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Parisian Glow

Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Petersburg
Address PO Box 35482
Phone 1-888-436-4265

Parisian Glow Reviews

  • Nov 9, 2017

I have called this company with no answer and emailed twice with no answer. Requested auto ship stop and a full refund of all nonused product which is everything they sent me. Filed complaint with the BBB and they did not get a response either. Don’t know where to turn next. Was to be a trial order for 9.00 and turned out to be 205.00 and an additional 1000.00 + the day AFTER I filed with BBB they sent another shipment and less then a month another shipment. I really need my money returned. I’m a single parent with limited income since loosing my husband almost 2 years ago. Is there anyone that stands up for those taken advantage of?

  • Oct 17, 2017

This company offers a free trial for face and eye cream. Without authorization they send monthly products not requested, signed up for or authorized. They continue to fraudulently charge your account and the only way to stop them is to report the charges to your bank or financial institution. They do not answer your call at the 888 number provided or return your calls as promised.

  • Aug 26, 2017

Biggest ripoff ever! Got abused by the nasty man who answered the phone when I tried to cancel, and got charged over $90 each for two TINY (and I mean “TINY”) bottles of this stuff. Can’t even use it now because it makes me so sick that I got so ripped off on it! Then, I just found out that (probably in the extremely small print) that I also got entered into some e-magazine that I never got. Saw it on my credit card bill after 3 months of being charged. Of course, couldn’t get a refund, but could only cancel future e-magazines (that I NEVER got even once)! NEVER BEEN SO RIPPED OFF BY A SCAM BEFORE! Also, NEVER BEEN TREATED SO RUDELY AND VERBALLY ABUSED BY A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP EVER! DO NOT BUY…..BUYER BEWARE!

  • Aug 21, 2017

BUYER BEWARE: Parisian Glow and Bella Restor sell moisturizers on the internet using false claims and endorsements to charge exorbitant fees for products that are NOT EFFECTIVE I fell for this SCAM and lost $360 ($90/mo) for a product that did not remove or even diminish age Lines around the eyes or on face at all after one year of use twice daily. READ FINE PRINT or TERMS. IF you buy, you only have 14 days to receive, try, contact customer service, cancel, and return! They will charge you $90/mo until you cancel and will not accept returns!! Terms admitted endorsements by Obama and others, and pictures of astounding results are "fictitious." Products are not tested by USDA nor has any medical tests been made per terms! It is probably no different than the cheapest moisturizer you can buy. It feels like Jurgan's Lotion to me. FED UP Covington Louisiana

  • Aug 18, 2017

Parisian Glow Cream was something I came across on an infomercial in the middle of the night last May. The claims were that it was endorsed by Shark Tank and it showed many scenes from Shark Tank endorsing their product. I cannot find any claim from Shark Tank that it actually evver endorsed this product, or even had them on their show. I am seeing other rip off reports that they use Shark Tank to endorse their product falsely.

I applied for their free trial only and ended up paying like $68. by the time all the charges added up. I never received anything. 3 months later, between July and August they took out bank drafts of $95. five times from my checking account. I received 2 tiny bottles of cream and suddenly a tinier tube of something they said I applied for. So for 500. I received 3 tiny bottles of a cream that does nothing and they charged me for 5 orders.

Customer service said they delivered "most" of them to my house, though they couldn't produce proof anything before August. They refused to reimburse me for any of the charges even when I told them I was charged twice in 2 weeks totalling $200. without product. The products that I did receive, I kept in the boxes and offered to send them back. They still refused to refund my checking account.

This is clearly a scam and I have since seen them on the internet under different names with the same false information about being endorsed by all 4 sharks on Shark Tank. They need to be stopped and sued for damages. Please let me know if you're interested in pursuing a civil suit. I also reported them to The Better Business Bureau and The Attorney General. Please do the same if you have been a victim of this business.

  • Aug 17, 2017

Sent a free trial. Turns out that the product didn't work as shown or described. $4.95 free tial was fine but then they sent out 2 more bottles about 3 weeks later and charged out CC 94.92 for eye serum and 94.91 for Skin cream. We tried to contact but no way to get a hold of anyone. A second shipment was sent out a few weeks later and charged again. There should be a laws against this crap. Please help.

  • Aug 14, 2017

Product does not perform as advertised. It is a scam just as the other miracle skin care products are on the Internet.

  • Aug 14, 2017

Product does not perform as advertised. It is a scam just as the other miracle skin care products are on the Internet.

  • Aug 12, 2017

Went to their website, didn't trust anything advertising on FB about the new revolutionary cream that removes bags/wrinkles from under the eye in just a few minutes. They advertised their product that did the same thing. Ordered it for $32.00+. Website did not say anything about enrolling in a monthly subscription for their skincream products. This was a one time order. They enrolled me. Have recieved several products from them. One a month. No return address on boxes. I used the first product thinking it was what I ordered. It was not. The product they sent did nothing for my skin. It is heavy feeling, sticky to the touch. Makeup will not blend well with this on. CC company called me to verifiy this order. I disputed it, because I did not order the product I recieved. They have been paying this each month. I called PG and told them to stop sending me this sh*t. Because that's what it is. They agreed to give me a 35% refund for each of the shipments. I said I was sending the products back to them. He said it wouldn't be possible. They would not accept them even unopened. My loss for being so dumb and slow to get this handled. $94.00 a month is outrageous for this crap that doesn't work and not the product I ordered. This is a bait and scam company. The customer service rep was hard to understand and not caring. Neither was I.

  • Aug 10, 2017

Not able to stop auto shipping. Have called twice and they continue to ship.

  • Jul 26, 2017

I purchased Parisian glow skin product, allegedly by "Johanna Gaines" it was for shipping cost only. I was not aware of The 14 day trial. They took 178.00 from my account. Will not REFUND Scam

  • Jul 25, 2017

Accepted a trial offer for a product called Parisian Glow. Product was "free" with only a shipping charge of $9.95 for each of two products. Apparently, the fine print, which was NOT included in the confirmation email, requires one to cancel the order (or return the product - I don't know which) within the two week "trial period." After that two weeks, the ful price for the product is then charged, $89.95. for each product.

It also seems that the "fine print" automatically enrolls one in an autoship program. This is not specificed in the email receipt and no further emails are sent to confirm the monthly shipment, just a charge on the credit card.

Contact to the company was less than good customer service and I was notified that returns are not accepted.

The advertising for this product is incredibly deceptive. The "free trial" is in fact, not free, except for two weeks. The terms of the agreement are very unreasonable, confusing, and obscured in legal terminology. I was not able to return to those terms of agreement to verify for myself the actual terms. The terms were relayed to me via customer service. The email receipt did not restate those terms or highlight the need to cancel/return the item within that brief two week trial.

  • Jul 19, 2017

I was not aware you had to call customer service within 14 dsys to cancel. I have now been charged 85 and 89 dollars respectively. I contacted company, very rude and will not refund. In the e-mail confirmation i received when i ordered and also in the products , there was no mention of calling in 14 days to cancel. Big rip-off!

  • Jul 19, 2017

The product "Parision Glow" is complete crap. Flakes off your skin. The scam is that they also -unknown to purchaser for the "free trial gift"- sign you up for some fake magazine, and continuously charge your credit card (they need it for "shipping") for this incredibly horrible product. The scam continues, as they repeatedly send more of this Nasty Product; charging your credit card all the while for a ridiculous amount.

I will never buy any beauty product again. Yes, I was scammed- but- Read This, and it won't happen to you. Total Crap Product.

  • Jul 17, 2017

This company is a ridiculous scam! They claim to have a "free trial" that you must cancel within 14 days in order to avoid a full charge of $89.92 monthly for their terrible product. After leaving the website it is impossible to find again. They send one original no-rereply email and give no contact except for unmarked boxes with vague info and packing slips with no website address, telephone number or email contact anywhere to be found. I never received a receipt or confirmation at all. They make it impossible to contact to cancel the subscription. Once I was finally able to call to cancel I spoke to one agent named Erica whom was very rude and then transferred to a "supervisor" named Jackie who was just as rude. They stated I was locked into a legal binding contract (which I never received a copy of) so they would not be issuing any refund. Now I'm out $300 with a horrible product that is not worth the $4.97 shipping.

  • Jul 15, 2017

I was offered a "free trial" of Parisian glow skin cream and eye serum. Thinking I was signing up for a sample I ordered the products and paid roughly $10.00. Immediately after ordering the trial I looked online for reviews. I saw that many people were saying they were charged for things they never ordered. I sent the company an email to please cancel my order. I received no reply so I emailed again a few days later stating that I didn't authorize any additional charges to my account and should I receive any charges I will treat them as fraud. I received the products in the mail even though I had cancelled the order(or tried to anyway). I thought that would be the end of it except a month later I received more products that I didn't order and when I looked at my bank account I had been charged $500 for 4 bottles of skin products that I never actually ordered. When I called the company I spoke with about 5 different representatives and each and every one of them were completely rude, some of them even yelled at me. One in particular named Eric even said "you did this to yourself, you signed up for this". No actually I signed up for what I thought was a sample which is something a lot of legitimate companies do but this one happens to be a scam. When I tried to disconnect with Eric because he was yelling at me he proceeded to call me back multiple times. I finally picked up and said he was harassing me to which he replied "why did you answer my call then?" This company is a literal nightmare. I've had to cancel my credit card to make sure there are no additional charges. On the day I called to cancel they went ahead and charged me an additional $100.00 for no reason. I'm working with my bank to try to dispute the charges. Since I have proof that I sent the company emails asking to cancel the order and stating that I didn't authorize any further charges I might be able to get my money back.

  • Jul 12, 2017

Ripoff company and product! False commercial and advertising! Not even worth $4.95. I returned the product and I paid the return label. What they did was used my Fedex shipping account without telling me, charged and return the product back to me! On top of that they charged me $9.90+$84.95. What kind of business is that? Customer satisfaction guaranteed? this company needs to stop! I'll join people who are lawsuit against this company!

  • Jul 12, 2017

This company advertised that they were owned by Joanna Gaines, from Fixer Upper. Unfortunately, I fell for this false news but thought I read the trial order carefully. They placed the product on auto renew - charging me almost $200 for the next shipment & will not take the product back.

  • Jul 11, 2017

I was duped by this company, big time! I ordered a trial of a product and agreed to pay the shipping and handling ONLY. Now I find I'm being charged $95 twice (in additional to the initial shipping) for products that I didn't receive. (I received another shipment, but am being charged for two - but I DID NOT agree to any automatic shipments at all! When I called the company, I get this rude person named Kiana who insisted I didn't read the 'terms of my agreement'. Of course, there were NO terms. I'm really careful about stuff like that and paid particular attention to the details. Having found nothing at all that indicated 'auto shipment' or agreement beyond the initial S&H I moved forward. The only reason I trusted them is because they were linked to the 'Shark Tank' and appeared to be 'funded'. I am so angry - even though they agreed to refund me 30% of both charges, I am still too outdone. They basically stole $133 of my money! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

  • Jul 10, 2017

Parisian Glow

Total repeat sale rip off!!! Lots of credit card chrges from Peepsskn and Peepseye. I got $400+ in charges in two months.

Bad cream too. Gave me pimples!!

  • Jul 4, 2017

Offering a free trial followed by a lengthy small print trap, you order by credit card. They auto refill you within 30 days and charge your card $190! I see it been reported before. Well, it's true. Don't do it.

  • Jun 29, 2017

I ordered amtrial jar of pariaian glow and paid 4.99 for shipping when it arrived they had included a bottle of eye serum and charged $4.99 shipping I did not see any where that it said i had to call and cancel or i would be charged $89.95 each to get more.

  • Jun 23, 2017

I ordered the 30day FREE Trial, then 10 days later my credit card was billed for $179.87. When I called their customer service # 888-436-4265 I was told that they did not have a return policy, and that the minute i checked the box stating that I was over the age of 18, then I was agreeing to their terms...which by the way are not stated on the sign-up for the free trial. Their terms... that I would be billed EVERY month for the above amount, and that they did not offer returns nor refunds. They would take back the unopened package nor refund my money to my CC. I am now contacting my CC company to dispute the charges. Beware

  • Jun 21, 2017

Charged my credit card over 200.00 and tried charging me 19.99 for magazine. Never authorized these charges. Call company and all you get is recording someone will be with you shortly, 30 min later i hung up. Called 2 numbers and got same thing.

  • Jun 17, 2017

Charged twice a payment for Parisian glow revitalizing moisturizer 89.99 and Parisian glowcadvanced lifting serum 89.99 both charged to my Credit card before trail date I called to talk to someone I was told it was a legal binding sale and I was looking to get a freebie I told the rep I would gladly send their product back I was told it was contaminated. It is a total ripoff buyer beware!! They also need better customer service skills you rip off consumer then tell them you ordered it.I was called a liar more then once in this conversation so. Hurt by being ripped off and told There was no record of a call cancellation to cancel product. Total Ripp off scam.

  • Jun 17, 2017

I ordered a "trial" of Parisian Glow on line for just a shipping cost of 4.99. This somehow turned into 2 products when I hit submit. There was absolutely no mention of additional charges will apply in 14 day if I didn't call and cancel. In fact, the confirmation email on 5/29/17, did not even a phone provide a phone number, just a shipping tracking number. On June 10th, I was absoulutely shocked to see I had been charged 89.00 twice! When I called to inquire, I was given the same run around as the others who made reports on this predatory, decietful ,and fraudulent company.

  • Jun 16, 2017

All I was told I had to pay was for the shipping of $4.95. I ordered this free product on 5/25/2017 and they tried to charge my bank account on 6/2/2017. Thank goodness my bank blocked them from making the charge. They are misleading and rude.

Parisian Glow is misleading and a rip off.

  • Jun 16, 2017

This complaint is in regards to a skin care product focused on wrinkle improvement and an eye cream produced by a company called Parisian Glow. It is being advertised on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and probably numerous other places. I decided to order their free trial and just pd shipping of $9.96 for both products. Most legitimate types of new products include the ability to cancel the subsequent orders that they will automatically send you if you don't notify then within 30 days ( or some time period) This ad did not state that, i just reviewed it and did not notify the customer of future charges. I should have known better. BUt even if a product arrves that you do no want, I've never had anyone refuse to take it back and refund you. This company is a scam, I googled it and found many other complaints and would like to add mine. I will also find how to file a complaint for bogus ads and companies on Facebook which is where i saw the ad.

  • Jun 12, 2017

I saw the ad everyday while I was online; Product looked to be supported by one of the ABC show Sharks, the blonde woman. I like her and I clicked on the ad to see what it was about, it said "never wear make up again"

It was a free trial for face cream to remove wrinkles in gals over 50. Claimed you just had to pay shipping on this order. So i clicked to try one pot of cream. They spread the shipping out into 2 diff charges for some reason. I got an evelope in the mail with 2 different products, cream and also a serum of some sort. There was no return name/address nor any paper in the envelope. No statement, invoice, directions, mention of the Shark women from the ad. It was very strange. I assumed they would send me a bill and set it aside. I still haven't tried the product I ordered nor the extra serum they tossed in without my permission.

2 wks later on JUN8 my checking account was dinged for $89. I was so upset. that was our grocery money all planned out for the month. The very next day the account was dinged for another $89! There was no phone number or contact info on this charge, but the one done the day before did have a phone number attached. (strange that the two vendor names did not match!?)

I talked to a Grace in cust care who informed me coldly that there were no refunds. I repeated I have not used the product and want to return it today. She just kept at it, we are a company of no refunds. I told her that's impossible, even with a trial product, if not satisfied, you can always send it back in America. so aggravating. she asked me if I would remain in their program if she offered a 50% discount next time and a free bottle. I said no. she made another offer of that sort, with 2 free bottles of product but I said i would not being doing business with them and got a cancellation number.

I have read many complaints this weekend and see that some have actually gotten all refunded but a $10 restocking fee, so I'm even more angry that i got no where while talking to them.

Can anyone help? I want resolution and plan to go next to Florida attorney general and Better Business Bureau.

IF they are even really located in florida. If you read the front page of their website, the english is not written by someone whose first language is English. Its strange and stilted and has the oddest way of punctuating many words. I wish I had never used my debit card as now they have my checking acct info and may very well charge me again next week, who knows?!

  • Jun 12, 2017

This company is a rip off, I got my trail creme and then they charged my card 89.92 for other products they refused to gibe me a refund , said they had no log of me cancelling . Do not order this creme from any website. They are horrible not even sure if product even works. They wouldn't allow me to speak to a supervisor and only offered back 50%, still haven't received that either. They are horrible.

  • Jun 10, 2017

I ordered 1jar of Parisian Glow face cream from a early morning info-merciless from Angelina Jolie beauty company. It was for only $4.99,no shipping or handling within the next 15 minutes.I read the information and turned down several more offers they kept trying to get me to also buy. I did check unscribe to any other offers being made. I felt I would try this because maybe it was a good product and for the one time cost of less than $5.,what was so bad!then I got the pkg. And was totally shocked. There was no receipt inside,no phone number to call,nothing about Ms. JOLIE at all.,not even a company name.then today June 9,2017 I get another unmarked package. My order was in April 22,2017.I do not want this merchandise andI plan to send it back.I hope this is a good move on my behalf.would like very much not to be billed $89.for a 1oz.jar of something that doesn't work. I happen to see another infomercial and it said that they would bill you monthly for $89..It has been more than month from first delivery and that is definitely false advertising. Please help me to have them acknowledge my 1 purchase.And send me a proper invoice. Also refund any extra charges. Thank you so much for acknowledging my complaint.I am a recent amputee and I can't afford to be scamed even for any amount . Or get to an from the post office.

  • Jun 9, 2017

I ordered the parisian glow product online. They got my address wrong. I called to correct the address knowing that this was going to happen told the young lady with whom I spoke that I wanted to cancel the order she did not and now I am charged $90.00.

They claim satisfaction guaranteed. I am not satisfied and they dont care now that they have my $90.00.

  • Jun 6, 2017

I guess I fell for a scam. I ordered what I thought were free samples of a skin cream and an eye cream off of an online site. I paid $4.99 for shipping. The next thing I see, was two payments of over $80 deducted from my bank account. When I called their phone number, the woman said "too bad, it was in the ad that they would do that". I never saw that, and she said she couldn't send me the information. She said that there were no refunds, that I would have to order again to see the "fine print." UGH. I can't believe I got stuck paying all that money for two small skin care items. Is there anything we cand do?

  • Jun 6, 2017

I saw the host of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" doing an informercial for skin care cream one day, thinking that the host looked great and it was inexpensive to order, so I decided to give it a try. When I received the face cream, I honestly frogot I had it and only used it twice. The next month, (two weeks later) I look at my bank statement online and find a charge to my account for almost $90.

I called to find out what the charges were for and was told that it had been a trial and my reoccurring charge had started. I told them that I had not signed up for a trial and wanted my money returned to my account. The charges are nonrefundable, but they would cancel so no further charges accour. Luckily my bank returned the money to me. I found sites with alot of complains about them. I also emailed the host of one of my favorite shows to inform he how the company she is representing is scamming people out of lots of money. I have yet to receive a response. I sitll have yet to use the cream.

  • Jun 5, 2017

This is the email I sent to the fake company ---

PLEASE CANCEL my order of Parisian Glow Cream and Eye Serum. I just ordered within the last 45 minutes, and went to look at the shark tank episode featuring the two girls you show as being the creators, and obviously it is fraudulent. This product was never on Shark Tank. The faces of the two women used are pitching bathing suits. I found the episode in about 8 minutes on the ABC website.

So, I am alerting you that my order needs to be cancelled. DO NOT SEND the product. I am calling Visa and telling them to flag all charges from you as fraud. They will protect me, and will not pay you. Guessing there is a class action suit brewing which I happily join.

I also called and spoke with an operator at 888-436-4265, who said she was based in California. "Jenny" said she worked for a company that handled free sample promotions for over 200 companies, but was not willing to give me the name of the company that handled the promotions for these vendors. This is odd. I asked for a supervisor and she said she was a supervisor. I asked for HER supervisor and the name of the company she worked for again, neither (of course) would she do, because this is fraud.

Of course operators can always disclose the name of the company for which they are working.

"Jenny" said that she cancelled both orders, and refunded the money for both orders.

I'm contacting my friend who works on Shark Tank and people I know at ABC, and I'm contacting VISA, to make sure they know to start fraud proceedings against this company as well as the company who services the "free promotions" for, well since I couldn't get the company name, we'll just call it "Jenny's Company".

  • Jun 2, 2017

I replied to an online offer for a skin cream and eye serum to help with wrinkles. It was supposed to be a free offer for shipping costs only. I received the products. Then when I got my credit card bill, they had charged me for the shipping and two weeks later charged me $89.92 for the cream and $89.95 for the eye serum. I called, but they told me I should have called within two weeks to keep from being charged for the product. They said their website reflected this, but it did not.

  • Jun 1, 2017

On 2/27/17 I made the mistake of ordering from Parisian Glow the free trial pay shipping only. That's not true. I was billed 89.42 then credited all in the same day. I called to cancel the operator talked me into thinking about it, if I wanted to continue I needed to call back by 4/10/17 I did not call back thinking this was cancelled. Upon getting my statement from my bank I had been charged 89.42 & 91.36 that was on 4/10&4/11/17. So I called back and cancelled again on 5/7/17 . Got my statement again 5/30/17. On 5/06&07/17 I was billed another 89.42 & 91.36 I cancelled before the 30 day cycle. Now I was told there had been products sent. Like I'm some kind of liar. This is such a scam. Ladies beware like you will be out several hundreds of dollars and nothing to show for it. What you see on Facebook is a lie. It's a shame to see that Christy Brinkley endorses this product.

  • Jun 1, 2017

Don't know how they got my name and billing address I don't want this and I didn't order this..they billed me by credit card..

  • May 31, 2017

Paid $4.95 for eye serum, then ordered a cream during the ordering process then found $89.92 charge on my CC today. I called and they said that was a 14 day trial and it ended yesterday so they charged me the full amount. $89.92. And they started the 14 day trial period the day BEFORE I ordered. How unethicl is that. I have email from them that says my order date was 5/16, but on the ohone they said it was 5/15. And the 14th day ends at 12:01am according to them. I've only had the cream for a couple of days.

Offered me 35% off next order, then 50% off next order, then 75% off next order, then 35% credit. I am going to dispute this with my credit card company so I didn't take the 35% refund. Rip Off --- there was nothing about the $89.92 during the ordering process that I remember (and I read the fine print). I can't get back to the order screen though to get screen shots and confirm I missed it, which is very weird. Still trying. Whole thing is unethical. Dont order. It's a shame this was endorsed by Shark Tank. I was able to cancel my account.

  • May 30, 2017

On Facebook there was a free trial ad and I clicked on it, it said I could get these samples for 4.95 for shipping . I didn't see that I only had 14 days to cancel in the terms and at that time they would take 89.99 out of your account! Well they did! When I called to get the RMA number to authorize return and refund according to there terms, they said they don't take returns. But it says it in there terms! Never received anything back they were rude and very disrespectful!

  • May 22, 2017

I took advantage of a fee trial offer from Parisian Glow for $4.99 & when they sent me confirmation on my order I saw that they would continue sending for 89.95! I immediately texted back to cancel that order & was told I could return it but it would cost me $10.95 to send back. So I kept it but request to no longer continue with them. He told me I'd have to call back by May 19 and forgot to call til this morning & was told I was 7 hrs. too late. I called my credit card company only to find out that not only did they charge $89.95 but an additional $84.00 under a different first name

  • May 20, 2017

In a moment of gullible wishfulness I signed up online to purchase a sample of Parisian Glow and the accompaning eye cream at sample prices of $4.97 and $4.99 - without reading the fine print. I used it for 2 or 3 days before life events distracted me from the routine of using them. My credit card bill came with the correct charges. I proceeded to forget about the stuff. The next month's charges shocked me that I had mistakenly signed up for the price of $89.92 for the face cream and $84.96 for the eye cream! I refused delivery of the package and returned it to sender.

Today 5/19/2017 my credit card called to notify me of a hold put on my account because the charges were not my normal spending habit and they wanted me to verify them. They graciously explained that unless I called the offending company - not just refuse delivery - I am liable for the payment. I called the number on my credit card statement for the company. I was told that the company "does not take returns so the product would just be returned to me" and that they would not give refunds for products sent until I called them. Plus I had already passed the "14 day" time limit from the sample offer to cancel the subscription. Had I known the full price for the product from the beginning I would not have even ordered the sample. I don't remember seeing the full price any place on the website where I ordered the sample, and I don't remember anything about signing up for a subscription for the stuff.

So now I have almost 3 months worth of skincare product all paid for but it makes me mad just thinking about using it; mad enough to take the time to write this all out. Still don't know if it does anything that it claims to do. But at almost $90 and $85 it ought to be miracle stuff and everyone on the planet would be lining up to buy it - Not!

  • May 15, 2017

Order a sample size of Parisian Glow cream and sample size of serum Parisian Glow. This is a sample size for $9.95. They give you 14 days to cancel. If you don't cancel they send you the same order sample size for cream $84.99 serum $89.93. They refuse to take back the second order they sent me. I went online to find prices of their product and there were none. I tryed talking to different people managers no one refund me. So they did send me a free sample same which is same size at regular price. The price isn't worth the product.

  • May 10, 2017

I was interrupted on line reading and received this article about Angelina Jolie's miracle face cream.I asked for payment for only shipping and processing. I read all the terms twice looking for a catch. They tried to sell more products as I tried to finalize the order.It was the last day they said to take orders.this was April 22,2017.I received a poorly packed package and a receipt that was incomplete.There was no mention of extra cost and Angelina's name was no where on the invoice. Only how many an24oz. the jar weighs;it only was 1oz. The phone on line was not in service. I would like my charge refunded andI have read now, it's a charge of $89.Monthly.this was and is not in the terms on line or television.This is false advertising and I cannot afford this charge,at all.Please help me.I only ordered because I am disabled now and can't get to stores to buy things like this.

  • May 8, 2017

I bought this trial of Parisian glow skin cream! Got the trial and all that and I woke this morning to having $90 out of my account for what?? I want to know who to call to get my money back! I am highly pissed off I didn't realize it was going to end up taking out $90 out of my account!

  • May 5, 2017

I ordered a free sample of Parisian Glo skin care cream and was told all I had to pay was shipping of $4.95

I was up-sold for a "ALso purchased with" eye serum for an additional $4.95 for shipping. Neither product did anything to change the appearance of my face, as advertised.

I apparently failed to cancel within a certain number of days and my credit card was charged without authorization for an additional $200.00.

I filed a complaint with my bank, whoc contacted Parisian Glo. Per my bank, Parisian Glo was willing to work with me directly for the disputed amount.

I phoned Parisian Glo and spoke with a CSR, who was rude, talked over me, interrupted me and told me my account was closed and there was nothing they cuold do to help me.

I spoke with Bruno, her supervisor, and was told the same thing. Even after reading the letter from my bank verbatim, Bruno said he couldn't do anything as my account was closed.

My account was closed because my bank Cancelled my card to prevent them taking any more funds from me.

Don't fall for this. It is a scam and you will not get your money back. God help you if you don't cancel your credit card.

  • May 4, 2017

My wife placed an order for a trial bottle of parisian skin cream for the $4.99 cost of shipping but unfortunately didn't pay close attention to the fine print. Embedded in about the 14th paragraph of the fine print was information about a recurring $89 charge starting if she didn't cancel with 14 days. On the 14th day the $89.92 charge showed up. I saw it while going over the account that day and immediately called the fraud department of our bank not knowing anything about who was charging us. They gave me the number of the merchant (Parisian Glow) so we called and asked them to cancel and complaining we never knowingly agreed to the extra charges.

They emailed a cancellation notice but did NOT refund the money. The next week a $17.98 credit from them showed up on our account. I called again insisting they refund the remaining $71.94 but they said they could see where there was a dispute filed through our bank and since the bank paid the $89.92 they won and we lost the dispute. I called the bank fraud department back and discussed further pursuing this fraud, had them block any future charges on the credit card and issue another one with a new number. Doing an internet search I see where a very large number of people are complaining about this disceptive Parisian Glow Skin Cream company. I hope some lawyers file a class action suit and shut them down.

  • May 1, 2017

I ordered a small sample of thier skin cream for $ 4.95 pay the shipping only and two weeks later was told I ordered it to be shipped out to me every month and they proceeded to take $89.99 more out of my account ! They are a total rip off !

  • Apr 19, 2017

The customer orders a "free sample" of a skin care product on the website for a "shipping fee" of $4.99. This business then removes $84-$90 from the customer's credit card account EVERY month on a recurring basis (the customer never receives any products or services). Parisian Glow achieves this by tricking the customer into buying a "subscription" without the customer realizing it.

  • Apr 18, 2017

I also purchased the "trial" product and paid about $5 dollars for it, it asked if I wanted to try another product and I also said ok for that one as well. Well, I guess that I didn't read the fine print that DOESNT show up on the computer screen! and was charged about $90.00 for the product as well, then i started getting 2 bottles a month that i never wanted!. I also called to cancel it and they gave me more than a hard time the guy actualluy started fighting on the phone with me! he picked the wrong guy!. I called my C/C company and they said they would get me a refund also they said that this company is violating there agreement with recurring unlawfull charges. it amazes me that this shark tank investor Lori Greiner is not aware of this unless this is how you become a millionaire or billionaire!


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