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Xtreme Wireless Sales

Country United States
State North Carolina
City South Whiteville
Address 1619-B2 JK Powell Blvd
Phone (910) 640-5565

Xtreme Wireless Sales Reviews

  • Nov 28, 2015

I went to hudson beauty wireless,xtremewireless store on esptember 24 th, to drop off my lumnia 900 at&t cellphone to get fixed cuz i had a cracked screen,i specifically asked and told them i wanted a new lcd screen for my phone , it cost $75.00. no problem ,i payed and picked up my phone on november 3 rd,paid in full,when i got my phone i asked him why my phone wasn't charged up ? no answer so i went home,mind you that i left town on the 4th of november,i had personal family problems in new york city so i left and came back november 24 th, i finally turned on my phone and first noticed that the screen wasn't a new lcd screen,but a scratched plexyglass looking screen,next i tried to use youtube on my phone,didn't work,next i went to my eexployer,don't work,next i tried my google browser? not working,i scrolled up and down my home screen on my apps and it studders or shakes while i scroll up or down,i went to the store i got it so called fixed and the arab guy gave me first attitude and said that i downloaded a viruse on my phone which was a lie cuz i had the same apps on my phone before i dropped it off to the store and mind you that everything was okay with my phone besides a cracked screen,now i have a phone not working wright? the store is on hudson and mcguffy,"hudson beauty wireless " they are like all the arab people that have stores in the hood,they dont live here but they take from and robb use in the hood every day !! things need to change in the hood with all these sand fools !!

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