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Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Wyoming
City Cheyenne
Address 1712 Pioneer Ave. Suite 101
Phone 1-800-990-0433

Wyoming Corporate Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2019

Scammers and con artist

I needed some loan for my immediate needs but unfortunately it turned into a disaster. took a whole lot of time to process my request after getting payment fro me.They never delivered the service I signed up for , and later they started threatening me. They are completely doing false advertising and they are not here to help any small business. When ever you send a notice in the mail tat says " Your new account has been established" it sure smells of a wells Fargo scam of creating account without consent.These guys will just waste your time and money. They also tried to use fear mongering to bully me into choosing his route instead, telling me that I was risking my home and business. What a Joke. Also I did a little more research about them later. And found all there reviews on trust Pilot are fake. Just take a deeper look into the reviews and you will find all the reviews are fake.This company is a complete Scam. I am reporting them to Authorities as well.

  • Mar 21, 2019

I have made the mistake of working with Wyoming Company

I have made the mistake of working with five times in the last six years. Every single time it is the Same Song & Dance, they promises you the world and they break all their promises with red tapes and excuses. I paid $100,000 on five different loans over six years and never missed a payment, they never reported it to any credit agency because they don't want your credit to get better. They refuse to do anything about it and they claim that it's to protect you from solicitors, wish you get anyway with them all the time because their information is shared. The biggest scam of all is when they promised you a 7% discount for a hundred days, when it works against you they never count weekends, but during your discount they do count weekends and holidays even if people are on vacation and you can't reach anyone. If you want the 7% you had better pay off a month early or they will make excuses and tell you that by their records it was funded on their end they can't help it how long it took to get to your bank. They will tell you that your credit doesn't matter, but turn around and run your credit report and ding your credit and lower it and tell you that it didn't really hurt that bad when I have proof that it hurt me and I lost over 35 points in five years from the soft inquiries. In a nutshell this is a mafia like company that want to make 25% off everyone's money and they want to tell you they can do it for 15 to 18 but by the time the fees are done and their games taking away your 7%, You will never get ahead using this company. I am getting ready to pay my attorney $1,000, To attempt to teach them a lesson that they need very badly. Whatever you do, do not trust them, they are liars and thieves!

  • Mar 20, 2019

You are walking to your doom

I got a loan through it is the worse experience I have ever had!!They have put my company in jeopardy!! They lied to me about how much money they would take out!!!! I took this loan out just to pay off a couple of small bills that I could afford for a loan that I can not. Ask them to work with me to help both of us but nope sent a collection company to my HOME!!! Run do not walk away from this company you will get screwed!!! I love their statement they send a rep to check ID that's total BS they sent a COLLECTION AGENCY!!!!!!! To my house not my business oh and let me say this. This was after I spoke to customer service and ask for help and make a payment. They will lie to your face and feed you BS!!! their customer service sucks they talk out of both sides of their mouths!!!! I told them I was going to pay them $7000 on my loan they emailed me back saying the manager gave the ok for the payment. Ok this is my loan my debt and your suppose to be able to pay it back early so permission to pay my own stuff. Like I said RUN RUN RUN

  • Mar 19, 2019

Confusing Process

I found the capital gaining process very confusing at I couldn’t really understand what the process was about and thus chose not to deal with this company again.

  • Jul 23, 2018

Fast response is what they promise but i am shocked to see their bad service.It needs to be shut down.Beware anyone who uses this, They are dealing in fraudulent practices.

  • Jan 10, 2018

My name is Gerald Pitts and I am an owner and the President of Wyoming Corporate Services Inc. I would like to thank you for taking the time to review Wyoming Corporate Services Inc. We have been in business for over 13 years providing high customer services for companies that choose to incorporate in Wyoming. Come in to Wyoming Corporate Services Inc or visit us at and see why our personalized service makes us the best incorporation service in Wyoming.”

Wyoming Corporate Services Inc's team of corporation specialists have a combine experience of over 50 years. You can know for a fact that you are getting the best service possible when you use our services to incorporate your corporation or LLC in the State of Wyoming. Wyoming Corporate Services Inc takes employee satisfaction seriously as well. Employee feedback and surveys reveal comments such as this, "I have worked for Wyoming Corporate Services for over 10 years. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the years. The quality of customer service is second to none in our field. Any client complaints are handled right then and I think that is why we do not have dissatisfied clients. We try very hard to make sure that we over deliver in what a client expects. Therese Hoard VP.”

  • Dec 25, 2017

The first time I was scared out of my wits so I called the number and ended up being charged a large number of money. When I realized what had happened, I called and told them that I knew it was a scam and I wanted my money back,

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