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YouTube Reviews

  • Feb 18, 2021

If YouTube does not like what you post? when you prove it is fact? They will block you and block your video. They are a communist company that imposes censorship on everybody and if they don't like what you post? they will shut you down because it is a Communist dictatorship site.

Everybody needs to not use YouTube. It is such an evil company it promotes children being raped by pedophiles and if you post anything that they don't like? They will block you with their censorship. But YouTube but promotes all the evil in this world.

  • Aug 28, 2019

They bombard you with ads and harass you. It's an addictive websites. It's full of people addicted to electronic cigarettes and they have children on it. It is inundated in the media and does not shut up. They are illegally using other company's movies such as Warner Brothers and Disney and the whole thing is created by a bot.

This is a very addictive website and I urge people to STAY AWAY FROM IT. Youtube will ruin your life and not send you any money for your videos. It is run by a person named Ralph Howard Press aka Ralph He Press. No one wants to constantly go to a website ful of minors acting like crazy peopel. It's annoying.

We need to be rid of once and for all as well as and Sirius never should have started the internet. Close it down now along with AOL, MSN, earthlink and mindspring. runs these things with ebay and paypal and aol, earthlink and mindspring. They deleted all of my youtube videos for no reason.

  • Aug 14, 2019

You tube is stealing users views! Watch this video

You tube is stealing money from its creators by taking 100 to 1,000 views randomly from videos from my channel and others. You tube states you can't get monetize and get paid unless your videos have over 4,000 hours of watch time. Well how can you get 4,000 watch time and monetize your channel if you tube continues to steal and roll back views on your channel! I have complained to you tube about this, but they ignore my complaints.

Then they tell you to pay 70 dollars to 8,000 dollars to get views...This is clearly a scam and something needs to be done to stop you tube from doing this to people. This video was deleted by you tube when it had over 1,000 views. I re uploaded the video and you tube again stole over 200 views from this video and also tampered with the view count of the channel which proves you tube is guilty of running this scam.

Here is the link to the video here. Watch the video and pay attention to how you tube has frozen my channel and all my videos. You can clearly see they are tampering around with my channel. Here is the video You Tube Stealing views

  • Dec 14, 2018

As, I Acclaimed on Other Frauds, SCAMs, I Have a Popular Site on , as from other complaints I am into Music Industry and Confident. I am Making Video Clips through Famous Movies, sencroning with My Music, Like a Fragman or a soundtrack Clip. I am taking the Permissions and Licenses through Movie Vendors also. It's on Tantrum-Music Channel, and What I earned and what They didn't give me is around 160-250 Billion Dollars..! I Wrote them several times, I wrote to other related vendors also(CDbaby..etc) I've included a weird screenshots with planes and birds, unnatural videos that Shown right after me implying User 'Not to watch anymore like that's enough' kind..and so on. they didn't even answer my mails, and about other vendors- Songcast, CDBaby, Songtradr..I Know people are using my Music insanely on YouTube, other videos..they hide that Earnings also. That's whole lot a Bs!!, and I wonder what Americans' Wallstreet is for..??

  • May 23, 2018

Her name is Sasha and not Chelsea Carvajal. That's why she has to add 1 after my full name and claim my name as herself.

  • May 21, 2018

Youtube has had a bad track record of staying indifferent to my reports to file a complaint with an abusive content. I've filed many reports and they don't do anything to solve my problems. I would appreciate if they let the offender know with a warning or with a removal of harmful material on social media or pull all videos down. and their accounts suspended. But all they care about is how a video is being monetized while it increases their popularity agenda.

  • May 19, 2018

I am a target of harrassment and the talk of town where ever I go. I can't escape it. The bully on youtube is a two faced pychotic little infidel, and I greatly regret running in to her and accepting her friendship solicitation on twitter feeds. (Which started the whole youtuber on a rant fiasco). I've been a target of Cyberbullying ever since 2013. And as an older adult, I can't live a normal life, as an engaged, or married woman or could be in a good place in society all because of one stupid immature little twerp named Dayhana Rozon aka Sazon Rozon. She has ruined my life, and the quality of it is mired by her high school drama I tried very hard to stay as farthest away from as a woman who managed to try college life. But i had to suffer from it all over again, because we all need a celebrity to speak a good dose of "facts" and false statements just for likes and to side with her frustration? I'm am so tired of their bs. I might go postal if it extends waaaaaaay to far.... if you know what I mean.

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