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Wyndham Rewards, Inc.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Parsippany
Address 22 Sylvan Way
Phone 1.866.996.7937

Wyndham Rewards, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2020

We bought into this time share a little over 2 years ago in the discovery program jup in gatlinburg TN and my husband I were told we could go ahead and do the presentation and he wouldn't need to be on the next vacation for another walkthrough because we were taking care of it then. He wouldn't have to be at one for another year. WE then bought into full ownership down in Destin and we were told we could make money to help offset the cost but they never showed us how.

Just before buying into ownership i made a reservation using wyndham rewards hotel stays and during this call they offered me another promotional deal so i took it before we ever actually decided to become owners. after I booked down in Orlando but ended up needing a few extra days outside of my originally booking because of flights so I used the promotional package I had bought. Remember though I had became an owner since purchasing the promotional package. These people litterally made me go from a nice resort to a slum hotel with an anime convention going on because the package and my points were two different things they said and if i didnt go to the slum hotel that I would have to pay 400 a night for the room.

During my resort stay they wanted me to come in for an owner update whe I just became an owner about a month earlier. So I went and told them this and do you believe they wanted me to come back in for another owner update because I was also staying with the promotional package at the slums. Not to mention at this slum hotel with the anime convention I came back from my evening and there was no place for me to park( I'm handicap and had to park in the luggage drop off and the bellmen drove me on a golf cart to my room 11 units away so I could get my food to go back to the lobby to use the microwave as there was none in the room. While waiting on my food to heat he gets a call and has to leave and cant take me back to my room. It was over an hour an a half and 1:30 in the morning before someone was able to take me back to my room and I had to be up and go 30 minutes back across town by 8 am for a presentation (even though Im already an owner ) or I have to pay the 400 a night. So that was 3 owner updates in approximatley 6 months not counting the intial one in TN. On top of this they didnt even reward me all the rewards points. After I would usually be able to go to Orlando for a week twice a year for business trips.

I was of course asked to come in for another update and told them my husband wasnt with me I couldnt make any decisions and I had to catch my flight. The following time after I was asked to come in and they asked me why I didnt purchase the bonus points I had no idea what they were talking about and apparently the time frame to purchase them had passed and I was out of luck as the point system was going off a minimum of 300,000 I think it was. When we purchased we bought 105,000 points and they gave us an additional 145,000 bonus points that was a great deal according to them this was the perfect package and value to vacation anywhere in the world whenever you want.

So now that I missed the opportunity to buy the bonus points, not that I could afford them anyways but I now had 105,000 points to go on and they raise the points to stay at places and their lowest package sold to date was 300,000 so now my little points are pretty much worth nothing and I pay the equivalent of 4,000 for a one week stay every year during off peak season. While reviewing my points they say they are going to contact corp. about me missing buying the bonus points but a guesstimate of the cost to do so put monthly payment above my car payment Knowing we couldnt afford anymore from the get go I told these people very clear with a witness not to run my credit..I declined anything they had because we cant afford it. about 3 weeks after being home I get a letter from barclays declining my application for a credit card for wyndham- the people ran my credit for a stupid wyndham credit card I have already owned since purchasing the discovery package so of course I was deniede a second wyndham card.

This was followed by a second letter from a vactions something or another by wyndham line of credit for 11,000 I never gave them permission to do this and am furious that they just kept playing with my credit and finances when I told them clearly no. These people are so freaking money hungry they dont care about anyone else. Stay away from them its a scam and they will drain you of every drop you have and ruin your credit.

  • Jul 21, 2016

In romulus michigan at the days inn i caught the general manager belinda spying on my room through a safe that they put in my room even with the do not disturb sign up! After i realized it was not the safe that i already had in my room initially (this one mysteriously appeared when i returned to my room and i could not open nor access it) the general manager went balistic and tried throwing me out of hotel without my belongings with my 4 yr old child in tow! Once corporate contacted her she finally let me get my belongings and she admitted to letting maintanance in my room while i was gone even with the do not disturb sign up! She then went and false reporeted that i damaged the room claiming that the pizza on the sheets was blood and that the incense i burned was me smoking!!! Even after admitting i was being spied on!! Wyndham rewards is a joke they dont credit account for stays this chain is a complete SCAM so please BE aware!!

  • Oct 28, 2015

Wyndham Rewards offers an apparently attractive program. And then makes it impossible to redeem the rewards for free nights.

It does this by making it impossible to sign in to redeem rewards, rejecting user name and password that work only for making cash reservations. Never work for redeeming points.

Their customer service number is only for the very patient because the wait time never ends.

You may have or accrue rewards points. Don't ever expect to use them.

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