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Wyndham Worldwide Corporation

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Parsippany
Address 22 Sylvan Way

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2019

I got roped into a Wyndham Resort $199.00 prepaid scam. They call me on my cell while I am at work. They leave a voice mail with a 866-889-8069 number with different extension numbers and different people leave their names on my cell phone. When I try to call back the extension number never works. I paid for this August 2018 last year. I have until August 2019 to make a reservation which I chose to start at their resort in San Antonio, Texas. I can't get in touch with them.

  • Sep 14, 2016

Misleading from the very start. Pressured to purchase even though they knew our credit check came back denied.

We wished to cancel the CLUB WYNDHAM Discovery Program. We have not and will not be activating the Perks by CLUB WYNDHAM Program as we are not going to be using these services. We were not told at the time of the 4 hour long sales presentation that there was a 7 day cancellation time period, this was not brought to our attention until a call was made to Wyndham to cancel the membership. There was not a rescission notice included in our membership packet either. We were, however, told in person (repeatedly), at the Branson, MO location where we signed the contract, that we could cancel at any given time. We were mislead throughout the whole 4+ hours presentation (we were told it would be 1 hour, we had our small child with us). We asked numerous times about being able to cancel at any time. The answer was always yes. Now, we are told that we cannot cancel. Basically, we are forced to keep something that we will not be using and will not be able to afford in the next month. We feel that we have been taken advantage of.

We requested a full refund, including our deposit.

After numerous calls to Wyndham we sent them a certified letter with the above information, which they then said they misplaced. We sent it again through e-mail to J.P. who made us believe that this would be taken care of and then later we were informed that they will not be canceling it and will continue to take money from us. We jut wanted this problem taken care of since it is not going to be used at all.

We reported them to BBB and they replied with bogus points in the contract which actually ended up contradicting the fact that THEY should have canceled us for not taking the next step within 7 days of signing up to activate a particular part of the program. They didn't cancel us but continued to take money every month. We replied on BBB quoting these points of the contract to them, they responded a few days later by saying there is nothing they will do for us and that we are still responsible for making payments and then closed the case on BBB so we cannot respond to them where everyone can read it.

We plan to call and e-mail until we get someone to listen to us and give us our money back! We had to close our bank account to keep them from taking money from us.

They are liars, scammers and take advantage of people no matter how much money they have. I have been telling everyone I know to never ever step foot into a Wyndham business because they will steal from you!

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