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Best Buy

Country United States
State California
City Chula Vista
Address 59 N Broadway
Phone 619-420-1187

Best Buy Reviews

  • Aug 27, 2015

This is a consumer horror story. We spent over 2 hours attempting to purchase a washer and dryer from Best Buy, because we just moved here and the apartment complex only has a hook-up in the apartment - no appliances of that sort. Best Buy makes a two hour window for an appointment (you must be available from 7 AM to 7 PM on the day that they choose for your "convenient" installation - it's convenient for them - not you). A computer dialer then plays a message the day before, but the crew does not show up during the appointed time slot that they picked - they are over two hours late. The installers show up intoxicated and throw the equipment around, terrorizing my wife. We paid for equipment (connectors, hoses and such) to be installed, but the equipment was not installed, and there was no credit to the price paid. When we called the local store in Dublin, we were unable to get a manager (but we did get 45 minutes of really bad 70s guitar music). I went to the store and was unable to speak with the actual store manager (we still don't know who that is - maybe, the store manager's identity is a secret), but got a manager who said everything was "fine" - the equipment would be picked up and 100% of the price would be recredited to our card - this did not happen. The Best Buy store sent yet another crew out to our home (the crew had no idea why they were sent - they were also several hours late). That crew inspected the equipment and said, "You're right - it's all broken" - this is really becoming some sort of a bad comedy show at this point. We attempted to get the crew to pick up the equipment and return it, but they said that I would have to contact the store (yet again) and it would take a week to get it replaced (we just wanted to be rid of it and have it returned). More time goes by. We called Best Buy corporate in Minnesota and they said that they would send a $75 gift card for our inconvenience (Best Buy corporate did not fix the problem, correct our card statement, or fire the installers). Yet another transportation company picks up the equipment (one week ago), but provided no receipt. Corporate Best Buy says that they have no control over their own installers. CitiBank issues the card on behalf of Best Buy, but said that they do not control Best Buy (but filed a dispute and it will take up to six weeks to look at this situation - there may be no resolution). Best Buy stated that they would re-credit the funds in one week from equipment pick-up. The equipment (a new washer, dryer, and accessories) was picked up one week ago, but no one (not even Best Buy) has a record of that. Best Buy obviously intends to charge us in full for damaged equipment that was returned, which was damaged by their contracted installers and the equipment was never even installed properly.

  • Aug 14, 2015

We bought an LG dryer model DLEX3875V in 2012. We chose an extended warrranty through Best Buy. I have now discovered that Best Buys made a deal with AIG to service these warranties.

The lint screen broke and I could not longer fit it into its slot in the dryer. I took it out and super glued it and set it out to dry. In the mean time I forgot about the lint screen not being in its slot and dried a load of clothes. I then put the lint screen back into the slot and tried to dry another load of clothes and a horrible noise started on the dryer. I assumed some article of clothing had gone done the slot and gotten caught inside the dryer workings some where. I repeated this story at least 6 times to AIG representatives, Best Buy representatives and to the first two appliance repair companies they sent to our house.

I spoke with a representative from Best Buy on July 18th and got a call on July 20th from a service company called A & E. They made an appointment with me to come out and look at the dryer on July 28th. A representative from A & E called us on July 27th and said they did not have anyone in our area on the 28th but would call us when someone became available. I called Best Buy and said that was completely unacceptable and I wanted another appliance repair service called for us.

The send appliance repair service was called All County Appliance Service. They came out on July 28th and looked at the dryer and said we needed a new lint screen and a blower motor. The service man told me that it would take two weeks to order the parts and they would get back to us.

We never saw or heard from them again, despite mulitple attempts to call them and call Best Buy about them.

Finally on August 11th I spoke with someone from AIG and they contacted the third appliance repair service for us. The serivce was Southern State Appliances Service. The time frame for the service man to show up was 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. He got here at 2:10 pm worked on the dryer for about 30 minutes and fixed it. He told me a sock was caught in the dryer.

So we have waited 3 weeks with no dryer because of this horrible service.

  • Aug 14, 2015

I oder a computer stand from best buy there web site said"delived in 1 to 3 days " they took my money off my pre paid credit card held the product for 7 days and shipped it on the 7th day . i think they should have said it will be shipped 7 to 14 days if they wanted to hold the order for 7 days

brent Buchanan Mi 49107

  • Aug 7, 2015

I chose this title because best buy cashier, employees and managers should be best buy ambassadors.

2 weeks ago I went to best buy chula vista to buy a laptop. After I chose LENOVO Y70, I tried to pay using my NAVY Federal Credit Union credit card (NFCU) but the cashier says that I cannot use this credit card to pay in the store. I tried to cancel my purchase because I don't have cash nor debit but he says that I still can pay with NFCU credit card over the phone when I call citibank. I showed him the NFCU credit card to make sure and he said that he was 100% sure that I can pay with a NFCU credit card.

Yesterday, I called citybank to pay my LENOVO laptop and I was surprised that they don't accept any credit card payments. It should be cash or debit. I explained to them what happened in best buy (please see above). They apologized that they cannot help and I have to call best buy to solve the issue because it is impossible to make this payment with a credit card.

I called best buy chula vista to speak to best buy sales manager "jenny". I explained to her what happened (please see above). She apologized about what happened and says that everybody makes mistakes and i have to solve this problem and take responsibility for it. WAIT!!! WHAT?

so let me get this straight jenny THE MANAGER. You are asking me to mess my credit because I don't have cash and that this will affect my U.S. NAVY command and affect my career and get kicked out because of best buy mistake? best buy!!! how I should take responsibility for your mistake?

After explaining to jenny that I cannot return the laptop back to best buy because I have a flight tomorrow morning and my car is in the naval base storage, she was not cooperative and as always replies that everybody makes mistakes and I have to take responsibility otherwise my credit will be messed up.

I had to cancel my flight and get my car back from storage to take best buy responsibility and to fix best buy mistake and to keep myself from a bad credit and maybe a job loss.

So best buy look what you've done. I had to lose my flight ticket, my storage, wasted hours of my time to fix your and your ambassadors mistake because I care about my credit and since now I have an outstanding credit.


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