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Yuliia Haiduk

Country United States
State Illinois
City Lake in the Hills
Address 4600 Barharbor Dr
Phone 847 812 3963

Yuliia Haiduk Reviews

  • Nov 5, 2019

Yuliia Haiduk runs a trucking company with her alleged husband, Roman Iesypov. CH1 LLC of Huntingdon Valley, PA. Dot# 3103869, Mc# 79039.

I was brought in by CH1 LLC to drive a recently purchased truck. That truck was junk. Numerous obvious issues. Multiple mechanical breakdowns in the one week I worked there. Managed to complete 2 loads. Returned truck undamaged to the place designated by the company.

The company wasted my time, lied to me, and knowingly put me in unsafe equipment. Now they are refusing to make good on my one and only pay.

As I did my own background investigation on Yuliia Haiduk I discovered she also ran another trucking company with her husband. Energie Solutions Inc of Park Ridge, IL. Dot# 2447829, Mc# 847153.

Energie Solutions was put out of service on March 27, 2019 for failure to pay $14,300 in fines for a laundry list of violations.

Energie Solutions was also sued at least twice, losing both cases. In October 2018 in northern Illinois federal district court for damaging a load of freight. Case# 1:18-cv-06786. In February 2017 in Cook County, Illinois for breach of contract. Case# 2017-M3-001106.

** Yuliia Haiduk also filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy in federal court in June 2019. This filing does not appear to involve her husband. The timing of it is curious.


- October 2018. Energie Solutions Inc is sued in northern Illinois federal district court for damaging a load of freight.

- December 2018. A default judgement against Energie Solutions is entered in that case.

- March 27, 2019. Energie Solutions is put out of service by federal authorities.

- June 6, 2019. Yuliia Haiduk files for bankruptcy.

- June 14, 2019. There is a filing for relief by the plaintiff in the federal district court case against Energie Solutions.

- June 28, 2019. There is an order for relief entered in the federal district court case.

* So Yuliia Haiduk filed for bankruptcy 8 days before there was a filing for relief in the federal district case against her company Energie Solutions . Highly unlikely the timing was a coincidence.

Any trucking company this woman is a part of turns into a train wreck.

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