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  • Oct 28, 2018

I went on amazon to look for a certian video. I came on a page with what I wanted. It didn't have anything about it being in German. I bought the video for $23.95.

When I recieved the video I found it was in German. When I contacted the seller, I was told I knew that the video was in German. I looked at the page I bought the video from. It read nothing about that.

I told them I lived in the USA and wanted one in english. They wrote back they would refund my money less 25% charge. I feel that this was a scam from a seller that was from a different country. Now I have a video in german and useless to me. I told them I wanted all my money back. They refused. They told me to buy a CD player from Amazon that would play the video.

I tried to contact Amazon about their garentee but could not find a site to complain too. I think this was a scam to take part of my money and wonder how many others fell for it. I thought Amazon was a safe place to buy things. Boy was I wrong.

  • Oct 24, 2018

I work as an assistant which means I depend on my phone. I have to have a working phone at all times to even work. I purchased a phone from welectronic through on oct. 9th at first I didn't receive it. When I finally did receive it it wasn't a working phone as advertised it was destroyed non working with bad imei. I contacted amazon to get my money back and was told to contact the seller and allow them 48 hours to respond well they responded with contact Amazon for refund basically refusing well amazon isn't doing anything because they were apparently informed by the seller that they were sending a refund well here it is oct 25th I'm still out of work I have two kids (6 months old and 2 years old) I have to support on my own no money coming in on the verge of completely losing my job and not any effort from the seller to make it right. I have filed a claim against the seller with the better business bureau and contacted my boss (I work as an assistant at a law firm when I am able) about what i can do through the court and I am contacting the local news about the matter and situation it's put me in after going through a hurricane and our state almost being destroyed and getting through that ok now a seller who has no regard for their customers have put my family in a bad situation. I don't see how anyone can knowingly steal from people not knowing how it will affect their life and not care at all. Tomorrow I will be giving all the information about the seller to the local news and talking to them about what it's done to us and how I've been treated and hopefully getting this seller banned from Amazon and the situation resolved since he doesn't seem bothered by the better business bureau! Everyone pray that being on the news opens his eyes so I can go back to work for me and the kids!

  • Jul 2, 2018

I am currently suing Jeff Bezos and Amazon because they really do have, without a doubt, the worst customer service on all known planets. A culture of lying among a confederacy of dunces. I made the mistake of buying 6-100 dollar amazon gift cards to give out as presents. alas they were stolen out of my car. So I quickly contacted Amazon so the could cancel the gift cards so the thieves wouldn't have time to use them. What did I get from Amazon's customer service? Nothing. So I sent them the receipts.

I sent them by email at least 4 times, I faxed them, I even snail mailed them. Nothing. They claimed they never got them. (But I have the receipts of all of these incidents showing that they indeed did go through.) I tried to explain to them that time was of the essence but I don't know if they know what that meant. So after blatant foot-dragging? incompetence? about a week passed. Then they said they finally got them but would need the 16 digits on the card. That sounded reasonable as well. But this was another lie.

The 16 digit card numbers were right there on the receipts right under the bar code. They didn't know that? Then they suggested I go to the CVS store that sold them to me and try to get them to do something. But this is utter nonsense. CVS only sells them they don't cancel them. Simply ridiculous. So let's review Jeff Bezos' crown jewel Amazon,lies about receiving the cards (they were sent at least six times) then they say they don't have the numbers (which are printed right there on the receipts.

Then trying to shirk any involvement they send me on a wild goose chase to the store where I bought them. Spread the word about these clowns. All you get from this customer service is a lies, ineptitude. They give you platitudes, Like "we snowshoe you feel and we want to help.. It was like they were reading their response from cards in front of them. Total airheads, children.

I have never seen a business so inherently empty-headed and untruthful. Actually there really isn't any customer service here. They just hire airheads to spout platitudes off of pre-written cards. These are my experiences and opinions, what are yours? Amazon and Jeff Bezos; utter disgraces to the business world. Pass it on. Maybe it will go viral.

  • Jun 28, 2018

It took almost a month after I placed the order to receive a package. I ordered a grey pair of dress pants and received a maive pair of Victoria's Secret panties. Amazon is trying to help me with this problem but I have not heard anything back from the seller.

  • Jun 27, 2018

Apparently this seller no longer uses the account Leslie originally attacked her under. She now sells under a different store name that Leslie has been searching Amazon for but has been unable to find. Because my account is located in Texas he assumed that I was her and he began attacking my account by placing fake orders going to a fake address under a fake name in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He used the same fake Nevada address when he placed orders on the other sellers account. I am aggressively taking action against LESLIE GOCZA with Amazon who is monitoring his activity. He is attacking any Texas-based Amazon seller with fake orders hoping that these accounts belong to the original seller in order to get them shut down. LESLIE GOCZA has sent me several aggressive, threatening and antagonizing emails thinking that I am the other seller. I have reached out to Leslie multiple times to try to get this situation resolved but he ignores all of my requests. There is a lengthy report on a third party website where the original seller reported him for his scams - ----- You will see how psychotic and unstable LESLIE GOCZA is. If you are a Texas-based Amazon seller and you suddenly get fraudulent orders please report it to Amazon immediately. He is on their radar and they have stated that multiple complaints will result in his account being terminated immediately and indefinitely. I noticed that Leslie is also placing false reviews on the original sellers report. The latest false review is under the name "Melanie".

  • Jun 23, 2018

I recently tried to post a comment about the filters I purchased for my Red Devil Scorpion Hand Vac and because it was a negative comment they said it was against their rules now to post any biased comments. How is one to let people know of an inferior product if they can no longer post anything but positive comments on their site? I've been buying from Amazon on a regular basis since it's inception and this is a first. I want other people to know this too since now you cannot tell if a product is good or bad!

  • Jun 10, 2018

AMAZON ASSOCIATES offers members to sign up a membership to promote Amazon products , once 3 sales have been complete, member will become Amazon Associates Affiliate program.Unfortunately, Amazon Associates close member's account and ask Member to re-open a new associates account, Hence, people advertise Amazon for free.


  • May 27, 2018

Amazon's business practices should be stopped. They will wait for you to have a decent amount of sales, then kick you off and keep your money.

They will claim the seller has had poor performance.

I had 2 shipments that were delivered, investigated with the tracking number, but the customer claimed they didn't get the item, so Amazon refunded them.

Also had a customer that received an item from AMAZON'S WAREHOUSE, received the wrong item and that was negatively charged against me.

Amazon approved MY OWN CATALOG WITHOUT MSN, ASIN, let me upload all of them, then kicked me off for uploading products that "weren't in their catalog" after i had proof that approved it.

They don't care about appeals, so don't bother writing one.

I am still waiting for $3,000 after 2 months.


  • May 8, 2018

WE ordered a book through Amazon's third party seller, a Basil Carroll and was supposed to receive it between Apr 20 and Apr 25 2018. Item was to be shipped from Kentucky. Item apparently shipped on time, but from CHINA and was sent through both Chicago and Bismark ND post offices...Contacted seller numberous time, never received any reply as per Amazon protocol. Received notice from our local post office that item was delivered on May 5th and left on our porch, but the delivery said it was delivered to Minot SD...WE live in Surprise AZ. Contacted and filed a fraud report with post office on Saturday May 5 and got a call back and after explaining what happend, was told that since this was an International postal delivery they had no jurisdiction over it.

I had researched through Amazon's customer responses regarding Mr. Carroll and found that every one of the ratings given were a big ZERO and they all had said basically the same thing that their merchandise was either never received, delivered to wrong states, etc. The Postal customer service rep did tell us that they had a picture of the package...looked like an envelope that a shirt would come, the shipping label only had a city and state on the lable, NO Name and was probably sitting in a non-deliverable area of the Minot PO.

Amazon customer service did take care of us and has issued a full refund. Hope that they have taken Basil Carroll OFF of they active 3rd party vendor list.

We have never had a problem with any Amazon in the past and will continue to to do business with them.

  • May 4, 2018

After several years of selling products successfully on Amazon, they decided they no longer allow sellers to pay their fees with a prepaid credit card or Paypal. The card I have has a history of non issues for over five years. Out of the blue one day I logged in and discovered the problem. There is no problem using the card if I want to do shopping!!! Figure that one out. I am nearing eighty years old & depend on Amazon sales to supplement my small pension.

I had severe financial problems in the 2008 crash and lost my credit rating. I applied for a prepaid and went from there. I have operated the card in a responsible way. I find many companies are going that way

  • Apr 26, 2018

I've order a book from superstar_story_teller through by March 9, 2018 with info that I'll receive it around Apr 19, 2018 without shipping tracking reference while has automatically debit my account for $88 I have sent email three times already to request the shipping tracking number, but no response received up to now. Please help to catch the scammer so as no other victims from this 'fake' seller again.

  • Apr 17, 2018

I have been a Customer of Amazon for 14+ years and had been routinely prompted by them to write reviews for products purchased. Up until a 2-3 years ago, I ignored these mostly due to time constraints. I then began to respond with reviews as I realized this is part of the Amazon experience - ie; I had used reviews many times myself to make a purchase decision and decided should reciprocate. Recently, I received an email from Amazon stating had been blocked from the review community. I responded to ask why as I wasn't aware of anything I had done outside of their published guidelines. They replied with the following:

-- Elements of your account indicate a relationship to sellers, publishers, or other reviewers of the products you review.

-- Your reviews were posted in exchange for compensation, such as gift cards to purchase the product, product refunds, review swaps, or free or discounted products.

-- You requested free or discounted products in exchange for reviews.

None of this is true. I have never solicited, accepted, or received anything free from Amazon or any supplier dealt with. I have never been paid, or received credit for anything, from anyone related to Amazon or their supplier/affiliates. I have zero relationship with any supplier on Amazon. I am simply a Customer, using their service to buy stuff for personal and business use.

What really upsets me here is the lack of any real appeal process. Their emails say the following:

"We made this decision after carefully considering your account. This decision is final, and your community privileges will not be reinstated."

They will NOT indicate what lead to this decision, nor can one speak directly to anyone in their review department.

I was a loyal, honest Customer, who did not do anything knowingly to be blocked like this. And I have spent many thousands of dollars over the years here.

This is a slap in the face, and I am offended and hurt. Something they begged me to do for years, when I finally start doing, I am shut down for reasons that are completely untrue. There is no proof of these accusations, as I have not done any of the things I am charged with.

Now, one might think that this is a trivial matter, as I have now been relieved of having to write any further reviews… but there is a principal here. Amazon does not have the right to subject me to punishment over untrue allegations. I am prepared to enter a legal action in order to get this blemish from my record.

I will now contemplate the next step towards restoring my credibility.

  • Apr 17, 2018

I have contacted Local consumer affairs, the State AG, BBB, and FTC in attempt to resolve this. Amazon has still been unresponsive.

On March 9, 2018, I renewed my Amazon Prime membership for 1 full year, costing me $108.41 for 12 months of Prime services. 20 days later, on March 29, I am unable to access my account. Attempting to sign in I get the message "we cannot find an account with that email address."

I call Amazon customer service on March 30 to ask the problem, and am told that my account is closed. First I am told that I closed my account, which I did not. I never authorized them or anyone else to close my account. Then I am told it is because I had another amazon account, which was not the problem either. Then I am told I violated Amazon's terms of service but they are unable to provide me with the specific term i violated or the proof that I violated it at all. My account is closed with no explanation from Amazon and I have multiple excuses thrown at me. I never got any email or explanation or anything from the company notifying me of the closure. One day I could sign in, and the next day I could not. They then check my account and tell me that it was in good standing. They tell me they can put a request in to reactivate my account but it requires investigation and I would hear back in 48 hours. This time passes and I do not hear back.

So on April 2 I call again. This process repeats itself as apparently there are no records of our phone calls, so I go through the whole process listed above another time, and I am told I will hear back in 2 business days. This time, again, passes, and I do not hear back.

So April 4 I call for a third time. Same process occurs again, saying I violated their terms of service with no proof and no further explanation given. Again they request my account be reopened and am told it is investigated and would take 2 business days. The rest of the week passes and Monday, April 9, I have still not heard back.

I send an email through amazon's contact link explaining all of this including my experiences with the 3 phone calls, and my expectations for a resolution. I get an automated message saying I would get a response in 12-24 hours. This time passes, and again, no response.

I start a support live chat and explain the whole situation again. The phone calls, the circles, the email, everything up to that point. They pass me up to a supervisor who tells me it will be resolved in a few hours and I would get an email when it is done. By the next day it is still not fixed.

So I contact chat again and we go in circles as we did before until they say all we can do is wait two business days to hear back. I don't think I need to tell you that I did not hear back.

I paid for 1 year of membership. Got less than 20 days out of that and now have not had access for 19 days. Tomorrow the amount of time I have not been able to sign in will surpass the amount of time I actually had access to what I am paying for. A simple search on social media (facebook, twitter #AmazonClosed, reddit, and even some media outlets are showing this is affecting thousands of people who are all getting the same excuses and circles. And amazon seems to be doing little to resolve the problem or compensate those involved when they do. Some seem to be starting to get resolved but I have heard nothing at all.

I expect an explanation as to why this has all happened. I expect access to my Amazon account restored. I expect the total number of days, from when my account was closed to whenever it is resolved, to be added to the length of my Prime membership. I expect some kind of assurance from Amazon that they have not been hacked and our personal data is not compromised as this seems to have affected so many who are all getting the same excuses. I expect something from Amazon to compensate for the hours we have had to spend with their customer service who has just led us in circles for weeks on end. There is no excuse for me having to contact customer service on 6 separate occasions over the same issue, much less for me having to file these complaints. I expect amazon to own up to their mistakes instead of blaming their customers with random excuses.

  • Apr 23, 2018


I am 75 years old, do not sell on Amazon only purchase goods. I too have a Prime account. I have threatened them with slander, but still they won't tell me how they came to this decision.

  • Apr 16, 2018

I cancelled my prime membership weeks ago yet I received notice from my debit card account that on the 11th of April Amazon Prime took their $99 membership fee... OUT OF MY RENT MONEY! Funny thing is, when I cancelled my membership I also deleted my payment information from that prime account. They went searching for my card information to STEAL the $99 fee for membership! When I saw this charge, I immediately called Amazon to report this fraudulent charge and dispute it. The CS rep agreed that I had cancelled my membership and told me I could get my money back, in 3-5 business days. When I said I had 20 minutes until I had to pay rent and couldn't wait unless they were going to pay my $50 late fee as well, Stella transferred me to her manager Michael. After arguing with Michael about this fraudulent activity, him telling me I'm lucky to be getting the refund at all because I was lying, he informed me that this was a problem for my bank and to call them... DO NOT USE AMAZON PRIME!

  • Apr 11, 2018

As a Consumer. Amazon is Great. I have a Prime Account and Buy things Online all the time. Their response time and leadtime on orders is tremendous. If I have an issue it gets resolved right away.

So, it seemed natural to use the Amozon Associates Affiliate Marketing on my 6 websites. First, I dont think the links worked properly. I didnt get credit for traffic I sent. I did have purchases and commissions coming. But they decided to close my account. The thing is, I cant get one straight answer from them as to why. But they say re-apply. Then you do and your keys are old and point to your old ID. Just another attempt for them to get free advertising. Then they say go back and manually delete the amazon links. Yeah, sure for 500 articles? Please. Im rethinking my whole relationship with them and reported this to the FTC. Kinda agree with Trump. Amazon will do anything to make money and screw people over.

  • Apr 4, 2018

I took a amazon survey at the end you pick a item for free I got the watch just had to pay shipping every since dec they have taken $99.89 each month I contacted amazon they said they never heard of them which isn’t true if you look up that place it’s right there amazon.fashionlife ?? So they lied this is out and out fraud!!!! They stole my money and said they don’t have to give it back I did research tonight and there is a lot of complaints about this same thing that happens to me. I feel they should refund all my money that they stole

  • Mar 23, 2018

I ordered a refurbished 64GB Nexus 6 phone from Amazon Warehouse Deals. It was intended to be a spare phone in case the one I was using daily got damaged. When I received the Nexus 6, I verified basic functionality and physical condition before putting it away in storage.

Later, I took it out of storage to recharge the battery and perform a software update. It was only then that I noticed the phone capacity was 32GB instead of 64GB. I contacted Amazon to see what they can do about it but since the return period had passed, they would not offer an exchange or return. So in short, be very careful about purchases from Amazon Warehouse Deals. Make sure to inspect every possible detail before the return period expires. In the process of contacting Amazon customer support, I checked the Warehouse Deals feedback page and I noticed they have been slipping lately and sending customers a lot of wrong items.

  • Mar 19, 2018

I have tried Amazon Prime a few times before, with mixed results. I am using this service again and I can truely say that this program is a rip off. The only way this feature would work as advertised would be if Amazon and their delivery services worked 27/7. I ordered some items from Amazon on 12 March 2018, on a two day prime delivery. A few days later I had not received my package, so I went on the Amazon web site to track my shipment. I am really shocked to see that my package was shipped from Columbia, SC, headed for Olympia, Wa. and it is being shipped Fedex Ground. Now I contact Fedex to check on the status of my package and they tell me that they tried to deliver my package but the business was closed because of the holiday. I ask what holiday and what business as my mailing address is a private residence and it is the 15th of March 2018. I ask the Fedex agent if my package will be delivered on 16 March 2018 and she said no. I ask the Fedex agent were my package is right now and she tells me that it is in the Fedex Distribution Facility in Lacey, wa. I ask her if I can pick up my package on 17 March 2018, Saturday at this facility and she said yes, between 9 am and 1 pm . I drive 60 miles one way from were I live to this Fedex Facility. I go into the office and give the agent my tracking numbers. It takes her awhile to find my information. She then procedes to tell me that my package is locked up in a shipping container. I told her what the customer service person had told me and she just said to bad. I can say I was just a little pit past being angry and pissed off. I went home really wanting to put the bad mouth on Fedex, but when I got home and thought about this whole screw up, I realized that both Amazon and Fedex are to blame in this process, Amazon for promising two day delivery to anywhere and Fedex for taking a package delivery from Columbia, SC to Olympia, Wa on Fedex Ground, which just happens to be 2,827 miles. I will be canceling my Amazon Prime account and I can assure you that I will not have anything good to say about Fedex for a long time.

  • Mar 17, 2018

I notified AMAZON on several ocassions that they were offering my titles without a contract. I own all rights to the titles with no publishers involved. They refused to take down my titles or enter into a contract that would offer me roylaties. This has been happening for some time. I have been receiving no monies from any sales. I am in my right to have the titles pulled, any monies forwarded to me and some sort of contract offered.

  • Mar 13, 2018

1. Julies-Bookshop por Reino Unido Tapa blanda, ISBN 0754106829 Editorial: Minerva Press, 1999 150 páginas. Libro usado - Bien, Envíinternacional, usually dispatched within 1-2 business days, In VERY GOOD condition, nice and clean overall, dispatched daily from the UK Daily dispatch from UK warehouse. This book is in VERY GOOD overall condition, showing only light signs of previous ownership. $0,01 H O W E V E R: 2. Tml Bookstore by United States Softcover, ISBN 0754106829 Publisher: Minerva Press, 1999 150 pages. Used book - Acceptable, Usually shipped within 1-2 working days, Please wait 7 to 15 days for delivery. From the order shipped from our warehouse in the USA. Money back if you are not satisfied $ 90.45

Julies-Bookshop por Reino Unido Tapa blanda, ISBN 0754106829 Editorial: Minerva Press, 1999 150 páginas. Libro usado - Bien, Envíinternacional, generalmente enviado dentro de 1-2 días hábiles, en MUY BUEN estado, agradable y limpio en general, despachado diariamente desde el Reino Unido. Despacho diario desde el almacén del Reino Unido. Este libro está en MUY BUEN estado general, mostrando solo leves signos de propiedad anterior. $ 0,01 H O W E V E R: 2. Librería Tml de Estados Unidos Tapa blanda, ISBN 0754106829 Editorial: Minerva Press, 1999 150 páginas. Libro usado - Aceptable, generalmente enviado dentro de 1-2 días hábiles, espere de 7 a 15 días para la entrega. Del pedido enviado desde nuestro almacén en EE. UU. Devolución de dinero si no está satisfecho $ 90.45

  • Mar 13, 2018

I was looking at ordering something from, they gave me an option to try "Prime" I clicked on it to see how much but it just signed me up without asking for verification or any confirmation on my part. Within seconds my debit card was charged! I called them immediatley and they said 3-5 business days before I get my money back. Total Rip Off!

Plus for my added enjoyment, I call customer service and I get someone with an accent so thick I can't understand them? So much for hiring Americans.

Like I would pay $14 bucks for prime to order something that had half that in shipping!?

  • Mar 13, 2018

For several weeks, I have been trying to get my $193 dollars from a sale on sellercentral. I personally reentered the banking information, and when this apparently didn't work (another email saying no bank information), asked Amazon support to walk me through it, which she did. This change was confirmed through my on record email. Now I received another email stating I don't have banking information so can't get any money. After hours of trying to get help, they now say my email doesn't exist and I am locked out of my account. The only way to get information is to be able to access the account - through my email. They can send emails, but it doesn't exist for accessing the account. When asked how I can get my money, was told I have to access through the email, which exists for email but nothing else. Does this make sense? Well I don't think so either. End result is they will not send my money or fix their records.

Email from 3/9:

Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

We appreciate you contacting us regarding updating your bank account. I'm glad I was able to help you reset your bank account information.

Please note that your funds will be released to your seller central account after our 72-hour security verification. After your bank information is verified, we can process payment on your next scheduled transfer initiation date.

Greetings from Amazon Services, Mar 11 (1 day ago)

Payments have been made into your seller account; however, we are unable to transfer funds from your account because we do not have your banking information on file.

All funds that result from sales on Amazon can only be transferred to your checking account. We cannot send checks, credit your credit card, or credit your retail account at this time.

  • Feb 24, 2018

Apparently, I filled out a survey for Amazon (which I now realize was not Amazon) and i "qualified" for a watch. Little did I know that the watch was for a "2 week trial". Who does that? When I called the number on my banking report, I was offered a 50% cut. But when I said not good enough, they then offered to take me off their list without a discount. FO NOT fill out a survey for Amazon. This is a ruse!

  • Feb 8, 2018

I should have researched before becoming a self publsihed author on Amazon Kindle because turns out they are

ripping off many authors regularly. I found out this information off of the Colbert Report on a blog. They don't report

accurate sales!!!! They are lying about the sales so they can take money from you so don't publish your books with


  • Feb 3, 2018

Email from Amazon stating pick from here, only pay for shipping was charged $200 for 2 items. Used a bank card to pay for shipping. They would not let me return the items and would only refund me 50% on 1 item and 75% on the other. Disputing the rest with my bank.

  • Feb 1, 2018

So, I am a now 72 year old author of about 100 titles. And I was reviewing some of my many titles on that I placed there and one has a 1 feedback which is BAD. So I read the comment NEVER RECEIVED THE BOOK. I was blown away. I wrote customer service and they said they would look into why the client never received the book, but the feedback must stay because it is within their terms and conditions. They didn't deliver and the f**k over the author. Nice people you have running your organized bald headed Jeff Bezos - thief. I never made another sale of that title. and because of that sales have been low. So, I've asked back for my intellectual property so I can sell in on StreetLib and smashwords.

They've given me a way to get some of them, but not all. Anhd, I realized that some were blocked - blocked because they said they had duplicate content. Now, what they are talking about is lists of ingredients and mixing instructions to Make Mexican, Indian, and Thanksgiving food. My mom was a great cook, I learned from her and I cooked very well until my back surgery - no I offer my books at low cost to others to learn to cook great meals. AMAZON DIDN'T WANT THAT - they blocked my books. When I provided copyright law that they were not plagiarized they gave me a high five f**k you and blocked some of my books. Some are blocked over a decade.

So StreetLib and Smashwords agreed to put them on hundreds of digital book sellers around the world. AMAZON REFUSES TO RETURN MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, which I can't find on my old, non-running computers. They are stealing it from me - which is a DCMA offense liable for fines to the US Government Library of Congress at the tune of $250,000 per title. Does Jeff Bezos give a flying f---, of course not he's off on some space venture and writing about it in his Washington Post and trying to get on Trump's good side. I have asked for my titles back 6 times and they said they would give me access - THEY ARE F===ING LIARS. At 72 ... I am allowed to call a spade a spade - and these MOTHER F----CKERS have ripped me off of my recipe books, one book to help children read, and one other title.

If all the authors, and buyers who've been ripped off filed a class action suit against Bezos he'd come down from his high flying space tower and have to deal with the reality that he is no more than a COMMON THIEF. Besides stealing my books, they've stolen money paid for cat food for my elderly cat, refused to allow me to post positive feedback on a book that I bought, and the list goes on. CUSTOMER SERVICE is a joke. It's like they are all on drugs. I am reporting this to DCMA, and SITEJABBER, and the Washington State AG's office - thieves deserve to lose money and be imprisoned.They are pure EVIL people. My suggestion is you don't buy from them, ever - anything - go to another source. They are dishonest and dishonorable. Dr. Jay Polmar

  • Jan 31, 2018

I got a pop up that said you won the award of the day and said what prizes i could win. It showed me 3 prizes . it was from amazon so it made me answer 3 questions about amazon. I got them right. Then it made me type in my email. I didnt. Instead i did some research and found nothing. I went back through my history clicked on it and then came up consumer products usa with different prizes. So i went here and sent you the name of the website. I went back to history to share the website with you but it wasnt in history

  • Jan 31, 2018

I have selling on Amazon marketplace and, i did not know that there was a prohibited item, Amazon suspended my account and permanently hold my funds, I need to disburse my funds.

  • Jan 30, 2018

Ordered from Amazon Payments, Inc a gift card with exp date 2025. It was not activated. Called Amazon and they stated since it had been over 30 days we cant do refund. Amazon Payments, Inc already has on Amazon bunch of negotive reviews with different buyers with same problems. The collect money and pressing to use buyers to use cards within 30 days. If they do not use to check balance , even error from their end , they collect money to themself and scam people. We ned a full refund for the order of $105.95

  • Jan 27, 2018

Amazon offers same day delivery on items if you are an Amazon Prime member. At checkout, however, there is no same day option and the default is three days. This has happened to me numerous times.

  • Jan 17, 2018



Beside of being casual customer and buying things there for many years - I decided to start selling on it. Opened my seller's account and post my inventory up there. But problems from the day 1 from their side start following me. Identity check and verification - asked my govt issued ID, than Visa (they have it on my buyer account - it's all connected and even all of my history). Then I was asked for my Incorporation and Bank Account Information. Than start asking why my business account has no any transactions at the moment:) very stupid question, because I've opened it especially for Amazon transactions.

So - no sales - no transactions, but they stated that I has to have transactions on it. So, showed my Visa to tham. Finally, after weeks of conversations and emailing - my account being activated and I start selling. But right after I had my first sale of my first items on Amazon - they frozen my account and money - saying that my "seller's privilege was suspended" and bla bla blla... I was asking an explanation - but no explanation was provided, instead I was requested to provide tham a few stupid documents I might never have because I'm a dropshipper.

I provided my account info with proof of access to my goods with my supplier - but no, looks like they put me in the loop asking the same questions sending me automated responses. And call option from inquiry ticket they suspended while investigating. I was attempting to call and talk - but phone persons looks like doesn't know anything on it and said that nobody going to discuss it with me because of Seller Performance Team evaluating my performance! What to evaluate - it was only one sale, everything is fulfilled perfectly on my expences, my money frozen and they never wanna talk to me!

Any explanations I was emailing - rejected. No any extra questions was asking. Investigating:) I was trying to appeal it - there is an option on the site - to appeal decision - the same story with the same people I guess. Looks like dealing with robots. Or different clerks taking file on their turn, seeing the problem and passing it to somebody else next. And at the end - I was said that I may not sell anymore on Amazon and they will no longer will respond to my messages. So now, I said I'm not gonna leave it like that and will be contacting to Top Management and other bodies because it's ridiculous to treat people like that. Also I suspect corruption and high level of bureaucracy and unprofessionalism there.

Never ever do business and even buy from them!

  • Jan 12, 2018

THE ISSUE: Amazon is a great company and I do shop there are a lot, but there is something that Prime members and potential Prime members may not know. Prime isn't always Prime. When I say that, I am speaking only about the Prime membership benefit of free two-day shipping on Prime items. As a Prime member (currently$99/year), one is supposed to receive free two-day shipping on Prime-eligible items. However, this isn't always the case. What I have found and experienced (10 times in 2017) is that Amazon changes the shipping time once you have placed your order or once the order has been processed. The other experience I've had is that the item does not arrive on time, due to carrier issues. Now, there are items that say prime, but also indicate on the item page that there is a longer processing/shipping time than two days. I'm not talking about those items. I'm talking about items that are listed as Prime AND GUARANTEE free two-day shipping---then the delivery date changes some time after the order is placed. That's bait and switch in my book. If I'm paying $99 a year for a Prime membership and one of the main benefits is free two-day shipping, then that's what I expect. So, just be aware that Prime doesn't always mean Prime.

WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT: If you've had this problem with Amazon Prime, don't let them get away with it! Amazon needs to learn that is they list an item as Prime two-day free shipping, that's what they should deliver. So, this is what I've done and encourage others to do the same. Go to Help and eventually you'll get to a place where you can email, chat online or speak on the phone to a representative. Tell them the issue, point out the Prime lie and then demand the item for free. I have received many items for free in 2017. Now, as of this writing, they may have changed their policy a bit and no longer offer the item for free (but you should still ask persistently for that). If they won't satisfy you that way, demand a free additional month of Prime (I have received 6 months of additional Prime due to their deceptive practice). Don't let big corporations rip you off! If you don't get what you're paying for, demand restitution.

  • Jan 11, 2018

My book has been published by Minerva Publishers, London in 1999 (162 pp, A 5 format ) and sold for about USD21. The book was presented by Prof. J.L. Hubisz, Vice Chancellor of North Carolina University, Physiscs Book Reviewer, at the NASA conference in 2002 after NASA lost its Marsian Orbiter (125 billion of dollars!). Minerva Publishers was liquidated and book had been sold by Amazon all over the world and translated to many languages and sold for the price of USD210 to USD360 and even more. The Minerva Liqidator responed to me that he did not know why my book had been still at the inernet as the copyrights were returned to me!! My letters, emails, telephones to Mr Jeffrey Bezos, Chairman of Amazon were ignored.

I followed the advice of my boss from Warszawa, late dr Waldemar Gorzkowski, Chairman of International Physics Olympiad. Amazon had done similar thing to him. "Coincidence?? "I won, but you will NOT.

Unbelievable!! "You can only win if you spread the news all over the world!!" Not easy task! Yes, the IP lawyers has had not helped me, even Polish embassies lawyers!! Equiped with his advice, I recently published three Open Letters to Mr Jeffrey Bezos, Chairman of Amazon on LinkedIn. Jeff RESPONDED!!! He directed me to the company named Julies in UK. Yes, they were selling my book for USD0.01!! I have checked were else in the world THEY sell my book. EVERYWHERE but then I learned that they are doing it for Amazon!!

I sent a new (204 pp, A5 format), 1995 edition of my book (confirmed) to the president Barack Obama, hoping that if I get my royalties, I offer the book to American students, technician, businessmen and engineers.

I would be happy, if you, the reader visit my website: http://www. and LinkedIn: https:// za.linkedin/ wacek-kijewski 2714692 to read about the scam to learn my depressing, unusual, debililating me story.

  • Jan 2, 2018

I would have given this saw a 4 if it had not been for the seller's fulfillment mistakes and the Amazon A to Z Guarantee Program policies. I purchase a refurbished saw for $128 ($140 w/ shipping); which is $60 less than I could a new one. VIPOUTLET was the seller. VIPOUTLET in their description said the saw had been inspected and was "Grade A, like new". The saw they sent me was missing the Quick Stand (worth $75), Rip Fence (worth $37) and anti kickback plate. Not sure if this was intentional or due to incompetence; highly unlikely these items were stolen out of the box. More likely the seller needed the parts for another customer.

Long story short I've cancelled Prime--A to Z Guarantee program said I had to return the saw, else they would cancel my claim against the seller. I believe now that the A to Z Guarantee program supports the seller (first priority) and not the consumer. Why else did they say return the saw after I told them I did not want to return the $140 saw. I bought a new one from Home Depot for $199. Notice the Amazon return boxes in the background of the picture, smiling at sellers failure and after dumping on me. Saws, foreground, are from my Home Depot purchases, they do work!

I told VIPOUTLET I wanted to keep the saw and asked they offer a partial refund to cover the expense of buying replacements. Eventually after 1 hour with them on the phone they offered $64 which I could not expect. VIPOUTLET said to return the saw for refund which I refused because I needed it for a deck renovation. [continued below]....

  • Jan 1, 2018

I received an Amazon Alexia Echo Plus for Christmas. My daughter nor I could get it to work. I texted Amazon help line and a guy named Sam called me back. He stated we could not get it to work because of security issues Amazon has now set up on all new Alexia's. Without a security package anyone could then hack all of my computers and phones in the house, getting all bank, credit card, and contact information. He proceeded to show me a Micro package that would cover all my devices for 3 years for a whopping $399. I am totally dissatisfied. I never heard this when Amazon is advertising this item. My question to all consumer -- are they trying to cover themselves from a lawsuit or are they just trying to make a buy another worthless electronic product we don't need. If what Amazon states there are many Alexa owners who do not know this and are at a very high risk of being hacked. My Alexa is being returned.

  • Dec 23, 2017

We added Amazon products to our site using the included API's directly from Amazon. We then added thier products to our multiple sites with links to Amazon so that we could make money. We in NO way violated ANY of the terms and conditions. But after adding approx 12,000 products to our sites. I see a video about how Amazon does not pay and just shuts your account down. Well ours was up and started to make money. 1 week after we started pulling in sales I get a letter stating that our account was rejected because we used hard coding for pricing. Which was 10000 percent total b.s., we used the APIs just like Amazon instructed you to do on the site. We in NO way hard coded ANYTHING. So I contact Amazon and explain this and the guy told me he would get it reinstated. Well that was a LIE also, because today I get a letter stating that it cant be reinstated and I will have to create a new account and delete and use the new links on the over 12k products we linked. This is how they get so big, by scamming people for free advertising to thier site. DO NOT believe the lies.

  • Dec 18, 2017

I ordered and paid for an item December 12th through Amazon Prime. It was guaranteed to be delivered on December 14th. It never arrived, even though the delivery driver marked on the tracking invoice that it had been delivered to my mailbox... my mailbox that is locked and Amazon does not have access. There's the first lie.

I contacted them and put in for a replacement order, which was guaranteed to be delivered on December 16th. I left instructions - in writing - for the driver to call me upon arrival, to avoid another botched delivery. I was never called and the package never arrived. Once again, the driver marked on the tracking invoice that it had been delivered at 1:23p.m. "in a secure area." There are no secure areas and I was home at that time of this delivery that never occurred. There's the second lie.

During one of the three chats with Customer Service, an Amazon employee attempted to blame USPS for the failure. I checked the tracking # with USPS and confirmed that it was not a USPS tracking #, but, in fact, an Amazon tracking #. There's the third lie.

It has been a common theme with Amazon Customer Service and the Logistics Department for them to run through a string of excuses and deflections:

"Did you check with neighbors?" (I never authorized my package being left with total strangers)

"Did you look around your porch or the bushes thoroughly? (There is no porch and there are no bushes on the third floor)

"Did you give the correct address?"

"Is it in the office?" (The office is closed on weekends)

"Did you check the mail room and receiving department." (This is a residential building; there is no mail room or receiving department)

"Are there family members who could have received it?" (I live alone)

So, rather than actually admit that they screwed up, Amazon attempts to pawn it off to anyone else but them. On top of the excuses, deflections and outright lies, they have zero accountability for their missteps. It must be someone else's fault... right. The most they have offered are scripted apologies, but no solutions.

At this point, I still have not received the item I paid for. They have repeatedly mentioned refund, when I have repeatedly responded that I don't want a refund... I want what I paid for and what they guaranteed, which they have failed to do twice now. This is one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had, and that's saying something.

As far as I can see, Amazon will not hesitate to break agreements, displace responsibility, lie shamelessly, and fail miserably to fix their mistakes. A total disgrace.

  • Dec 14, 2017

Beware if you are a seller on Amazon using their Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. This is a service that allows you to send your product inventory to an amazon warehouse for storage. When a customer on amazon orders your product, amazon ships the order from their warehouse. The customer is then allowed to freely trash your product, damage it, steal parts from it and then return what is left to amazon where amazon rolls out the red carpet for it and then promptly and fully refunds the customer WITH YOUR MONEY!

Here is the policy as stated by Amazon:

"Amazon does not accept responsibility nor reimburse for returned items that are:

Damaged by a customer"

This is not something we were aware of until we had a slew of big ticket returns of customer damaged products, many from the same customer. We had to fight like hell to get amazon to reimburse some of the money. And we have yet to get reimbursed for several hundred dollars.

Needless to say, we are bringing back all our inventory from amazon and not using their FBA service any more.


  • Dec 2, 2017

I ordered the Sabatier Expandable Dish Rack and they sent me the cheap Sabatier Premium Dish Rack packaged into the Expandable Dish Rack Box.

  • Nov 21, 2017

I ordered a Little Peoples airplane. It was said to be delivered on November 10th but it was not in mailbox nor by front door. I contacted them the next day by email and reported it to them. They said they would investigate it. I just got an email now a week and a half later saying they have decided not to refund me bc the post office shows it delivered. I’m not arguing that it’s not been delivered, but where??!! I never got it. Someone has it, but not me!!

  • Nov 13, 2017

Ordered a series of items, after 3 days, they said they could not charge my card. It was over $1300 for the item.. i called bank.. raised limit on card.. re-ordered. Now shipping is messed up and to get it on time for client, i paid an additional 40 for 2 day shipping. A day later, the bank clieared the $1300+ funds.. Bank shows amazon cleared the funds (no longer pending - official debit confirmend)... now the amazon site says there is a problem with the transation and they did not get paid!! the item is not scheduled to be shipeed and estimated date is now over a week away. I called amazon for the 3rd time... and they tell me they do not have my money!! they now want me to plug in my bank account routing, and let them charge me an additional $1300 for the item, and hope that the oritional charge gets refunded in 7 to 10 business days.

I need a lawyer to sue amazon, they are literally trying to take $2600 for the item that costs $1300, that they already have of my money.

Lastly, they also refuse to refund the origional $1300 claming they do not see the funds. I have bank account reports and i'm ready to go to court. can anyone help?

  • Nov 6, 2017

I recently ordered Oster Salon Pro Hair Clippers from for around $40. They were advertised as new and factory sealed but turned out to be USED and even had someone else's HAIR on them. Ew and yuck! I made a video recording of the unsealing of the Amazon box to prove Amazon's fraud because they had perpetrated the same scam when I had ordered the identical product several weeks earlier (see the uploaded stills from the video). Both orders were "fulfilled" by Amazon.

I had thought that the first botched shipment was an honest mistake but it turned out to be Amazon's modus operandi. To add insult to injury, I had to pay $15 in return postage both times because the corrupt thugs at Amazon refused to pay it! I could see the "mistake" happening once, but two different times weeks apart suggests that Amazon is up to no good.

I shall never again order anything on Amazon that is "fulfilled" by them. I will only deal directly with the actual sellers because in my experience Amazon cannot be trusted!

  • Nov 3, 2017

Amazon charged my debit card twice for membership. At first denied the charge had occurred, then stated that the bank had to reverse the 2nd charge. The bank said the problem was at Amazon's end & would need to be reversed. Amazon stated that they were unable to & that the 2nd charge would disappear after 4 - 5 days. It has been 10 days & Amazon still refuses to do anything. I have cancelled my membership & requested a refund of all funds sent them from my checking account. Meanwhile the $99 membership has cost me $214.34 with no cooperation from Amazon.

  • Nov 1, 2017

I became a seller on August 2017. I listed a few items, one sold. Two months later, Amazon still refuses to pay me my earnings. They calim that they transferred the $22 and change to my bank account, which is a lie. They debited my bank account two times, one time each for $1, but never did they make a deposit. So, they took my profit, thier seller fees, and two additional dollars from my bank account. They have now black-balled me from even contacting them. AND, they will not allow me to close my seller account.

If someone broke into my house to steal my money, they would get a beating or shot, apparently Amazon can do it over the internet and that's okay.

There is NO accountability, and from what I have read, they have stolen thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars from other sellers.

  • Nov 1, 2017

Jordan poorly manages this warehouse. She is rude to employees who work hard. Safety measures are never in place and employees are told to carry 50 plus heavy bags and boxes by themselves. This warehouse does not put the safety of employees first.

  • Oct 30, 2017

How dare you Amazon to start an subscription without my permission. I was charged $14.95/month. Thank you Audible for a full refund. You seem to know this is happeninig as you quickly and without resistance refunded the full amount immediately.

  • Oct 27, 2017

I have been dealing with the manufacturer for over 2 months. Each correspondence takes 7 to 10 days for a response, if I get one. I purchased the TV with a 1 year warranty from Amazon on 8/2/16, was shipped on 8/3/16 and arrived on 8/6/16. It malfunctioned on 7/24/16. I wasn't sure if it was the TV or the cable service so I contacted the cable service to check out the connections before submitting a warranty claim. I didn't want to file a claim if it wasn't the TV. The cable company checked the connections, changed out cables and connectors and the TV was still malfunctioning. I was told it was the TV not the cable service. I submitted a claim 8/3/17, was told that Samsung honored the 1 year warranty from date of purchase, which was not explained to me prior to purchase. This first gentleman stated he was authorizing a 1 time over-ride and honor the 1 year warranty. I supplied him proof of the date of delivery, which satisfied his approval of the warranty. After running all their instructed diagnostics on the TV, which didn't help, they authorized a repair service to come fix the TV or replace it or refund the money depending upon what they found out. Weeks went by with cancelled service appointments, numerous follow up phone calls then ensued which resulted in a final decision being made that they couldn't find an authorized dealer to examine the TV and were sending it upper management for a decision of what model they would replace the TV with. Again, weeks went by and numerous follow-up phone calls for the status of my replacement. I received a phone call from Samsung that stated they decided they would now not honor the warranty because I was 1 day late in filing a warranty claim, even though I didn't have the TV in my possession to use for 1 full year, and that Amazon played a part in using precious warranty time due to the delivery, which gave me less that one year to use the TV. I contacted Amazon, their response was "please treat this as a one-off and continue to do business with Amazon. I have not been able to speak with anyone that can help me with Samsung and I feel like I am being treated unfairly.

  • Oct 9, 2017 web services Virginia davis I was on offer up looking for a local car near me i seen this audi a4 2006 all red with tan interior, it saod she was in la. I contacted her she told me she was selling the car so cheap because her husband had died and it was tramatizing her because it was his car., she said she was living out in Hamilton for a while do to his death she was staying with family , she asked me if i was willing to do it online i said yes because she was talking about this EPP which she dont recieve the money till i agree to keep the car , an its been a week an still aint got anything .*

  • Oct 6, 2017

A bait and switch to 27% interest (perfect record) and a nightmare on the phone. The robots they have working in call center have no heart, soul or heartbeat. Don't expect an answer to a simple question like wha is my interest rate. "not allowed". Called to say I would be late on payment of $35. They said call when payment is late. I called. They only want money and will humiliate and drage you down the street to draw and quarter you to get it. ask for a supervisor, not available. another rep? not available. someone will call you back at the earliest in 72 hours. Someone named Norman.

AMAZON should be ashamed to be associated with such an organization and since I cannot reach anyone at Amazon Prime that will connect to the business group managing these bandits, this is the spot.

  • Sep 29, 2017

I attended a workshop for this company yesterday Amazon Wealth Systems and how to make money selling through Amazon and it looks like they do not exist on the web. They promised free gifts for attending and nothing was provided as the website they asked us to go to claim them does not exist. This company is a total rip-off.

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