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Wyndham Vacation Resorts

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 6277 Sea Harbor Dr,

Wyndham Vacation Resorts Reviews

  • Jul 31, 2019

The following is a complaint against Wyndham Rsorts. The sales rep made it so exciting. The rep told us that they would be problem finding resort to go to. They were costs that was not told to us. Trying to locate a resort when where we wanted to was impossible and they was a cost talking a customer service. We tried to sell our timeshare because they told us that it would be easy to. The other costs...we got free points but we had to pay something, cost in car rentals and airlines. The fees keep going up and they never told us this was going to happen.

They lied to us and we are not very happy.

  • Dec 31, 2018

We took advantage of the rare opportunity to have some family vacation time within the US. We were in New Orleans LA where we crossed paths with a marvelous young lady (Wyndham Representative) who offered us free dinner, transportation to a free dinner and an 8-day/7-night vacation to sit in on a timeshare presentation. Easy enough. Right? It became the worst decision of our entire lives. So much so, we absolutely have zero intentions of even remoted entertaining the free vacation provided.

When we arrived for the presentation, we were asked if we were timeshare owners. We answered honestly, as always, and confirmed that we’d owned a timeshare (not Wyndham) since the 1990s which we absolutely loved. They promptly removed us from the room of other guests – presumably not timeshare owners. And, in hindsight, that should’ve been the red flag of deceit.

We explained that we didn’t need another timeshare after 20 years because they one we had worked just fine for us with two very active teens who were both on traveling teams. We further explained that when we typically find time to take vacations, it’s usually in the Caribbean for an extended weekend or at our timeshare home which is in driving distance from our home. We explained again that we didn’t need another timeshare.

We were promised an opportunity of a lifetime. We’d be able to purchase points that we could use for hotel stays while our children traveled from state to state to compete. THAT was what caught our attention. For one year, it would cost us about $3,000. We could use those points to defray the cost of our stay at the hotels when traveling to support our childrens' competitions??? We pay for hotel stays, anyhow, what could be the harm? And we get first preference as "perceived owners". We would get bumped to the top of any wait lists for booked hotels. That was definitely something we were interested in taking a further look at, but before we signed I told them that I only had a few days to glance the opportunity and had them confirm my email address to me to ensure they could read my handwriting. They confirmed multiple times by reading my email address back to me. So, they definitely had my email address. And I told them I’d be anxiously awaiting the link to sign in and peruse because if I didn’t like it, I would need to cancel. We were leaving New Orleans the very next morning and expecting to be back on travel with the children in multiple competitions over the next two months. So, the email (I told them) was crucial in this process. They confirmed they understood. This was very likely my biggest error in this entire process, in hindsight, because the email never came!

We called seemingly a million times over the next 30 days to every Wyndham timeshare number available on the internet, to no avail. We were placed on hold multiple times in hopes that the representative would find our name in the system or the appropriate department. Every time, we were bumped around repeatedly without any meaningful results….UNTIL it was “too late for us to cancel.” When we did get access into the system, we only had access to about 12 locations – mostly in the Midwest where our children do not have many competitions. And, now, nobody had any understanding of any product allowing us to use points at their hotels. THIS WAS A COMPLETE FRAUDULENT TRANSACTION. THEY SOLD US ONE THING, BUT DELIVERED SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT – SOMETHING WE OUTRIGHT TOLD THEM WE WERE NOT INTERESTED IN REPEATEDLY BECAUSE WE ALREADY OWNED A TIMESHARE WHICH WE COULD SWAP WITH OTHER TIMESHARE LOCATIONS. WHY WOULD WE SIGN UP FOR ANOTHER TIMESHARE??? THAT MADE ABAOLUTELY NO SENSE!!!!

We were promised for more than six months that they were investigating the matter and would get back to us in a timely fashion. They still have not! They lied! They collected a payment AFTER they were aware that we didn’t agree on the product and had reported the entire matter as fraudulent.

They tried repeatedly to limit communications to telephone calls. I didn’t trust them anddemanded that all communication occur via email. The last email I received was on 11/5/18 from Senior Case Specialist Christopher Dzierbicki which stated, “I am reaching out to you to advise you I am still working on your case, and will be in contact soon with a further update.” This was my third email from this person. The first email from him was received on 9/3/18. And he was the third person I’d received an email from at Wyndham. It’s is 1/1/19 – more than six months after I was able to finally file a complaint, four months after Mr. Dzierbicki’s first email communication with me – and no resolution!!! And no intention on every resolving the matter.

Then, they placed derogatory remarks on our credit reports!!!! I have absolutely, positively NEVER had a derogatory remark on my credit report previously for not paying an agreed-upon loan. And, how dare them, drag their feet, lead us to believe the matter was being resolved….and punish us for their inefficiencies and questionable sales practices!!!! I am completely outraged!!!!!!! I want this promptly removed from my credit report, and any and all attempts to collect this fraudulent debt to cease promptly! And, there certainly better not be any reporting of this matter to the Internal Revenue Service because I’m going to report it as fraudulent and provide all of the email correspondence to support such! DON’T EVER TRUST ANOTHER WYNDHAM EMPLOYEE – EVEN IF AT A HOTEL BECAUSE THEY ALL REPRESENT THE SAME BRAND. SHADY PRACTICES COME FROM THE TOP DOWN!

  • Nov 18, 2018

Bobzien BBB in SC

In August 2017, we were in Myrtle Beach for a vacation. While we were there, we were invited to a sales presentation for Wyndham time shares. The sales representative showed us a beautiful hotel suite in a hotel that had everything you could possibly want right on the premises. He said, “This is what Wyndham points get you!” Of course that is what we assumed we would get if we bought a time share and they didn’t tell us any different.

They showed us a lot of different places we could vacation, all beautiful resorts. Back at the presentation room, the salesmen pressured us for hours to buy. We kept telling them that it was too expensive for us, and we were more camping people than fancy hotel resort people anyway. That didn’t deter them from coming back again and again with less expensive options.

They at one point asked, “Don’t you want to take your whole family on a nice vacation?” What is the right answer here? Can’t say “no” without looking like selfish clods and can’t say “yes” without them shoving pens in our hands. At one point they weaseled out of us that I work at General Motors. Suddenly there was a salesman on site that used to work for GM; he made it seem like we had a type of brotherhood because of that. He told us that since we had the GM connection he would get us 84,000 points that day for a discounted price. These people would not let up. We finally gave in and signed for this amount.

Since that time we have found that 84,000 points gets us a small studio for a few days once a year. NOT the hotel suite the salesman showed us. The studio is of course big enough for two people, but not the whole family. It is very obvious that the salesmen lied to us and misrepresented the time share and omitted very important information. They did not tell us that 84,000 points would allow time at a studio.

Looking back on it, we don’t buy the GM connection either. We aren’t going to continue to pay for something that we can’t use. (Furthermore, we have two daughters. One has MS that has gotten progressively worse since November 2017. The other daughter was diagnosed, also in 2017, with connective tissue disorder. They require constant doctor’s appointments, hospitalizations, and medications. They both are in so much pain that they have not been able to attend school since November 2017; they have had tutors instead.

For us to go anywhere for more than a few hours is impossible. They certainly can’t travel either.) We had called at one point to cancel and were refused.

  • Jul 18, 2017

I have been a Wyndham owner for many years. Seems like I am always getting talked into upgrading each time I went to one of thier resorts which are all very nice, clean and accommodating. Needless to say, most of the complaints here are truly justified. The sales reps are very pushy and on a couple of occassions, I actually went through all the motions and felt that I was forced to purchase and when I got home, I exercised my right to recind and faxed it over to Wyndham and they had to cancel the purchase.

I have over $75,000.00 invested in this rip off and was told on a couple of occassions that my monthly payment of over $1300 per month, (ouch) would be reduced if I paid down the loan. Much to my surprise (NOT) it did not change anything other than my bank balance. On top of that insult, I have to pay another $370.00 + for maintenance fees which by the way, never go away. As a matter of fact, they keep going up. Its not enough for these greedy bastards to make a killing off of many people that fall for the BS but they keep picking our pockets with fees, dues and any other kind of charge they can find to pass on to us.

Wyndham gets us coming and going because when you buy, they charge you a boatload of money and when you leave your time share to your heirs upon your demise, they will have to pay about $300 or more to change the title over to their name and if that does not happen, they will probably forfiet ownership over that amount and all that money you spent on the DREAM VACATIONS that seem to be difficult to acquire never happens because you need more points or more money for some reason or another.

So to sum this up, Wyndham is an awful racket where people are made to buy in (and yes, I mean that literally) and we are made to pay indefinitely for the luxury of vacationing at a Wyndham resort that has no guarantee tha you will even be able to get into. WOW

You would think that the government would step in and tell Wyndham enough is enough but they are probably part owners in the Wyndham corporation.

Nothing would make me happier than to see a class action suit that stops Wyndham from bleeding its owners and makes owning a timeshare with them a happy experience and not a painful & expensive one.

Please contact me if there is ever a time that a class action suit is exercised.

Thanks for reading

  • Jul 7, 2017

I was assured by Wyndham Vacation Resorts representative, Mr. Tom Williams, (C.F.I.C.) at telephone 970-342-1834, that I had a full ten business days in which to cancel this agreement [that there is no indication whatsoever of a time period for cancellation]. I provided a fax copy of written agreement to cancel the contract in eight days of signing.

Wyndham Vacation Resorts have refused to issue me a refund for the monies they received and continue to receive via auto-pay agreement which I did not agree to. They also refused to honor the cancellation request on the grounds that they indicated was beyond a five day cancellation period.

I was assured that my credit card would not be used for transaction and was presented only for identification purposes. After contacting their finance department, I submitted a request for discontinuing charging my credit card which was refused. Finance department also refused to issue me a refund for amounts taken by this method. Claim is under investigation by Bank of America.

I was promised a vacation package which included the costs for three nights at LINQ Hotel and was assured that no additional or hidden charges would be added. I was charged an additional $128.00 for "resort fees" and taxes. LINQ Hotel is not a resort as indicated in their letterhead and printed material. Sales person for the package also assured me that this was not a resort and no charges extra charges would be assessed me.

I was told that "Wyndham" would resolve this extra charge but have not done so. Charges ($128.00) is under investigation by Bank of America. "Wyndham has made no effort in resolving this mis-representation.

Notification of my intent to file lawsuit in these matters has already been sent to Wyndham." I have contacted PayPal Credit to cancel the financing of the agreement in the amount of $449.00 which they would not do indicating that "Wyndham" must cancel the contract in order for them to issue me a refund and cancel this trransaction based on my claims that it is fraudulent.

As an incentive to purchase the vacation package I was assured that the hotel was children friendly and later found out that the only amenity I planned to use was the pool and my grandchildren were not allowed to use this facility.

I have suffered from fraudulent misrepresentation in the above indicated actions and having relied on incorrect information believe that "Wyndham" knowingly committed acts that should legally cause the contract to be considered "null and void" under the law.

I am a seventy year old semi-retired disabled citizen who is depending on my current income to provide me with living and investment in a personal business venture. The continued costs jeapordizes my financial ability to properly function during the period of time for the contract finance time period.

  • Jun 15, 2017

Wyndham Resorts - Microtel Inn & Suites Dry Ridge would not stand behind an approval that their employee approved Jeff W. to change my reservation through 48 hrs. in advance. called the hotel since my father in law which has ALS could not make it for the day that we originally booked. The Hotels' employee approved and has recorded phone call for whicch the employee approved the change. Instead, we would be checking on one day later and checking out the same timeframe. Original booking was for check-in 5-29-17 checking out 6-1-17. We changed the booking to check in 5-30-17 and check out 6-1-17. We booked 2 rooms in this location to see Noah's Ark.

When I cheecked in the manager Malish Patel to my surprise would not honor what his employee had approved and charged us for the orignial booking. His argument was that he was not able to change the reservation and that he would not be "taking a hit". IF his employee that approved the change would have told us that this was not able to be changed, I woould have made arrangements at another hotel and cancelled the entire reservation.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the filed a reponse that I would hear from the Wydham establishment by June 9th and here it is on June 14th and no corrspondence.

All I am looking for is a refund for the 2 nights.

Be very careful on dealing with this business, the practices are not upstanding.

  • Feb 4, 2017

Sales scam. Rely on contract to make you pay thousands for temporary access to points, and keep the money if you don't spend points. We were scammed into spending $3000 for some vacation points to use at a later date. Salesperson did not relay to us that those points will expire, and if we don't use them, we're out the money and the points. They keep pointing to contract language. I know if the salesperson had told us, "We'll charge you $3,000, if you don't use these points in the next 12 months, the points will expire and you won't get a refund."....we would have never signed up. Called multiple reps and each say that's company policy. They charge you for "temporary access to points"...they are not charging you for the points themselves or for membership. They keep my money, and I get nothing.

  • Jul 23, 2016

My wife and I went to a sales meeting to check it out. By the time we were done we were minus 1 paid off Marriott club week and 34,00 in debt. our main goal was to cut down on maintenance fees. they told us we could use credit card points to pay them, well you can if you want to spend way over your means on card.

we were led to believe tha rci wes included. well it is if you want to pay 100 every time you use it. Worldmark hotel which we were told was included on cost 60 for using it.

filed a complaint with their consumer complaint dept, what a joke. amazing they found no wrong doing with the sale dept. these are just the begining of the lies they use to get you to buy into their scheme.

its a d**n shame that companies are allowed to treat people like this, when all we want is for our families to have a small chance to enjoy a better life if even for a week.

  • Apr 20, 2016

My husband and I are very frustrated and disappointed with Wyndham Vacation Club. It is not at all what we were lead to believe we were purchasing.

Our first frustration is the inability to view resort availability online based on our membership type. We are required to call a reservation specialist and let them look up each resort we are interested in for availability.

The second frustration is because of the above mentioned limitation we are unable to easily compare airline prices to coordinate with the resort availability. In order to do so, the reservation specialist has to sit on hold while I go to another travel site to look up flights. Back and forth, back and forth.... it is just not very 2016 - more like 2002 at best.

This leads to the third frustration in that we have to then coordinate the above two limitations with our own work schedule. I don't know about other companies but we can't just take off any dates we like. Time off requests have to be submitted and approved in advance of purchasing potentially non-refundable airline tickets.

If all of the above were not enough.... the fourth frustration is there very limited availability in any of the locations we are interested in. Sorry, but Branson Missouri or the Wisconsin Dells are not our style. We were told we would need to book our time 2-3 months in advance – our last call to a reservation specialist and we are 6 months out before we can book a full week at a resort of our choosing.

I have combed through the Discovery membership property directory we were provided which lists the Club Wyndham Plus resorts available to us and it would be an understatement to say the majority of these properties are substandard 2 star accommodations at best. Most look like apartment complexes from the 1970s with dated furnishings and surroundings. Everyone knows only the best pictures are put in brochures, so it scares me to think of what the actual property looks like if the brochure images are not appealing. Trying to view the properties on the Wyndham Vacation website is no better with postage stamp size images which cannot be enlarged. To view better images I have to search/view yet another site.

Maybe our expectations were set too high. After all, the properties we were shown in the initial presentation were beautiful 4 and 5 star beach side resorts; yet even the Club Wyndham Plus resorts in Hawaii are not all beach side, with some many miles away from the closest beach – we’re talking about an island surrounded by water right?

We spent over four hours at the presentation/sales pitch and after saying "no" "no" "no" we were finally convinced to purchase the Discovery Membership to "try it out" before we considered a larger financial commitment. Shame on us for not innately knowing the extreme limitations we were to experience in our Discovery membership. At no time did the presenter or sales representative redirect us to any limitations mentioned in any small print nor were we offered to "view" images of the actually properties that would be available to us - nice bait and switch by the way.

I’m sure we were not the first to expect honesty and integrity from a company such as Wyndham. I’ve never been known to be naive or gullible, but this is one time I was taken for a fool. The only thing we discovered in our new Discovery membership was we were scammed.

  • Feb 4, 2016

It is very hard to confess one's own stupidity but I hope that my report will help other people to avoid the fraud I've fallen into. I was stupid enough to buy certain amount of points from Wyndham resorts. The sales person who sold me those was stating that I can use these points for travelling needs like buying air tickets and car rentals and my invetments will be payed off in a few years. When I tried to use this option it popped up that the value of points I have, converted into money (price of ticket or rental) covering just 1/3 of maintenance fee that I have to pay every year. I called customer support trying to cancel the contract and get my money back. I was told that they don't do that and they recommend to call real estate agency that handles these transactions. Real estate agent told me that the price of my points is just 5% of what I paid a year ago.

  • Sep 7, 2015

Several months ago, my husband and I bought a modest amount of points when we initally joined Club Wyndham. We do not travel much and thought what we bought would be enough for us. Then, 3 months later, we were sold a marketing package for a modest amount of money for 4 days & 3 nights to a great destination, but we needed to bring another couple with us. We booked our trip 2 months later.

We got to Florida and that was ok until we got to our assigned meeting for an update on our ownership. We sat through the meeting and then our representative told us we were supposed to bring our original contract with us because they wanted to "re-finance your account to get you a better interest rate and lower your term."

Because we didn't have our paperwork on us, we did not know what our original term and interest rate were. We relied on our representative to inform us. We were told that we had a 15 year note at 17.99%. Then, we were offered several options, all with more points, and varying payments for a term of 10 years at 14.99%. We believed that we were re-financing our original loan and adding the extra points for this new term and rate.

At several points during the 6 hours we spent in the meeting with our representative, we told them that we wanted to just keep what we had and didn't want anything more, but they were insistant that what they were offering us was a better deal and that we would be foolish to pass it up.

Come to find out, nothing was refinanced. Asking for our original contract was irrelevant. All they wanted to do was sell us more points at the new term and interest rate which created a new contract in addition to the one we already had. If we had known that our original contract was already 10 years and actually at a lower interest rate, we would not have bothered moving forward. Our original contract was misrepresented and the language used by our representative that we were going to refinance it was misleading.

All of the misrepresentation was done prior to the video recording of our signing of the documents, which is what Wyndham goes by to validate agreements. I tried to speak with our representative about the misleading information. She had me speak with her manager which was useless because all he sees is the documents. When he was done with me, he handed me back to my representative who proceeded to hang up on me.

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