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Best Buy

Country United States
State California
City Chula Vista
Address 59 N Broadway
Phone 619-420-1187

Best Buy Reviews

  • Aug 22, 2017

August 21, 2017 two fraudulent charges for the same amount $893.63 showed up on my business bank account debit card statement. These charges originated from Best Buy #0994 in Richfield, MN. I am told by my bank that one of the charges should fall off and is just an authorization but the that one will probably be deducted from my account tomorrow. There is nothing the bank can do to stop the charge from going through.

There are multiple websites and forums devoted to this Best Buy location #0994 as to repeatedly being known for having fraudulent charges to people's accounts but normally after that person has purchased from a local Best Buy or an online store. I have not purchased anything from any Best Buy in several years.

They clearly know they have a problem and do nothing to prevent fraud on their online store. Do NOT use Best Buy - in store or on line.

  • Aug 8, 2017

This is the third time that this company has ripped me off and I think that other people need to beware of what's going on when you shop with them. The first product was a Oculus Rift CV1, there was some issues with it and I wanted to return it but Best Buy said that I would have to pay to return as well as a deduction if i use there prepaid label. Keep in mind that this is a defective item and they said there is nothing they could do I would have to pay for them to pick it up and look forward to a deduction when it arrives back to them. I reached out to the BBB and they said they would contact Best Buy and the company would give me a call or an email, but that never happen. This time I bought an electric scooter from them and then when I found out that there was the exact same one on another website for a better price with extra Best Buy said that you can't cancel after you place a order unless it was within 30 minutes. They don't offer tech support for the scooter but they sell them. I was also told by the same representative that if you need help with the item that I would have to contact the manufacture and not them even though there the ones selling the scooters. None of these things are mentioned at all before buying. Also your allowed to add a service plan whenever you get ready but they won't allow you to make changes or cancel the order after you have paid for it that seems really strange. Buyers beware of this company don't let them get you like they got me.

  • Aug 3, 2017

This location has people working in Geek Squad who know NOTHING about fixing computers! All they're interested in is, ripping you off with service agreements that are not worth the paper they're printed on! The Geek Squad manager of this location, Scott Fuqua would not talk to me unless I agreed to spend $279 on a service agreement, and then he wanted me to spend more fees to fix the situation! I told him that was crooked that he was treating me that way, and he told me to take my computer and GET OUT! He put it just like that! I yelled back at him, and then he told me I can either take my computer and get out or he was going to call the police on me! I have never been treated so rude by a business in my whole life than that! I refuse to ever set foot in that store, and will probably never spend another penny at Best Buy as a result of this horrible way I was treated by their misenthrope manager! if they terminate this man, I may go back, but definitely NOT as long as he continues to be employed there. The Geek Squad at that location acted like they've never seen a computer, but they sure knew about trying to get me to buy a service agreement that I did not need! They hire people who have no idea how to deal with the public. They act like you are a burden to them when you go in the store, and don't really know anything about what they're talking about. I could tell they really couldn't fix my computer situation. All it needed was a password reset, but they wouldn't even talk to me unless I bought that service agreement that was more than what my computer cost! I would never get something like that! It's worthless! It's just like paying a sign up fee at a gym. You don't need to do that either! Just pay for what service your device needs at that moment and move on! Trying to make you pay for something that you may never use, and when you do, they give you a service that would have cost a fourth of that price, that is a total rip off! That misenthrope manager, Scott Fuqua only wanted to make a commission off me, but he had no clue how to fix my problem. This is what I see a lot at Best Buy. They should change their name to Worst Buy! They have the worst Customer Service of any place I've ever seen! They're definitely NOT interested in service whatsoever!

  • Aug 2, 2017

I purchased a bluetooth device for my car online. I didn't have the money to install it, so I had to wait. When I was able to install it, I went in to setup a time. The tech immediatly told me that the device did not work with my car. He then tried to sell me another of the same thing for about $150.00 more, plus the install.

I decided to contact Isimple, who did not respond. I contacted a second time, and they informed me that it did not work for my car, even though the Best Buy website confirmed that the componet did in fact work for my car.

I went back to another store to talk to a tech, who confirmed. I asked if it just needed something simple to make it work, to which said; "No". So, he told me to bring it to the store and they would take it back. He then sold me a car stereo and kit for almost 300.00, with install. I went ahead, thinking I could return the component (Stupid me).

When I brought it in, they opened the package to check the parts, but then told me that it could not be returned. They told me to call the number listed online and that there would be no problem, considering the circumstance. When I tried to call and order a return package, the agent on the phone refused.

At first, he said it was past time to return. When I made my case, he asked if the package had been opened. When I told him it had, he said it couldn't be returned because of that. When I explained that they opened it in the store, he shuffled again to telling me that this online purchase had been done in a store, according to his records, and could only be returned in a store; which, I had told him they wouldn't do.

So, now I have a hundred dollar piece of crap that wont work, even if I needed it. Also, the tech knew right away that it wouldn't work, which indicates past experiance. Even with passed situations, Best Buy kept selling a device they knew wouldn't work for the car they said it would work for.

  • Jul 27, 2017

I purchased a plan last year. the contrack was up june 15.2017. I was in the hospital with no knowledge of it being up. one of the reps told my daughter i need to speek to someone when i come home. first day home i called only to be told they will not honor a previous agreement.passed around so many times just to be brushed off.

  • Jul 20, 2017

Bestbuy is a scam. This geeksquad agent says they have a new plan which covers all the pc's in my house for $19.99 a month. I have 3 pc's.

And I wanted to sign up for it. I called them last night and the losers never called me back.

Now I call them this morning hoping to sign up for this new plan. The operator after talking with her for 1 minute, she hung up on me. Don't buy from bestbuy.

They're prices may seem to be a good deal but it ain't. They sell garbage so that's why the prices seem cheap.

Spread the word that bestbuy sucks. Never buying from them again. Maybe I buy my stuff from staples or London drugs from now on.

  • Jun 5, 2017

I returned a Samsung 12.2 tablet and matching keyboard to the manager Collegeville, PA 19426. I have the receipt to prove it amount $720.78. Citibank did not refund my money, they used my return as a new purchase. They have it on my statement as a general purchase then, minuses off the 720.78 and reapplied it as a promotional purchase for $720.78. This happened on 2-19-2016. Despite hundreds of mailings, faxes, messages, phone calls even enlisting the help of bestbuy executive Lawrenceville Simon of best buy, then TED Haven Executive at citibank, filed two police reports, and internal messages. ..and they refuse to give me my money back. I have a refund receipt. They threaten me under duress to pay $27.00 monthly or else they're going to ruin my credit. For 16 months this has been going on and NO ONE WILL HELP ME. I desperately need help to get my $720.78 returned to me. I have seriously tried anything.

A few years ago best buy was going to be closed down. I truly wish it did. These people are heartless. I am a single mother who cannot afford to sue them, so they enjoymistreating me. It is definately harassment and discrimination. They couldn't be more ignorant to me. I filed disputes with the fdic, cfpb, two police departments detectives have said I am right, but it's a civil case. I want my money back, I have been made to pay off more than half of 720.78 like a fool because they threaten me to ruin my credit. This is not the first issue I have had with best buy citibank.

Best buy citibank is a horrible company to do business with. I have proof of my return, and instead of refunding my money they put it through as a purchase. I have my return receipt, and no one will honor this return despite the fact that they kept the Samsung Galaxy tablet and keyboard. And they made me pay off more than half of the total price of my return. I can't get anyone to fix this after over 16 months of arguing and trying on the daily basis. Complete discrimination.

  • Jun 3, 2017

What f**king idiot that hired these a**holes in this store! They don't know sh** what they're selling or know their product line! Plus they have the audosity to hang up me! What f**king ghetto a** people! What a bunch of f**king losers, and whoever raised them!

  • May 10, 2017

Today, 5/9/17, we learned that an unauthorized charge was posted to our checking account in the amount of $1600. The charge was made at Best Buy Store No. 994 on 5/7/17. Our account is now overdrawn by over $600. We tried contacting Best Buy but could not find anyone to assist us. We contacted our Bank and canceled our card, but now we have to hopefully convince our bank to put the funds back as soon as possible. Researching the internet, we see we are not the only people this has happened to. This is a horrible thing to go through and I'm so sorry for those of you who have had this happen to them, especially at this particular store. Something needs to be done. Too many unauthorized charges are being made at Best Buy Store No. 0994.

  • May 10, 2017

I am not happy with the way the Geek Squad treated me at Best Buy today around 6:15 pm (19555 W Bluemound Rd, Brookfield, WI 53045). I have an old iPhone 4s that's pins or whatever stopped working. When I took it in the man wouldn't even try and fix it - he just said to go to the Apple store. I cannot just go to the Apple store. I do not want to pay $4 and waste even more time going on a Milwaukee bus. Recently last Friday, according to the news on Fox 6, there were bullets shot at one of those buses, one that went through a windshield as well. Do they really think I as a civilian want to risk my safety to go all the way there?

The man tonight working for Geek Squad wasn't very helpful or even very polite. He was a no nonsense person with a straightforward tone of voice who didn't care about my bad situation. I am tired of interacting with rude, unhelpful people in my life and I've had enough. I want a manager to tell this man he needs to be more helpful and more polite to customers. I cannot afford a new phone right now but that is out of my control. I wanted Geek Squad to tell me what was wrong with my phone but the agent didn't help with anything. I thought that was very poor on his part and now I have a phone that barely charges. It is rude service and so please avoid Geek Squad at this store in Brookfield, WI!

  • Apr 21, 2017

What happened yesterday was ridiculous! I purchased a refrigerator from and scheduled a delivery today. Around 12PM Pacific time delivery crew has been arrived (Crew id: 126700C) and they check the place where the old refrigerator was located and they refuse to take it back rite a way. They found some excused to not even touch it and wanted to leave the refrigerator somewhere inside the house and leave. I asked them to help me at least to take it out since it is heavy stuff and I could not do it by my self. They did not even wanted to to that neither. I told them that I paid for this service and you were not doing your job.

This is not suppose to be like this. We have a newborn at home and we need that refrigerator. After a while they started give me an attitude and wanted to take the refrigerator back. I told them that no you could not take it back because it is my stuff and I paid for it but they said they could take it back which they did! They refused to give my item to me which I paid over $1000 and left my house with very bad attitude. One of the guy even wanted to call me outside to fight. I do not understand how this kind of rude person could work for Best Buy. I called the customer service 3 times and they did not come up with solutions as well. They said that the soonest they could delivery it 4/22/2017 which is Saturday or later. We have been already waiting it for 4 days and we do not want to wait more. I need a solution as soon as possible.

  • Mar 21, 2017

I am reporting a number of complaints againts Best Buy and Geek Squad acquired from several military and veteran persons. This reports included the familiy members of the service men/women and veterans.

Beware of being taken in by false promises by Best Buy. And especially the Geek Squad, which has become a huge money maker for a failing Best Buy brand. While the retail is lacking, the Geek Squad and Computer sales and services thrive. It has been discovered that the increase of revenue is due to untrue reports, diagnoses, and charges for repairs that are primarily caused by back room GeekSquad employee's.

A late report was on a 72 year old veteran that had his hard drive erased and corrupted by GeekSquad while he was at their location in Alituke Arizona.

He took his older laptop in for show and tell to get recomendations on a new laptop with equal or better system operations. He purchased a new laptop and his life went downhill. (1.) GeekSquad took his old Hard Drive to the back room to insert it into a remote Hard Drive case. They returned to tell himmthat his Hard Drive was empty. But, for and initial $50.00 they would send it out to their recovery department and for an additionbal $250.00 they could recover his files.

When he got his Hard Drive back the files were defiantely deleted and the others corrupoted. Five (5) years of writings, pictures and other documents GONE!

From January 26, 2016 to March 17, 2017 (14) months. They lied to him and made promises to correct the problem. He also discovered the new LapTop thatbthey sold him was inferior to his needs and was a computer they were selling off at low prices to rid it from their inventory, it was outdated left over stock.

He wrote a letter to Hubert Joly CEO and has not been contacted! His losses are significant and Best Buy has BULLIED their CORRUPT business practices to cause him thelosses.

Beware other Veterans and Miklitary Persons and Families.

This ordeal will likely be presented outside of the store to other prospective customers to warn them to be cautious, due to a number of other complaints from military, veterans and their families of being dishonored and ripped off by Best Buy !

  • Feb 9, 2017

Do not order From Best Buy online. They sell products they don't have. The show they've shipped the items, then do not give the item to the carrier. They promise 2 day shipping on large purchases, then send them by ground. Now my purchase will not arrive before I leave the country for a month. They say they can't refund because it has shipped, after telling me it has not shipped. Then they start putting you on hold and giving you the run around!

  • Jan 27, 2017

I was robbed and my credit cards were part of the robbery. I contacted my banks to let them know I had my cards taken and I was then reissued new cards. At that time i was told by two different banks that an attempt at Best Buy had been made on my cards but were denied because of amount of expense. Thank God! However, I woke up today only to find an alert on my phone telling me the persons had attempted to make another attempt at Best Buy. So after calling my bank and getting more information i got the store #.

Now I am going to contact the corporate office. Only for them to tell me there is nothing they do for that and I needed to contact my bank. I told them I had and that because another attempt on the same card had been used at the store they wanted me to let them know. The guy said to be honest with you there is nothing we can do. We don't contact police and that i should contact the store myself to let them know.

I would think that if corpoprate new they had stores and according to the internet multiple issues with the same store they would be wanting to talk with the store to get this cleared up.

The guy asked if it was my best buy card and i told him no and that i would never have a best buy card either if this is how they run their business.

I just want it out there that Best Buy doesn't care if you were robbed and doesn't take matters into their hands when it involves there company.

  • Dec 31, 2016

9 days after I purchased a $1,377 TV and taking two days off work to accept delivery, I still do not have my TV. I have had no less than 15 telephone calls with company representatives who do nothing but lie and make excuses for their incompetance. Never have I dealt with a company that is so uncaring and has caused me to lose money by having to take days off work to wait for their incompetant delivery people.

Do not patronize Best Buy. Their customer service is the worst of any company I have ever encountered and they have thousands of complaints filed on-line.

  • Dec 21, 2016

I am an X manager from Best Buy South Surrey who has been hired under false so called values by one of the most evil deceptive and a hazard to the environment companies I have ever had the misfortune of working for. When I was hired I was told that the compnay values were of the highest standard and that they keep them in high regards! Yet every day at work I would be caught up in meetings where my general manager would coach me in how to lie to customers in order to sell their extended insurance! At first I thought I was in a dream but soon I realized that this is how the company makes their pure profit and that this is how my GM gets his fat bonus checks! Soon after I discovered that the companies fake values were an obvious front for what really goes on behind closed doors! My job security was used against me on very occasion if I had ever questioned their tactics. The company also has an inside grading system where the employees get to let the district managers know how things are going in the store by filling out a survey called "View point".

During this time the employees get to anonymously let the upper staff know what they fel needs to be changed. On our last view point my General Manager Christian Reich decided to bribe people with $20 bills and $25 dollar gift certificates days before viewpoint in exchange for their positive votes for him!! I witnessed him on 3 occasions handing over a $20 dollar bill to younger staff members then saying "I want to say thanks for all your hard work and wanted to give you this $20 bill for your efforts here at Best Buy and can you take your view point survey?". He would then follow the staff members into the private room where the surveys would take place and even stay in the room behind them as they did their survey! On top of his dishonesty he also engaged in illegal drug and alcohol consumption with other staff who he later favortized and protected when they were caught. I guess this is what happens when you hire a kid to be a GM and he does not have the maturity to run a business. In addition to an already dishonest company who hires dishonest people who are trained liers they also have the worse environmental impact with their massive disgarding of metal, electronics, paper and plastic all being thrown into the same containers! During the opening of new Best Buy stores this company will ship out containers with thousands of metal shelves and counters etc to build the new store. When the items arrive to the location often in every case of a grand opening the company has already changed their plan for the floor layout therefore not needing a majority of the shelves and counters they have shipped. Their answer to that instead of shipping the unused material back to the warehouse, is to throw mass amounts of steel, wood, plastic, glass and paper all into one bin and send it off to the land fill! I was disgusted at the amount of waste in materials I saw while with this company. They have a giant fake "We are Green " sign on their walls as a deliberate false front to make you believe they care. If you multiply the number of Best buy and future shops stores I could only imagine the environmental impact they are having. Someone needs to investigate Best buy and Future shop for their massive wasting. They also have a label making printer which prints full size sheets of paper with 12 or 4 large label sections on it. When an employee prints only a single label, guess where the remaining blank stickers and card board labels end up? You got it in the trash next to the plastic, metal and glass! I lost my job for voicing my opinion to my superiors and they decided to let me go because I discovered their fake tactics for profit. I just want people to be aware! Say no to thier PSP/PRP ( Product service plan or Product replacement plan)

  • Dec 19, 2016

Here is a synopsis of the events leading up tome having to file this Notice of Dispute.

June 19....we (Sarah my wife, Lukas 14 month old son)

went to best buy to buy a watch , sprint does not offer a line for it , decide to explorer other providers.

Buy one get one free.. not bad..were told I would get up to 650 in refunds to cover other providers bill. takes 6 weeks. Ok, In actually I wasn't given full refund as 200 went to bills credit, was not told this, was given different info from Best Buy CSR reps. Wasn't told that I need to turn the phones in till after 4 hours into the process, was told "sorry" our mistake wasn't told there was a 45 activation fee for each watch. Spend 7 hours at best buy that day.

sales associate talked to us, flipped us to anther guy(perdro) I think.

We picked out 2 phones, Chrome and white. 1 phone was wrong, it was black, , the staff did a return and went across the street to Park mall AT&T and got me a phone, the black phone never left the store, 2nd phone number was ported wrong. We didn't figure this out till we were home, called store, asked to come back, did so, asked to return home and get the 2 phone to return those and purchase new ones,did so , as they can't change anything now, too late. SO I went home CAME BACK again.

Fixed the I thought, then the watches didn't work for 3-4 days, found out because they were on the other phones we returned.

Called Customer care, found out they I need to go back and redo the deal, I was told to go to an ATT store as best buy isn't helping me,only causing problems and that they aren't really part of ATT, argued with Customer care rep that ATT is solely responsibility for my act and my service, was told that we would have to agree to disagree. lol Same company

Went to the att store, met Preston Polanco ( 520-262-9193) spent and hour or so tiring to fix what best buy had done, They got me a monthly bill estimate as Best buy couldn't figure out what my bill would be with all the returns. Peston was helping and doing great at it.

I get my 1st bill like 484, cant possible be right, call ATT CSR, told I would get like 80 in credits, bill still wrong but I paid it. My bill had fees and act. fess from return said items.

I go to Att store, turn in old phones, get 200 in credit as opposed on a visa card as promised, semi pissed as this is all steam rolling again, whatever I deal with it.

I get the next bill 1172.00 , pissed again, phone I returned was charged 715 to the bill. Bill is still wrong, should be about 150-160....if you take 1172-715 ...leave a bill of .ie balance of 457, way more then it should be aprox 190 including taxes, so 277 buck TOO MUCH. I also have a 200 bill credit from att store. , I call ATT CSR again, get credit, said 509 total and 715 for the phone, submitted it and got nothing, no where, was told my math was wrong.

Very annoyed and pissed,

I called best buy, talked to several people in the next 2 weeks, I got voice from AT&T employes asking for last 4 of my Social Security # to add notes when actually there just accessing my act, to try and fix it. Entering my account as if they were me without permission,against AT&T and Best Buy POLICY"S. Mind you no one has call any lower/senior management to help or alert anyone of the situation.

I asked for management help, was told not sure who that is??? Really I call ATT CSR again about the return phone, I was told by AT&T CSR rep on the phone, I have to PROVE I returned the phone, like I'm lying or a criminal who stole it? really. I ask if I can mail in the receipts, text or fax, anything.

NO NO NO I have to go to the store and have them verify the return and have them Call ATT care while I'm at the store. Told me BestBuy has caused many of the problems not ATT. Really...I should be mad at Best Buy.

I go to the ATT store, Preston's not working..crap.. he's the only one who's actually helping me.. The other CSR that helped me, with the phone swaps paperwork, the manager makes copy's of over 60 pages of paperwork I have gotten in the last 5 weeks. Said he would add my company's discount,he didn't..said he would fax everything over to att corporate on the return...didn't. Was later told my paper work was lost, my PERSONAL INFORMATION paper work is lost?? Really!!!

I get a call from collection about the bill. fiance is pissed, Im pissed, I go to the best buy with all My paperwork, ( 3 more hours) he enters everything in the cpu. He calls att CSR, has to argue with them on my behalf that the phone never left the store, puts in good notes, thinks its all fixed, it's not.

Get next bill of 871.. Going crazy, 50 hours on the phone, 25 hours at Best buy, 10 hours at the att store . Call att CSR.. she helps I think

She adds up all the charges... all there mistakes, she says 509 in credits and 715 in credit for the phone, no bill till sept 11. TODAY , I go to make a call and phone's are shut off. I JUST LOST IT..... CALL ATT CSR AGAIN

I have to tell the whole story again, was told the bills credits are too much, that the 509 is part of the 715 phone and I can have the difference back, Are you kidding me.

I then finally reach out to a friend who gets me Phillip Aguliar, the district manager contact info(520-647-4541) 10 days later he finds time to sit with me at the store, he go through my bill, says its all figured out,He even admits and apologizes to me for the conduct and the way my family has been treated. Admits that they should of never accessed my account. 2 hours with him, says he is now my personal advocate but doesn't help me beyond our sit down at Att store.

I get the next bill, still wrong. so mad and discouraged at this point. I get absolutely nothing resolved from your help center. I am told every excuses in the book. I call the help desk, as I am paying to much , email and call Phillip, no reply, no emails nothing.

Next bill is wrong again, so I follow suit and I go to the store this week, Nov. 15th, I am told by the manager that they can no longer help me, that she was in a meeting 2-3 weeks ago and was told by upper management not to access my account and no help from the store level, this explains Phillips actions, not very professional!! she let me know that I am not the only one one the "list" not very comforting. Not professional and now I have NO recourse anywhere. My next bill is wrong too, call and get no help.

I call the help desk, get told too bad, nothing can be done, I'm wrong, she didn't like my attitude and discounted the call. Beyond frustrated. I turn to social media and the internet and my local new station ( kgun 9 on your side)

I am now on FB and making a ton of noise, never knew how many people hated AT&T. now I get a response form your social media team, really. I get 5 different FB text from 5 different people to say...hi were to help. Talked to Yesenia L social media specialist, she says she can help, has not so far, talked to her 2 times, Have called as of today 6 times, she says she called back, but no missed calls on the phone. I am now pasted my calm and going to take action. I have started a FB campaign against you, I have recruited a group to help me with this. I also am filing with the BBB the FTC and the others. I have enlisted my local news to help(check my face book, most of my friends work for the news and pro sports.

I have also bought domain names and I am starting a web site, ATTYOUSUK.COM. It will be up and running asap. There are thousands of people who hate AT&T and I will give them a platform to be hear. Wait to your x-employees start on the site and give the people all the inside information about the AT&T policy’s and deceptive tactics. I was told so many lies from your employes and the tactics your company used are deceptive at best. You have violated my privacy right and privacy laws, employees have illegally accessed my account onseveral different occasions.

I have voice mails recorded asking for access to my account by different employes to "add notes" I have recoding of 5-10 conversations from your staff as well as my sit down with you District manager Phillip, who admits that and apologizes for the conduct, I have calls recorded from you 800 help desk, I informed them I was recording and they still treated me bad, lied and abused there power. They lied, made false promises, illegally accessed my account violated my rights!!! I have a sit down planned in January,the news stations is running a story on deceptive practices from cell phone carriers and would like to talk about my experience with AT&T and best Buy.

went to best buy after the manager hung up on me,, was asked to leave when I got there. Worse compnay ever!!!

  • Dec 14, 2016

I am writing about an incident that happened at the Best Buy retail store located at 7090 Market Place Dr., Goleta, California.

On 11/19 at 8:00pm, I returned an item purchased from Best Buy to the returns counter. The employee that helped me could not locate the order in their computer system after 30 minutes of searching so I was issued store credit in the form of a gift card. The amount of the return was $475.99.

I returned to the same store on 11/21 at 12:00pm noon and went to the customer service counter where I gave an employee the gift card to verify the money before I browsed. The employee informed me that the balance of the card was 0$. I assumed that the woman that helped me had made a mistake when processing the return so I asked for the manager. After 15 minutes of research, the manager informed me that the card had been used at a Best Buy in Las Vegas. I told the manager this was not possible as neither I nor the card had left the city in the past 48 hours. The alleged purchase in Las Vegas was for multiple thousands of doilars and paid for with several gift cards of different origins, which suggested fraud of some kind in my opinion and the manager agreed with me. At that time he went to the back of the store to presumably make a call to the Las Vegas store.

An hour and a half later, I was approached by the store manager who informed me that they needed to pull the video footage from the Las Vegas store and research the situation more. I asked the manager how the card could be used when it was in Santa Barbara the entire time. She was unable to answer me. I was told to go home and that I would be contacted via phone when the investigation had been completed.

After several days I was contacted by the store manager and told that they had turned the investigation over to Best Buy corporate and that they were no longer involved. My requests for contact information so I could follow were ignored.

I proceeded to send emails to the executive team at Best Buy corporate in an attempt to find someone to help me with the situation. I was eventually contacted by a Sarah Labbe, Senior Executive Resolution Specialist at Best Buy Corporate. She informed me that Best Buy had "processed everything correctly per SOP" and that they didn't feel liable for anything, despite the fact that I had been given a stolen and/or defective gift card. She said I would need a police report to proceed.

On November 30th I contacted the Santa Barbara County Sherriff and filed a police report and gave this information to Ms. Labbe. She replied promptly stating that I would need to have the Sheriff prosecure the individuals responsible and press charges to recoup any monies, despite the fact that the Santa Barbara Sheriff would obviously have no jurisdiction in Nevada. Further emails to Ms. Labbe and her colleagues have gone unanswered.

As of the present date I have not received the $475.99 in store credit I am owed nor has my returned item been returned to me. Any and all communications with Best Buy are ignored. The Goleta, CA Best Buy retail location refuses to help me.

  • Nov 2, 2016

I bought a open box Vizio e series TV that cats and stream. I had furniture delivered on the 29th of October. I then went to put TV together and it was missing the remote. Well with this TV it will do nothing with out the remote to Down load apps and stream and set up. I today call Best Buy to get a remote sent to me or i can pick one up from the Best Buy on my side if the city. First I get the whole open Box buy at your own risk. Well I also purchased a blue ray player and a 2 year warranty on the TV. So My warranty does not help in this matter so I am put through to the manager. He proceeds to tell me I'm past the 14 day window and basically good luck I am stuck with it, So the angry me let him know just what a $20.00 remote will cost him and his store. I will also let the BBB know next and I will get a district or regional or president. I am the area manager of Title Boxing Clubs and we will not be purchasing any of our club or home electronics from Best Buy until this is fixed. So I live in North Carrollton almost The Colony a good 45 min Drive each way. He then after much ruffled feathers he said he would give me a universal remote but would not mail it or do paperwork so I can Pick it up at a close one. I had a few people helping me the day they were getting my money and the purchase of a warranty. But there was no body there to help fix a $20.00 remote problem.

To all who read my recommendation is go to a different company or a different store all together. I will not remove this until the upper management team can get a hold of me and make it right. I will also be doing a google, Facebook, BBB and the Rip off Report to let everyone know that this manager needs to learn customer service and help out the loyal customer. So Disappointed in This Best Buy Manager!

  • Nov 1, 2016

Warranty Scam? Or did Best Buy just take my personal data and hold for ransom!

I took my Window 7 Desktop Computer to my local Best Buy Geek Squad to have my DVD drive repaired under warranty. Best Buy told me because of the type of warranty (I purchased through Geek Squad), my computer had to be sent to the Best Buy Service Center to be covered and no additional charge to me. When my computer was return to the Best Buy store, I was informed that my hard drive was replaced due to the hard drive failing a routine test. The DVD drive was not repaired and the store could not explain why the repair was not don. When I ask about my data on my original hard drive, I was instructed to contact the service center to get a back p copy. After multiple phone calls to only be routed back to my local store. I finally had an employee help me contact the service center. The service center charged me just under $190.00 which I paid via credit card to have my data copied and sent to me on an external drive. The local Best Buy store told me they did not want anything else happing to my computer, so they replaced my DVD drive using the Geek Squad team in the store. Now I have a computer with Windows 10 because Best Buy told me they could not load Windows 7 back on my pc. And all my programs and data are on an external drive. I have been spending hours attempting to reload what programs I can and working on an external drive fo access my media files and documents. After calling my local Best Buy store to file my complaint and attempt to receive a refund, I was only informed that Best Buy was sorry this happened, but they are now looking into was to improve the customer experience to prevent this from happening again.

  • Nov 1, 2016

I purchased a computer from Best Buy financed thru citibank. They unilateally increased the momthly payment by $1. We never received notification since we moved. They proceeded to charge a late fee of $40. Never new this was going on until they finally sent a letter we received saying we owed them over $400 in late fees for the $6 they increased the pahyment buy.

We have never been late in making our payments before this ripoff. i never knew a retailer could unilaterally increase their prices after purchase. We have tried to get resolution but they have refused. This is my second bad experience with this company and i will never go into one of their stores again. I will be filing with the appropriate (ugh) government agency.

  • Oct 24, 2016

I purchased $6500 worth of Merchandise at Best Buy. I did not want it delivered while I was remodeling my home. Ended up in a divorce. Best Buy said they gave me a credit for the merchandise.I proved they never gave me a credit but in small claims court they claimed only staute of limitations and won. They got my $14,000 in payments because the credit card company said I would ruin my credit if I stopped paying while the dispute was going on. They ended up with my money and my merchandise. If that is not theft then I don't kn ow what is.

  • Oct 22, 2016

Last night I went to the San Carlo Best Buy for an Acer Chromebook on sale for $269 (usually $300). After I told him I wanted to buy it, the salesman mentioned that it came with a free anti-virus product. But when paying, I was charged $30 for the "free" antivirus software ("webroot", I think).

Luckily I noticed and asked why the $30 for a "free" item. He didn't have much of an answer and called his manager for an override. The manager didn't ask any questions and didn't seem surprised or concerned at all. After the override, one "webroot" item showed removed but another was still on the bill for $3. I told him I didn't want the antivirus software at all. He again adjusted the bill and finally all the extra charges were gone.

I don't know but the sales guy was very young and probably trained in this little trick, perhaps by that very same manager. I know it's hard to make money competing with Amazon and the others, but ripping people off is wrong.

  • Oct 12, 2016

More than two years ago, I made the mistake of renewing my Geek Squad subscription online, because the store told me I would have to do it that way. The transaction itself would not go through without a Y under Recurring Charge? I didn't like this and tried to change it--but couldn't.

Throughout the whole thing, I was constantly reassured that I could cancel at any time. The fine print said I could cancel at any time. I thought I needed the protection, so I let it go through.

Long story short, we never got any of the promised services from this transaction and we stopped doing business with Best Buy. We buy computers from Fry's now. The last time I went to Best Buy, I told them I no longer wanted the useless Geek Squad "Protection." I was assured that I would not keep getting billed for it without my consent.

August 2015, Best Buy put an automatic (recurring) charge of $70 on my credit card. The credit card was no help in cancelling the charge and no on online with Best Buy "could" help me, so my husband went over to the store (in Odessa TX) and argued with them until they credited our card with the $70 (on September 27, 2015) and assured him that they had cancelled the "account." I forgot Best Buy existed.

At the end of August 2016, Best Buy charged us $70 plus "taxes" (total--$75.78) for an unexplained recurring charge from the Geek Squad. We received the bill in late September and did not find the bogus charge until I went to pay the bill in early October. This was for a "renewal" of a service we had not subscribed to since 2014.

My husband again went to the Odessa store and was given various ploys to get rid of him: They couldn't do anything because we waited more than 30 days to cancel the nonexistent transaction. We must have okayed the charge or they wouldn't have billed us for it. He would have to call 1-800-BestBuy and let them handle it. (He called the 1-800 number from the Odessa store and was given the run-around from them--20+ minutes later he was sent back to the store Geek Squad people.) Best Buy then announced that they wouldn't do anything and we would have to contact their legal department.

Our credit card people (with whom I have been doing business for 30 years) have been no help at all. Are we expected to pay forever for an account that was cancelled more than a year ago and recancelled and refunded a year ago?

There was a news report several months ago about how much money the average American consumer spends on recurring credit card payments that no longer apply or should no longer be charged. The implication was that consumers are so stupid they don't know they're still paying for something from the past.

I know when my credit card is being used to rip me off. Best Buy, under the guise of the Geek Squad, is charging me for services not request, authorized, or wanted. And our credit card company is complicit in this fraud.

  • Oct 6, 2016

On July 23 I called your customer service line because my daughter, who’s an authorized user on my Best Buy account was having an issue with placing a pickup order the night before. I’d been trying the morning of Jul 23 to place the pickup order, but was having the same issue my daughter was having; the order kept canceling and we couldn’t figure out why. I called the customer service line and spoke to a rude young man who cut me off as I was talking, and transferred me without saying anything about who and why. After holding on the line, I was transferred to someone who came online stating they were from GeekSquad. I then got upset because I didn’t understand why I was being transferred to what I know as tech support. I explained to the young lady that I was speaking with that I was upset because we were trying to place the pick up at store order and it kept canceling. I’d just spoke to, in my opinion, a rude customer service associate, and that I was now late for a birthday party for which the TV was the gift, and I’d been transferred to GeekSquad and I have no idea why. She explained that GeekSquad could help me. She also offered me 10% off the order for all of the trouble. I thanked her for understanding, and the discount. I explained I was using my Best Buy account and asked if the price would be adjusted. She said that because I was picking up at the store the store could not adjust the price, but that she would put in for the adjustment and I will see it reflected on my bill in a few weeks. I was then transferred to the store (I was told) and my order was placed and I picked up the TV.

On September 3rd 2016, I was in your Athens GA store to buy a desktop for my daughter. That visit brought to mind the conversation I’d had in July with the customer services agent. Once home, I checked my card to see that no discount had been applied. A few days later on or about September 9th 2016, I called and spoke with another customer services agent who was able to pull up that call with my phone number and states that he sees I spoke with the agent and that I was having an issue with the order, but that the agent did not put anything in the notes about a discount for the inconvenience. I assured him that she surely did and that I would not just make up something like that and call back in 2 months later, the discount would have amounted to something around $70 and that is not worth making up some big lie. The agent although nice basically told me that because it was not in the notes there was no way I would be getting the discount. I explained how I felt that this was not fair because as the customer I cannot write or verify that the notes are correct and this is not a good practice because then agents can just say anything and just leave it out of the notes and it is the customer that loses. He apologized but again told me that because it was not in the notes, I would not be getting the discount. I then asked him about contacting Best Buy’s corporate office and maybe they would be able to assist, listen to tapes or something. He stated that contacting the corporate office will not help in any way, and that the corporate office would back him up that because the information is not in the notes I would not be getting the discount.

This was very upsetting to me because I’ve been a loyal customer with Best Buy for many years. I have an account with Best Buy and use it regularly. I have always received good customer service when I have had to call in, so this event was very shocking and disappointing.

I felt I NEEDED to write this letter and let the corporate office know that Best Buy has customers that are loyal to you, but your customer service agents are not loyal to your customers or their word. I’m writing to let the corporate office know I’m disappointed that the agents are allowed to say anything to customers they have no intention of honoring, and will proudly tell you that the corporate office backs them up, so long as they just omit the information from the notes.

  • Sep 30, 2016

I was looking for a new laptop. The Geek agent told me my word 7 was absolete and offered to upload word 10. I do not know computers and thought it was an Honest and Kind act. He did, but my microsoft word was deleted from the upload.

I questioned him and he tried to sell me a new word software. I refues telling him that he had deleted my microsoft word.

Months went buy, numerous calls and 5 months later they agreed to upload Office 365 at no charge. They did, but the upload somehow corrupted the computer and the content on the display went bonkers, expanding and retracting so fast that it was impossible to use the computer.

3 more months of communications went by, and I went to the store to see how much they would sell me a new lap top for, under the circumstances. They gave me a $100.00 off a lap top. WHOOPY!

But I was desperate because my professional work was so far behind.

In the process of switching computers my old hard drive was taken to the back room to adapt it to an external drive, so I could keep and use my old files. But, I was toled there were no files on the hard drive. And for $300.00 they could recover them. I called "BS" and another 2 months have gone by. After they told me they would wave charges, I submitted it for recovery. 3 weeks later 9/21/16 I was called and for $513.00 I can get my hard drive back.

I have called Corporate several times! I have e-mailed the CEO, but no one has responded. The buck stops at Hubert Joly's desk, he is obviously so unconcerned that I have not had any response.

In the end, my project to employ disables veterans, and support mothers and children in despair has been launched.

I am looking at a suit for upwards of $5 million for the loss of 5 years of propritary art, photo's and video trailes and tv DVD's that we created for the project. The property took over 5 years and $1.4 million in expenses to create. If my project fails due to my inability to keep my creative productions forthcoming, I will demand $185 million which is the markey anaysis for annual sales.

  • Sep 27, 2016

I knew I was in trouble when the Best Buy online job app was fishing with questions that would reveal my age. Required fields make it impossible to pass over those questions and if you put in false information you can be fired.

Best Buy only agreed to interview me to fill out the stats they need to keep that shows they interview all races and ages. The interviewer. "Clint", was just going through the motions, I could tell.

Since the government won't do anything about this, all I can do it log it here on ROR.

  • Sep 2, 2016

So, Wife and myself have been customers with Best buy for 15 years or so. All the sudden my wife needs major back surgery. She pays the regular payment due which is $27. Which she always pays 100$ or more to pay things faster. Usually never a problem. So finally she is well enough to download the statement fron the online bill. She says omg.... They charged us 141$ in Interest. Wow. We actually returned the item we originally purchased and they gave us a stupid 350$ gift card instead of putting the money back on our account. That's cheating in my eyes. So I don't own the item, still have the gift card, and customer service tells they won't reverse the fees. I simply I'm paying my balance TODAY! Close my card and never contact me again. Someone will sue them for theses hidden fees you have to download to actually see. And we ALL KNOW some people aren't capable of that. Due to age or not being computer savvy! Thanks BEST BUY

  • Jul 28, 2016


  • Jul 27, 2016

Bought Whirlpool open box fridge as new with cosmetic blemishes, but it was 2 years old with a history of problems from first owner. Company would do nothing.

  • Apr 20, 2016

I brought my 90 year old fathers IPad to Best Buy in Green Bay. It rejected his one and only username and password. There were no Apple Stores in the area, so I was forced to go to Best Buy. They agreed to restore it and it was in BB's possession for less than an hour. When I got it home, I again tried to enter his UN and PW. Nothing. I decided to bring it to a real Apple Store and discovered that they (BB) had given me the wrong IPad! It registered as an IPad belonging to a school district in White Plains NY! I contacted Best Buy and after numerous waits and call backs was told I would be contacted by the manager at 3:00. I finally called at 5 and spoke with Adam McGuire. He said that my dad’s IPad was the only IPad in for repair...on a busy Saturday! They refused to take responsibility; replace my dad's IPad or even negotiate anything. Now I have a useless IPad-Apple said that there is no way to do anything. I will contact the school district and return their IPad, but my 90 year old father no longer has an IPad because Best Buy lost it. They were rude, flip and completely uncaring. We had just gotten it for him a year ago, after my stepmother died unexpectedly. He was intrigued by my 'Googling'. He was actually getting good at emailing and Googling. Best Buy is a horrible and incompetent company. They need to be exposed for who they are and terrible customer service. Can you help me? I live in IL and my dad lives in Shawano.

I did contact the school district and they accused me of being in possession of stolen goods. They said they knew my location and would find me. I was freaked out-I only brought an IPad in for a restore and now I am a criminal? I told the school district "I called you!" Why would I call you, if I was a thief.

This is complete fraud and the victim is my 90 year old father who was beginning to embrace technology. Shame on Best Buy. They should just replace the d**n IPad and move on. My brother and I are 'pitbulls' and Germans. We never say never.

  • Mar 31, 2016

BEST BUY Reneged... I'm a senior citizen I want JUSTICE! On Dec 8th, 2015 I called Best Buy to report my Gift Card had been stolen. During the call it was discovered that the thief was in the process of ordering 2 games of war Xbox bundles. That order was Canceled, the Gift Card Frozen and I was assured that I would receive a New Gift Card Replacement for the full amount of $850.00.

As it turns out while the cancellation was taking place the thief re-ordered the merchandise stealing 781.68 on the gift card, the X-boxes were shipped to him in Brooklyn. Upon discovering this I was told by Best Buy that I would receive a refund only if I made a formal complaint with the police department and only when a detective called Best Buy to inquire the details etc.

Detective Joe Randino of Keyport NJ Police Dept investigated the theft during the early month of March 2016. I spoke to Detective Randino he will turning over his discoveries to the Brooklyn Police Dept with this information

I called back Best Buy who informed me that yes even though the merchandise was Canceled, the Card Frozen and the theft reported THEY (Best Buy) will NOT be refunding the 781.68 since the merchandise was Sent and Delivered even though the Order had been Canceled. is their policy that a Gift Card is considered by them as cash, it was used and can not be refunded. HELP! I have all the details case #'s etc. and Detective Randino is aware of Best Buy reneging on their promise- What can we do? Please help us?

  • Mar 28, 2016

We have bought our cellphones and geek squad protection for years. This year my husband's phone quit working and they sent us another one for the 250 dollar deductible we had to pay. On the 29th day after we received it it quit working. My husband called and the girl he spoke to told him the 30 days was up. He tolde what she said and I told him that was not right. He works graveyards and it was the next morning before he told me. I called them and spoke to someone who told me it was still good when he spoke to her But she didn't note it in the computer. She told me she couldn't help me and that the girl did not make any notes he called. She explained the system was locked for her but for us to go into the store and they could help us.

We went into the store and they could not access his account and tried to say we didn't have geek squad. I went on the bank and proved we did and we ended up being there several hours. I again called the 1800 number and the lady took notes and was very up that people don't take time to notate anything. We went back to the store and now the geek squad guy couldn't do anything without my husband paying a diagnostic feevof 150 dollars. There was no diagnostic except the phone would not turn on. My husband said he wasn't paying 150 dollars for someone to push the power button and see it won't work. Then we were told because we were no longer Sprint customers as we decided to go with Verizon. That should not be right as we paid for Geek Squad till the end of the month. Now we own an LG G2 that doesn't work. What a rip off

  • Mar 21, 2016

Bestbuy is very unprofessional and liars , they'll say they will address your complaint or problem then won't. The store is a fraud when it comes to deliveries, and treating There customers right and fair, they make promises then say the hell with you after they deliver your product. Beware of best buy! Very unhappy customer. Euclid, Ohio

  • Mar 8, 2016

The first day of 2016 I returned a laptop to Bestbuy as my time of purchase and warrenty states I could. I returned the laptop to exchange it for a higher quality one within my allowed time. The new laptop I received from bestbuy is more expensive which I expected. It was having a mother bored issue, I had the protection warrenty and geaksquad warrenty to protect me with this type of problem. I attempted to get geaksquad to repair it but said they cannot, they tried to send it out to the manufactor, but could not.

Geak squad told me my only option is return it and pick out something else, or reorder the same laptop VIA online through Upon the 'exchange' of giving them my broke laptop, to order the new one online the customer service rep hands me a receipt and she first said 'I must tell you in person first, You got a warning that you will not be able to exchange, or return any more items for any given reason for the next 365days" She then handed me a receipt that states the same thing! I dont understand why...but this means my previously puchased items, the new laptop, and any item i ever baught that has an extra warrenty covered on it cannot be returned to the store, it can only be repaired, if not repaireable I am out of luck. So things like my Pc parts, headphones, soundbar, ect. All warrenties will still be active but cannot use the return warrenty due to returning a total of 2 laptops?

They claim i need to file a dispute with corprate and send them a letter and wait 60 days for an answer. This is absolute bull! I paid extra money 100's of dollars on many many diffrent items over the last few months/year and just for bestbuy to say they will not refund any amount of money toward any items with 'extended' warrenties or any items within the 10-15 day 'any reason' return policy. So, even my new laptop, I puchased an extended, geaksquad service plan warrenty, and one year manufacture warrenty for $300. Which dose not matter for the first year because its not returnable and from what geaksquad stated previously, not repaireable in many ways. So if it breaks I need to attempt to return it to the manufacture not bestbuy. I asked their courprate why and they said the System thinks im a fraud?! No one not even 90% of bestbuy employees has heard of this. Seems the only ones ever heard of this are the ones who was deemed the fraud. Bestbuy dose not care, will not cancel it, Even though it was only 2 total items returned i checked and it counted my geaksquad plans as an extra return as well. I would love to sue them for this! If nothing I want my money back on the items i paid extended warrenties for that falls off within the year i can not return any ideas(this year)

  • Mar 3, 2016

Today I woke up and plugged in my cellphone and found a text message reading that i had made a purchase at Best Buy in Richfield, Minnesota in the total of $31.29. I live in Hockley, Tx and have never been to Minnesota in my life. I called my credit card company and they said i basically have to wait until the store takes their money from me without me permission and then dispute my case. This is the first time this has happened in 2016, but not the first time ever. In 2015 my card was again compromised by Best Buy in Nov.

Of 2015 in the amount of $150.00 and it took me almost 60 days to recieve my money back. I live in a family of 7 with 5 of the 7 being children. People out there taking money and thinking it doesn't affect anyone is just STUPID. It is ridiculous that being affiliated with Best Buy now a days is a hazard to patrons bank accounts. I hope to handle this matter hastelyand that i receive all funds that were pirated from my bank account. To other patrons sorry to say this, but Besy Buy has been compromised and I'm behooved to say that until Best Buy can get their online services protected, further online purchases should be monitored and honestly should cease until the issues with piracy on their site has been resolved.

  • Feb 2, 2016



  • Jan 7, 2016

Purchased new lap-top with $200.00 service agreement for whatever goes wrong. Had unit 4 months touch screen stopped working. Took into Geek squad for waurantee'service contract work. They sent it out since they could not fix it. I sent it in the end of Novemebr. Today is February 6th. I called since no-body has followed up and the said they were going to replace the unti.

Here is my rub. They wanted to charge me $99.00 to back up my hard drive before the repair. I disputd that but was told to read the fine print. I backed it up myself and theu sent it away. The service Company is sending the hard drive back to originnal store. I called the local store and asked what was next and if they could take my old hard drive and back up and put information on my next new unit. The reponse yes....$99.00 dollars. They have been very difficult to work with and I believe I was misleaded when purchasing original equipment. Everytime I ask a question the answer is $99.00...why did I buy a full service agreement to begin with?

  • Dec 22, 2015

I bought a samsung galaxy s6 from best buy and to my knowledge if anything happens to the phone it will get replaced.

I even took out a service protection on it. but now for four months I'm having nothing but trouble with it. It will not start up. cannot make phone calls. best buy said as long as it has mfg. warranty on it they will do nothing and if they did, I would have to pay another $150.00 on top of the $800.00 I already paid for it. So I sent it to the mfg. two times and now they want me to send it back to see if they can fix it. I told them just give me another phone, and they said they would have to check it out again. for $800.00 they should just replace it. that will be a month and a half without a phone.Should of bought a iphone.

  • Dec 16, 2015

I bought my TV plus other items online November 27th. One item had to be delivered and it was scheduled for December 5th. I received no call as promised the day before so I had to call. After several rude interactions with phone staff I contacted their online chat system.

The first person on the phone (I did not get her name) hung up on me when I asked for her manager. She said sure you can speak to my manager then ended call. I called back and whoever picked up hung up immediately. I called back and tried to be transferred elsewhere and they wouldn't comply. I was transferred to agent Dennis who basically told me I was an idiot and didn't know my order number because he apparently was the idiot because he couldn't find it. I had my confirmation in front of me.

When I asked him to transfer me to a manager his exact words were "no wonder you were hung up on". WOW! The floor supervisor he transferred me to, Robert was a complete idiot. All he could offer was "oh well".

I had no call and no email stating they would not be coming to my house on the 5th! I sent an email to customer service on December 7th to complain and i have yet to receive a response. I sent a follow up December 14th.

I also went to their forum with no satisfaction.

I posted on their facebook page today and the clown wrote it appears to be resolved. No it's not...I asked for a discount due to the unacceptable service. They do not take ownership for their shoddy service and they are all the same. You cannot get to anyone other than the minimum wage customer service and when you spend almost $3,000 on all of your purchases you should be treated with a little respect.

  • Nov 18, 2015

November 5th, 2015

My wife and son went to Best Buy to inquire about the IPhone 6 S+. They were in line for approx. 45 minutes and when it was finally their turn they asked to see/purchase a the IPhone 6 S+...the associate unlocked the cabinet looked in and said "we don't have any in stock" and then turned and walked other help was offered. She just walked away leaving two customers standing there in limbo.

November 13th, 2015

All three of us went to Best Buy to help my son with the purchase of the IPhone 6 S+. The salesperson refused to honor the Flash Sale ($50) that was active at the time we visited. The salesperson also refused to take (on trade) my son's Samsung Galaxy Ring because it was not a contract phone. Nowhere in Best Buy's advertisement did it state you had to trade in a contract phone. Then the salesperson refused to honor Best Buy's Advertised price on the phone with a 2 year contract...he said it was because my son wasn't upgrading and because my son wasn't presently a Verizon customer. Best Buy also failed to mention that in the advertised price. Then the salesperson said not to worry he could sell us the phone with 2 yr. contract for $0 down which didn't happen either. We ended up paying $424.00 down and paying the balance through Verizon in monthly payments. But he would throw in a $200 in store gift card. I asked the salesperson if we could return the phone if we found a better deal or had buyer’s remorse and he said we had until Feb. 14th to return for a full refund. We later found out the salesperson lied about the return policy too. The (Best Buy Manager) manager told us that rule didn't apply to cell phones. The salesperson lied and deceived us to make the sale!

November 15th, 2015

I left negative feedback for the store and employees and later I received an email from the manager on duty. He asked us to give him a chance to make things right. We drove to Best Buy (again!) that's when we found out most of the information the sales people had given us was totally wrong. We feel like we were misled, lied to, defrauded, etc. just so Best Buy could make a sale. The manager thought he could smooth things over by simply giving us a $50.00 credit on the store gift card.

On November 16th, 2015 the store manager called and asked me to explain what had happened. I let him know that his employees took advantage of my son by overcharging him, failing to honor sale prices, failure to allow him to trade in his old phone, failure to honor the "$0" down contract, lying about the stores return policy, etc. The manager admitted to me that sometimes Best Buy published misleading ads that even he and his employees don't understand. He offered no help other than an apology and an offer to return the phone which would leave my son with no phone since they ported his old # and closed his account. Basically Best Buy charged my son $850.00 + tax for the phone when it was actually on sale for $399.00 and you could also turn your old phone in for a $200 credit. There was no fine print preventing us from closing the deal as advertised but I assume there wasn't enough profit for them so they defrauded us out of approximately $500! I was able to go on Best Buy.Com and purchase the same phone for $399.00+ tax even though I am not an existing Verizon customer so we were lied to by all of the employees that we dealt with during this purchase. Best Buy claims they honor all online advertising/pricing in store too. I guess they only implement this policy when it suits them.

Both of the managers we dealt with admitted things were handled wrong but neither offered an acceptable fix for the situation. How can you admit what your employee did is wrong but offer no reasonable remedy?

I am accusing Best Buy of Deceptive Trade Practices, False Advertising, employing a person that uses deception to defraud, make false promises, misrepresentation, concealment, suppression or omission of any material fact with intent that others rely upon such concealment, suppression or omission, in connection with the sale or advertisement of any merchandise whether or not any person has in fact been misled, deceived or damaged thereby, is declared to be an unlawful practice.

The first manager we spoke to admitted we were misled (duped) but was unwilling to make things right, he just gave us a $50 credit to try and smooth things over. The second manager admitted their ads are misleading but also refused to remedy the situation. Both managers seem to hide behind Best Buy store policies so I guess they are just willing participants (partners in crime)in the act of defrauding consumers out of their hard earned money. I have asked to speak with the district manager too but as of the filing of this complaint, he hasn't given us the time of day.

I have filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau & The AZ Attorney Generals Office (consumer complaints division)

  • Nov 16, 2015

Bestbuy's billing practices are tricky and very misleading. Over $1,000 in interest was added to My24month promotional purchase balance amount of 1,646.57 because I made additional purchases within that promotional period, and some payments applied to my balance went towards paying off the purchases I made after the $1,646.57 purchase. I called and spoke to customer service about the situation and was told that I could of called and stated how I wanted my payments applied. WHAT??? I am not into accounting and would just like to make purchases without being ripped off. Now my original purchase amount adds up to $3,000. Watch out for bestbuy / Citibank N.A. for their billing and financing practices.

  • Nov 9, 2015

Purchased multiple products from best buy - two laptops, large tablet. Now i get spam for a product i did not ask for.

With each purchase a 'free' product was bundled - one of the following, kaspersky internet security, trend micro internet security or webroot secure anywhere internet security.

I as the customer did not get a say in if i wanted them or not - i assumed i could just toss it as i did not technically purchase or sign an agreement for this software.

Now i'm getting weekly emails titled "action required: install your internet security software" coming from geek squad for each product - so it's adding up quickly.

Reviewing the mail - there is no opt out, stop sending me mail or way to manage the emails at all. The only simular link is "for full details of your geek squad planS), please click here" which shows me my digital downloads and again no option to cancel/remove/stop email spam.

My email address is 10+ years old, i am a best buy elite plus member - and i cannot get help from geek squad or best buy to stop this spam. The physical store that 'sold' me the product cannot do anything about it and two hours on the phone with geek squad got me nothing.

It's my belief that if geek squad can get me to activate the product Or only renew) then they get an affiliate fee. But this is abusive to the end consumer in that i cannot control the spam they are sending to me. I do not wish to use their products.

One geek squad support specialist suggested removing my email address from their system - meaning all bestbuy emails would stop - that's not a great answer and is terrible for the best buy marketing team. Why can't they just fix the problem?

@geeksquad has ignored me on twitter and phone support is unable to help.

What would the average consumer do in this case? Accept the spam, be pushed into purchasing and then forced to renew?

  • Oct 31, 2015

The sales associate outright lied to me which ended up costing me almost $2,000 in interest charges. I realize part of this is my fault as I didn't clearly review everything but I was outright lied to by the Best Buy sales rep who originally sold me my appliances. I used a Best Buy credit card with 24 months deferred financing to purchase appliances for my new home. The associate at the store told me these two things:

1) As long as I made the minimum payments each month I would end up paying no financing

2) The financing would just start at the end, if any was left over, it wouldn't charge me for the first 24 months, just that I would start being charged an interest rate on the remaining balance at that time.

This is completely different than what actually happened, of course.

I had just made an $1,100 payment on an approximately $2,300 balance and then was going to pay the remaining off this month. Instead of I was hit with almost $2,000 in deferred interest charges.

This is a huge problem for me and will set me back financially a great deal. I was going to start the process of refinancing my mortgage but now this will completely mess that up. I am furious and am going to start exhausing all of my options, including potentially trying to file a lawsuit against the store rep, as I believe I still have her name. I am hoping instead that Best Buy will be willing to potentially resolve this for me. I can pay off the remaining orignal balance right now if they can.

  • Oct 21, 2015

First it took me approximately 3 months to receive my new washer without damage.. Then I purchased a computer online by a rep who said she was with Best Buy. Come to find out these are outside vendors who sell you crap. The computer is crap. then I purchase a refridgerator.. Good grief.. Less than two weeks it gives out.. they replaced it..Delivery man hid the damage to my cupboards and now they want to screw me saying I initialed.. Yes well. I work from home and they were making all sorts of grunting noises and yelling back and forth. I wanted them out so my customers didn't hear them. The main dude stood infront of the damage and had his arm up on the top of fridge so I couldn't see it. Then less than two weeks that one is not working right. They say I am out side the warranty to they sent a repair man. It is still not working right. I have food going bad.. freezer that isn't working right and yet icing up. What ever happened to real customer service? It isn't here in Ohio for sure. NEVER PURCHASE FROM BEST BUY OR THEIR OUTSIDE VENDERS THEY ARE LIARS

  • Oct 8, 2015

I placed an order one day online (and funds were taken from my account), the following day I received an email saying the order was delayed and a new estimated delivery date was about a month later than the original. I called that morning and was told they could not see any information regarding any delays on their end and gave me a tracking number (which turned out to be nonexistent when looked up). I called back asking to cancel my order and was transferred three times before talking to someone who had the most horrible headset connection which I could barely understand. I was finally put on hold after asking to speak to a supervisor or someone I could hear and after a few minutes on hold I was hung up on. Prior to being put on hold I gave them a call back number in case I was disconnected and was not called back. This reeks of horrible service and is not something I would expect from a large company. Best Buy... hahah... more like Bunk Buy. They've lost my business for the remainder of my measly existence.

  • Oct 1, 2015

I spent $1900.00 on a Samsung 60'' TV with warranty and installation. It was put in a living room where I don't spend much time. I noticed that the TV was on a SLANT, but 90 days has past and they will not fix it. They want $245.00 to come back re-install correctly. It looks terrible and there customer service people will do nothing about it.

  • Sep 30, 2015

I was in St. George, Utah recently for a vacation. I went into Best Buy to see if they sold a docking station for my EPad Transformer TF101 tablet. When I entered the store I noticed two gentlemen at the check station ( when there should only be one). I went back to the tablet section to look. I did see one employee helping a man with a laptop purchase. Twice their was a second employee join the first one in helping the man with a laptop. I wondered around looking for someone to ask for help. I circled two isles about four times. I even seen one young employee look right at me and turned away. I had been in the store for approximately twenty five minutes and finally a sales person asked if he could help. I explained what I was looking for and he promptly told me they didn't have what I was looking for and won't ever get it in. I tried showing him the tablet (I had it with me) and he stated that he "didn't need to see it they didn't have what I was looking for". I then asked if they had a universal case that would fit this tablet and he said "we don't have anything in this store for your tablet". He sounded like he was being put out by even having to ask me if he could help me. He was very rude, blunt and not friendly at all.

The next day my husband and I went in to get information and purchase a mobile hotspot since my husband is a truck driver. We waited for approximately 20 minutes again and watched while several employees looked our way and then turned and helped people that had entered the store after us. We were looking to purchase the mobile hotspot and also a television which would have paid a decent commission to anyone who would have helped us. But because they didn't want to help us we went to a different electronics store and made our purchase there. I will not shop a the Best Buy in St. George, Utah ever again. I guess if you don't look like you have money they don't need your business.

  • Sep 24, 2015

Purchased HP Laptop on 9/21/2015. Two hours after opening it the screen cracked from behind the glass and rendered it unusable. I brought it back the next day and was told it was my responsibility and I had to pay to repair. A brand new computer that obviously is defective and they will not do anything unless I pay more money. Best Buy clearly does not care about the merchandise quality or clients they have. I will never ever buy a product there again. This was an expensive lesson. Next stop Consumer Protection Board and local media that do segments that focus on customers taken advantage of. Total RIP OFF

  • Sep 10, 2015

Ordered and paid for a refrigerator on 09-02-15. Was told it would be delivered on 9/9/15. At the time of order there were 8 in stock. On 9/9 they arrived to haul away old refrigerator but did not have the new one! Customer service stated they were now out of stock and would not deliver until 10/23. Best buy did not have the courtesy or service to inform us of this, we lost work as well as emptied and disconnected the old refrigerator. Absolutley horrible customer service.


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