and they told me someone must have made a mistake. Although, when I talked the the person about the $106 price he said he called a supervisor to check the price and the cable package and I would definitely have the same cable packages I currently had for the $106 plus change pricing. Now I cannot change back to the Time Warner package because they don't have the codes. This too is a lie, because my brother also switched from Time Warner to Spectrum and had his switched back after he went through the same things that I did.

I called Spectrum back a third time to tell her my situation, the supervisor told me that there was nothing she could do and answered that if I wanted to change carriers that all I had to do was take my boxes and remotes back to Time Warner/Specturm office.

  • Feb 17, 2017

Existing customer. Spoke to retention services about adding internet. The retention specialist was specifically asked: " would I loose any channels". He replied no and stated I may even gain a couple. A price and install date date were set.

The install occurred and quess what I lost the channel I viewed most (WGN). SOOOO, I called and spoke to customer care (Oxymoron), then another retention specialist and quess what: I could only get that channel back if I increased my package and COST! It did not matter that I was lied to. Better yet, they could not return me to the package I had, it was no longer valid.

  • Feb 11, 2017

I just got spectrum cable installed . I saw in the spectrum add on free DVR service, after install, I was told I would have to pay $5.00 per month for the box to receive the free DVR service,it does not sound free to me now, lenny I believe they should provide 1 box. Or take the free DVR off their add. Lenny

  • Feb 1, 2017

I am a senior and live in a senior building. The building was built in the 70's and was wired by Time Warner, at that time. When I first moved into the building, we had free cable. They fixed it so that we had to pay. I was so upset with Time warner that I got ATT. All of a sudden my bill went up to $160 per month. I can't afford that. I live on soc. security. I had talked to one of time warner's managers and told her that some of us can't even get out of bed and that was our only entertainment. I guess no one cares. I have no tv at all now and can't get tv. There are limited cable companies in our area (att or time warner).Can't someone do something for us old people on limited incomes? It's just terrible! I'll bet their parents don't have to live like that! ATT does have a plan where you can get internet for only $10, if you are on SSI. That won't work for me because I have 2 tv's and a laptop computer. It's just too slow. You are also on a limited data plan. Help!

  • Nov 21, 2016

I was switched from Time Warner to Spectrum I was paying 54.92 well they asked me to add tv phone so I did payment went up, then after few months called ansked to cancel and they siad they would give me a deal $119.00 for phone tv internet then I get bill $190.00 Previous bill was 149.00 so they totally lied and did not put me to 119.00 They show no notes the supervisor called me several times and she changed my phone number when she added service again no notes, so I said ok drop me back down to the internet only now there charging me way more! This is ther way from getting you away from the grandfathered TWC amounts you used to pay. Now my bill went to 190 oh this company is bad news!

They Lie and they dont keep records how convenient. Very upset with this Company, please make sure its all in writting and signed.

  • Oct 26, 2016

I received my first cable bill since the change over to spectrum from time warner , and noticed a dramatic increase in monthly charges. I called the main number to billing and customer service. I spoke to them regarding my bill and they informed me that there was another increase next month which my bill was going from 179.00 to 224.00. And this was due to spectrum was not honoring TWC discounts. The next conversation was I asked what they could do for me regarding my bill they stated they could keep it almost the same but it cost me 34.00 to have a tech come change my equipment. So I stated that we're is all of this written and why was I not informed, they had no answer. My next conversation was when I requested a supervisor needless to say the response was the same, but I then asked to lower my bill by removing features an he stated the cost would be at a higher price and that my choice was the triple play and pay 34.00 or let my bill go to 224.00 as the result if I pay the 34.00 and take a day off work without pay all in all will cost me a hole lot more. The advertising done on television is a fraud it only applies to new customers.


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