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Zombie Johns

Country United States
State Ohio
City Akron
Address 931 Canton Rd
Phone (330) 733-2886

Zombie Johns Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2016

This company should be ashamed! They sold us our nightmare of a mini cooper! As soon as we signed papers it started falling apart! We have had the car 2 months now.. the first month was spent back and forth to zombie johns while they had the ac fixed and an antifreeze leak! They would not let us back out of the deal even before handing over the down-payment! When we threatened to just leave the car and not pay our down payment he said he would try to sue us for it! So we paid them and took the car. It lasted a month and the starter went out! When we bought the car they told us we could take the car to any bmw dealer for our warranty but bmw wouldn't take it! We had to rent a uhaul hauler and take the car all the way to Cleveland to a mini dealership! They told us there that this car was originally traded there and had so many repairs that needed done that they thought it wasn't worth saving and they got rid of it! $4,000 worth of problems! One problem could ruin the whole motor of this car! So now I am stuck with this car that I am afraid to drive my little son in because I fear we will break down! Zombie johns is a joke and one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made!

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