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Zoho Corporation

Country United States
State California
City Pleasanton
Address 4141 Hacienda Drive
Phone 1-877-834-4428

Zoho Corporation Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2016 offers an online software for recruiters called Zoho Recruit. It's free to try out for the first 15 days. I read through all the material and still had specific questions on how to use the system. I emailed them and asked them 21 specific questions on Monday. I didn't receive any response to the questions. I received an email asking what my questions were. I wrote back and advised them to refer to my email which detailed the questions. Hours later I called and asked what the status was and when I would receive the answers I required to use the software. I was told by the end of the day. No call back occurred. Tuesday, I called again to check on the status. This time I was told two hours and I wound get answers to my questions. No call back occurred. Wednesday (today) I called again. Explained what had happened up to that point. I was told I would receive a call back by the end of the day my time. This was at 9am when I called. I called back at 3pm. I asked to speak to a supervisor after once again explaining what I had experienced. I was told he would call me back in 10 minutes. Twenty minutes went by.

Once again, it was me who called them back. I looked at my email while on hold and they sent me an email telling me they would call me back in 24 hours. This was AFTER they told me a supervisor would call me back in 10 minutes. A person comes on line after I waited on hold for about 10 minutes, and tells me he is going to transfer me to another department where I can ask for a supervisor. He connects me through. I speak to someone who says he's a supervisor. He recounts to me what he was told my call was about, which was INCORRECT. I have to go through the entire scenario to get him up to speed. He tells me "someone" will call me back in two hours. I explained why this is not acceptable given all that I have gone through. He condescendingly laughs at me. I have to make mention that all of the people I spoke to were males with an Indian accent. Sounds to me like these calls were being routed to India. The company is owned by people of Indian descent. All I care about primarily is HOW THE SYSTEM THEY PROVIDE WORKS and WHAT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS LIKE. The questions I had were easy. They should have been able to answer the questions off the top of their heads. I have worked in software support. I know my questions were strictly informational in nature, and anyone with experience should have been able to answer them .

I truly believe that how westerners prioritize customer inquiries versus how eastern cultures prioritize customer inquiries, not to mention our thought process, is so vastly different that it results in easterners providing a very bad experience for the western consumer. They do not understand what constitutes efficiency as it is defined by westerners. I would say to anyone who is considering using their software, DONT BOTHER. If a foreign company is going to do business in America, they should RESPECT our expectations of service. Forget smiling in our faces, and giving poor excuses as to why they can't answer simple questions ABOUT THEIR OWN PRODUCT. This is supposed to be an international company, yet I kept running into the same overwhelmed voices on the other end. What's going on there? This is a poorly run company. If you decide to take a chance with this company, it's going to be the way it's always been with eastern companies; they are so unorganized, they can only provide substandard service. They will lead you on and not deliver, and they will do it with a smile. This is why countries in that part of the world are so remedial in their advancement compared to western countries. I have been through this time and time again with foreign companies. They know how to hit our hot buttons and entice us to use their products, but in the end, it's ALWAYS the same. They get our money and time and treat the customer like garbage. They are only interested in western dollars. They string people along as far as they can. Have you ever noticed that? My advice is stay away from foreign companies and especially ones like ZOHO. They simply don't care.. First, they outsource jobs that Americans could do much better, then they treat their biggest customers like they don't matter. Why didn't I hear ANY western voices the numerous times I called them, except on their answering machine. If you are an American, don't do business with these people. If they can't even hire one person in the United States to service the US customers AND they are going to treat western female customers with disrespect, wasting and disrespecting my time, then they don't deserve our money, period.

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