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Xpower Manufacture, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Gabriel
Address 220 Clary Ave
Phone 626-285-3301

Xpower Manufacture, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2017

I thought this was a great hair dryer for my poodles and it was while it lasted. But after only aproximately 3.5 years it broke. I left it in one place, didn't move it around for most of the time I owned it. And hadn't moved it for at least a couple years. So, no jostling or bumping it. I cleaned the filter often and handled it gently. And one day I went to turn it on and nothing at all happened. It would not turn on.

I took it to a repair man, the type recommended by the company who said it was one of the three computer boards but couldn't say which one. I called the company. (not positive it was the same address as disclosed above) It was just past it's warranty. But they said they may be able to do something, like send me a part at a discounted price. But the boss (apparently) needed to call me back. I waited a week because he was out of town. Nothing. I called again and again...and yet again...maybe 5 times, more or less, always given some excuse by the gal, Suzanne as to the inability of the "boss" (?) to come to the phone...

that he would call me back, but he didn't. I was getting frustrated by this time and said I was running out of ideas and may have to write some bad reviews. She chastised me rudely not to threaten her. She repeatedly interrupted me as I tried to express my frustration at their non-responsiveness. I explained I was not threatening but very frustrated that I was being given the run-around. She again said the man would call me. Well, he didn't. And this has gone on for a couple weeks now, over and over again. So, not only did this over $500 dollar machine break after about 3 years, but the customer service is unbelievably horrible. I absolutely do not recommend this product unless you like spending $550 for a dryer that lasts 3 years and dealing with rude, ineffective so called customer "service."

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