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XSport Fitness

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 819 S State St
Phone (312) 294-0500

XSport Fitness Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2018

I had been to this gym before and had obtained excellent fitiness training from Dennis. This was 1.5 years ago.

Today I went in with a couple of friends and I saw a young Asian woman, Connie, at the counter, engaging in PDA with her co-worker behind the desk. She claimed that only one guest can accompany a member, and I asked to speak with the manager. She claimed that she was the manager, which is false.

I asked another worker for the manager on duty, who pointed to fat woman who had her cell phone on her. I went to wait to speak to her after waiting at the desk for a few minutes and I overheard the gentlemen talking to the fat manaber about wantint to terminate his membership after being verbally attacked and threatened by a young male staff member, asking to "fight him." I could tell that the fat woman was not very serious about her job as the man was obvviously upset and she did not exhibit professionalism.

I asked for the business card of the general manager from the same male staff member who directed me towards the fat woman, who obviously was not interested in addressing the issue. This time, another man came towards me and identified himself as Kevin from headquarters. He explained that the rules had been in place for four-five years but that rules had been previously bent, which resulted in the miscommunication and that Dennis was no longer with the company.

I advised that I respect the rules and appreciate the need for rules but that the conduct of the staff, particularly Connie and the fat operations manager, was unprofessional and that I would be complaining online.

I did ask for the business card of the general manager, who was absent today. But there is no way that Mr. Patrick Harris could not be aware of what is taking place as the gym under his leadership.

There are members attending the sauna and steamroom with their shoes, which is unsanitary, and nothing is done by staff to intervene. Secondly, the rules changing require notice, and Kevin pointed out that the new rules are now made visible and that the gym management wants to improve the experience of the gym, which is need of intervention from headquarters.

If anybody had seen Connie today, by her conduct and her appearance, they can tell that the gym today is poorly managed compared to before when I used their services. It is a shame that the excellent Dennis is no longer at the gym.

Very disappointing. I don't plan on returning to this gym.

  • May 26, 2018

I was warned XSport Fitness is shady when it comes to ending a month by month membership and was prepared for issues. There is no letter writing cancellation in place anymore with the gym, you can, "cancel at anytime". So, I went in to the gym very early in the month and had a manager fill out a cancellation form with me. They didn't offer, but I told them I wanted a copy of the cancellation document, which they somewhat begrudgingly provided, and put the cancellation of my account in the computer system. Sure enough, next month rolls around and I get charged (was watching my statement like a hawk, and went in that day). They claimed there is no record of this, which is BS, so I show him the copy of the signed/dated cancellation form. This time I watched the process get entered into the computer that my membership has ended, but had until a certain date I could work out. Again, the manager said it was taken care of and I would be credited within a week. Of course, week goes by no credit. Went in again, same story it's "taken care of", another week goes by, no credit. I'll be damned if I get charged again by these incompetent people. So, I contacted my credit card company, and they IMMEDIATELY credited me my money. They asked that I attach a copy online of my cancellation to my complaint report as proof, and they would go after Xsport. They also barred any further transactions from Xsport, so I could not be charged again. Xsport is not a bad gym, but their staff and cancellation policy is a joke. Beware!!

  • Feb 1, 2017

For XSport, I don't want to comment on their environment or cleaness. I just wanna say how I feel being cheated:

- Register:

On the first day I came by XSport, I was just going to have a visit and then decided whether to join the gym. The previous manager was so persuasive and told me they had a special promotion that day(election day) which was 'buy 1 year get 1 more year for free'. Though I know it's actually even not a promotion later...At the same time, he 'helped' me register the X-IT and personal training. As I said, he was so persuasive. I started my 40 traning sessions then.

- Personal Training:

To be honest, I really enjoyed my training sessions with my trainer(let's call him X). I've trained with X 3 times a week for about 2 months. At the end of 2016, he and the manager told me the training fee would be up next year(2017), so they suggested me buy sessions for 2017. X told me I will get much better results if I continue training with him...I asked him whether twice per week is enough for me. He still said 3 times with him is the least. As I said, I liked X because he is professional enough. Finally I decided to prepay for his sessions until July, 2017, which is the start of my nightmare.

Not too long after that, X told me a 'good' news that he has been promoted and he was going to leave TWO days later! I was shocked because it was soooo sudden and I felt like he didn't care about what his old clients think. I cannot follow him to that gym because it's indeed too far away from my home.

I talked with the new manager, he told me it's impossible to refund and I can change to another personal trainers, whoever I want. I know, but it's so hard for me to start from the very begining again and to get used to other trainers. But anyway, I tried another one. He is nice, but I don't think he provides me with enough guidance. I talked with the manager several weeks ago. He didn't want to talk about this with me, like our last conversation. I said I am not satisfied with my trainings and would like to finish the first 40 sessions. But after that, I want to cancel the 60 sessions I am prepaying for.

He told me to dial the corporate phone number on my key and said it's a corporate thing. Alright, I dialed that number twice and waited for around 20 mins each time. Finally there was somebody answered my call. But she just kept telling me personal training is non-cancleable nor refundable and I signed the contract... I know she didn't mean to really help me solve my problems, which is not the real customer service.

Overall, I feel so tired during this process. I do not know how XSport treat their customers. Making money is a natural thing of business, but please think for us for a second. Stop keeping promoting your personal trainings, your protein powder, your multivitamin. Go get your gym less crowded and more clean please.

I still have no idea how to prevent them from continue billing me for those 60 sessions and get my prepaid money back. I just feel like I don't enjoy my sessions in that gym any more.

  • Dec 22, 2016

I signed up with xsport July of 2016 they offered personal training and I wanted to get In shape so I paid for 4 sessions and I got one for free I scheduled and when I showed up the trainier I was a sign to wasn't even working that day so they had another trainer for that day that work the hell out of me..I went to the second session a week later the person that signed me up gave me a list of things the trainer was suppose to show me like wat to eat routines and other stuff he didn't show me a thing it was suppose to be hour session trainer only helped me out for 40 min a week later I got injured at work and wasn't able to go for a month and just stopped going trainers are suppose to b professionals this trainer wasn't he didn't show me wat I was told from the beginning he just worked me till I tapped out now it's been 4 moths since I been there and I'm still getting charged called customers service they told me I had to write a letter to an address they gave me witch I think is total bs shouldn't waist anymore of my time when there the ones been unprofessional I will like to get refunded for wat I paid for the training sessions witch was 184 and the 4 moths I didn't go witch is 39x4(156) witch is a total of 340

  • Sep 8, 2016

I was training 3 times a week with a personal trainer for almost 6 months. It came time to renew and sign up for more sessions. I had made a plan with my trainer and the manager, Ron to sign up on 8/29.

8/29 came and I told my trainer I could not sign up that week, as I wouldn't have enough money, that it would have to wait until the next week. )I had to go out of town and needed the cash.) His boss Ron, the manager of the club, called me and said if I didn't sign up for training that week, my trainer would be in big trouble, that I needed to help him. He said he understood my financial situation and that he could help me if I just signed up that week. Becuase I did not want my trainer to get in whatever "trouble" that was looming, I agreed to meet with him. We set up a contract for 64 sessions on 8/31. I gave him a check on Friday 9/2 and his deal was that he would hold the check until the following week. This holding of the check was the entire basis of our deal. It was the only way I could sign up.

When I woke up on Saturday 9/3, the check had already been posted! My bank account went negative, leaving me with less than nothing in my account while I was out of town. I immediately texted my trainer to tell him that his boss lied to me. My trainer responded by telling me that he had bad news, he was leaving Xsport for another job, that he only had one more week of training left! Coincidence? I think not!

I immediately called the corporate office to try and cancel my sessions and complain about the manager. The office was closed and had no way to leave a message! I had to wait until Tuesday 9/6 (Monday was a holiday) in order to speak with someone in corporate. I explained my story to the customer service girl and after checking the contract and my check tells me there is nothing she can do it about it. The contract says you need to cancel within 3 business days of paying the money. She told me business days are whatever days the club is open, which is 7 days a week. I told her in the past, people in the actual club told me that you have to do everything through corporate. She confirmed this and then said that cancellation would have had to be made by letter to corporate within 3 days. How am I supposed to get a letter to a company in 3 days on a holiday weekend?! Also, why is the contract defining business hours by those of the physical club, when the actual cancelling is done through corporate which has M-F business hours?

I've been a customer with Xsport for a long time and have spent a lot of money on services. Ron went out of his way to pressure me and manipulate me into something I wasn't comfortable with by telling me my trainer was going to be in trouble. He lied about my trainer getting in trouble because the truth was that my trainer was leaving. He knew my financial situation and made a deal with me, but turned around and did the exact opposite of what he promised me! He is a liar and I find it shocking that the club wants to support someone representing their company in this manner.

I work in a service industry and people sign contracts (very large contracts) with us all the time. If a customer has a legitimate issue where they feel that information was misrepresented, there is always something that can be done to cancel a contract or refund any deposits. The contracted company always has the power to do the right thing. Unfortunately, XSport does not operate in this line of ethics.

  • Mar 25, 2016

Email addressed to director of customer service Kelly Catwright, she did not respond

Hope all is well. I wanted to talk to you about my terrible experience with the X-Sport fitness of Garden City, NY. where people are incompetent and fraudulent. I was looking for a reliable gym to join for good health and at the same time is affordable. I saw in the email 7 day free trial and decided to give it a try. To my surprise it was the worst mistake I ever did in signing up for this Gym. I was told that it will be a 30 day contract and cancel before 30 days. I signed up in Aug and it was to end in October of 2015. I was happy to give it a try , but to my surprise they signed me up for a personal trainer session for $765 which I didn’t want and I don’t know ; why they did this to me. In comparison planet fitness was offering $99 for 1 year compared to yours which was $39 per mo. Even then I decided to try I was also told I am getting free personal training sessions. It was not true immediately I was charge $180 I don’t know for what and even after I canceled my gym membership which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen for cancelation is by sending a snail mail to Chicago. Even then it wasn’t canceled after 2-3 months finally they did cancel it but the personal trainer membership which I thought was on trial became reality. Even when I didn’t want it I was getting charged without using a single session, what kind of business is this where in you charge in advance for a service not being rendered when I decided to cancel they gave all kinds of excuses and wouldn’t cancel. I disputed the transaction with the bank on 2 occasions as the trainer was not good and it kept changing from one person to another based on his schedule not mine. I wanted to touch base with you to kindly refund my money. I am not in a good financial state and I am not happy with the service provided. I kindly request you to no rebill my account for personal training services which were charged for $197, $247 (twice). How can anyone have such a contract before providing services you charge for it. I was going to file a complaint on BBB and rip off . Please advise and refund my money … in full.

I had disputed transactions with BOA for these charges as I was not provided services. Please refund my money in full

Even after changing my CC this company is harassing me to join thier personal training whcih I dont want. I need to come out of this mess, someone please assist me in this regard. Please note I wasnt told verbally this membership cant be canceled and I was told I can try for a month and then cancel. I need justice paying $765 without a single session is atrrocious.

This was the cancelation letter I sent via mail and got confirmation by email saying membership was Canceled.

This was the letter I sent to Capital Fitness

  • Dec 9, 2015

I went to XSport to get information about potentially becoming a gym member.

The Sales Consultant then took my credit card information and driver's license for "tracking purposes."

I left without joining but then was surprised to find out after I had left that the Sales Consultant forged my signature on the application. She was even dumb enough to use her own signature.

I called XSport Corporate to complain and they returned the money back to my credit card. I believe they also fired the Sales Consultant who tried to fraudulently sign me up.

However, XSport Corporate did not apologize.

I called their Corporate Office at 630-556-3731 to ask for a formal apology but they are simply ignoring me now.

In their eyes, because I have my money back the issue is over but it is my view that the rogue Sales Consultant should have signed me up in the first place.

Signing as someone else is outright FRAUD.

  • Dec 1, 2015

I bought personal training sessions at the Arlington, VA location. After I moved, I decided to pick a gym that was closer to me and not out of the way to get to. I was told that I could transfer my sessions to the new location. After trying to schedule sessions multiple times in person, I called customer service to help me out. I was finally given an assessment. The manager, Ben, apologized for delays and was genuinely very cool during my assessment. He told me he would get me in on Saturday and then set me up with a trainer. Saturday was 2 Saturdays ago. Customer service 1. never is available. 2. promises to call back. 3. said they would get back to me last Wednesday. Seriously, just do not make contracts with these people.

  • Sep 28, 2015

Xsport fitness Lakeview

So I have recently gotten an xsport membership that allows me to bring a guest. I have spoken with the guy who signed me up, and he said that I can go to any AND bring a guest, besides the norridge and south loop locations. This was fine by me, and so I go to the Lakeview one. I brought my cousin (who was visiting me from out of town) with me to get a workout in. As he fills out his waiver, the Xsport employee tells us that my membership with guest privileges cannot bring someone that doesn't live in IL. "If you want to workout, it would be $20, or buy something from the Xsport store, protein, pre-workout, etc." We just bought some workout gloves, which ended up being about $20, as we're already there and didn't want to just leave. We plan on going to workout a few times more, but do not want to 'purchase' something each time to go in. I also contacted the guy who signed me up, and he said that I could bring ALL guests. Is it legal/valid for the guy to just charge us or tell us we have to buy something in order to workout??

  • Aug 24, 2015

On July 27, 2015 I took my 24 year old daughter to Xsport Fitness to inquire about a membership. My daughter is bipolar and has other problems, so her weight gain from medication started to bother her. We met with the General Manager who at that time said he was the owner of the club. He had all these packages and I kept saying we couldn't afford them. So then the price and rules started coming down until it was agreed on to be $169 a month for my daughter with a personal trainer once a week.

He asked if I wanted to join and I said NO, I have MS. He said he had trainers who worked with MS and if he could get me under my daughter's membership for $20 a month, NO OTHER costs, would that work. I said fine, but I didn't know how often I could get there. He said that was fine and that all inactive fees and the 30 day cancellation would not include the 10 time scan in. We signed.

After my daughter's 2nd visit, a man was trying to get her into his pick up truck and she was afraid to go back. I told her I'd address the problem on Monday since it was a Friday. On Saturday, August 15, Xsport Fitness hit my account for $49. I was promised no other funds would be withdrawn until the 27th of August. This caused bounced items. I called and they said I had to pay that once a year on my membership like a dormancy fee. I said NO, I was told there were more charges and to read my contract. I said the manager waived these because of my MS. and my daughter's handicap.

I told her I wanted to cancel and get my money back like the manager said. No questions asked, no hassels, they just give you your money back if you are not happy. This woman told me now I had to have scanned in 10 times if I wanted my money back, and when I told her about my MS, she sarcastically suggested I shouldn't have joined a gym if I wasn't going to get there.

I called the bank and lodged a complaint for their charges, and my mother called her credit card to freeze any more charges. They have us for $450. At the time when this was going on, my daughter said she gave the man her $50 bill so she could have the deluxe membership. I couldn't believe this. We have been totally skunked and they are laughing all the way to the bank while we have nothing left. I feel so taken and hollow. Do they really need to be like this? I looked at their reviews and can said it is not only me, but many, many others. thanks for taking the time to listen.

  • Aug 14, 2015

I joined Xsport Fitness on June 29, 2015. I was informed by the Xsport employee that the membership I was signing up for would include access to any Xsport location with guest privileges. So I signed up and started going to the gym daily.

On July 11, 2015 I went to the Xsport located in Norridge, IL and brought a guest with me. I was told I could not bring a guest. I contacted the Xsport employee (Annette) that I signed up with to confirm. Annette reiterated to me I am allowed to bring a guest to any Xsport location. I addressed this at Norridge and they allowed me to workout with my guest.

Annette then contacted me on July 13, 2015 & reiterated I am allowed to go to any Xsport location with a guest at any time. Annette also stated this information is true per her manager. I have all this information in text.

Also, if you go on their website & select the Norridge location you will see they are offering a 7 day guest pass & it states “Seven day membership for you and a friend.

If one isn’t allowed to bring a guest to the Norridge location why wouldn’t the “friend” get their own seven day pass.

I continued to go to the Norridge location with my guest until July 27, 2015. On July 27th the Xsport fitness manager stated I cannot bring in a guest. I explained to him the membership I was sold. He didn’t seem to care.

July 27th I went online to contact Xsport corporate. I called corporate on Tuesday July 28th. I had to leave my information to be contacted back. Jessica from corporate called me back and stated they will not honor my membership. Jessica offered a 3 month credit or she offered to cancel my contract. I was appalled. My monthly membership fee is $35.00. Offering a credit of $105 is a true insult. Let alone stating I can just cancel my contract. They want me to cancel because of THEIR error. What kind of business does this? I also referred four people to Xsport and they all signed up!

My request to resolve this issue was offering my guest a free 2 year membership. I believe this is fair because they will not honor the membership that was sold to me. They refused. I contacted the Better Business Bureau on July 28, 2015 for assistance. Xsport responded with the same original answer. If the member is not happy she cancel her contract.

I filed my rebuttal immediately. The Better Business Bureau allowed Xsport to respond by August 8, 2015. Xsport never responded. The Better Business Bureau is allowing the business to respond now by August 16, 2015. This just isn’t fair to me. Xsport is in breach of a contract. The Better Business Bureau is allowing more time for Xsport. If I didn’t respond the Better Business Bureau would close the case.

  • Aug 14, 2015

I was referred to join xsport fitness. The terms of the membership was i am able to go to any xsport location and i am able to bring a friend with me. After consideration and talking to the xsport sales rep, annette, i decided to join on june 29, 2015.

I have been informed that the norridge location is “no longer” allowing members to bring a guest.

I have contacted xsport fitness and their response is "we will gladly cancel your membership."

Why is so easy for the business to say something like this? As a business wouldn’t you want to rectify the issue? Maybe it is easier for the business to have me cancel. I pay $420 per year for the membership. Maybe this is considered nothing to xsport. Well if they consider $420 "chump change" then why not honor the membership that i signed up for?

I have contacted the better business bureau three times. Xsport still has not responded. The better business bureau keeps giving xsport fitness more time to respond. Why is this? Per xsport’s website they have been given an a+ rating by the better business bureau. Really? So they get an a+ for doing absolutely nothing, failing to honor a membership, and not responding back to the consumer. All i can say is wow or something seems very fishy about this.

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