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report scam

Zoom Web Designs

Country United Kingdom
State England
City West Lothian, Scotland
Address 135 Main St , East Calder
Phone 44 (0)1506 880260

Zoom Web Designs Reviews

  • Sep 5, 2016

I was contacted Aug. 31, 2016 by telephone by claiming they had observed some problems with my computer which they were able to tell that the computer was running slow due to viruses. They asked for permission to access my computer and they would run further tests. I went along with their request. They showed me that my Apple Care plan for my macbook pro had expired. They charged me $299 to renew or upgrade the Apple Care. They installed some software allowing them to access my computer to run tests.

They say hind sight is 20/20 and it is true. I was taken for a ride and it is now exhausing my patience.

I just got another call from while I was entering this report. esupport-live claims I am entitled to a refund. I could tell the person who called could not speak fluent English and was located in a boiler room situation. I hung up the phone at this point and plan to uninstall

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