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Country United States
State California
City Chula Vista
Address 2400 Boswell Road
Phone (800) 982-3189

Youngevity Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2023

This company goes by two names: Youngevity and Critical Health News.

Every three weeks they go on the Coast to Coast AM radio show pitching their products. One time it will be Ben Fuchs and then 3 weeks later it will be the owner, Dr. Joel Wallach. Ben is more reserved with what he tells the listeners but Dr. Wallach often boasts he can fix/cure virtually health problem on the planets by taking his supplements.

On 3/7 he actually bragged he can help people walk in 90 days if they've been in a wheelchair due to fused knee caps. That grabbed my attention because I've been in a wheelchair for almost 10 years because of fused knee caps.

I emailed the company asking what I needed to buy so I could walk again. The next day I got a reply asking me to call one of their doctors.

Got him on the phone, told him what Dr. Wallach said, and THEIR doctor LITERALLY started LAUGHING and said, "Dr. Wallach exaggerates. He's wrong and that isn't possible." He then tried to sell me some supplements he admitted would not help me walk again.

Pure bait and switch.

I should have known better than to believe the pitch because Youngevity has been busted many times in the past for fake claims.....especially with his Dead Doctors Don't Lie tape from many years ago.

  • Mar 20, 2018

I ordered their supplements about 3 or 4 times and each time was nightmare and time consuming. The last time I decided I had enough of these people was when I tried to place an order from their Corporate office and was on hold for upwards of 20-30 minutes. I kept calling back and then again the following day. I somehow got through on the third day and was hung up on THREE (3) times. The first time I asked why their line was busy for so long and they didn't like the question so they hung up. The second time I was in the middel of asking about shipping time frames and they hung up again, etc. Just utter nonsense. I don't know what kind of people they hire to take orders over the phone but they were very and unprofessional. Don't they monitor this these people?

This was the last straw and I decided they lost a customer for good. By the way, one of the previous times I ordered they sent me the powder tangy tangerine by "accident" (they don't listen very well either apparently when I said Tablets not powder). I tried the powder and it was the most horrible tasting crap I have ever had. It's almost like drinking pure citric acid crystals. It really makes you want to puke it all up But returning this crap would have cost me more money and I wasn't giving them any more money. Besides being rude their products seem ridiculously overpriced and cost prohibitive unless you are making really good money and don't care what you're spending. So I just gave up on them.

If others are getting this stuff and having no problems well good for them but I wanted to let the public know what I went through with this company and hopefully they, meaning the Wallachs or whoever runs this operation gets their act together.

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