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Zoom Car Wash

Country United States
State Alabama
City Bessemer
Address 591 9th Ave N
Phone 2054268775

Zoom Car Wash Reviews

  • Jul 2, 2016

I purchased the $8 wash and went through the wash very quickly. The wash has brushes that bang against the vehicle and also hits the mirrors on large vehicles like my Ford F150. The attendant did not suggest anything related to folding my mirrors in our otherwise when I drove in. Actually, he did not say anything. When I went through, I had to get out and reset my mirrors because they were both knocked out of position very abruptly. When I finished, I noticed that dirt was everywhere on my truck. I drove to the entrance and showed the attendant. He started making excuses why my truck was the problem and not the wash. He was the most arrogant, narcassitic, condescending person that I have ever met! I am shocked that a service based business would employ someone with a personality like that. He refused to let me take my truck back through the wash and would not refund the $8 that I spent on the wash. My truck is stock, no modifications and is only a couple of years old. How can that be an issue for their car wash? I would not recommend their wash. A wash at their location did not produce satisfactory results for me but more importantly, their service attendant was the primary reason that I was not satisfied. A simple rewash or refund would have sufficed but his arrogance and refusal to make the situation right has caused this post.

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