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Wynns Extended Care, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 6303 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 225
Phone (800) 922-4392

Wynns Extended Care, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 20, 2018

I purchased a BMW 328i on 10/9/17. I was given a Wynn Warranty. I knew from the very beginning something didn’t feel right about the warranty. It was an intuition. Unfortunately, I was correct. My axel went on my BMW. I called Wynn Warranty and was advised it was covered. However, when I took my car to a repair shop, because not only was my axel bad, but drivetrain malfunction light came on, the repair shop looked the car over. They called Wynn for approval of repairs. Wynn denied ALL CLAIMS stating not covered parts.

Now I’m out of $2182 for a warranty-that covered nothing!!! I made numerous calls into the company begging, and pleading for assistance to my dispair. I got no where. Moreover, I was told that I couldn’t be reimbursed for towing, because there was no covered repair. What a SCAM!!! Something should be done about this. WARN all consumers” STAY AWAY FROM WYNN EXTENDED WARRANTY, WYNN PLUS. They’re located in Miami Florida. I spoke with the manager, requesting that the repairs be covered, or my money refunded for the warranty for breach, I got absolutely nowhere!!!

I’m on a campaign for Justice. I filed a FTC complaint against Wynn. I’m also planning to file an attorney generals complaint. If anything else goes wrong with my car, such as engine, or transmission I will definitely file an independent lawsuit because I was timely with having my vehicle assessed for needed repairs. Please read the small print carefully!!! Good lesson learnt. I will be more careful, and trust in my intuition!!! It never fails.

  • Dec 25, 2017

I purchased a 2008 Mazda CX7 from Adams Auto group 1 in Little Ferry,NJ on October 6, 2017. Less than 2 months, the truck started smoking and would not start. I had the car towed on 12/4/2017 to the Mazda dealership in Union, NJ. After a service check, it was determined that the rear main seal, A/C compressor, and window motor on drivers side was broken. The mechanic from Mazda called Wynns warrany company and the wynns customer service department stated that Mazda's mechanic needs to do a tear down of the truck to show why the rear main seal and A/C compressor was broken. Wynns warranty does not pay for the tear down and Mazda was charging me $1100 for the tear down. This makes no sense. I told Mazda not to touch the car because I canot afford this.

Truck was towed to David and Sons Auto Repair Shop, Newark NJ. Armondo, the owner of the shop did the tear down and discovered that the car didn't start because it was out of timing., the A/C compressor, and rear main seal was broken. An inspector was sent by Wynns Warranty company to inspect my Mazda truck. The inspector confirmed that the A/C compressor was broken and that the car was out of timing. He also stated that the oil leakage from the rear main seal was not servere enough and suggested that it was coming from the head gasket but my mechanic failed to show the failures for my Mazda and told Armando that he needed to do a tear down of the engine and Wynns warranty will set up another inspection.

After the tear down of the engine which required alot of labor, a second inspector came out. It was discovered that all the valves in the head gasket was bent. It was discovered that my truck needs the following:

1 - A/C compressor $385.80, 8 - inlet valve $144.30, 8 - exhauste valve $430.56, 1 - Head Gasket set $370.74, 10 - head bolt $69.41,A/C compressor labor - $104.50, Refill A/C tray - $19.50, All head valve engining - $1425.00, Oil Change regular - $35.00, Coolant - $30.00. Parts $1370.80, Labor - $1614.00 and special part only available from Mazda - $1293.35 giving a total of $4278.15. Armonda at David and Sons thinks it will be cheaper to get a new engine.

Wynns customer service department contacted me on Monday Dec. 18, 2017 to question me as to what happen to the truck because I have extensive damage to my truck. I said you tell me, the truck started smoking and wont start. I had the truck less then 2 months. They were sending the claim to a supervisor to get processed.

Wynns warranty stated that they will only cover for the A/C compressor. Wynns stated that my mechanic did not show the failures to my truck as to what cause the valves to be bent. What are they talking about. The truck is out of timing and for Wynns to say that they will only cover the A/C compressor, the car still will not work. Armondo told Wynns adjuster that this isn't right. My men and I spent alot of time on the Mazda and who is going to pay for this and also that the car still wouldn't work with only an A/C compressor. The truck is out of timing. Armondo stated that Wynns Warranty is a rip-off and that I should take them to court. My warranty has seals, gaskets and High Tech coverage.

I contacted Wynns customer service department and was told that he did show the failures as to why the valves was broken. That is impossible because you guys told my mechanic to do the tear down of the engine and agreed that the truck was out of timing. I informed them that I will be contacting an attorney. She then told me that my claim was in the pending stage and that we do not have the notes in the system. Not true because you guys called me and stated that Armonda did not show the failures. When a truck is out of timing that is an engine problem. period.

I want everyone to pay. Adams dealership for selling a lemon, Credit acceptance for financing my Wynns plus warranty, and Wynns plus for not providing coverage. This has been a big costly inconvenience. Im loosing wages and this has taken a mental and physical toll on me. I visited Dr. Rae-Laine yesterday (Dec. 22) and after arguing with Wynns customer service, my blood pressure was 153 over 107. My pressure has never been high in my life. I had to calm down because i dont want to have a stroke because of Wynns warranty.

  • Jul 29, 2015

Do not get their Wynn Plus Used Vehicle Service Warranty. Wynn will argue the parts listed on my contract aren’t covered anymore” I paid $1530 for the full warranty, that comes with a $100 deductible and every time something goes wrong on the car they refuse to cover it, they nitpick by classifying parts as associative parts attached to the part that maybe listed in your warranty contract, e.g. we replace your transmission just not the part that holds your transmission in place. Wynn does shady business, they are a waste of your time and money.

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