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Ziegler Homes

Country United States
State California
City Woodland
Address 1650 Atlantic Ave
Phone 360-841-8469

Ziegler Homes Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2016

Be very leary dealing with Rhonda Ziergler at Ziergler Homes. She seems to think she is above the law and will try to rip you off. Get every word in writing, only correspond through email. She will change prices, saying that the factory is charging more. The factory will not deal with you, they just are interested in selling a home and not being the go between when the deal goes sour. Be prepared to hire an attorney. Check out reviews under this business. She is also registered as Razz, Inc. Don't just take her word for anything, as her word will change......Take your contract to a realestate attorney before signing anything.

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