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Zillow Group

Country United States
State Washington
City Seattle
Address 1301 Second Avenue Floor 31

Zillow Group Reviews

  • Jul 18, 2017

I am a real estate broker in North Carolina and I suffered damages as a result of Zillow's Premier Agent Advertising Program.

I signed up on the belief that I would be receiving a fixed percentage of market share of the zip codes I was purchasing - and quality leads from prospective homebuyers. At the end of month 1, I received very little leads and I reached out to my performance coach to talk about ways to improve my profile in order to increase lead flow.

At the end of month 2, I decided to increase my monthly spend from $1,000 to $2,000. By the end of month 3, I received a a handful of leads, but most of them were either rental leads or the contact information was bogus.

I searched for properties in the zip codes that I had purchased and was confused because my picture was showing up about 50% of the time (or so I thought).

One evening at home, I searched for properties on my wife's iPad and bingo I discovered the fraud. My ads were not showing up 50% of the time (as I had purchased). They were showing up between 2.5% and 10% of the time. I taped my searches to be used as proof to demand a refund.

The following day in my office I recorded 3 sessions of searching for properties thru a secured TOR browser and received the same poor results.

I immediately phoned Zillow and demanded that they cancel my account. Their response was that Zillow doesn't guarantee anything - including how often an ad is shown. This directly conflicts what was represented when I signed the contract and the information that is providing on the adverting section of their website. In other words, there stance is that the contract is unilateral and I am obligated to pay regardless of how they perform or do not perform in the contract.

I explicitly sent several emails with "Cancel My Account - Effectively Immediately" in the subject to customer care, the billing department and the sales personell. They continued to charge my card, albeit, informing American Express of the fraudulently charges and demanding to block the merchant.

Following this experience I started drafing my legal complaint and began reaching out to other Zillow victims in hopes they would want to join a class action lawsuit. As of now, I've got about a dozen people with similar stories of Zillow's deceptive conduct: the bait and switch, refusal to terminate the contract and continuance of billing, etc.

If you are interested in joining my class please reach out to the editor of Rip Off Report.

John from Wilmington, North Carolina

  • May 11, 2017

I had a 6 month trial account with Zillow Premier Agent to help me connect with buyer and seller leads for my real estate practice. Their sales representative assured me that I would be given the help I needed in making a quality profile and that I would get pre-qualified buyers and sellers. Most of the contacts I received were people trying to sell me something, people looking for rentals (not buyers or sellers) and individuals thinking I was an "advice" service. When the follow up was slow and little more than more hype, I informed them that I was not satisfied. A representative finally contacted me and preceeded to insult me for having a weak online Zillow presence due to my profile that the public saw and blamed me for the lack of business being generated by my Premier Agent account.

When my contract ended, I informed them that I was not going to renew. The monthly charge of over $900 continued to be charged on my credit card, without my permission (my contract with them had expired). I spoke with them several times and I was told that they were going to refund the unauthorized amount they took from my credit card and make the correction. Of course, Vince Nava at Zillow lied. A refund of about $600 appeared. The total amount of unauthorized charges by Zillow is over $4,000.00. I had to inform my credit card company not to allow any more charges. I completed complaints with my CC company and wait for their dispute process to get my money back. So far, my credit card has not been successful in getting my full $4,000.00 refund.

Finally after many false promises and being told that they were going to take care of the situation, I now have filed a dispute with my credit card company, attorneys general offices in Calfornia and New Mexico and filed multiple online consumer complaint sources.

Vince Nava at Zillow told me 6 months ago and 3 months ago that he agreed with me and that they would rectify the account, but it would take them a month to get me my money back. This has not happened. I called and left messages and they didn't return my calls - claiming they did not get calls. My contacts are by phone since they were not willing to do things by email. Zillow has taken over $4,000.00 from me without authorization. Be aware that they will promise to fix things or give you more and better service, but they will not follow up or keep their word to fix problems, fulfill promised refunds or make the situation better. Lots of lip service and lies from this company.

If you are called or emailed by Zillow, Trulia or anyone identifying themselves to be with Premier Agent, do not talk to Vince Nava, Sandra Hanson (Success Manager Agent Care), Alex Grace or Brittany Fisher!!

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