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Xtreme Recovery

Country United States
State New York
City Boulevard Hamburg
Address 5821 Southwestern
Phone 585-300-9147

Xtreme Recovery Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2017


Same thing happened to me after they took my vehicle from my driveway and someone was parked behind me so they came in and ran over my lawn with the tow truck and my vehicle on it to get it from the driveway after keybank got my vehicle for being a payment behind. I ran around to get my vehicle out faxes all the paperwork required and then called them they told me that my vehicle isn't even there yet and they close at 4. We'll they got my vehicle at 5am so I'm not sure why at 2 pm my vehicle is still not there so I called again at 3 and they said they were just pulling my vehicle in and they didn't have the release yet so I argued with them called again to make sure the release went thru they said they faxed it at 9 am so I called extreme back and they told me nobody is there to help me so I had to pay for the entire weekend plus Monday was a holiday. That is just unreal to me.

  • Dec 13, 2016

My vehicle was repossessed by Five Star Bank for being 1 (one) payment behind. They contracted with this ripoff company to tow and subsequently store the vehicle. After resolving the issue with the bank we had to deal separately with this tow company. Well, they jerked us around all afternoon on Friday telling us they never received the release from the bank in which they did. I ran around trying to get this resolved til bout 3:30pm. I contacted Xtreme at 3:46pm explaining that I might be 5 or so minutes late as I was informed at that time they close at 4pm. Josh (who answered the phone) tells me I'm 20-25 minutes away and he doesn't have anyone who can wait. I said no I'm very close and should be there by 4:05pm. He said they couldn't wait. I kept driving there anyways and pulled in their lot at 4:07pm. The doors were locked and lights were off with the exception of a light in one of their garage bays. I look in the window and noticed 2 gentlemen there saying we are closed. They wouldn't open up and give me my vehicle causing me to incur 3 more days of storage fees. Someone has to stop these criminals from stealing!

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