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Country United States
State California
City San Diego
Address 11232 Vista Sorrento Pkwy
Phone 858-925-3019

xyLOGIX, LLC. Reviews

  • May 12, 2017

Brian Hart ,CEO of ,san diego is a big fraud , he told us that he will pay 15 days amount on 45th day from the work has been started according to the contract , but he always cheated to all the person who is working under his vendor relationship and acclaimed that he is a former Military officer of USA.

his contract policies are like that :

first 45 days he will not pay and on the 45th day he will pay 15 day amount , but he always skip the payment , and waiting for a single small mistake from the vendor side , sometimes not a mistake , he created the circumstances like that.

he never replies on the time on skype and other communicating mediums and tells us that you should not talk to me , talk with my accountant and she alwas delay the reply.

he always make the change in timesheet mysteriously, no matter how much ethically ou work for him. i am in loss of around 1000 USD , which he is not paying. and blocked me and my developers also from there. he also skip the payment and never pay you on cycle. i have the screen shots of every day timesheet of harvest and his skype chat with me and my developer teams.

he even block the person , if you tried to follow him on any social media platform.

he canceled the contract without any prior notice and stop replying to you , becoz of payment you need to take from him.

At Last

BEWARE FROM Brian Hart who is the CEO of ,sandiego, california , USA

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