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Wynn Las Vegas

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd 89109
Phone 702-770-7000

Wynn Las Vegas Reviews

  • Jan 27, 2020

CAUTION- UNETHICAL MANAGEMENT. We had a suite booked for Builders convention and for the second year in a row we had a reception in our large suite for our members to attend. With over 50 members scheduled to attend Wynn management informs us 2 hours before the event that because we did not purchase a catering package they would not allow the event to happen.

They confiscated our alcohol for the party and would not allow any access to it. However for 5k plus drinks they would be happy to to host us in there restaurant. That cost being well above our budget we had to cancel our reception with 30 minutes notice to all attendees.

When questioned about how we were allowed to have the same reception in the hotel the prior year with no catering and with Wynn management participation, including hotel signage to our reception was they did not know and that management team was no longer there. In addition the with the booking of the room there were no restrictions that informed us of required catering policy.

They tried to justify there position as a security issue stating they need to have guest list etc. We had another reception planned the following night and they approved, and allowed us provide back the alcohol they confiscated for a 25% charge of the price of alcohol charged at the hotel. This was all documented in a email proposal to us.

Begrudgingly we excepted it as we did not want to cancel another event. There was no extra security and did not require a guest list even though that was stated reason for making us cancel the first reception. We got the bill our 2nd reception and even though we had no servers or bartenders they hit us with another 20% gratuity charge. When challenged they just said that’s there policy even though it was not included in there proposal.

  • Sep 3, 2016

Bed bug infestation at Super 8 on Alexander Spring Road in Carlisle, PA. Reported it to Wyndham and the hotel owner got angry and bothered guest repeatedly by claiming it didn't happen. I provided dated photo t0 Wyndham and haven't receive a response or a refund after MONTHS of asking. Wydnham has one of the worst customer service departments ever. Blocked me on facebook when I posted the yucky photo from their hotel. BEWARE!

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