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Hewlett-Packard Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2016

I have purchased many HP products over the years(pc's, printers, etc.) After I used Microsofts free windows 10 upgrade, a couple of weeks later , my monitor kept blinking on and off, for short periods of time, and then longer periods. I checked out HP help on my computer that recommended HP Care SmartFriend services. I contacted them by phone, and was informed of my options: 1. Pay a one time fee of over $100, or pay the fee and continue with a monthly service plan of $14.99/ month, until I want to stop. I started on 5/21/16, after dozens of calls, getting different technicians everytime, having to repeat myself each time, and each time, I thought the problem might have been solved, they were all only temporary fixes, that lasted at most 1 day. After realizing a virus was not the problem, a technician said I should reinstaal windows 10, or the original windows7. Since they charged $59 to show me how to install a newe opersting system + for the download, I decided to use a windows 7 disk, I had purchased previously. After paying them upfront, I was able to install windows 7. After then losing all of my information, on my computer, this did not resove the problem.

I called SmartFriend again, one tech, said it might be my video card, causing the problem, and I should upgrade, another said for me to send the computer back, and they would fix it for an additional $300-$350, and a third said to get a new monitor. I almost threw my 25' monitor away, when I decided to try it with anothe computer. It worked without a problem.

I the decided to change the HDMI plug, and that worked temporarily, and it stated bling again. Then, since it worked on my older computer with a DVI plug, I tried that instead of using HDMI. I have not had a problem since, and it's been several weeks.

I called HP SmartFriend, and requested a refund, and to stop service. When they finally called me back, a few weeks later, they said that service was for software problems, and not hardware. I asked then to cancell my monthly ser4vice, and they informed me that I would have to pay $70, for early cancellation, because the contract was for a year; and I would have to call and cancell on May21 of 2017, or they would continue service.

This HP SmartFriend service is a SCAM; and because of their lack of integrity, I will never buy another HP product.

  • Aug 19, 2016

Hewlett Packard HP 2000 - bf69wm C2M21UA#ABA Windows 8 required replacement hard drive. A used computer, I did not have recovery media and unfortunately I never "burned" any when computer was still functioning.

But that does not excuse HP from making bad recovery media and not replacing even though I paid for recovery media.

Disc 2 does not work. I tried to put in functioning computers. The attempts failed. The disc itself is corrupt. It appears that nothing is on the disc!


  • Aug 15, 2016


Bought a HP Extended Warranty on my computer but the website product description was obscurred and i bought a notebook warranty and not a tower warrenty. hp said that a tower warranty would be more money. At this point my tower went out of warranty on 08/15/2016. Now i'm screwed and have no coverage if the machine fails. The last HP failed 60 days after purchase so i'm really pissed that HP will get away with Bait & Switch Sales leaving me with a non-covered machine.

  • Jun 13, 2016

My HP laptop has electrical shortages and turns itself off after only being used for a total of a little over a year. If this is how bad they make their products, they don't need my business.

  • Jun 9, 2016

I purchased an HP laptop late last year and the internal wireless chip recently experienced a hardware failure, causing Windows to crash constantly. Since it's covered by a warranty, I spent an hour trying to locate an area where I could submit a claim online but to no avail. Finally I found a support form that allowed me to file a support (but not a warranty) claim and they responded by telling me I had contacted support in error, and then sent me to their main site to get troubleshooting help, "You reached HP Support Case Manager in error, and we regret any inconvenience caused.

In order to provide you with the right service, make sure to enter or select the correct product name, series, model, or serial number when using online support." Of course I had included this information in my support request—as well as my serial number—and so I tried to respond but since they closed my case, the email was returned with an error, "The Case with ID "4654369228" is closed or does not exist and cannot be updated." This is absolutely ridiculous. If you want to buy a laptop from a company that will stand behind their product and make warranty service a painless experience, do not purchase an HP laptop.

  • May 21, 2016

I had been emailing pia at hp to resolve my issue back in january 2016. I was then contacted by a man named paul: my name is paul and i am an supervisor on the hewlett packard ams tco escalations team responding to your request to speak to someone concerning your recent hewlett packard support event. 1-877-917-4380 site code #75 personal extension 2246662.

We agreed that i would contact him back as soon as my college courses were over to fix or replace my computer that is having internet connection issues which are still going on as of today. So i emailed him on monday and left a voice mail and never heard back. I again emailed on thursday because now i was losing 4 days to resolve this right away before my next college classes start in the beginning of june, yet he never responded. I finally today received an email from angel: my name is angel and i am a case manager on the hp inc. Ams tco escalations team responding to your request to speak to someone concerning your recent hp inc. Support event. 1-877-917-4380 site code 24, extension # 33046.

I replied but seeing that they are not at the weekend i am not holding my breath for a call back. Now that has caused a week to resolve this to be lost. I need this to be resolved today! i've waited monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and now friday.

It is sad to see that hp fails its customers over and over again. I tried to get this resolved back in january and had to put it on hold because of the same reason...No one from hp getting back in touch with me in time to resolve this! no one getting in touch with me period during that time!

This computer has been in the shop for repair of the same problem over 3 times. It won't connect to the internet and then they replaced the wifi card with a cheaper card which doesn't do everything the card that i specifically picked out when getting this computer does.

My suggestion is don't buy an hp computer it's just not worth the hassle and the fact that it will never work correctly. I cannot get on the internet. It keeps telling me its the wifi adapter which hp has replaced! how can they make a computer that doesn't get on the intenet and sell that as a brand new working computer?

  • May 16, 2016

I've had my laptop for about 5 months. It wouldn't start anymore so I went ahead and talked to an HP agent though there chat box on there website. He told me my warranty would cover everything and I shouldnt be worried about receiving a call to ask me for large sums of money. I felt asurred by this and paid to ship my laptop. I was very scared doing this. I received a call yesterday saying they would need $200 dollars to fix my laptop. Which is how much I purchased it for 5 months ago. I explained that this wasn't right I was told I wouldnt need to be concerned over this. He didnt seem to know what my warranty did or did not cover. I asked him if he was sure it wasnt a malfunction with the hardware(There product) He said the technitions couldnt be sure. So he wasnt even sure and yet decided it was my fault the computer wasnt working and that I needed to be called and asked to pay a ton of money. I'll tell you what I think. I think it was a poorly made computer and he was trying to push the blame onto me with insuffcient proof so that they did not have to pay anything to fix my laptop. It was just easier for him to say its my fault and ask for money. If your like I was and afraid to send your laptops to this location..DONT..They dont care about your laptop. Probly because your just a random person on the other line of the phone. Take your laptop to someone in person and not these scammers.

  • May 9, 2016

I had a HP computer and purchased an HP accidental damage plan waranty. This plan covers accidental liquid spills.

It has no exlcusions based on the type of liquid spill. NONE. No exclusions for the liquid being a biohazard.

I was at a coffee shop, and a friend bumped the table and knocked over water, coffe and tea. It spilled all over my computer. There were many witnesses.

3 keys on the computer stopped working after this liquid spill. I contacted HP and they offered to send on site repair staff, but I couldn't take 6 hours off of work to wait for them to come. HP preffered for me to send in the computer anyhow. They confrimed the liquid spill of coffee. tea, and/or water is a covered event.

They sent me a box and I mailed the computer back in to them. I took photos of the computer condition before shipping. It was dry on the outside and we had shaken out as much of the liquid as we could.

..... I sent the computer in. When it got there, I immeidately got an email about a cracked LCD. It did not have a cracked LCD when I shipped it and it was well packed.

I called them and they said someone would get back to me.

I then got a text about an hour later stating my computer was being shipped back to me. I figured it had been repaired. They gave no info about the computer itself.

I got the box on April 27th. There were no biohazardous or dangerous material labels on the outside of the box. I opened it and pulled out my computer. The inside of the box was wet. the computer was dripping with a whiteish brown liquid that smelled of coffee.

I immeidately took pictures and emailed them to HP to tell them they shipped me back my broken computer, they need to fix it. I figured the liquid on it was some of the spilled liquid that had shaken out of the computer on shipment. The liquid had been all over my hands. It seemed like an awful lot of liquid. I had the photos to show I shipped them a computer that was dry on the outside.

I called HP and they informed me they had assessed the computer and had determined there was a "dangerous biohazard" liquid on it and they could not repair it because the liquid posed a "safety and health risk" to their staff.

I looked in the box and saw a soaked white piece of paper with "biohazard" checked off as a reason why they would not fix it. This alleged "biohazard" was all over the notice itself, and was all over my hands.

I had to go get medical care to help determine if my health was relaly in danger or not.

I called HP and they did research and determined their service center thought the white/brown liquid was "urine." HP further accused the coffee shop of selling us drinks with urine in it. I went to the health dept and had a friend who is a biochemist assess the situation. All agreeed it was coffee, not urine, and HP was making serious and very wong accusations they had no basis to make. All agreeed HP was trying to pull whatever they could to get out of a covered repair. I called HP again and they looked at their own photos and they agreeed there was an error made by the service center and they agreeed to re-assess the computer.

They sent me a box to mail the computer back to them. That box arrived May 2nd and I sent in the computer documenting the condition of the computer throughly and sealing it up at the FedEx office. I did not put biohazard labels on it becaus emany witnesses and professionals had determined it was not a biohazard and never had been.

HP signed for the computer on May 3rd. On May 4th, HP agreed to refund the full amount of the computer, and said they would send me a box to send the computer back to them in. I pointe dout that they already had the computer. They signed for it on May 3rd. HP wrote me on May 5th to tell me they had searche their records and they again claimed there been a biohazard and the computer was shipped back to me on April 27th. They told me the case was closed and indicated nothing about sending my computer back to me - or anything about the second shippment THEY had set up and paid for, again with no biohazard labels.

I called and emailed HP. I taped the called and HP once again agreed they had once again made another error. They agreed they had the computer in their possesion.

They then told me many things verbally over the next 48 hours. They never clearly offered to issue a full refund. They never offered any specific replacement after sending me the email stating they were closing the case. They never provided any info othe rthan "we are working on it." I proposed a resolution for my damages and suffering form the situation.

They again claimed the computer had a biohazard on it and they shipped me a biohazardous material.

I found the law that states biohazard like urine can not be put in the mail without labels on the box and inside, and that shipping biohazards without this label is a federal felony and punnishable by up to 20 years in prision. I decided to hold off an citing the terrorism codes around the mailing of biohazards without proper labels... But yeah, I even found those laws. It took about 2 minutes to find them.

I took photos of the box they shipped the computer to me in. It has the shipping number on it that they said they mailed a urine soaked computer back to me in. Zero biohazard labels. I called FedEx and got proof they did not ship with proper biohazard labels. I have the photos of theirs indicating how they say they shipped the computer with visble brownish white liquid on it, and my photos of what it looked like when it arrived (same brownish white liquid). I have their written statement that the liquid is by their claim, "a dangerous biohazard" and that they shiupped thius using that exact same tracking number on the box I have that has NO biohazards on it. I called the service center and got their staff on tape admitting they do claim biohazards on computers fairly regularly as a reason they will not do an otherwise covered repair. I got them to confirm they never put biohazard labels on the boxes when they mail it these computers back to customers.

I contacted the shipping company they used for me, and appear to use for others: FedEx. I told them I have no reason to believe FedEx has done anything wrong at this point in time, but I'm contacting them to find out and confirm their rules, and to let them know HP may be endangering their staff and drives and customers withoutr FedEx knowing, and I felt like I needed to give Fed Ex a head up. Fed Ex looked at my documents and freaked out. They quickly got me in touch with corporate and said they are already in contact with HP.

Then I called HP and I called the post office and HP told the excutive customer relations manaer this is a serious violation of federal law to claim something is a biohazard and then to ship it without proper labels.

I sent a quick letter to HP oinforming them that I am taking their allegation of a biohazard extremely seriously. Based on the evidence I have, I believe that one of the two possibilities are occuring:

1.) HP is being lazy, wrongfully making up that there is urine on the computer repeatedly in order to try to get out of warannty repairs. HP has admitted to this on tape so this appears to be a likely option.

2.) The liquid is an actual biohazard. They actually mailed a biohazardous material in the mail with no proper markings and endangered the lives of many people shipping a loose biohazardous liquid in a carboard box with no federal required warning labels on the box proper OSHA required containement of the liquid.

Option one is a serious probelm because even though all evidence points to the liquid not actually being a biohazard, and HP has repeatedly withdrawn the claim that it is a biohazard, HP continues to claim again and again that it is biohazard and this allegation is extremely alarming and distressing. The mere claim that it is a biohazard is extremely serious. Making that claim, and then shipping it to me without proper labeling, shows an intent by HP to endager the lives of many. HP had the INTENT to endager lives. It is also an act that would cause distress and emotional suffering in anyone reciveing that box. If the box had the proper labeling, I would have never opened or touche dthe product inside without propert proective equipment. Instead, I saw the box and quickly opened it and reached in and got the liqud all over my hands.

I called HP and asked why the computer was shipped to me wet and why it had not been fixed. ONLY THEN, after the liquid was on my hands, was I informed that HP has done an "assessment" and determined the liquid was a biohazard. Only then did i find a small tiny checkmark on a piece of white and soaked paper on the bottom of the box stating that it was rejected as a biohazard and shipped back to me BECAUSE of the claim that the liquid now on my hands was a dangerou biohazard thaht in the words of HP, " would endanger the health and safety of our staff." Telling me that this is a dangerous biohazard via a piece of paper soaked in that alleged biohazard and after I had the alleged biohazard on my hands would naturally and reasonably cause emotional distress and suffering in any customer. This is why we have the law stating that if you are shoipping an alleged dangerous biohazard, you have to also properly label that box that you ship this in and shgip the liquid in a proper container.

I have no idea where things are at. I have notified HP that I consider the computer to now be stolen since they indicate no intent to return or replace or refund it. They have made many written agreements and tape recorded verbal agreements - and all of them they have broken. They have inidicated no specific intent at this time to return my property nor refund my money nor to honor the warranty. They have my computer and give no clear info on any intent to make the situation right.

  • Apr 18, 2016

This is for a complaint against HP ink programs , this is a ripp off you don't recieved any ink when you first buy the printer and join the program you will recieve ink right off the bat, that is just so they can get you to use the ones they.

  • Mar 4, 2016

Purchased a Hewlett Packard All-in-One Copier, Scanner, Printer, Fax 10 months ago. Recentley replaced a black ink cartridge with OE HP replacement, and got an error message - device would not recognize the cartridge. Inserted a second replacement cartridge. Same result. Called tech support, who said I should purchase all new ink cartridges from them, I did. Same error message. They sent me a replacement print head. Device would not recognize the new print head.They sent a refurbished printer - I was instructed to take parts from the original device and install them into the replacement device. The replacement device did not work. Multiple calls to tech support - generally incompetent - reading from a manual. Supervisors too busy to assist when requested. After spending several hours speaking with incompent techs, I gave up, packed up the replacement printer, and returned everything to HP. I will NEVER again purchase a HP product. This is the second time I have had a similar issue with HP (Yes, I'm a slow learner - believe in giving everyone a second chance.) I am a retired surgeon, and know how to install parts properly.

HP printer products are cheap to purchase, give lousy service, replacement ink cartridges are horrendously expensive. My suggestion: If ever tempted to purchase a HP product, leave skid marks as you run away!

  • Jan 30, 2016

"Upgraded" my Windows 8.1 HP laptop,my first mistake, DON'T do it. It appeared to work but it was locked after the upgrade so I called HP support and was told aboout a one time $99 charge or $35 base fee and $14.95 per month for a year. I thought this would be a one time problem so I went for the $99 plus tax option. Very nice,rep but seemed lost with Windows 10, could not get it off the lock screen after at least two hours of trying by phone and by taking over my computer. Finally, she decided to reset my computer. telling me I would lose my files and photos if I did not back them up. All of that is on an external hard drive, so she tells me, no problem. Other than a reset, the other option was to return to 8.1. After The $99 charge I was determined to keep Windows 10, or there was no point to this whole thing. The reset took a few hours so she left me and the computer did its thing. After the reset, Windows 10 was operational, wonderful.

I was was working on a WORD document to scan and print and my printer did not work anymore. Call HP Smart Friend again, same rep. She tries to download my printer software from the HP site that has a link to Canon. It does not work. This is the service that advertises support for all software, not only what cam with the computer but any you have added. NOT TRUE. After a couple of hours of trying on a Sunday, she tells me to call Canon on Monday. The wonderful Canon rep, at no charge, had my printer fully functional in less than a half hour. He could not understand how HP could have a problem finding the soiution.

Next, my built in HP camera did not work. Called HP again. Again, they try their software link to Cyberlink, it does not work, I am not surprised. Called Cyberlink, no Windows 10 needs new software. Again, surprise that HP had no idea of this as they put this software on their new computers. Downloaded new software from Cyberlink.

What did I pay $99 for?, easy, wasted time and aggravation. Try a local computer person or better NEVER update an old computer to Windows 10, just buy a new one with it factory installed, I hear they actually function out of the box. Currently in despute with credi card company.

  • Jan 16, 2016

On July 15, 2015 I shopped for and purchased an LaserJet Pro M277dw Color All-in-One Laser Printer. I was attracted to this model by positive reviews, plus mention on the retailer's website of a $20 rebate per additional toner cartridge (up to 4) purchased at the same time. I bought the printer, square trade insurance on it, and the 4 additional toner cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow). Upon receiving the printer and addiional toner cartridges I filled out HP's rebate form, double checked all details, and mailed it.

The rebate form: (B&H no longer serves it up)

We did not hear back from HP until September, at which time they claimed I had not made a qualifying purchase. I then replied to their message with all documentation involved in the purchase plus photos of the purchased items. HP then replied with an email stating that the rebate was being processed, however here we are, it's January 2016, and no rebate!

  • Dec 23, 2015

I have purchased a HP notebook about two months ago. I have had issues with HP laptops before but I needed a computer for school. Without any warning, my laptop overheated. The temperature shorted or severed the Ac port/laptop connection. I could plug in the laptop but the battery wouldn't charge. The unit is still under warranty. I contacted HP support around December 15th or so. The tech rep saw that my laptop was still fairly new and under warranty. He took my information and set up a "repair pick up"- I would have to send the unit for repairs. The rep explained the process to me. I will receive a box and paperwork so that I could send it back. At no time during that conversation was I told that I would be responsible for shipping costs. I took notes during that conversation. The rep specifically said that it was free to me. When I got the return box, I got a separator label and tape on but no shipping label. On the the instruction page it states that I am responsible for shipping? I figured that maybe another arrangement was made for me, due to the fact that my laptop is fairly new. The instructions stated that the label is to be picked up at the shipping office (Fed ex). I thought that maybe the shipping label was sent there. When I get to Fed ex, the lady behind the counter looked at the instruction sheet, points to the shipping statement and reads it back to me as if I am stupid. I have never been so humiliated. I contacted HP twice that day. I told both representatives that I felt like I was lied to. They both gave me the most insincere apology, their tones implied that they thought I was lying. The story about the shipping changed. The first representative said that laptops come back to the company at the owner's expense. Which makes no sense. You are going to force a customer, who is under warranty, to pay to have a defective unit sent back for repairs? The second representative told me in order to get a new box with a shipping label, I would need to pay them fifteen dollars. I still can't believe that HP is willing to lose a customer over fifteen dollars. The problem that I had with HP computers have been with product quality. Now I see that it is not just the product that lacks quality, it is also the people and procedures that lack quality in addition to lacking character.

  • Oct 27, 2015

I am completely disgusted with a brand new computer that Hewlett Packard sold me. It is a an HP Tablet/Laptop Model Envy 15t. They assured me it was the best model on the market for my business use. It failed the very first week i had it and finally had to send it to the factory for repairs. After numerous attempts and complaints, I've had no response whatsover from them. Horrible product and even worse customer service. I highly recommend staying away from this company.

  • Sep 17, 2015

Disappointed and frustrated with Hewlett Packard SmartFriend online software support. They could not even diagnose much less tell me how to fix what turned out to be the simplest of connectivity issues on my HP Pavilion desktop computer, solved by another software support company in only 2 clicks of the mouse and a reboot.

Before HP support would even talk to me about troubleshooting I had to buy from them a year's online remote sevice contract for a whopping $216.49. Which I did after being reassured that if HP SmartFriend support could not solve the problem I could cancel the service for a full refund.

Then it was transfer to transfer to transfer, repeating the whole story anew to each person on each support tier to be told at last that all Tier 3 Technical Support Agents were busy, but one would phone me within 24 hours. Never happened; HP SmartFriend tech support never called, all we had got was the runaround.

And now, after another software support company unrelated to HP so easily solved the problem, I am having to charge back the HP SmartFriend software online support service contract. The SmartFriend "refund department" informed me "this is a non-refundable service contract;" they do not issue refunds for it "for any reason."

This after being reassured prior to buying that if HP SmartFriend support could not solve the problem I could cancel the service and get a full refund from HP no problem!

After this Hewlett Packard customer service Ripoff Scam I may never be buying another HP product.

  • Sep 5, 2015

I bought a premium support plan in May 2015. I paid $199.99. I needed help today. Suddenly nobody seems to recognize my plan. I get handed from one to the next to the next to the next. After the 4th time I asked for a manager who convenientely was not available either. 90 minutes later I asked to file a customer complaint. I get another phone number, which only has a recording telling me that everybody is busy. No service...that is what HP is about. NO whatsoever trained people. They keep handing from one to the next. Each time it takes between 10 to 25 minutes to get the next person on the line. Nobody has a clue and everybody promises they will fix it. The worst part is the fact that no person can be reached that has any authority. They are all hiding. Very inept service. Kayenta, Greeley, CO

  • Aug 14, 2015


HP computers come with an obsolete DVI port instead of the HDMI port – the industry standard - for connecting the computer to the TV. Whilst the HDMI transmits both video and audio signals the DVI is limited to only video. If you get a HP computer you have to buy a DVI/HDMI converter cable and a separate audio cable for transmitting audio. The newer TVs do not have an audio input. I got stuck with this problem and had to buy additional speakers for the audio. If you are thinking of buying a HP computer beware of this problem. I fail to understand why HP does not include a HDMI port in their computers. It is a real rip off.

  • Aug 7, 2015

To Establish my crediability I ann't no rookie! I have contracted with SNART FRIENDS for 5 years and currently pay $14.99 per month. My experience has genarally been good, better than most. But my experience last evening has me so steamed it is worth my time to file this report. H.P should take note and correct before the backlash proves counter productive.

Last evening I calledthe abover number about 800 Pm and was kept on hold for 45 minutes. Then a competent representative representative Shane conducted servel test and then explained that I had a windows problem and that he wished to transfer to a special Windows group to handle. This disconnected the phone and communication became typing back and forth.

A representative , Oscar Villies answereed, ran several test and then launched a program NANOHEAL CLIENT.There3was no expanation of what the program was designed to do, the time it would take etc. After holding on for appx. 30 minutes with no communication, I responded to a pop up prompt which brought Oscar back on line. "Oscar was irritaded that I had interrupted his program. When I explained that I had then been on the phone for over two hours he replied "I understand but that's no excuse for interrupting the program". Pardon me, I thought I was the customer and at least desevred an expanation.

Now I waited another 30 minutes staring at the changing screen, finally a pop up appeared stating that the computer had to be restarted in order for the changes to take effect. I should add there wouold be no action from time to time so one would not know if the rep. was still there or perhaps working with someone else. Although the time was approaching midnight and being mindful of the previous chastisemnt I wacthed another 5 minutute and decided that I had been abandoned so followed the instructions.

Now 'Oscars" written message pop up asking if I had restarted the computer. I of course replied yes I followed instructions.

He responded that isthe second time you have interredferred so I am quitting and the box of written messages disappeared.

Needles to say this is not customer service even if one is not paying a fee. The time wasted leaves a bitter taste , excasserbated by the payment for the service and being chastised by the one provideing" service" for not knowing the unexpained rules. Just plain a*s rude.

Obviously "Oscar is competent but doesn't no beans about Customer Service or how to talk to people. HP needs to hire proper personal and provide training.


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