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Country United States
State California
City Chatsworth
Address 21011 Itasca St Suite E

XsteamUSA Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2018

I bought some of there products at the keyosk at the Glendale mall where they had a real good sales man but I instantly regretted my choice and try to return them where I was pointed to a some what hidden/ deteriorated sign that says no refunds or exchanges. I was told by the sales man to contact the email on there web site, to which I pulled out my phone and showed him the only email on there web site which he conformed that it was indeed the right email and told me that I just needed to submit my sales transactions number in order to continue with the return. After a long wait I was emailed by the company and told that they were only a whole sale company and were not responsible, even thought there name was on everything including the receipt.

  • Dec 22, 2017

This company works Fairs Malls Home shows bridal shows. We bought ours at the Fair in October. 2018 from two girls. They were selling them for 99. Bucks. I heard them give say 40 to vendors. So I asked if we can pay the vendor price too they said yes. We used it the same day we bought it. Water everywhere and it didn't Iron!! Wow false advertising false product. We went back for a refund with receipt they kept our receipt and No Refund. Terrible product they should never be booked in anything if there's no guarantee on product. And no refund. They know the product doesn't work and they are selling it. Bad customer service bad product. The girl should be fired for bad customer service.

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