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Xtreme Green Team

Country United States
State Georgia
City Jasper
Address 611 Fairway Drive, GA 30143
Phone 678-452-2009

Xtreme Green Team Reviews

  • Jan 22, 2018

I was fired for no legitimate reason. When inquiring why i was being let go i was given atleast three different reasons on three different occasions before not being able to get into contact anymore. All I was given was a bus ticket back to the city I was hired from which was Dallas at Retail Ready career center. Being that I was homeless before attending this school I ended up homeless in Dallas where I had to sleep at the bus station for weeks. Xtreme Green Team also stole my tool bag and iPad the school had given us. I was told it would be mailed to me but could never reach em after this incident. I was never given payment for work I performed and have been struggling city to city homeless trying to get on my feet ever since. I've only just recently learned what has been going on when trying to find out about w2s or a 1099 to file taxes.

  • Dec 23, 2017

Very unprofessional and very disrespectful when things doesnt go as planned for Mr.john. They never give you all of your works pay and hardly let you see your family. Him and his wife are very bad people. I wouldnt advise anyone to work here . They made me drive out of state with no lisence .

  • Aug 1, 2016

Well where do we start the company name is Xtreme Green Team. The company is located in Jasper , GA or is it. If you go search the company under the Georgia secretary of state you would find out that the company is not even registered to the state of Georgia. When you first start working for the company all you fill out is a federal tax sheet . They are suppose to take taxes ouf of your check from the state that each individiual is from not from Georgia. I found that very suspicious. The company. Individuals working for the company did not receive paystubs and they were afraid to ask for paystubs as they would send Allen Wilson or Joseph Robles out to fire you for any reason if you asked for a paystub. Being an indvidual that received a paystub found out that Georgia taxes had been took out of my paycheck when i dont even reside in the state of Georgia .

Also i never filled out a Georgia tax sheet so that is fraud that they are committing by saying i took taxes out without my permission. I knew that this job was an issue especially finding it on craiglist where most people committ fraud. Now the people that worked in the summer of 2015. He and his wife told the people that the company was in Georgia but the new workers after he told them that the company is in North Carolina. They try to make like this is some big company when it is only two people John and his wife working and scamming from two different places in Georgia and in Florida. While doing my research i found out that their are rules in Georgia where they are not required or have to give employees paystubs .

My question to anyone where is it in the world that you have worked a job and you havent gotten a paystubs? When employees have questions about paystubs or call the child support or even try to get a new car. He sends someone out to fire you . Its all because he is not reporting any of the income that his employees are making he claims 5 people and he fires year end and year old . Something needs to be done about this monster. If you go to and type in the name of the company this has been going on since 2014.When he fires individuals he doesnt like to pay individuals their last check . He has a guy Joseph Robles who has moved up to a Regional Manager go around pose as a helper and fires people . He does not pay his workers drive time. It gets so bad to where several employees had to go to the Georgia Department of Labor and file and he still only wants to pay have of the money he owes.

He owes at least all the workers per diem that worked for his company the last two years. After he fires his employees and he knows he owes them money they block the number from the company . Has settled with at least three indivdiuals out of court . I would call it hush money . When you settle out of court you know that you are guilty . The guy hired and fired at least 40 employees last year. He only claims that he has 5 workers on the website. So what does that tell you about this guy.One of the guys he fired for no reason he drug test the guy and he passed and he still fired the guy . The reason is because the guy was trying to do the right thing about telling child support he had a job and he fired the guy. Now go to Florida Secretary of State and type in the name of the company .

You will see that the company was voluntary dissolved in Nov of 2015. A voluntary dissolution means that you are first suppose to inform your workers that are working that you are closing down the company and he didnt do that and you are not suppose to be working for a profit as he also has been doing from Nov. 2015 til now. He is not only operatiing the company illegally but not even telling any of the employees of what is going on not even the the managers. Now if you go to the North Carolina secretary state and type the company in you will see that the company has been operatiing for 6 years but the house that they have listed they havent been at the address for 6 years. Once the former employees find out his address he switches addresses . He has over 12 address changes in the state of Georgia alone trying to run away from former employees. This guy and his wife all they do is pressue the employees to hurry up on sites to get work done so they can get the check from those employees . Lawrence Conroy- last pay check 2.

Evan Etheridge -last pay check.Gary Ford - last paycheck , Kerion Murray- Lastpay check , Kevin Jeffries- last pay check Emeka Ewach - last paycheck. Robert Sandford He owes all these inviduals from 500 to 2,000 for last paycheck and he has blocked each and every ones paycheck . Besides his two doboys Allen Wilson and Joseph Robles .The company has not have anyone to work over an year. Now you would think that people would work a job over a year not with this company . He fires before you get to that year mark . Right around Nov. Therefore if you arent smart enough you would think you were not to get a w2. He has still yet to send w2s out to some of these employees. The guy is operating under false pretense , comitting fraud , lying to government officials and using his employees to get rich. (unjust enrichment). Just needs to be served against this company. He was hiring all the way up to a month ago on craiglist. Leadmen and Helpers needed please avoid if you see that post

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