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Xpert Solutions

Country United States
State California
City Aliso Viejo
Address 65 Enterprise
Phone 949-218-2100

Xpert Solutions Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2017

Two days ago, I had problem with a Word document, which suddenly went into "Picture Tools" mode, and I couldn't get out of it. Also, I wasn't able to add to the page; all new copy went to a new page in a different format. I called the number for the technician, which is not a number listed on the website, and the technician called me back. He spent some time working, but then our phone connection ended and a notepad message came up "you can use your computer now." I returned to the document, it was as before, nothing was fixed. I called him again and was told he would call back within 5 minutes. He didn't, and I called several more times, always being told that he would call. He never did, and when I called, several times. either the phone was automatically answered and then disconnected, or there was no answer. I called the supposed support number 844-610-5997, and couldn't be connected. I'm wondering if someone has ripped of a legitimate business's name. Additionally, I have been asked to pay for an upgrade in the contract by using iPhone cards, instead of a credit card. My original contract was paid for with credit card, and I was told that the balance of that will be credited back when I pay the new amount. I haven't done this yet. To be fair, they have on two occasions fixed my laptop, which appeared to have been tampered with by malware.

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