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Zone Platinum Entertainment

Country United States
State New York
City New York City
Phone (631) 697-3257

Zone Platinum Entertainment Reviews

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  • May 31, 2019

Scam, scam, scam. Absolutly the most cocky unprofessional monsters ive ever been in contact with. Do not beleive a word they say. They use fake contracts and poor mastering then keep sending invoices for different amounts of money. Fake is an understatement. Dont worry they will be shut down for fraud again soon. Youtube was already taken down and their new pathetic channel will be too.

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  • Apr 26, 2019


Man zone entertainment played me and are fake ...DO NOT FALL FOR THIS ZONE Platinum CRAP

  • Mar 11, 2019


I think you ALL need to improve your spelling.

  • Jan 18, 2019

These statements are False.

The reports that are being stated on this site about Zone Platinum Entertainment are FRAUDULENT. They where all written by the same person, who is a Ex employee of the label. He got caught stealing and is now online posting fake bad reviews of Zone Platinum Entertainment. Please Google the label to see how much of a great music company they are. They have helped many independent artists establish themselves!

  • Dec 5, 2017

Whatever you do do not listen to a word this/these fake scam artist tell you. Tommy wallace reached out through a cl ad i responded to. Spoke with me over the phone and told me all the wonderful things his pathetic lookig company could do for my music. after telling me that he needed me to sign a contract he then asks to be paid 145$ for hs survices which i took a leap of faith and thought i would see what happens. shortly after, the pathetic scam artist tell me he wants to submit my music to upcoming movies and that i could get paid up to 45k for it but in order for me to do that I had to send him 100$ whch he then dropped it down to 50$ when told him im not paying him a thing cuz what he is saying sounds like complete bullshit. After repeatedly telling me about release dates and the things he was going to do he of course disapears and doesnt respond to a single email once he realized he cant get anything out of me. I was definiteley an idiot for thinking what he was saying was remotely true.

  • Jul 13, 2017

Tommy is a big con artist, not only has he left me penniless and even less than where I started, but he did it by playing dirty in the name of friendship and love. He promised me I'd be a star but all I got was nothing back. I gave him money and he just took advantage of me, he said I'd only have to pay $35.00 and that would be that, instead I paid over a few thousand, 4 thousand to be exact, and a bit more when it came up to recently. I bailed him out of jail and when it came time for me to have my rent paid, he wouldn't help me. He'd charge me for tickets for him to fly to Denver and he'd charge me for first class flights when all of those things should've been paid by him, not by me. I'm supposed to be the star living the high life, but now I'm the star of being evicted and homelessness. Karma's going to get you, Tommy Wallace.

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