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Xuzhou Tianchang Chemical Co.,LTD

Country China
City Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Address No.212 Industrial Zone, Xuzhou Economic-Development Zone
Phone 86-0516-85762434

Xuzhou Tianchang Chemical Co.,LTD Reviews

  • Oct 9, 2015

Ive been looking for a good MKP supplier for the Mexican market for a while now.

MKP is a fertilizer with a NPK formula of 00-52-34

Ive placed orders with XZTC Group that was not of great quality but it was enough for the Mexican market. This was my 2nd order that I did with them and the quality of the MKP was shocking. I send the test results to the best laboratorium in Mexico and they confirmed me that the product was NOT MKP it was a completely different product (Magnesium Sulfate) Which is at 20% of the price of MKP. XZTC-GROUP is DEFINITELY a FRAUD COMPANY and I will NEVER do business with them AGAIN. I recommend everybody to be very carefull before doing business with them!

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