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Xpress Movers

Country United States
State Alabama
City Wilmington
Address 5 Waltham St
Phone (800) 778-4177

Xpress Movers Reviews

  • Jan 4, 2018

I spoke to this man name sean . regarding a moving job from ny to fl last year. 1 paid 1,563.00 in cash they said i had to. they pick up 4 rms of furnisher. they took 2 weeks to get there and when it did items was miss furnisher was broken larger expentive pictur wer missing armore was broken. i keep trying to reach thm no one will return my calls i went down to my daughter house. and could not beleieve how my items looked. tried to get in contact when i cam back noboby help me.come to find out on the trip down the druck broke down . the hire some other company never told me nothing . the other driver crsed me out stole my belong and the man name jerry nathan did nothing. i am out of all of my belonging and have nothing to should for it . on the day of the move the drive was suppost to come back upstairs to bring me my document . he never did. god take care of me and the will be judge thank you. pls help me somebody

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