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Hewlett-Packard Reviews

  • Dec 3, 2020

I was so excited about the laptop I purchased from you on Cyber Monday. I really needed a good deal, as money has been so tight with the pandemic, and I thought I had found the perfect fit when I happened upon an HP ENVY X360 starting at $349. After spending two hours playing with the specs, I finally settled on everything I wanted. I purchased the product and was sent an email confirming my purchase and assured me my device would be shipped out shortly.

Only today, while checking my bank account today, I noticed a refund of my purchase. I checked my emails to find HP sent a message today (12/3/2020) simply stating they cancelled my laptop purchase, with no explanation as to why. I had to call customer service to be told HP would not be honoring my purchase because there was a pricing tier issue on their website. Miss Janen (ID#2161245) informed me that the issue was on HP's part, but they would not honor the price. So i asked to be transferred.

I then waited an hour to speak to a supervisor. A man, who claimed his name was Felix, told me he was the supervisor. I explained the issue, and he again reiterated that I was welcome to purchase the laptop at the price it was listed at now, which is now $500 more expensive. He said that he was not a manager, and only a manager could help me. I asked him what a supervisor was if not a form of management. At this point, I asked for his ID#, and I was hung up on.

This was the second time in a week. I called HP to get tech support not even three days before this for my printer, and was told by an employee, "Sounds like your computer, not the printer. Figure it out, ma'am." and was then hung up on.

I believe HP is in desperate need of revamping their approach to customer service, and should DEFINITELY honor the price listed on their website. For something that was supposedly a glitch, I spent around two hours on the specs, and the price was ALWAYS listed at $349. It didn't change price halfway through, or upon checking out.

I highly suggest they stop trying to save money by outsourcing to angry individuals who obviously have serious superiority complexes

  • Oct 13, 2020

One year ago I purchased with cash an HP Officejet Pro 6978. Ink cartridges for the unit were costly, so I decided to enroll to the HP Instant Ink program. After doing so, I was not told that the unit would be disabled and unusable if my debit card info was not kept updated. After the Coronavirus shut-down, my shop suffered great loss.

I found out that my printer could no longer be used as the microchips enabled into the unit would disable all function and it would no longer be operable. Now I have a printer and ink that I paid for (with cash) that is completely unusable and left in the hands of HP Corporate and their decision to retire my machine. I was lied to and misled.

  • May 15, 2020

I purchased a printer based on an ink program. I was to be given free ink for six months and that after six months Hewlett Packard would start charging me for my ink usage. The company charged me for using 700 pages of ink this February, 2020. When I called to complain, Hewlett Packartd said I only used 50 pages if ink and that my bill should be $2.99. But, Hewlett Packard kept dipping into my checking account and charging me for 700 pages. After it happened a second time, I called my bank and changed debit card numbers and I called Hewlett Packard. After spending hours on the phone with representatives from India and Boston and around the world, I was told that I would have to pay the $21.19 because my account was in terrible arrears.

I told each rep to tell me what I truly owed, but I was told their supervisors would not talk to me unless I continued to pay the $21.19. Their records show I only used a small amount of ink. They refused to tell me what I owed and wanted payment. They said if the company owed me money they would make a refund aftr several months. They refused to let me talk to an executive because I would not pay what they tried to strong arm me into paying. They cut me off so as to ender my printer useless. The printer is substandard because the paper drawer is made from thin plastic and is volnerable to damage by just trying to open the paper dispenser. I want my money back for the printer and I want a record showing that I tried to settle with them.

This has been a terrible wasted of my time and my effort.

I can see why there are so many reports of bad experiences with customers. This company was once thought of as reputable. Instead, through its representatives and standards of policy, this company is fraudulent.

  • Jan 31, 2020

Wont even work with a new full HP XL cartridge. Apears to be a new HP scam to force you to buy a new printer after a couple years of very limited service. I will never buy HP again. Printers, ink, computers etc. they are a ripoff and scam buyers - so when I have to go out and buy a new printer tomorrow and return the brand new HP ink cartridge I bought today, you better know I will never buy another Piece of crap HP printer.

  • Nov 23, 2019

Called HP tech support to find out why data transmission through the usb type C port was slow on my brand new HP laptop. Told me there was firmware available for free download that would increase data speed. When I called back to get the download was told I am out of warranty and need to pay $49.99 to get THE "FREE DOWNLOAD".

The call was clearly outsourced to India and the guy spent 30 minutes convincing me that my problem would be solved within the next few minutes. He assured me after hearing the details of the issue that this was something they could help with. I was not worried about providing my credit card info because I have been using HP products since the 90's and thought I was dealing with a reputable company.

I paid the $49.99 and was transferred to a tech support agent who immediately told me there is no such firmware available for download and never has been. He also said their sales department will lie and say anything to get your money and he was sick of dealing with frustrated angry customers.

Right away I asked to be refunded since they clearly could not provide the firmware and was told there is no way to get a refund without speaking to a case manager??? I was told someone would call me within 3-4 days??? I work 12 hour days and told them the hours I would be available to take a call.

The case manager ignored that information and called while I was at work in a meeting and left a message with no contact info. I called back and after a long series of transfers with extended hold times was told I would have to start the whole process over again. This went on for several cycles each call lasting more than an hour with ridiculously long hold times and dead end transfers and disconnects where I would have to call back and explain over and over again the reason for my call.

I spent hours arguing with "supervisors" who were rude and dismissive. After 2 or 3 weeks I was finally able to get a case manager on a call. They promised to cancel and refund within 5-7 days. Weeks go by with no refund. By this time I noticed they had also charged an additional $14.99 to my card. I called back and am told I cannot get the 49.99 refunded and that they plan on charging a recurring $14.99 a month.

After arguing with their outsourced Indian supervisor for another 45 minutes I was set up once again to have a call with a "case manager" which is supposedly the only way to cancel. Finally got on a call a week or so later with the elusive case manager who promised to cancel and sent me an email confirming cancellation.

I finally got the $49.99 refunded and was assured there would be no further charges so I thought it was over. 3 months go by and they start charging my card $14.99 a month again. I call back and find out she did not cancel my service but gave me 2 free months and started the billing again???? I have been trying to cancel this again for 2 weeks now with no luck.

I am cancelling that card. This is a SCA|M - all this time and trouble and I have never gotten anything from this company. In addition there are now several scam companies from India trying to call me to offer tech support trying to gain access to my computer. STAY AWAY FROM HP SMARTFRIEND.

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT OR SERVICE AGAIN- Where are the government agencies that are supposed to shut these scams down??? THIS IS THEFT AND FRAUD - BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Aug 15, 2019

Sneaky business practices and unethical and fraud from HP - beware!!

I've owned several HP Officejet printers over the past 20 years and I have always purchased 3rd party ink jet cartridges. My latest printer (2015) was connected to my home network. A few months ago, I got a message from HP saying I needed to update my software with a new "security patch". I did so and then it completely stopped working. Nothing I tried worked. I called HP help with no results. I looked on line for a solution with no results. Believing that this one had died, I bought a new HP OfficeJet and trashed the old one. Once the HP ink cartridges that came with the new printer were used up, I ordered new ones - but NOT HP branded. They did not work at all. So after doing some more in-depth research, I found out that now HP's business model is to force their own customers to purchase their HP ink cartridges or the machine will not work at all. (The new business model is much like razors - sell the razors cheap but then sell the blades that fit those razors at gigantic margins to grow profits. It seems that the mark up on ink cartridges is something like 1000%).

This should be illegal. And at the very least, the consumer should know BEFORE they buy the printer that they will be required to purchase only ink cartridges from HP with the special chip embedded in them in order for it to work - and for the lifetime of the printer. (And to think I threw away a perfectly working printer without knowing it). This is FRAUD, pure and simple.

Oddly enough, there was a class action lawsuit in 2018 about this and HP was convicted guilty and had to pay $1.5 million for the settlement fund (to 50,000 people in the class). Strange thing is, all this happened to me at the beginning of apparently they are STILL doing the same thing.

Why has the media not picked up on this decptive business practice and the fact that I guess a judge slapping them with a $1.5 million judgement did nothing to change their business?

After many years of being a loyal customer, I will never, ever purchase anything HP again based on this practice and discourage everyone I know to do so. This is criminal.

  • Jul 31, 2019

Hewlett Packard HP, illegal firmware Ink Monitor dictator, denies choice, freewill and service to dissident non-conforming consumers. I bought a new HP Desk-jet 2512 from Walmart used it once and a week later the ink monitor informed me I was out of black ink. I bought a set of new generic chipped cartridges online inserted them and printed one document.

The next time I tried to use it the ink monitor informed me that the cartridges were counterfeit and locked me out. I print two documents and it was garbage. I thought HP got in trouble and entered into an agreement with the government stipulating they wouldn't use firmware designed to falsify ink level to force consumers to buy more of only their over priced ink and punishes us if we don't by putting itself out of service.

There was a time when H.P. made the best most reliable printer. That changed when they retired the old school executives who built the company on good service and reliable competitively priced products and brought in the smart pants college boys with their snooty, entitled, no character having, profit sharing software engineers to increase production, profits and piss off patrons.

I dug into my pile of old printers and found one that utilized non-chipped DIY refillable cartridges. It is not great but it works and I hate HP to Pieces. ... your description ... United States

  • May 6, 2019

Hewitt Packard (HP) heavily promotes their ink cartrdidge monthly subscription service when you buy one of their printers. Initially the monthly fee is relatively low - a few dollars. In my experience, supposedly based on my usage, they sent me one new set of cartridges over roughly the first year. But, my usage is fairly low, so I did not even need what they had sent me.

After about a year the subscription rate jumps to over $10 per month. I cancel the subscription. As soon as I cancel my subscription, they block my printer from using any cartridges they have sent me, even though I have not used them all yet. This happens without warning.

One day, you are merrily moving along with your work, you hit "print" and you get an error message that basically informs you that HP has stopped you from using the products you have already paid for. Interestingly they increase the monthly fee about 10 fold at just about the time I might actually be able to use one of the cartridges they have sent me.

This is an incredible, very aggravating SCAM from a supposedly reputable company! After 1/2 hour on the phone, they agree to extend my usage two more months - but these cartridges they have sent me should last about another year based on my prior experience. This is a SICKENING experience. AWFUL company.

  • Mar 26, 2019

On the 27th of December 2018 I bought a lap top on HP website. order number H326951951. the order was supossed to arriver in 3-6 business day. on the 8th of January I called the company (12 days later) to ask about my order and talking to the manager he said I was going to recieve my order on the 18th of January ( 21 days after the purchase) I got really said and I asked him to cancel everything and give back my money.

After a long time on the phone and He giving my excuses and He said: now I see it is going to arrive in 2 days. I got really mad and said: Ok do not cancel anything I will wait because I do not have time for problems and that was the deal. I waited the 2 days and did not get it. on the 4th day after the call I gave up and when I checked my paypall account the company had returned my payment so I realized they had cancelled the order.

On the same day I went to walmart and bought a laptop for me using my credit on paypal once HP had returned and my credit eas available.

7 days after the call or 3 days after I purchased my new laptop I received I package on my door. almost a month after my initial purchase with HP. yesterday I received a letter saying my name is being sued or whatever by paypal and I logged in my paypal account.

  • Mar 12, 2019

I just purchased a new HP ENVY Photo 7855 printer. I have been buying printers since they were $2,000 each, so this is not a new experience for me. In more than an hour I have not moved beyond "Select Language."

I touched "English" about seven times with no effect, when the machine auto-selected "Spanish." I have now spent more than an hour tryng to change it to English. Their "support" is worse than worthless. They do not appear to support this printer, and keep defaulting to info about much older printers.

The advice to "swipe left" on the control panel to go into settings does not work. I cannot get support for this, BUT - and this is why I am filing this report - they have offered to CHARGE ME to fix this. Yes.

On a brand new out-of-the-box printer for which I only need to change the language to the correct one, they want me to buy a service plan just to get a printer sold in the USA to function in English. This is a scam, wanting me to pay for a service plan to fix their error.

  • Nov 7, 2018

Okay, so first off, I will say that, yes, I am partially at fault here because I was pretty sure my laptop had a HARDware problem but I got conned into purchasing this service so they could assist me with a SOFTware problem. The guy convinced me that the problem was corrupted data and not a problem with the HARDdrive. I don't know a lot about computers so it's easy to rip me off. But, I am still upset that Hewlett Packard, which for years had an awesome reputation for high-quality products (at the very least, for their laptops).

I receivied the laptop as a gift a few months ago and, within a month, the harddrive was filled up. I never even thought to check the memory storage because I've never had a problem with it before but this laptop has only 29 GB and the programs use up at least 25 GB. It came with OneDrive (cloud storage) so I moved the few documents and pictures there. But, as I learned, OneDrive is a backup copy in case you have to factory reset the computer or anything else that might erase data on the harddrive. Same with Dropbox. So, I moved the few files that completely "filled" the harddrive to Google Drive.

Additionally, Windows released an update to Windows 10 shortly after I received the laptop. But, it wouldn't download because it needed 13.9 GB on the harddrive. Not sure how this is even possible with a 29 GB harddrive. I purchased a 1 TB external storage device but there was nothing on the harddrive to move to it and when I tried to use it for the update I kept getting an error and it wouldn't load.

I've had to continually clean up temporary files for the last few months until finally three days ago, there was 0 MB available, it couldn't clean up any files and the laptop locked up. I could not click on anything.

So, this brings me to the point when I called tech support two days ago. I told the guy that my harddrive was full and I needed help either getting the 1 TB external storage device working so I could download the Windows update or factory resetting (I think that's what it's called) the computer.

He responde by telling me this is usually due to corrupted data and suspicious data from a program that is downloaded from the internet. He spoke so fast and I think I just assumed that I was wrong and the laptop had something else wrong. He explained to me that I needed to purchase the service plan to fix it. I asked why I had to pay for service when the computer is under warranty. He informed me that the warranty is for HARDware and this problem was SOFTwareI They probably know that, if they talk fast, they will confuse people like he did me and talked me into paying about $52 (for the first month), then $14.99/mo for one year, with a $70 early termination fee.

I also found out yesterday Staples will repair HP computers that are still under warranty. It would be nice if HP would show the partmers that will provide warranty service on their tech support web page.

So, basically, I am just pissed that I was ripped off so easily by a company that I held in very high regard and I just want to let people know to be careful.

If you're still with me, thank you for reading this far! I almost never have a simple question, answer or explanation ;)

Thank you!

  • Oct 29, 2018

I already filed the complaint on HP Customer care support tht my printer is having issues. But still now they didn't send the engineers to repair my HP printer.

I purchased the HP printer (HP DeskJet GT 5811 All-in-One Printer) just two months back only. I havent used the HP printer much. But still this HP Printer is having 100's of issues. And their is no proper support from HP customer care.

I filed this report here, because I don't want anyone to face the same problem with HP printers or HP customer support.

Also, I pasted the complaint I filed on HP customer support regarding my HP DeskJet GT 5811 All-in-One Printer Complaints.

Please check this.

Thank you for contacting HP Support. This email confirms your request for service; the details of your Case are below.

Please DO NOT REPLY to this email. It is sent from an unmonitored automatic service.

Case number: 5022172143

Product Description: HP DeskJet GT 5811 All-in-One Printer

Product Number: 1WW43A

Serial Number: CN7CB5G0GR

Case Subject: Hardware Issues\Roller\Paper Jam

Portal Case URL: N/A

For all your product support needs, please visit and select your product or support option.

Yours Sincerely,

HP Inc

  • Oct 24, 2018

Tried to get a simple driver update only to be told that I would be required to purchase a yeqr of support to get one driver.

  • Jul 1, 2018

I called HP Instant ink customer service on July 2, 2018. My call was rerouted to some so called "service" center in Manila, Phillipines. After trying to speak with the so called customer "service" representative for over 20 minutes I asked to speak to a Manager located within the continental United States. He could not speak English very well and said I could speak to one of his "managers" in his Office. I said NO I wanted to speak to a person located within the continental United States and he refused. He said I was not allowed to be connected to anyone in the United States. I finally had to hang up on this so called "customer service representative" and I began a search on the internet for any number I could locate for "customer service" within tthe United States and I called a 650-857-1501 number and was connected to the "switchboard". I said I had a customer service problem and wanted to speak to a Manger in the United States and he conncted me to another person overseas. I called back and told this person that I wanted to speak to someone in the United States and to not connect me with any one outside of this Country. I was dumped to a vicious circle phone extension and never spoke to any one after I had held on the line for over 45 minutes. I finally hung up. Hewlett-Packard is the WORST customer "service" experience I have ever had. They refuse to speak to their customers and provide no email address to answer customer service complaints. BEWARE of Hewlett-Packard. They are an awful company to try and do business with.

  • Jun 3, 2018

When I purchased my HP Printer, I didn't sign up to use only original hp ink. I always use ink from a different ink vendor since it's 80% less expensive. HP kept sending me bugging messages saying that I wasn't using their original very expensive INK, without an option to check a box to stop receiving those mesages. It's obvkious that I know the brand of the ink I am buying. The point is that since I ignored their messages, their printer simply stopped working. I own several printers from different manufacturers like Brother and Canon and always used inks and cartriges from different companies without any problem whatsoever. I think that HP is exercising cohersion which is one of the anti-trust laws. Someone should stop this malpractice. If they want us to use their original INK they should make their INK more affordable. To replace one set of INK cost almost as much as the whole printer. TOTAL RIPOFF!

  • May 13, 2018

I called HP Customer Service to find out how to address an envelope on my new HP printer. The agent said he had to do a 'remote' session, which would allow him to take control of my desktop computer. But it's very risky to allow a stranger in another country to access one's computer. I told him that he just needed to give me instructions on addressing an envelope, he didn't need to remotely log in to my computer. He said he had to log in, which I knew was bogus.

I called FIVE DIFFERENT TIMES! Spoke to FIVE DIFFERENT agents. Each one demanded to be able to remotely long in to my computer. I told each one I would not allow it, and it wasn't necessary to give me simple instructions on addressing an envelope. I finally figured out how to do it myself, but meanwhile, I think there is some type of scam going on with HP customer service.

  • May 12, 2018

I'm highly disappointed in my recent experience with HP. I purchaed 2 HP Stream - 14-ax020wm on April 26, 2018, one for myself and one for a client. I purchased the one for myself as a back up to the primary HP laptop I own that is currently being repaired after 1 year of purchase. The two recent HP's started lagging on the 14th day of ownership. I went online to try and trouble shoot the problem because I did not want to return it since my other HP was still being repaired and I need my laptop because I am a realtor who works from home. There are horrible reviews regarding the memory and issues with updates. I do not have anything saved on the desktop and the problem has gotten worse (17 days of ownership). I've deleted temporary files to no success.

I called HP to explain the issue and requested to return or have the HP exchanged for a different model that would suit my needs.

I was told to contact the store I purchased it from. I purchased it from Walmart; however, they have a strict policy of 15 days to return and exchange and told me to contact the manufacturer.

I called back and asked for the escalations department which offered advice to purchase an external hard drive. I already have an external hard drive that I've been using with the product since I needed my work off of my intial laptop that is currently being serviced by HP. I was then told by the rep that because the laptop is a streaming device it can only hold enough memory for the operating system. Well, the laptop was sold with a free 1 year membership of Microsoft Suite - which was a major reason I purchased this system over others. I'm told that this may be causing the lagging issue and the product can't handle the operating system and Microsoft Suite due to update overload. I asked to speak to a manager.

I was redirected to a printer department who then transferred me back to customer support. Customer support sent me back to the tech department and stated that they were actually the escatualtions department as well. Not true. I was sent back to the printer department and I am now on hold waiting to speak to someone about returning these horrible laptops.

Lastly, my first laptop was under a year old when it would no longer charge with the adapater. I sent it in for repair and purchased an extended warranty. 2.5 weeks later, same issue. I tried to troubleshoot it myself and learned it was not the battery and not the adapter but could be the motherboard. I sent it back in for repair and I know nothing of what's going on. When I sent it in the first time, I was not given an explanation of what was wrong with it. They also sent the box for me to return it to the wrong address and it took 3 weeks to get it back the first time which is why I decided to buy the HP stream as a back up. I'm seriously upset and I want my money back.

Speaking with others who have purchased this product, they have stated their's had the same problems but that they have received replacement parts. I do not want replacement parts for a laptop that is less than 30 days old. This is completly unacceptable!

  • May 11, 2018

This report is strictly my opinion based upon my experience in dealing with Lonnie Wendling. He appears to be a filthy, no-good redneck, very arrogant and rude. He called me to discuss a business transaction regarding the transport of a pickup truck and started cussing at me when I refused to come to terms with him as to our deal. He was very condescending and attempted to talk over me and treated me as though I was his minion.

What a low-life this redneck from Round Rock, Texas is!

I recommend that all small business owners avoid Lonnie Wendling like the plague.

  • May 5, 2018

I signed up for the HP Instantink program upon installing my new HP 8710 printer. I immediately received ink cartridges in the mail although I only print one or two greeting cards per month and I had not used up the ink that came with the printer. I have another HP printer, an HP 8720, but it will not pick up cardstock and HP has made no effort to correct this issue with the #8720.

Late in the afternoon of 4/20/18, I attemped to make a greeting card but my #8710 printer was no longer appearing on my computer. After reinstalling the software, my printer would not print and it told me I should contact HP instant ink. I was not using enough ink to warrant the instant ink cost so I did not update my credit card info with them. They have no provisions on their website to cancel their service, contrary to their printed info.

I went on the Instantink website and found I had only printed one page that previous billing cycle and they had the nerve to download malware onto my printer and erase the printer drivers, icon, etc., from my computer for $3.22 including tax. When I told their represerntative on the phone, I no longer wanted the service he said they would not release my printer to print until I gave them my credit card info. Of course, they immediately charged my account and updated my account to show I had printed 15 pages when it was still only one page. More of their SCAM TACTICS. Overcharge the consumer!

I was so livid at the pettiness of HP. I was in a hurry to get the card done and get to a birthday dinner that evening and I had to deal with them and their ruthless ways. I could not begin to count the number of HP computers,monitors, printers, keyboards, etc. that I have purchased over the past 30 years.

When I returned home that evening, I immediately responded to their represenstative's email to me and told him I was stopping the instant ink program effective immediately. I wanted it in writing so there would be no question about me stopping the service. He had assured me when I told him that on the phone earlier that my account would only be charged for the current month and that I was entitled to some money back so they would be crediting me. Another Lie!!!

Just yesterday, 14 days after dropping their program, HP charged my card again. THIS IS A HUGE SCAM AND DO NOT FALL FOR IT. They should be sued to illegally accessing my computer/printer. Nowhere in their info do they tell you they will lock you out of your own equipment. I would like to see a big class action suit filed againt them.

  • Apr 30, 2018

HP Customer servise - Smartfrient BEWARE of HP support and Smartfriend!! HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE Service!!! They pushed and pushed me to pay $50 for support, telling me that the were convinced my computer problem was a software problem. Several minutes into the check, the technitian said 'nope,it's a hardware problem' and HP refused to refund! I call this THEFT. HP Customer service - Smartfriend STEAL MONEY, and don't give service!!

  • Apr 23, 2018

Purchased HP laptop 2/17 (paid extra for warranty)

by 3/17 it had begun freezing then going to blackscreen with error message saying that "bood device" (hard drive) was not found. Problem was intermittent (1x per month or so) This indicates either a motherboard or SSD problem (or possibly a loose wire or bad connection). Over the next 2 months it became more and more frequent, finally happening once per day.

It took until 6/17 to finally get HP to agree to let me send the comptuer to them for repair (was on the phone with them weekly trying to get them to acknowledge the problem). Customer / Tech Support reps are either unable or unwilling to deviate from the scripted language they are given. It is so extreme that I suspect some of them may actually be bots. Their responses to normal questions often to not relate at all to the question asked. The computer was with HP for 6 weeks - and then returned to me telling me that they had not found a problem and had not replaced or repaired anything.

Before I sent them my computer, I wiped the hard drive by doing a factory reset. My hard drive had about 6 months of use clocked on it, and was named Pigwidegon. The case was solid (not wiggly) and the fan was silent, and it ran cool.

HOWEVER: when the computer came back, the case was squeaky and bendy (it had been solid before), the fan rattled (it had been silent before). It was running hot. When returned to me the hard drive was named QGMI3R3, and had only 20 hours of use clocked on it. It also had 2 accounts on it - the admin account locked with an unknown passoword.

It took me 12 hours to find a workaround and finally get the computer to do a factory reset to wipe it once more.

HP completely ignored all of these issues and would not respond to my questions about it. They just kept repeating that nothing had been done to the compter (in spite of the glaring evidence), and they were so glad to hear that it was working perfectly (it wasn't and I kept telling them that it was still broken and now had new problems). These responses were so surreal and unrelated to what I had actually said, I suspect they were auto generated.


the problem continued. I did talk them into extending my warranty since the first 6 months with the comptuer were problematic, and they had delayed repairs, and then not done repairs.

By 3/18 the issue was nearly constant, and the computer was unusable. Repeated attempts to contact HP customer care via email (with my previous case number) went unanswered.

by 4/18 the computer would no longer boot up.

Chat w/ HP customer service only resulted in them insisting that it was a software or BIOS issue, and lots of pressure to buy another extended warranty. When I asked if it would cover a replacement computer if this one was unable to be fixed they hung up. When I asked a different rep to please explain the difference between my current warranty and the extended one they were trying to sell me, they hung up. After saying they would send me a box to send my computer in for "diagnosis", they hung up AGAIN when I would not buy their extended warranty.

Why has it become OK for a company to charge $700 dollars for a product that does not work and they are under no obligation to replace it?

  • Apr 13, 2018

I just had to write this email concerning my horrible experience with HP customer support team. I have been an HP/Compaq customer for as long as I can remember. I was an avid, loyal customer, only purchasing HP computers and printers for my personal and business use. My HP computer crashed on me while on a consulting trip in South Africa Jan 2017. I went to Incredible Connections and purchased a HP Pavilion Model 14a1004ni, SN5CD6413ZKJ, Product ID X7F88EA#ACQ. I noticed that the battery was not charging to it full capacity while in Cape Town but found out that the only HP service center was in Randberg, near Johannesburg. In the meantime, the warranty expired. Returning to the US on April 4, 2018 I called the HP customer care line (CN 5012485094) to order another battery as the charge is only 69%. We have since discovered that many other customers are having the same problem.

To my dismay, Customer Service could not find the model of my computer, the part number, or any compatible battery. They referred me back to South Africa! I pleaded that surely, you must have a contact within HP to contact South Africa and at least help with the part number or compatible battery. In frustration, I asked to speak with a supervisor and got Pablo. He retorted the same story and stated that he only served US and Canada. No, they could not find the part, had no contact within HP to help, no one he could contact in SA to access the information and closed my case. We had to get outside help to open the computer to access the battery, and get the part number, 849568-421, HP SEO3XL. I called HP back with the info, to get the battery, they hung up on me and did not call back. I need my HP computer to run my business and in trouble if I cannot access replacement batteries to run my computer.

I assumed HP was a global company, with functional departments geared to assist clients worldwide. I am sadly disappointed. So much for global integrated Customer Service. Subsequently, Mike Skarn from HP's executive team contacted me concerning Case#5012697049. However, I am still left with a HP Pavilion computer that is unserviceable in the USA. I fell that I am being penalized for being a brand loyal HP customer. I purchased the HP Pavilion in South Africa because I thought I was patronizing a globally integrated brand that would support me and stand by their products no matter where in the world the product was purchased. I am horrified that this is not the case with HP. It should be stated clearly on the box that if you purchase this product in X country, it will not be supported in Y country in regard to parts or service. This will prevent international executives like myself purchasing HP products outside the USA in a crunch and expecting HP to service or find parts, batteries, etc. when we return home. Just be transparent and tell us. I am equally horrified to discover that HP does NOT have an internal global database of all its products. Major oversight, and disaster for international customers like myself when trying to get authentic HP parts for computers purchased outside the USA. Mike Skarn asked me the magic question, "What would make you happy?" To his shock, I told him.

My ideal solution is for HP to provide me with a HP computer that is serviceable in the USA, where I can easily access backup HP parts, to accompany me on international consulting projects. This would eliminate the risk I took by standing by your brand and purchasing an HP computer outside the US, expecting seamless global service, recognition and access to HP parts upon my return home to the US. Mike burst out laughing, stating that that would never happen, and gave me the corporate spiel. I reiterated to Mike that "you asked me, the customer." From his reaction, I have no recourse but to recontact you Mr. Weisler. I sure hope you are not laughing. My other alternative is to resort to social media to warn other international consultants, business men and women concerning the risk I have outlined in this case and advise them not to purchase HP products outside the USA if they encounter a problem such as I was confronted with in South Africa, as they will be stuck with an unserviceable product when returning to the US. And, that the HP product they purchased outside the US, along with any HP replacement or compatible parts will not show up in the US HP product/part database. I also urged Mike to call the HP Customer Service Support number posed as a customer, not an HP exec and experience how a customer with this issue gets treated. The bottom line is the final decision in this matter rest with the CEO, Mr. Weisler! I received another call from Tara from the HP C suite. She apologized to me for being laughed at, offered me a token $135 gift certificate towards my next HP purchase, still not addressing the fact that I spent $1335 for a computer that is still unserviceable in US, and she could not even access the computer on her system. Buyers beware!!!

  • Apr 10, 2018

Upon opening my laptop the hinge broke away from the screen and initially they declined it because it was broken, no kidding. Then as it progresses they said the warranty didn't cover the hinge regardless of what happened to it so pick a reason but my $800 laptop is now a desk top at best for as long as it last anyway since I can't close it. After looking online it seems pretty common however most seem to make it to at least the one year mark. This is the rudest customer service company I have ever tried to deal with as they basically say F you, at least I think as finding someone without broken english seems rare at this company.

  • Mar 6, 2018

I have been a long time customer of HP over the years and when I started having problems with my HP desktop I called your tech service (noted below). I was Assured by the technician that I spoke to that there would be no charges if he could not help me.

I needed to give this person my credit card number in order to “review” the problem.

It was quickly determined that this tech was unable to help and that I needed to bring the desktop to a local tech serv. where they had to keep for a week.

Upon reviewing my credit card I have found this unauthorized charge from HP Product Serv. and also fear I have been signed up for reoccurring charges.

I called the number indicated on the credit card charge and tried for hours to find someone who could resolve this issue but just got transferred from department to department. I finally filed a disput with my credit card company.

This has been extremely stressful and distasteful and am appalled that HP would associate itself with a service company such as this!

  • Mar 5, 2018

1)Calling this company and get help after you purchased a product is not your self the trouble buy a computer with another company . 2)i have been hung up on multiple times in one day and transfer 7 times in one call 3) Microsoft office 356 was a extra i got when i purchased the computer (the one year version of microsoft 365) 2 months later it didnt work (side note i call Microsoft they said produce a product key and they will help me) i called hp they proved that i bought the product and verified who i was... but no one could fix the problem after 3 of the reps admitted this happens all the time.

  • Feb 20, 2018


  • Jan 20, 2018

Upon deciding not to update my card information; HP instant ink completely shut down the functions on my printer. When attempting to cancel the subscription; I was disconnected twice. Had to go thru a local Office supply store to gain cancellation procedure. Not a trusting company. All of the paid cartridges which I had on hand were useless.

  • Dec 15, 2017

HP publishes replacement ink cartridges for printers they sell. One of the promises is a next day delivery of ink cartridge orders when a printer cartridge is low or in need of replacement. I created an account on line for ordering the replacement cartridges as they require. On December 6th I ordered a full set of color and black and white replacement cartridges. They provided a notice by email the cartridges order had been received and shipped to be delivered on the 7th.

Having not recieved these on the 7th, I called their customer service number on the 8th. After being placed on hold for and transfered to a customer service representative who was barely literate, and expending 30 minutes of time, I was told to wait until the 9th and it would be there by then. As the prodcuts did not arrive on the 9th and the offices were closed on the 10th, I called on the 11th, and again spent 25 minutes being passed around and told they would need to look into the matter, but were certain it may just have been delayed, and could I check with others in the office complex to see if other offices might have recieved these.

On the 12th I used the on-line chat and attempted to resolve the matter with them. After another 15 minutes in back and forth I was told these MAY have been lost in the mail (note these are delivered by Federal Express). I was told I needed to call the 800 number for help as the chat line could not help me further in the chat format! I then called the 800 number, and was told by the operator (following being on hold twice during the review), that they were going to re-order these as it appeared they were not going to be arriving. I was told these would be delivered by the 13th and a new order number given. This was a 9am, and this was followed by an email from HP that the order was in place and shipped to arrive on the 13th. At 5pm on the 12th I recieved an email from HP indicating this order was cancelled and refunded. On the morning of the 13th / 8am I called HP and asked what was going on. The operator told me the shipment had been delayed or cancelled due to the forest fires in LA. I asked what she could be talking about as Fed X was delivering all day at the office complex. She then said the order had never been pulled to ship, and that it would be pulled to be shipped that morning (the 13th), for delivery Friday the 15th. I asked why a two day delivery even if the order was now for the first time being filled to ship (despite the prior emails that the order was on the way). She said it was due to the forest fires! I asked (given her Indian accent if she even understood the forest fires were contained and not even in this area, and she said she had no information.

She then transfered me to a supervisor, who again went through this, and then said well we understand you are upset at not having your order, we can have it to you today (the 13th) in a late afternoon shipment. Of note, I was out of ink this entire time. She said if I did not get this on the afternoon of the 13th, call back in the morning. I explained I had already spent three hours of work time trying to get a few printer cartridges and calling back again was another waste of time to get a run around. She said, well we can give you a ten dollar credit for your time.


  • Nov 21, 2017

I initially contacted HP tech support on 11/15/2016 at 1-800-752-0900; I downloaded the drivers for my printer (non-HP printer) on to my newly purchased HP Touch laptop, but when I would attempt to print, the HP e-print screen would continually pop up preventing my printer from responding.The tech support guy said he could not assist me because he does not handle printers.

I told him well isn't this tech support don't you deal with a variety of issues. I asked him if he could tell me how to disengage the HP e-print software so my printer could be the default. He insisted my request could not be supported by him, and that he would transfer me to a different department that could fulfill my request for a "nominal fee". I became upset because my laptop is brand new, within warranty, and why did I have to pay for someone to advise me on how to prevent the HP e-print from populating on my screen.

I did not have an HP printer nor did I request HP e-print as an addon. He transferred me to another guy who basically reiterated he would resolve my issue for a "nominal fee". I told him,"Let's not waste each others time. Have a nice night", then I had him transfer me to a supervisor.

The supervisor couldn't assist and told me to contact the printer company.I said the HP e-print is an HP product. I had to make a few more calls and google my way to a solution. On 11/18/2017, I continued to experience problems with my newly purchased HP laptop; the issues included the laptop not turning on even when repeatedly tapping the spacebar and pushing or holding the power button, the system is sluggish with no added applications, periodically freezes while typing, and crashes while on the net. I called 1-800-474-6836 for tech support and the male technician remained silent for 20 seconds.

I asked if anyone was present for the call. He then answered and told me that he was reviewing some information. He remained silent for another minute. I told him that I had not even expressed my concerns with my laptop.

He said, "The tech support needs a tech support". I said," Excuse me?" He laughed and hung up the phone. I called back and a female tech support answered the phone. I told her what the previous guy had done and requested to speak to a manager.

She also hung up the phone. I was not rude or disrespectful in any of my interactions with the representatives, however, I did want to resolve the issues that I had with my brand new HP Touch laptop. Additionally, the laptop was available at a great deal, but ultimately, it turned out to be a complete waste of time, funds, and efforts. I just wanted to use, enjoy and experience the different functionalities of this new purchase.

I wasn't requesting anything more or anything less than a resolution for my concerns for my new HP Touch laptop.

This will definitely be returned.I vowed years ago to never purchase HP products due to their poor customer service.In spite of that, I assumed because of their innovative products that their customer service had also evolved, however, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

  • Nov 16, 2017

I got my new printer an HP Deskjet 3632 All-in-One Printer 02/2017 from my local Wal-Mart and used it wirelessly around June 2017 I signed up for there instant ink program and then in Aug. we sold our home and moved into our RV in an RV park and began using there WiFi so had to start using the printer with a USB cable and it worked a couple times but then started basically stopped. I first called HP tech. on Wed. 11/08 and the technician remote accessed my computer and after about 30 min. he determined the problem was because of the instant ink cartridges and not being logged into the WiFi and said if I wanted to use the printer with the USB I needed to use regular ink cartridges so I drove about 40mi. round trip to the nearest WalMart and got a set of HP carts. To no avail so I called HP tech back the next day, the again remote accessed my system and determined the problem was in my computer. So I took my computer and the printer to the Geeks (a 60mi. round trip drive) and 4 days and 200 bucks (for a service plan) later was told the problem is in the printer and there recommendation was to contact HP.

So Mon. am I called HP tech. and after another remote access the said the problem was the USB cable so I got another cable (you guessed it) still no workie! So I called them back Mon. afternoon and after over 1 ½ hrs. asked to speak to a supervisor and was told they would call me within an hour, they did NOT! So Tues. am I called them back and again was told a super. Would call me right back, a guy named Jam finally called me around 11am. He asked to "Try 1 more thing!” and said it’ll only take 20 mins. An hour later! He finally agreed the printer needed to be replaced! BUT I needed to speak to someone else. They called me this am (now 7 days since the first call) and said they could UPS it to me in about 7 more days! When I asked if she could overnight it to me she said getting it to me by the 22nd. was the best she could do and after all they were shipping to me for free!!! It is worth noting that I have been working with computers since the early 90’s and am by no means a novice and have always used HP printers and there customer service has been excellent. Up until now!, they now proved the best customer TORTURE! On the market…

  • Oct 16, 2017

HP told me they were going to do a remote session with me to fix my printer, but the technical person from HP only messed my printer up worse! Also, then he transferred me to HP instant ink to some person by the name of George, who says he is in Manilla Phillipines. Anyway, this person George could not tell me what address he was located at hP. So I assumed that he was not even a representative of HP. He was just a scam artist trying to get money off my credit card like all foreigners do to US citizens. Anyway, I told him I don't owe instant ink $3.21 for my printer copies I have not been doing anying for free, because they did not even give me my refund for the time I paid them $9.99 for the instantt nk and claim I stil owe them money for going over 500 pages, which I never have , so HP owes me money for my ink and another HP Office jet 6968 All In One Printer, because I can not even use my printer and I still have to purchase $60.00 for four ink catridges again. Then, I still have to buy another printer, because my printer does not work or I just have to pay another person to fix my printer, because my printer does not work at all! HP technical support and HP instant ink failed to do theri job miserablly and they owe me money they never gave me!

  • Sep 12, 2017

I recently purchased a HP laptopl. Only 31 days after purchased I started having problems. Hp itself is no help, and although I had a warranty it covered, of course nothing I was having problems with. Next I got a hacker on my pc. Of course I didn't expect for HP to fix it, it wasn't their fault. After having money stolen from my bank, I let my brand new computer sit for a couple months.

So I turn it on and it keeps giving me an error "your connection is not private". This is where I call HP, and of course they don't repair that sort of thing... I need HP Smartfriend. They sell me their monthly service and there is a surcharge ends up costing 50.00. I ask if they can guarantee that it will get fixed they tell me yes. Later I cancel because it's worthess then my pc acts up even more. When I ask for support from SmartFriend they say they will not reinstate it unless I pay another monthly charge of 15 dollars. So now I'm in for 65 dollars, and after two days of them telling me to wipe and reinstall windows 10 (which I know how to do myself) I wiped and reinstalled twice. Still the same thing. The man never took me into my control panel, network devices, no where. Just kept telling me to put their web address into the search bar, and of course the this is not private kept popping up. that's it... They did nothing.. I'm hoping there's something I can do to get my money back. How can these companies keep getting away with this crap.

A few moments ago I tried to get their site up on my working pc, and guess what, the this site is not private error page popped up. It has never happened on this computer. I'm at a loss. I wish I would have read a page like this before I wasted my money. HP Smartfriend, HP doesn't matter its all one company, and they are ripoffs. I wouldn't buy another Hp pc if someone paid me to. Now my pc won't even connect to the internet. It doesn't even show anything about wireless. I go to my network page and wifi shows up nowhere.

  • Sep 11, 2017

My new HP Notebook(3 months old) started giving me a lot of trouble. HP said there was a software issue after we did some attempted fixes at home that were unsuccessful. They set me up for repair and had me send my laptop in to Fremont, CA.

It came back a few days later. They claimed to have replaced my Harddrive and my Motherboard, because it was defective. In fact, they only given a factory reset. (I know, because I did one at home and it was a temporary fix). It began acting up an hour after I got it back.

I am familliar with how computers work and such, so I checked a few things and found fragments of programs I had uninstalled from the computer that I myself had added when I first got it new. The only way those fragments would remain is if the harddrive was the same one origionally in the computer.

Also a couple of programs I had that were on the computer when I bought it were missing. Coolsense being one of them, and my wifi card was not working well, and still isn't. Finally, if you replace a part inside a computer, you have to open it. The computer's seal was never broken, ergo never opened. That means they never did the repair they claimed they did,

  • Sep 4, 2017

HP 3830 All in one series.

I am so fed up with their called wireless system.

I'm constantly told the printer is "off line" when, in fact, the blue "wireless" light is steadily blue. I spend hours turning the printer on and off and rebooting the computer.

I had two of these printers because they were such a great deal...I was forced to buy an 8710 last week to replace one...and that set up took hours.

Your Wireless system sucks!

I'm ready for Epson and their two your ink guaranteed. I'm tired of your ink racket!

  • Aug 31, 2017

Spoke with a customer service agent to report a possible scam. Wanted a professional scan run to see if virus input on my computer.I was told yes, they could that but I would have to buy a service contract. I did.

They said they tried to run a scan but couldn't. Said I should buy a new laptop and they had some specials on at the time. I said no, I can't afford it.

Then you will have to take your laptop to a computer repair service because we can't fix it.

My credit card had been debited, $59.00 or so, can't remember exactly. I requested a cancellation of the contract. they said they would have to keep the first month's fee and would cancel the other 11 months.

I don't agree! I think I'm owed the entire amount that was debited from my credit card.

Please help me with this. Thank you!

  • Aug 9, 2017

I purchased a HP Envy x360 15t Touch Laptop with the HP Wide Vision HD Webcam and 15.6" diagonal UHD IPS UWVA edge to edge glass (3840x2160). I purchased the laptop during a promotional pricing and thought the price of $940.00 was a great deal.

7 months later my daughter simply opened her most expensive possession to do school work and the screen cracked. There is no damage to any part of the body of the laptop and all touch screen functionality has stopped. We were told that all cracked screens are considered accidental damage regardless of circumstances. I have found many customer complaints scattered throughout the internet regarding HP laptop screens which cracked during the course of normal use, simply opening and closing the laptop.

We have contacted customer support over 10 times to try and get the issue resolved and dealt with India and Philipine techs who did not understand basic troubleshooting steps, just read off meaningless scripts.

HP customer service has severely tanked! I was a top producing sales representative and feel ashamed I ever recommended and sold HP products to anyone!

After numerous internet searches for a US Based customer support representative, I was told by the HP Escalation Case Manager that the repair would be at my own expense for the small fee of $621.30 or with the deepest discount at $376.00. I would have to also pay for shipping.

At this rate, I would have been better off buying ANYTHING from Sam's Club. They would have taken greater pains to ensure my issues as a customer were taken care of.

What is even worse is I purchased a laptop from my father for over $1,000.00 and another desktop for $1,000.00 due to internet browser lack of support on Vista machines. My CPU's from Gateway and Dell still worked, I just could not do anything on the internet. I will be upgrading my software for my older machines ASAP, these HP machines are total junk, and could fail at any minute!

  • Aug 5, 2017

They fired me when they merged with another company because I I am disabled and that was costing them way too much especially if they have to give me a severance for the decade or more that I worked there. They lied to me and said that it was because of performance but I know that's not true I filed suit and was dismissed because they said I took too long partly because I was misled as to the actual reason why i was fired. Now I am appealing it to the feh Circuit Court of Appeals and because I lost in Federal District Court and after first telling me that I never actually worked for them they made it 15 minutes later called me and said that day my contract has a clause that if I was to sue them that I would have to pay their attorneys fees so now I have to pay the attorney's fees and trying to fill it till her court because what happened to me was not right.

  • Jul 26, 2017



  • Jul 11, 2017

Hewlett Packard's game is to ripoff their customers. Their printers and computers are not compatiable with one another unless you buy additional drivers and security malware from them. Their support line is absolutely no help.

When you contact HP's "support" line you are given a phone call from a computer technican who can not only barely speak English; but also will waste your time giving you the run around about why your computer and printer are not working together. After a lenghty and bull conversation they get to the bottom line of how you must buy additional drivers and more security from them before their devices will work for you. It is a racket. And, there is nothing you can do outside of not using their services.

I paid hard earned money for both my computer and printer. I expected them to work together as advertised--and, without costing me additional monies. It is sad that this business is only about what additional monies they can price stab their customers for and how many times they can do it. They leave their customers with only one option: pay up or don't print--even though the customer spent good money buying the printer they thought would work. Welcome to ripoff business. May they soon no longer be able to rip people off.

  • Jun 20, 2017

I called and told them my Computer was hacked and locked. I was given a price to fix my computer of $52.99, then transferredd to a 2nd Rep. who got in my computer and then told me I needed to pay $50.00 more for a USB to be sent to me & help them fix it. I requested they cancel which I think it was a Mohammed said OK our Rep. a Sherry White will cancel and credit your account when she calls you.

I had to call her about 3 times to fianlly get a return call and she very rudely said no you owe the $52.99 because they "Got Into My Computer" I explained they did not fix it. She did not seem to care it was a 5 minute call to say we can't help you. She said she could charge me a $70.00 cancel fee, but I said no he did NOT say there was a cancel fee and it was within 5 minutes 10 at the most.

She just flat out said no the $52.99 would not be credited. I think it is a very easy quick way to make $52.99 from a lot of people when they don't want to or can't spend another $50.00 to have them send a USB and then help them fix your computer.

A total rip of scam.

  • May 10, 2017

Before You sign up for HP Instant Ink program know what you are actually signing up for. I signed my family up for this program for pure convenience. The thought of the printer ordering ink when ever i we were low sounded like a good thing. But what I didn't know is that if you allow your subscription to cancel you will no longer be able to use your printer in your house. That's right, they will shut control of your printer down and you will no longer be able to print or use your printer.

No where on the HP instant Ink flyer does it say anything about disabling your printer if you do not continue the online subscription. This can not and should not be tolerated. That's like buying a TV and having it shutoff if you don't extend the warranty!

I think this smells of class action law-suit. They know it wrong, but will ask for forgiveness later after they have made millions doing it the wrong way. DONT BUY HP printers!

i still have the flyer if anyone out there would like to see it. when you respond just let me know and I will send it to you.

  • Apr 27, 2017

I have an hp laptop aproximatly 3 years old. i preformed updates from hp website and computer said reverting changes and locked up. called hp support and they said they could fix for a one time fee of 99.95. what? hp created a problem and wants you to pay to fix. Name; William email; [email protected] Knoxville TN 37912

  • Apr 27, 2017

I bought acronis true image 16 to create back up hard drive. seem to work fine then restarted my computer and blue screen popped up and said acronis true imager is terninating the current operation. please wait. the computer will be turned off automatically in about 2 minutes. it has been around 6 hours. i bought it at office depot. they said contact tech support. said i use it, wont refund. acronis web site leads nowhere. trying to sell me something with every attempt to get support. crap.

  • Feb 3, 2017

I purchased a new computer from HP it stopped working it is still in warranty i called HP they said if I joined HP smart friends i told them the computer was dead he said no problem he could fix remotely but i would have to pay a HP Friend support. I was promised they could fix. They were going to send me a disk to reinstall but as again they did not do what they said. I was ripped off they could not do then they wanted to charge me a 70.00 fee including monthly fees and setup fees I took the computer to Microsoft at the Mall they found that a plug was not pushed in correctly. It was fixed immediately Microsoft store said it was so easy they did not even charge me. Remember This was a new computer still in warranty fro Hewlett Packard

  • Jan 23, 2017

I was having network issues on my Hp computer so I called Hp smartfriend services for some assistance and I paid the one-time service fee of $99 for up to 14 days of support. I sat with the first tech for like 2 hours while he tried to fix my network issue through remote access but he couldn't fix the problem. I told him that's okay I just would like a refund. He proceeded to transfer my call but it was dropped instead. I called back to request the refund with a second tech but asked me to give him a chance to fix it so I sat at the computer for another 2 hours or more till it was time I had to go to work. He said he would call me again on Monday to try to fix the issue again. I decided to just purchase me another computer online since the problem couldn't be fixed. The second tech called again on Monday and I told him I purchased me another computer and I would like to cancel my services and issued a refund. He said I had to wait 5-7 business days for a case manager to call me back about the refund. I waited to the seventh day and finally a case manager called and said they do not issue refunds. I asked what was I waiting seven days for if you don't issue refunds. She then admitted they do issue refund but she decides who receives them. I debated with her about the issue and asked to speak to someone else. Another case manager then gets on the phone and repeats they will not issue me a refund. I continued to debate the issue and she then hung up. I looked up their terms and conditions and it says that as long as the customer cancel within the 14 days of support that they would be issued a pro rata refund. I cancelled on the first couple days and they refuse to follow their own contract. They don't respect their customers and because they're a huge company they feels as though they can't be touched. I will no longer support Hp products or their services. Im still considering taking them to court.

  • Dec 8, 2016

HP offered a technical support service that was supposed to be around $100 plus tax. In a desprate attempt to save my computer a few years ago I agreed to make monthly payments of $16.23 it would be 6 payments.

HP technitions were unable to fix the problem and I ended up purchasing a new computer a few months later. I was under the impression once the last payment was made that would be that. My thinking was oh well, I spent $100 on an issue they could not fix.

Looking over a paperless credit card statement I discover I have been paying the $16.23 for more than 2 years now! totalling close to $400! I spoke with their customer service and it appears the damage is done, and they would not credit anything. In my oppinion this is a scam, you don't understand what you're signing up for.

  • Nov 17, 2016

I would discourage anyone from buying an HP spectre computer - this is a flawed product (defective wifi card) and they seem incapable of fixing it - I had my computer taken away 3 times already for repair without fixing it, all within one year of buying it, and HP refuses to replace the computer with a new one or buy it back from me. Poor product, poor customer service and poor repair processes - thumbs down!

  • Nov 9, 2016

I bought a nnnnnnnnew HPEnvy. To me, verrrrry expensive. Did not work out of the box. Keyboard screwed. Actually, I think it's the usb jack but they said keyboard. after 3 weeks and 4 calls to them they still don't know the status of the replacement they have promised. I am returning it tomorrow.

  • Nov 9, 2016

Never ever buy an HP computer. I have had two. They all suck... First of all my first desktop , 2 months old, in 2006 crashed. Called HP and they told me I had to buy something to fix it...Yeah NO... Had to tell them if they sell something then they have to do something when it crashes... Got a free disk repair after a few choice words...From China....So lets fast forward 2014 , Santa brought me a new laptop!!! From 3 months in I had trouble. DVD/CD drive didn't work..(literally took 45 minutes), graphic card was crap...pixelating on everything, over heating, sound card messed up. So after 1 year and 8 months, (btw...I had to go through costco and square trade..both are not ok IMHO.) bounced back and and fro...Nothing was done. Finally , they took my old computer ...Hubby bought me a new laptop...Oct.22, 2016. It has been 3 screens from the start. Now orange screens.

So called HP ...guy not very friendly...and he was not helpful. I asked him if he could do remote desktop..He said no I cannot. Yet 15 minutes in guess what ...He could do remote access... SO he installed these awsome things that I hate. He installed google chrome and some antispyware..HELLOO no did not sAY OK. so he said I have 714 viruses LMAO!!! I haven't done anything or downloaded but two programs, and I have Kaspersky...He said...We can help you resolve all your viruses ...I can put you over to our specialist...for a cost... WHAT>>>>>> HP WTG!!!

  • Oct 24, 2016

HEWLETT PACKARD All-in-one printers

ENVY 5640

What a piece of crap with no real instructions provided. It will not revert to portrait mode afer changing to landscape mode. When you change back it does nothing.

The software sucks. If you start a print run and realize you made a mistake there is no way to stop or cancel the print run.

I changed the size for 1 page and now it won't resize back to normal size. There is no reset button and clicking on the different size buttons does nothing

A standard ink cartridge [black ink] ran dry after about 60 pages of print


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