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XTS Global

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 8075 W 3rd St #303
Phone 1 323-545-6767

XTS Global Reviews

  • Feb 3, 2019

As former employees of xts global we have decided to let the public know about these moral free individuals who run a "full service marketing firm" not only disregard business ethics but they have no desire to get results for their clients. Owned by ceo david urbas a.K.A. Justin urbas and run day to day by coo adam bierman; xts global is only global because it is connected to the internet. They have one office, churn through employees and have a thin service division that surely cannot do the things promised to clients. With an unpaid to minimum wage call center, outsourced web work and printing, xts global who claims to have 12 "in house" service divisions is merely an office space with two agressive executives and a few over worked and underpaid employees who bought a client list and changed the name of the company a few times after not delivering on their promises. David urbas a.K.A. Justin urbas who owns tax inc. Who also has multiple scamion) funds the operation and his pitbull coo adam bierman. Adam will say anything to potential clients that he thinks will get them to give him a "retainer". If you read how tax inc works once work is payed for its a done deal and there is little to nothing delivered to the few clients they have. If you are thinking about doing business with them go ahead and ask them what type of work they performed for the blue chip client list on their website. He will make something up, but the truth is that all of those businesses gucci, bebe, etc. Were clients of another marketing company in la that david urbas bought, kept the ein number and simply changed the name to xts global. As a former employee i put effort into maintaining the accounts that i brought on, however adam would prevent me from doing my job when it comes to making people happy. Tax inc and xts global are both pyramid ponzi schemes that put on the best show they can to get as much money as possible from clients, with no intention on delivering to them. This company is in major debt as well, as a former employee there were times when my paycheck came as much as 3 weeks late. And as soon as you build a client list they will take it away from you and not pay you on the comissions owed. If you are considering working there just know that even if you are salaried your checks will come late and 9 out of 10 times they will bounce. David urbas and adam bierman are two evil kniving sociopaths who will take as much money as they possibly can get from you and then laugh about how stupid you are behind closed doors. They are sad and weak men who grip to the facade they portray and get rid of those who see through the scheme. Adam bierman would literally put a phone call on mute and tell the staff to come see how he would "crush this guy on the phone". He would then apply a cut-through high pressure sales pitch and bully people into signing the papers. Adam bierman is a type a parasitic napoleonic pathalogical liar who can't differentiate between where the lie begins and truth ends. Do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Bottom line is if you are thinking about doing business with xts global, ask them to show you one successful marketing campaign they have put together and they will show you nothing. Former employee north hollywood, california


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