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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
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  • Oct 13, 2015

I received an email from zipbam for marketing for real estate agents. I am a realtor). I pulled up their website, noticed they have a instant chat box, so i began communication. Now i find myself on this same website adding to this bad review. I sent an email throught the contact us page and then received an email by john. Who then went back and forth with me about their services. He gauranteed that it was a 30day money back gaurantee, and that the lead generation comes from your own landing page that they offer and it goes on search engines for people to see you at the top when they do search as in "sell my home, ontario, ca". I made them awared of the bad report, even copied and pasted it to the email and john said he knew of no such thing. So i decided to give it a try even though i was leary. Here is the result: i asked alot of questions, he was very helpful, and then eric on chat also began responding to me.

However, i then went in and poked around on the internet for other marketing websites and found - it just so happens that the exact same phone number on iflipestate is the exact same phone number john listed in his email to me. I tried calling that number and no one answered. It doesn't even have a greeting as in you have contacted so and so company...I blocked out my number and called again and same thing. I've called several times and it just says to leave a message...I did, and still no one has called me back. I paid $109.00 for 6 months of lead generation and was told that when it was time to renew that it would be the same amount. However when i found iflipestate, i emailed john and brought it to his attention about the phone number and i asked about that...This was his response: we acquire Purchased) iflipestate from a seperate company along with all their members. We run both sites, we are in the process of merging them into one platform under zipbam as we work out some minor technical issues on iflipestate. Over the weekend, i tried going in to find myself in the way i was told people would be able to find me, and i couldn't even find myself.

Today, i emailed john and eric about it, and so far in this late afternoon, neither have responded. So i then acted as an investor - and went on iflipestate and attempted a chat and guess who popped up on the chat? Eric...I pretended to be an investor, and i asked how it worked. He then told me basically the same stuff i was told on zipbam. I then asked if they were affiliated with any other company and he told me know. So then i said "what about zipbam"? You have the exact same phone number for both...This is word for word what he told me because i took a pic. Of the chat with my cell phone...Per eric: we bought zipbam and we are working on merging that platform into iflipestate. We aren't siging up any new accounts on zipbam right now because we are merging that platform into iflipestate. I asked how will that pricing be since zipbam only charges 109.00 and i flip estate charges way more? He said: the pricing for zipbam was for older customers on that platform, the the platform had a different lead program.

We bought zipbam to aquire their members into our platform mainly to provide additional services. Meanwhile on zipbam i am still waiting for them to answer my questions for today...They had no problem Eric) in answering me when he beleived i was a new potential for the other website Iflipestate). First john says they bought iflip estate and will merge it to the new platform for zipbam, and eric says the total opposite. They don't answer your calls, they don't respond once you begin investigating your questions to much, and they are a scam. I have already called my bank disputing the charge for reversale, and i advise all of you not to deal with this company by any means. They are a scam. They offer false promises and have no intention of refunding your money, nor provide you with fresh leads. They lie. Don't get caught up in it. I did my investigating and still went forward just to give them the benefit of the doubt. Yet i'm fresh into it, and i was able to do something about it. They will set you up on a landing page and all of that to make it look legite. But, you will not get any leads. And when you mention refund, they stopped responding. What does that tell you.

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