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Country United States
State Georgia
City Kennesaw
Address 2687 McCollum Pkwy
Phone 678-581-5100

XPI Reviews

  • Apr 24, 2019

BMW tow car there to give me a car status report and what need to be repair I made repairs to vehicle and as soon as all repairs was made they came back saying they didn't get their money. I owe them and need to pay. Next night they came and stole the vehicle back from me. Fraudulent used my debit card which Joe Boulos made a copy of my card front and back. Made unauthorized transaction on my debit card and took advantage of me and my hard earn money. These people need to be up under the jail. Please Help!!!!!!!

Joe and Lori Boulos ripped me out of all my money, selling me a unsafe vehicle and then after repairs was made by BMW they came and stole car back from me. By listing car as a repossession when they had gotten all their money. They then charge me for GAP insurance on a 2007 BMW 328i, when GAP insuarance is a choice but yet said vehicle was without insurance.

Car was inoperable and could not even get a tag. These people are scam artist and need to be place under the jail. I am looking for you guys to help expose these people so no one else will get scammed by these monsters again. Professional car theft and they know what they can get away with but they will not get away this time. MAN plan, but GOD prevail.

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