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Xpress Relocations, LLC.

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 6158 NW 74th Ave
Phone 786-463-4244

Xpress Relocations, LLC. Reviews

  • Apr 10, 2018

I moved from Miami, FL to Stoughton, MA. I am missing major items that I have not received.

Moving a 2 bedroom apartment from 55 SE 6th st Miami, FL 33131 to 408 Technology Center Dr Stoughton, MA. Total quote for $2,480. They picked up my belongings on September 29th 2017, and delivered on October 11th, 2017.

My belongings picked by a Budget rental truck. They moved it to warehouse. They contracted another 3rd party who delivered my belongings. Missing boxes were signed on the delivery receipt.

I paid $1,250 on september 29th through ACH. I paid the rest cash on the delivery date before receiving my belongings. The person I speak all the time is Eyleen or Eynel. Invoice #1450.

I am missing 2 XL carton box, 1 M clear plastic box (full of jewelry), 1 leg of a desk, 1 metal piece of Bed frame.

I have been claiming that these are missing, they are responding as they have been looking and they cannot find these belongings.

They have about 3 addresses I found. Here is the Company’s updated information; 6158 NW 74th Ave Miami, FL 33161. Email: [email protected] Webpage: P: 786 267 3302

We have been calling emailing them since we received our delivery. We are very upset that we are missing our very valuable belongings.

Eynel mentioned basic insurance is $0.60 per pound, which I have been asking to file a claim form for the past 3 weeks and still did not receive anything from them. UPDATE: Two different insurance companies rejected thier claim due to uninsured business.

I assume basic insurance will not cover my loss. I don’t think these people insure anything at all. I have emails him looking for lost items. Regardless what are the chances and % of me getting my money back?

Here is the lost list:

Box #1

Elie Saab Weeding Dress


Tumi Briefcase


Nike pro gym clothes


Nike air tenis (3 pairs)


Cartier watch box with papers


3 Pandora Bracelet FULL of charms


87 Pandora Charms (68 us Media)


1 Cartier Love Ring Gold


Jewelry Box


35 earrings NEN


3 Necklace NEN


2 sets swarovski Earrings & Necklace


TOTAL$44,441.00 Box #2

Furkan Wedding shoes


Nike Tennis (6 pairs)


Man Gym Clothes


Ferragamo shoes


Giogio Armani Shoes (3 pairs)


LV Shoes (2 pairs)


Working shoes


TOTAL$9,805.00 Ikea desk Leg


Ikea Guest Bed (they dont sell the piece alone)


TOTAL$601.00 Grand TOTAL $54,847.00 Please help!

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