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Country United States
State California
City Carson
Address 851 E. Walnut St.
Phone 1-855-366-1306
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  • Jun 13, 2016

After doing business with Ztoone for 5 years and 4 orders, I have to say I am appalled at their customer service and integrity. Every 2 years my company orders hang tags from Ztoone. We have just gotten to the bottom of the box and found that the holes drilled in the top are too close to the edge and the fastener rips out. It turns out 30% of the order was like this. I called to ask what could be done about it. The rep I spoke to, Jeremy, was extremely defensive from the get go. He said that "after 2 years, they can't do anything". I fail to see the logic in this answer. He then sent me the proof where the hole IS indeed very close to the top edge. Ok, so if that last 30% of the job was correct, does that mean the 70% of the order that did work for me was incorrect? There's been no further response from the company. They've washed their hands of me. Unbelievable. We're talking $60. here and I was planning on placing a new order.

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