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Zenni Optical, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Novato
Address 448 Ignacio Blvd, #332
Phone (800) 211-2105

Zenni Optical, Inc. Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2021

Cute style affordable price. I sent my prescription when I got it back the pupiary distance was wrong. so I called Jenny customer service and as per their instructions return the glasses to get the proper prescription filled. Upon returning my glasses the prescription was again not exact to what I had sent them. I called customer service again in order to return the glasses to get my exact prescription filled. They said they no longer would do business with me other than if I return the glasses they would give me $30 of an $80 refund.

I told them all I wanted was my correct prescription and they said they would do nothing further but take back the glasses and give me a $30 refund. I do not recommend any optical. They are not careful with their prescriptions they are not careful with their customer service and they do not make all their customers happy and are not willing to make other customers happy www.

  • Jul 1, 2020

I bought a pair a multifocal glasses from Zenni. The prescription was confirmed as entered correct. What I received was not fit for purpose and unusable. I ordered another pair with same size and shape frame from another shop with the same prescription and they were fine. Only the ones I made through Zenni were unusable.

I sent the glasses back out of my own pocket only to be told they were done right, which obviously cannot be true because otherwise I could see with them if they were. Zenni came up with excuses of frame choice which do not make any sense because when I made the glassses in a very similar frame they were fine. Even if the frame I chose was not suitable, they should have at least let me know - they are the eyeglass specialist, not me. I do not beleive the frame is the issue, just an excuse.

They refuse to refund me in full, only offering me 50% and no refund for shipping (both ways). They also offered 100% refund of just the glasses (no shipping) if I chose to risk buying again from them and accept store credit.

  • Mar 9, 2019

Glasses received made me dizzy and I could not see with them. Sent them back twice to remake with same results. I kept the frmes as they were a good price and fit fine. Sent faulty lense back and asked for a refund They said I could only have store credit or 50% cash back. Store credit does NO good when they can't make a usable product!

After 3 months of fighting with them over the issue, I finally took my 50% cash refund (felt it was better than nothing at that point). So the frames that I kept because they were such a good deal were not such a good deal after all!! Will NEVER do business with them again NOR do i recommend them to anyone else!!


They are a BIG RIPOFF!!!!

  • Dec 2, 2017

I ordered 2 pair of glasses after the company was suggested by my optomitrist. One was with blue blocking the other progressive bifocals. I have another pair of blue blockers that are not prescription so i know how they should have been. The blue blockers came with absolutely no blue-blocking affect.

The progressive lens were made so that if they shifted more than 1/4 of an inch the vision was skewed. My wife has a pair of progressive bifocals and hers is not that way. You have to move them about an inch before the visison is skewed. My lens were larger than hers.

I complained and they had me send them back after basically saying i don't know what i'm talking about. After receiving them, they said there was nothing wrong with either pair. I told them i wanted a full refund including shipping when i sent them back. In their response they said because there was nothing wrong i would only get a 50% credit.

I got an automated email asking about their service so i gave a bad review. After they got the bad review Which they have more than likely deleted), they came back and said they reviewed the glasses again and said yes they were made incorrectly. However they only sent half of my money for the glasses only - no shipping - even though they admitted they made them wrong.

This company is dishonest and i hope this will keep others from using them. I wished i had looked at this Yscam before ordering but i trusted my doctor's advice. I have told my doctor not to recommend zenni optical to anyone else.

  • Nov 4, 2017

DO NOT BUY from these guys. They are a total ripoff. I bought a set of ski goggles, which I am reasonably happy with, as well as a pair of motorcycle goggles. Both were made to the same prescription, but the motorcycle goggles were useless, the prescription was wrong. I returned them with shipping at my own expense. They determined that indeed they were made wrong, and remarked that remaking them would not make them better as the "camber" is an issue (whatever that means). They offered me a choice of 100% store credit or a 50% refund. I do not need any other glasses, as I just needed the m'cycle goggles. They will not do a full refund even though it was their mistake. So I am robbed of $25 plus shipping. Wow, what a deal. You want a deal like that go for it, me never again, once bitten twice shy.

  • Jul 15, 2017

The glasses I ordered are optically very uncomfortable and unlike any other pair of glasses I have ordered and worn from a range of other suppliers. Also I found the overall build quality to be poor and not in line with the price they charged.

When I contacted Zenni to ask for a Return Authorization Number it became clear they were trying to make this process a real challenge. After repeated emails I finally got a Return Authorization Number and returned the item. (more expense and time wasted for the customer)

Now they are saying the glasses are satisfactory to their own review standards (hardly an independant source!) and that they will only offer a 50% refund, with the balance being a store credit. I would like a full refund and would expect any good quality reputable company to honour that, but Zenni clearly are not that type of company; they get your money then fight to keep it, whatever the level of customer dissatisfaction. Keep in mind that given their awful service and attitude I really do not want to buy any other items from them now so a 50% store credit is pretty useless.

I have now exchanged many many emails with them on this issue, and always get a reply from someone with no authority to act, who just trots out the same mantra. so I am pursuing the transaction via VISA instead. People need to know about companies like Zenni and their sharp practises, so they won't be fooled like I have been. Avoid!

  • Jun 3, 2017

The lenes are defective, They are not sharp and clear like the glasses I got from my eye doctor. I sent them back at my expense.

They claim that the glasses were manufactured correctly. If they were made correctly then why do they not work exactly the same as the glasses I recieved from my eye doctor using the exact same prescription?

They gave me 3 options. They can return the glasses to me. Other options would be to issue a 50% refund back to the credit card or a one-time use 100% store credit for the price of the glasses minus shipping.

I cannot use the defective glasses and so why would I want them returned to me? Or a 100% store credit to buy more defective glasses? Or only a 50% refund? I paid $29.95 for the glasses plus $4.95 shipping plus $3.26 to ship them back and they want to give half of the $29,95 back!

Freakin RIPOFFS. Take your money, send you junk, and then only offer less than half of your money back!

So bottom line is it cost me $18.24 plus my time to ship the glasses back to learn a valuble lesson. ZENNI OPTICAL is not a reputable company.

Stay away from this Ripoff.

  • Mar 17, 2017

My wife bought some new glasses from Zenni; cost around $120. A week after she'd had them they broke and she wasn't able to get them fixed.

Today when I called them about this, they said I could either 1. buy a new set of frames from them (cost of around $24) , or, 2. I could order a whole new pair for another $120.

I told them this was a rip off but they said, we didn't return them within their 30 day period, so tough luck.

Very poor service. Yes, the glasses are cheap, but yes also, their frames are cheap too, junk.

  • Jan 21, 2017

I have ordered a number of glasses off of Zenni and can confirm this is a China based business that is ripping off North Americans under the impression that it is USA quality glasses. The quality is so poor as I have had metalic finish quickly rubbing off on shiny metals frames, acetate frames easily breaking, and scratch proof lens scratching within weeks. Of course this all after 30 days so you are left high and dry, unlike competitors that offer returns with 365 days.

Understandably for any operation online there maybe issues so a hassle free return policy is the critical to give you the security of ordering glasses online. All online glasses retailers such as Warby Parker, GlassesUSA offer hassle free returns and exchanges so the assumption and the marketing Zenni of 100% refunds is to believe Zenni has similiar policies. NOT.

First Zenni does not offer credit or refund on shipping. So if there is an issue and you are successful in getting a credit for a return you will have paid original shipping, return shipping of the original glasses and shipping again to get the new glasses. A 100% credit for the glasses but you will have paid shipping 3 times for a return. Also if you have returned a pair of glasses you can no longer get 100% credit. Zenni policy is that they will offer 50% credit on a future order in addition if you that credit on a multiple order for your family all those glasses will also no longer be eligible for an exchange or credit.

Avoid at all costs the Zenni scam, this is simply a cheap Chinese glasses manufacturer with a hidden restrictive return policy. They will flood the internet with positive testimonials to drown out the horror stories.

Trust me I found out the hard way.

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