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Zodiac Casino

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1-866-312-7466

Zodiac Casino Reviews

  • Apr 26, 2018

Zodiac Casino sent a message to my phone from google saying I was selected to get 80 free spins. I heard about sites like that before so I decided to try I signed up and logged in. First warning sign I was asked to pay $1 to get 80 free spins when initially it was supposed to be free but I had seen those things happening before so I decided to purchase.

I entered my card details and paid $1 only then I got my username and created my password and I registered. I wanted to enjoy my experience so I tried to login on my laptop, tried is the key word Zodiac Casino online was not accepting my username or my password. I know my details were correct because I had written my details down, So after many failed attempts to sign in I went to their online support.

Get this someone or a bot always answered and then no matter what I said they transferred me for further help and no one ever came back to help me. Zodiac casino is an absolute scam I am glad I only lost $1. Do not pay any money at all over to Zodiac Casino they are a rip off!!! Do not sign up ever they are a total scam, please be warned!!!! Worried they might take more from my card so I will cancel my card right now!!!

  • Sep 6, 2017

Zodiac casino does everything to not give you your winnings they asked me for drivers , picture of credit card , and or bank statement , and a bill with home address . I couldn't believe this but I sent it anyways . Then they emailed me back saying they need bank statement showing my last transaction to them . I had already explained to them I use prepaid visa or MasterCard to play online casino . I would like to see this casino get audited I guarantee everyone this casino is crooked and so are the people that actually win it's more like payoff the right people so the casino can keep ripping gamblers off . All the complaints about this casino are similar . Somebody needs to shut these crooked people down

  • Aug 9, 2016


I lost $90000 through them. Beware

  • Aug 26, 2015

I found this casino zodiac online and thought they are good until I made a deposit of 1$ and got the bonus of 2000%, so I got $20 on my balance, and I fairly played on the machine slots for about 7 hours non stop, and won 1000$ and I requested a withdrawal to my neteller account.

I waited for their reply to confirm my withdrawal or at least to ask for the usual documents for verification, but their first and only reply was this mail :

(( It appears that you exchange funds with other players at Casino Rewards and this practice is regarded as fraudulent.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions:

1. General

viii. If players transfer funds between each other's financial accounts/ewallets or if multiple players have their financial accounts/ewallets funded by a common source, this will be considered fraudulent and will be investigated.

We reserve the right to void any winnings associated with these types of practices.

As such, the winnings have been voided and confiscated. Please note that our decision is final.

Kind regards,


Risk Management ))

Knowing that i've never exchange any money with any of their players or anyone else, and I sent them that i will make a complaints as this was unfair and illegal according to their terms and conditions to refuse to pay me my winnings. They send me back that email:

(( Thanks for your email.

We would like to remind you that it is your responsibility to read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions prior to registering a real player account.

It is clearly stated in our terms that in the event funds have been exchanged between Casino Rewards members the winnings will be void.

I'm sorry for your disappointment however you are clearly in breach of our terms therefore we have actioned your account accordingly.

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