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ZipRecruiter, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Santa Monica
Address 401 Wilshire Blvd., 11th Floor
Phone (877) 252-1062

ZipRecruiter, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 3, 2018

I unfortunatly decided I wanted to try ZipRecruiters for my company. What a huge mistake. The quality of the candidates was atrocious so that was a complete waste of time. Also, I was assured that if I didnt like the service or of the service didnt work out for me that I could cancel the service by the end of the trial and not be charged.

This is furthest from the truth. On the last day of the trial I went into the backend dashboard and clicked to cancel/stop my trial. However, they set up their system so it doesnt work or you dont get some sort of email so I find out they are now trying to charge me $500+ dollars for their garbage service and I tried to resolve it through their customer service portal and I communicated with Stacia Jacobs at Zip Recruiter to try to resolve it and she was absolutely unprofessional and insulting.

First she tells me she doesnt see that its cancelled, of course this is why I was contacting her! Then she says she cant help me with the problem unless I can find an email. I asked her for her superviser and she gives me the number to Max and said I should call right now as she is expecting my call. All of this was not true.

I dont remeber getting an email thats why I was contacting her to help me. She was unbelievably rude and so basically she said she couldnt help me. I basically asked so am i just screwed by you? That is total crap. She proceed to say Im threatening her which was rediculous. I genuinely asked for her help in resolving an issue with their system, which apparently they must know about stuff like this doesnt happen on purpose. So I started to try and find this email if there even was one and Stacia Jacobs just hangs up in my face.

So I go to try and call the supervisor Max and Im told she is at lunch. So basically Stacia Jacobs lied about the whole thing. This woman should be fired immediately. Not to mention she is trying to be a web developer which is rediculous as well. Would would want to work with a dishonest rude web developer.

Stay away from this company, its CEO Ian Siegel who knows they are scamming people and Stacia Jacobs in Tempe AZ the future web developer. What a scam! Don't waste your comnpany's time or your own time. You will be sorry.

  • Nov 14, 2017

I signed up and applied for some very fitting positions, uploadred CV/Resume.

I am now flooded with cimpletely irrelevant "Matches". They take one word drom position, I am a graduate Interior Designer. THey tell me I fit as a TRUCK DRIVER because job description has the WORD "Design" in one sentence. THEY ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!!!

  • May 31, 2017

I was looking for an online recruiting agancy to recruit people for my business. I filled out the info they requested and decide against using there services because it was radiculously over priced fro what I needed.. That was 2 months ago! Since entering my info on ther site I have recieved almost 200 emails DAILY!!! I have tried blocking the sender numerous times and some how they manage to get throuogh the block, not only does it get through it somehow goes crazy in my junk box pushing through 20 to 100 emails every few minutes!!! This may sound crazy but I assure you DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!

  • Jan 12, 2017

If you are looking to use I would advide everyone to use another company. These people are liars and when I asked where located they want to answer with questions refusing to give their location to post on this report.

I signed up for the free account for 4 days to try the service out. I spent over 2 hours making jo posts because I signed up for their business plan which allows almost 300 postings. They approved the account and as we spent all this time posting we were getting replies to our account when all the sudden with no notice at all they cancelled/blocked the account.

By doing this it makes our company look bad because individuals who applied for the jobs are wondering why there is no response. The company i am contracted through gave me a signed paper showing we are authorised distributor for them. doesnt give a d**n about our company and the time we put into these job postings and refuse to tell us where they are located. I would personally advise everyone to stay away from this company and use a more reputable company.

  • Jan 3, 2017

Zip Recruiter allows fake employers. I got hired by a company through Zip Recruiter. I gave my 2-week notice on my manager job of 10 years, and got hired by a Scam employer. After I found out it was a scam, I went back to my former employer and they had already hired a new manager. I was left jobless. I was devistated. My former employer went ahead and hired me back as a part- time employee. I am upset that Zip Recruiter doesn't fully screen employers, hopefully this doesn't happen to someone else.

  • Nov 15, 2016

Please beware when using ziprecuiter. I have been looking for a job and have been using ziprecruiter only to find that many and I mean many of the job postings are scams. I have reported it and they have done nothing to resolve the problem. Apparently they don't check the posting to make sure it is legal and valid. I don't know how the scammers are doing this but they are using known business names to post under. So if you get an email asking for a Google Hangout interview, its a scam. The latest one I received was from 3M Health Information Systems from Travis Humphrey at travishumphrey0[email protected] Check with the company website first before doing anything.

  • Nov 14, 2015

I am a business owner of a company for over 28 years. I will keep this brief and straight to the point of facts and the facts only.

Zip Recruiter does not work

Zip Recruiter leads you on into there main frame to sign up for a package of thousands of dollars when you can spend alot less. But you have to call.

I signed up for a company plan for $229.00 and weeks later it is NOW over 350.00 then if you complain they put you on hold and send the old ratecard , BUT they charge you for the higher amount.

Zip Recruiter sends APPLICANTS that are NOT real applicants.

They send a bunch of emails that are dead and when you try and call the numbers on the resume they are not live .

Zip Recruiter LIES and says In the re company proifile you are sent applicants that fit your needs.

NO WAY i am been running job post for over 25 years friom newspapers now online and no all avbout google crawlers and long term key words.

THEY send anyone just to make it look good Engineers applying for a sales job and when you do a key word search the matches arte like Derek Jeter playing HOCKEY

THEY are not following through with there claims of service.

Dishonest - Deception Practices

Do not lose your hard earned money . ..

Do not be fooled by the testimonials - because they are from outside recruiters that do the samething . They APPLICANTS THEY SEND ARE NO WAY QUAILFIED.

Any website that you do not see an address stay away I learned the hard way..

BOTTOMLINE: Zip Recruiter is a failure to follow through with services.

Thank you.

  • Oct 28, 2015

Terrible Company! I signed up for a free trial, placed my ads and provided a credit card to 'verify' I was a real person. After submitting credit card it showed both my ads with the word 'active'. Two hours later not ONE phone call from any candidates, only a call to upsell me, and verify me which as I explained had already been done.

When I place an ad on competitor's sites we get applicants within 15 to 20 minutes of posting.

Victor in customer service was rude and hung up when I explained this to him, I called back to speak to a supervisor and was told they are not allowed to put one on the phone, they must take my information down and a supervisor will call me back. Still no call.

Don't waste your time or money. I cancelled my account and was assured my credit card will not be charged. Let's see what happens after the one month free trial.

A quick search on the internet and I found many complaints similar to mine including ones by employees stating the same issues.

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