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Zōk Relief

Country United States
State Alabama

Zōk Relief Reviews

  • May 15, 2019

The Zok Relief device claims to relieve pressure and headaches by inserting a tube into the ear and squeezing an air bladder to remove "pressure." As a physician, it is concerning because it preys on vulnerable people who are desperate to try something useless to experience relief.

The Zok Relief is device essentially a low pressure vacuum created by a rubberized pocket, similar to what you would find at the end of a turkey baster. No clinical trials have been performed, yet the creators claim it will relieve headaches and earaches. Tension headaches are caused by tightened muscle tissue, typically surrounding the frontal lobe region of the cranium.

Migraines are largely initiated by imbalances in neurotransmitters and involve complex webs of neural pathways. This device will do absolutely nothing to relieve the symptoms of common headaches, yet it's claims will go unchecked by many and the placebo effect will live on. The tympanic membrane in the ear prevents the suction from going anywhere but the external ear canal.

The product was apparently designed by a chiropractor that "prescribes" essential oils and useful supplements like dandelion root to treat anxiety. I have great respect for entrepreneurial endeavors that do not mislead the public and take advantage of people's ignorance and desperation. The populace must be protected from predators that seek to take advantage of a large portion of the population who suffer from legitimate medical conditions. This company is selling a lot of these devices and ripping off consumers.

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