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Zizo Wireless

Country United States
State California
City Chino
Address 4850 Eucalyptus Ave
Phone 909-444-7999

Zizo Wireless Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2019

After four days the cord was frayed where cord connects to charger at cell phone. Clearly defective product as no misuse was made. After 2 days of communications with ZIZO I was told I would have to pay ABOUT $6.65 for postage to have the item replaced.

Time was of the essence and I felt I shouldn't have to pay postage for a defective product. Both companies refused to make good on this item I paid $32.46 for.

  • Sep 8, 2019

I purchased a Bolt phone case with holster from this company on Amazon 8/21/19. The holster is defective. I contacted the company directly within days. I explained the problem. They apologized, but offered no solution. Contacted them again, today, via Amazon and customer service agent told me to use the holster longer and it would loosen up.

This is not the case as I already tried this. He then offered to send me a replacement holster, but I have already bought another brand that worked perfectly right out of the box. I said I wanted to return the case for a refund since it is defective. Even though itooked like I bought the item with Prime directly from Amazon, the Amazon return issues a prepaid label going directly to Zizo, not to an Amazon return center.

Zizo agent then informed they will automatically take a 20% restocking fee out of my refund. It is unacceptable to charge a customer for a restocking fee when the item in question is defective. Emails back and forth attempting to talk reason did no good. They insist on ripping off the customer.

  • May 1, 2018

I paid $32.86 for a cellphone case from this company and I waited 3 days to receive my case well once I opened it up I immediately noticed a issue the volume buttons where on the same side as my power button there was no opening for the ringer on my phone and both the stickers where placed over another one that says its for a samsung S8! The rubber piece that you put on your phone first doesn’t even fit correctly i already contacted them about the issue but it seems like someone in there conpany is trying to pull some shady stuff. My case should have been pulled but no they still sent it even though it doesn’t even match my brand of phone

  • Sep 12, 2017

Dont ever buy from this company, they take advantage of customers that pay extra for shipping, if you pay the extra $10.99 for shipping they will still ship it for $$2.65 usps first class instead of the $6.65 it would cost for usps priority, i ordered my phone from verizon and paid an extra $12 for shipping and had it next day, i ordered my case 5 minutes later from these people and it took 7 days for arrival, and the customer service is non existent, they treat you like its your fault!

  • Jul 4, 2017

I purchased Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Zizo [Bolt Series] w/ [Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector] Kickstand [12 ft. Military Grade Drop Tested] Holster Clip - G935 on Amazon on June 20, 2017. I only dropped my Samsung S7 edge, cell phone once a short distance and the screen protector cracked along with the front and back of my phone. I emailed Zizo customer service about this issue and was asked to email pics of my damaged phone. I then received a response that they do not pay for damage to cell phones. This company falsely advertises this product as "MILITARY GRADE" when it clearly is not. As a result, my new phone that I just bought about 2 weeks ago and paid over $710.19 for is now broken and does not work as it should.

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