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Wyzal German Shepherds

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Oklahoma City
Address 2944 SW 46th St
Phone 405.408.5853

Wyzal German Shepherds Reviews

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  • Jan 27, 2016

I entered into a business loan contract with Anthony and Seth Seng dba Wyzal German Shepherds, May 25, 2015, after being introduced to them through my ex-wife, who was then training dogs for them. The money I loaned them was for the purpose of buying and selling dogs they acquired through 3rd parties. That loan was to be repaid in full within 30 days. The day the payment was due, Anthony called and asked for a 7 day extension, which I agreed to. When that payment was due, Anthony failed to show up or communicate in any way with me. I have been through numerous broken promises for payment and no shows since then. Because of their disregard for honesty and lack of integrity, I was compelled to file against them through Small Claims court for the maximum allowable amount of $7,500, $500 less than what they owed. On August 18, 2015, I was awarded a judgment through Small Claims court for $7,500 plus costs (Case #SC-2015-15802). I since then have retained an attorney for collection of that debt. We have filed for an asset hearing that has been continued because they did not produce the information they were ordered to bring to court. Seth Seng also agreed in court to make payments, which was he only did twice, totaling $1,600. The third check returned due to non-Sufficient funds in their account. I am now pursuing check fraud charges against them through the district attorney’s office, as well as pursuing the collection of the balance of the debt.

Additionally, I have been in contact with people who have run ads on Oklahoma City’s Craigslist, warning people not to do business with Anthony or Seth because of their failure to produce and transfer registration papers from the American Kennel Club (AKC) to customers who have purchased dogs from them and/or refusing to allow the return of that dog because they could not obtain papers. My ex-wife has also filed a claim against them in Small Claims court for non-payment of dog training services (Case #SC-2015-22318) for $650. She also has been contacted personally by customers who either had difficulty obtaining or have never received their AKC papers. I encourage anyone who has had a similar experience with Anthony and Seth Seng and Wyzal German Shepherds to contact the American Kennel Club, the Better Business Bureau, and your attorney and to post where potential customers and vendors may be warned. Considering buying a Wyzal German Shepherd? Buyer beware.

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  • Sep 14, 2017

Buyer Beware - Ripoff

We purchased a female long coat GSD from Anthony. We never received AKC papers. The pup had severe hip dysplasia at 9 months old. Anthony talked smooth and made many promises, but never produced. He refused the refund part of the purchase price. He promised to send a new puppy and never did. He stopped responding to emails, text messages and phone calls. The man is a liar and a thief.

  • May 9, 2016 located in Oklahoma. Owner name is Pysith Seng & Anthony. (405-406-0682 & 405-408-5853) First I found on line back to this September/2015. Then I contact him, (Anthony) we spoke twiced about the pregnant female I'm going to buy. He is very very sweet talker. By that time I already deposit to Minaya German Shepherd. Then Anthony told me, you buy this dog from Minaya (Francisco) I reply Yes, what wrong! He said this dogs is fake titles, Minaya website is him (Anthony) help them setup. Bunch of sweet talk & poisoining word. Francisco is a Con man, claim him self as Christians but not. All this WORD IS CAME OUT FROM ANTHONY. Anthony also told me he is Buddhist, he never lie, never ripoff, scam, always honor what he said as a man, But unfortunately I'm his VICTIM. Then I called Francisco to cancel the deal. Francisco is a very HONORABLE MAN, he told me no problem we can do that.

On September/9th/2015, I wired him $4950 USD, Beneficiary Pysith Seng, from my US bank account to his Bank of America account ( I've all prove, paperwork & his partner, Tiantuan Zhang over 100 tex message, wechat conversations. ALSO HIS PARTNER SCAM, located in Tennessee Nashville (615-517-7108) [email protected], he will be next files when I'm done writing this. I received the female dog on September/25th/2015 at JFK. Since I received the pregnant female dog, I haven't heard from Anthony or Pysith Seng again. Now Is his partner SHOW TIME NOW. Tiantuan Zhang, I spoke with him every day. YES, is everyday. He ask how is the pregnant female doing, Not to worry, for sure she is pregnant. Don't feed too much. I used to feed all my dog with Wilderness & Blue Buffalo, he said No that too expensive, just buy the cheapest brand & feed them ONCE A DAY ONLY. I didn't listen to this, I do my daily routine feeding TWICED A DAY & every other day with Fresh chicken or raw beef. My only mistake is I didn't bring the pregnant female for ultrasound because I trusted them. Week past week & months after months, NO sign showing she is in pregnancy at all ! I call them, then he Send me the ultrasound picture but without the dog name proven ! After 63 day, I called him, he still deny, he say sometimes is a week later the delivery. I wait another week. Then I called him again, he agreed to replace me another dog. This time I talk to both of them, Anthony & Tiantuan Zhang. They both agreed to replace me another dog. But ask me to wait for 2 week to send me some picture to choose. After 2 weeks, NOTHING AT ALL !!. I'm very frustrated. I tell them I'm in a Family Emergency need this money for funeral, can you refund me $3000 USD & you can pick up back you female dog. I last spoke with Anthony ( on November/6th/2015 around 10pm local time NY. He offer me $2700 USD, I said please don't do this to me. when you sell me the dog, you already make money, now you only refund me $3000 USD & you still have your dog back. He ask for my full name & address. He said in 20 minute he will prepared a refund contract for me to sign, and tomorrow November/7th/2015 his grounder shipper willl come pick up the dog. ANTHONY IS VERY GOOD SKILL IN SWEET TALK. That was the last conversation. Since then I tex him, call & his partner even BLOCK my phone. I'm taking a LEGAL ACTION NOW & REPORT TO GLOBAL SCAM & RIPOFF. UNTIL NOW, I never receive my dog any paperwork, No Pedigree, No Birth Certificate, Nothing. Kenbel claim & told he this dog STELLA VOM PANONIANSEE IS HIS DOG. They going to send the pedigree to his address & under his name then he registered AKC for me. ALL GERMAN SHEPHERD BUYER, THINK HOW CAN THIS PERSON SEND A DOG AFTER TWO & A HALF MONTHS STILL HAVEN'T SEND A PEDIGREE! !. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME TO READ THIS. I HOPE THIS WILL HELP FOR THE NEXT BUYER.

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